WPI Wire, Vol. 10, No. 2 - Summer 1996

Sacco talks space

Students and teachers from more than 20 Central Massachusetts schools came to WPI on June 13 for "Dare to Dream," a program designed to encourage interest in mathematics and science.

Chemical Engineering Professor and Department Head Albert Sacco Jr., a payload specialist aboard the space shuttle Columbia last fall, discussed his experience and showed a film and slides of the trip. Deborah Brown, a NASA aerospace educator who will work on projects for the planned international space station, also took part in the program, which gave students who missed the April 10 and STS-73 crew visit an opportunity to learn about initiatives in space.

On June 14, a follow-up to the April 10 roundtable, "Building Educational Partnerships for the 21st Century," was held in Higgins House. Sacco served as moderator for the discussion by business leaders and educators of "A Vision for Teaching of K-12 Teachers in Cutting-Edge Science."

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