WPI Wire, Vol. 10, No. 1 - Spring 1996

The Faculty

New post for Durgin

William W. Durgin, dean of graduate studies and research, has been appointed associate provost for academic affairs. In his new post, which incorporates his previous duties and those previously filled by the dean of undergraduate studies, Durgin has prima ry responsibility for WPI's academic and research programs. He provides staff support in the Provost's Office, is in charge of the offices of Project and Enrollment Services, Scheduling, Research Administration, Graduate Admissions and Continuing Educatio n, and works closely with all members of the WPI community to ensure the highest quality of academic programs at the Institute.

Durgin, who joined the faculty in 1971, earned his bachelor's and doctoral degrees at Brown University and his master's degree at the University of Rhode Island. He was interim dean of academic affairs before accepting his present position. The current Ke nneth G. Merriam Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Durgin has held a number of WPI posts, including assistant to the provost for multidisciplinary activities and dean of graduate studies and research. He served as head of the Mechanical Engineering Dep artment, was head of research and development at the former Alden Research Laboratories, and held the George I. Alden Chair. He played a central role in establishing the Aerospace Engineering Program, the Fluid Dynamics and Thermal Processes Laboratory, a nd the Central Massachusetts Manufacturing Partnership.

Durgin says he sees the implementation of new undergraduate programs, the expansion of graduate and research programs, and the recruitment of faculty and students as activities of critical importance to WPI.

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