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VOLUME 11, NO. 2     SEPTEMBER 1997

D.V.M. closer to reality for pioneering WPI alums

In 1992, five young women became the first students to enroll in a new, dual-degree program created by WPI and Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine that would ultimately lead them to a D.V.M.

Today, three of those students are about to begin the third of their four years at the Tufts campus in North Grafton, Mass., eight others are second-year students at Tufts, and 16 undergraduates are enrolled in the program at WPI.

Admitted students complete three years at WPI, where they study for a bachelor's degree in biology/biotechnology, biochemistry, biomechanics or biomedical engineering, then spend the next four years at Tufts. The time and money-saving program, which would normally take eight years to complete, is made possible by transferring credits, since an overlap exists between the last year at WPI and the first year at Tufts.

The program is highly competitive; it guarantees admission to the veterinary school to a limited number of students in their senior year of high school. In 1997, 50 high school senior applied for slots open for the fall semester; seven were admitted and four will enroll. Each student is first admitted to WPI; the Tufts Veterinary School Admissions Committee then selects those capable of excelling as veterinary med students.

"The program is challenging and intense, yet those of us who work with these students are impressed by their ability, dedication and discipline,Ó says biology and biotechnology Professor Jill Rulfs, who directs the program. žSome of these students form strong ties with both universities by completing Interactive and Major Qualifying projects in affiliation with the veterinary school. Two students have submitted their work or had it published in veterinary journals."

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