WPI Wire, Vol. 10, No. 1 - Spring 1996

Alumni Chronicle

Graduate, continuing education programs expand to Waltham

Beginning in September, WPI will offer graduate certificate programs in technology marketing, management of technology, computer and communications networks, and software engineering and interface design at a new campus near Route 128 in Waltham, Mass. Th e Continuing Education Division's highly successful UNIX System/C Programming Certificate Program, now in its second year at WPI's Technical Education Center in Westborough, will also be available in Waltham, along with professional development seminars a nd corporate training programs in world-class manufacturing, quality improvement, project management and management development. Credit earned in a graduate certificate program may be applied toward a WPI degree. Formal admission to a certificate program is not required to take a course.

The President's Cabinet approved the expansion proposal in February. "We knew there was a market for these programs in the Route 128 region from a marketing study completed by the College Board's Office of Adult Learning and from our own careful investiga tion of the market for adult learners," says Continuing Education Director Arlene Lowenstein.

"There has always been a very strong level of interest in WPI programs from individuals and companies located around Boston and along the Route 128 corridor," says Lisa Jernberg, director of graduate marketing and enrollment. "WPI's move to Waltham brings us closer to those students for whom WPI was previously out of reach."

To register for an upcoming information session in Waltham or to receive information about the programs, call 1-800-WPI-9717 or visit "What's New" on WPI's web page at http://www.wpi.edu.

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