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VOLUME 13, NO. 2     NOVEMBER 2000

Volunteers take a sentimental journey

More than 140 Alumni Association volunteers returned to campus on Sept. 8 and 9 to take part in the first Alumni Leadership Conference. The event was part recognition, part education and part celebration, according to Tina Gorski-Strong '84, director of alumni programs.

"The conference was a chance for the University and the Alumni Association to honor the hundreds of alumni volunteers who have helped build strong bonds between WPI and its graduates. For those volunteers, it was a chance to learn more about how they can continue to make a difference for their alma mater. And for everyone, it was a great opportunity to celebrate what all alumni have in common -- their pride in WPI, and memories of the years they spent on campus."

On the educational side, guests had a choice of a wide range of enlightening workshops. They included sessions on the WPI alumni admissions program led by Michael Smith, associate director of admissions, and Walter Towner Jr. '83, chair of the Alumni Admissions Alumni Cohorts. William Grogan '46, dean emeritus of undergraduate studies, offered a tour of WPI's current educational programs. Amy Marr '96, manager of Web development at WPI, provided a primer on the Internet and Web page design. Helen Vassallo '82 (MBA), professor of management, gave volunteers some time-management tips, and Pat Moran '65, general chair of the class boards of directors program, reviewed the role of class boards.

Highlights of the two-day event included a sneak preview of WPI's new campus center, provided by Jim McLaughlin, director, campus center and student activities, a keynote address by Fred Rucker '81, WPI trustee and executive vice president for sales and marketing at Global Bandwidth Solutions Inc., and a grand celebration reception and dinner in Alden Memorial. Gorski-Strong says plans are already in the works for next year's conference.

New awards honor alumni leaders

Eleven new annual Alumni Association awards were presented for the first time during the Alumni Leadership Conference:

Going the Extra Mile Alex Papianou '57
Rising Star Karen Daly Cohen '94
Unsung Hero Edwin Shivell '54
Volunteer Excellence in Alumni Admissions Michael Shorr '92
Volunteer Excellence in Alumni Programming Katie Daly '96
Volunteer Excellence in Fund Raising Edward Sydor '50
Highest Percentage of Giving Participation in 1999-2000
   Overall Class of 1950
   By a GOLD Class Class of 1994
Largest Contribution to the Annual Alumni Fund in 1999-2000
   Overall Class of 1955
   By a GOLD Class Class of 1992
Class Communication Class of 1975

Fran Harvey '37 and Bob Flaherty '85 (MBA)

Erin Smith '98 and Renee Charpentier '98

Jenn Shiel '94, Don Wyse '92 and Tina Gorski-Strong '84

Al Papianou '57 makes a point during his workshop.

Hank Nowick '55, Ed Bouvier '55 and Amy Marr '96 explore the intricacies of the Internet.

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