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VOLUME 11, NO. 1     MAY 1997

Master Plan charts new course for Alumni Association

The preliminary report of a 12-member committee chaired by Robert E. Maynard Jr. '63 was released to the Alumni Council at its Feb. 22, meeting. The report includes a vision statement, a mission statement, and a series of goals to guide the association in its existing and proposed activities for the next five years.

After evaluating the implementation of the previous plan, written in 1992, and discussing the impact of social and economic trends on WPI and its graduates. The committee drafted new objectives. In particular, strategies to establish bonds with new graduates in their first 10 years out of WPI were emphasized. All alumni were invited to contribute to the formulation of the new plan through an oversized postcard soliciting ideas and concerns. After further refinement, the report will be submitted to University Relations administrators.

Vision Statement

The WPI Alumni Association is the resource and networking hub for lifelong career and educational opportunities and for maintaining a bond within the WPI community.

Mission Statement

The mission of the WPI Alumni Association is to work in partnership with WPI to: build strong bonds among alumni, students, faculty and staff; provide alumni with opportunities for lifelong education and career development; and utilize the talents and generosity of alumni in support of WPI and the programs of the association.

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