WPI Wire, Vol. 10, No. 2 - Summer 1996

Fairlawn Foundation supports cutting-edge medical research

The Fairlawn Foundation recently recognized the pioneering work of two WPI scientists with grants that will support continued research in clot-dissolver enzymes and controlled drug delivery systems.

David S. Adams, associate professor of biology and biotechnology, has received a $57,633 grant for his work on the synthesis of second-generation clot dissolvers. Alex DiIorio, research scientist and director of the Bioprocess Laboratory in Salisbury Laboratories, received $38,000 from Fairlawn for the use of poly-glutamic acid (PGA) as a time-release drug delivery agent.

The Fairlawn Foundation was established in 1991 with proceeds from the sale of Fairlawn Hospital, which was established in 1921 by Worcester's Swedish community. The foundation supports innovative activities in the Worcester area that have a continuing impact on health care. Administered by the Greater Worcester Community Foundation, the Fairlawn Foundation is dedicated to improving the practice and delivery of medical and allied health care services; supporting the health care-related education of Worcester-area residents; and providing support to public and private organizations that have specific, well-defined applications or proposals to improve or expand the quality of health care in the Worcester area.

According to GWCF Executive Director Ann T. Lisi, "These research grants to David Adams and Alex DiIorio at WPI through the Fairlawn Foundation promise to have a major impact on health care treatment and delivery--in Worcester and beyond."

"It is important that the research methods developed at universities serve society by addressing medical problems," says Ronald D. Cheetham, professor and head of the Biology and Biotechnology Department. "With the generous support of the Fairlawn Foundation, the cutting-edge research of two of our biotechnology labs can focus on solving a current medical problem while training graduate students."

Here is a brief look at the two projects supported by the recent Fairlawn Foundation grants:

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