WPI Wire, Vol. 10, No. 2 - Summer 1996

Dickens aficionados to come together at WPI

An International Dickens Symposium will be held at WPI from Sept. 27 to Sept. 29. The symposium honors the late Robert D. Fellman, who donated his extensive Dickens collection to WPI before his death last February. The collection, which will eventually be housed in a special room in Gordon Library, features first editions and part publications of nearly all of Dickens' major works, letters from Dickens and his contemporaries, and many valuable secondary sources and art objects. (An article about Fellman's gift appeared in the Summer 1995 WPI Journal.)

Joel J. Brattin, associate professor of English, an expert on Dickens who was instrumental in bringing the Fellman collection to WPI, is coordinating the symposium.

Scholars from Canada, England, France and the United States will present papers on various aspects of Dickens' work during the event. Among the speakers are David Parker, curator of the Dickens House Museum in London, who will present "Interpreting Memorabilia: Charles Dickens' Desk"; David Paroissien, editor of Dickens Quarterly, who will chair one of the sessions; and Philip Collins, the author of many books about Dickens and the president of the Dickens Society, who will give the toast at the Dickens Dinner on Saturday, Sept. 28.

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