WPI Wire, Vol. 10, No. 2 - Summer 1996

Plan's silver anniversary observed

On April 23, WPI observed Commemoration Day, the 25th anniversary of the WPI Plan. Dean Emeritus William R. Grogan '46, a member of the committee that designed the Plan, shared his recollections with guests at the Commemoration Luncheon. Renowned sociologist David Reisman was an honored guest. Reisman discussed the early development of the Plan.

David Warsh, a columnist at the Boston Globe who writes on the economy and related topics for the Globe and the Chicago Tribune, gave the keynote address at the Anniversary Colloquium following the luncheon. Mathematics Professor Paul W. Davis served as moderator for the panel, composed of the five members of the WPI community who won the essay contest on the theme "The Next 25 Years." The winners were Provost Diran Apelian, James K. Doyle, assistant professor of social science and policy studies, Colleen J. Fox '97, philosophy Professor Roger S. Gottlieb, and history Professor John F. Zeugner.

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