WPI Wire, Vol. 10, No. 1 - Spring 1996

Spotlight on Student Life

WPI establishes scholarship with U.S. FIRST

U.S. FIRST and WPI announced the establishment of the WPI Design Innovation Scholarship at the New England tournament in March. The four-year, $68,000 scholarship was awarded to the Delphi Interior & Lighting/Pontiac Central High School team from Troy, Mi ch., at the national championship in April. Each of the 93 participating teams voted for one team, other than their own, to determine the winner.

"With the WPI Design Innovation Scholarship, U.S. FIRST is finally able to put its money where its mouth is and give a financial award to a student who excels in the fields of science and technology," says U.S. FIRST founder Dean Kamen. "We foresee that t his scholarship will help encourage more talented young people to join the engineering profession."

President Parrish says, "WPI believes its partnership with U.S. FIRST provides an enormous opportunity for WPI to attract and recruit the most motivated and talented aspiring engineers and scientists in the country. We intend to capitalize on U.S. FIRST's five-year track record of inspiring high school students to work with corporate engineers by asking those engineers to recommend an innovative young person from the designated team to receive this scholarship."

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