WPI Wire, Vol. 10, No. 2 - Summer 1996

Tatnuck Bookseller opens a new chapter at WPI

When WPI hired a new management team for its bookstore this summer, the campus community got a lot more than just a place to pick up textbooks or the latest bestseller. The Tatnuck Bookseller@WPI, which opened July 1, offers everything from required readings to a relaxing place to browse through books on almost every topic.

"We have more than 20,000 titles in the WPI store," says Larry Abramoff, founder and president of Tatnuck Bookseller, the parent firm. "But that is only a small fraction of the wealth of titles available to students, faculty, parents, alumni and area residents who also have on-line access (www.tatnuck.com) to the more than 500,000 books and periodicals stocked at our flagship store, Tatnuck Bookseller Marketplace, located minutes away on Chandler Street."

Textbooks aren't the only thing lining the shelves in the newly refurbished store in Daniels Hall. General titles, computer software, clothing, CDs and tapes, posters, stationery, souvenir insignia items, health and beauty aids, and dorm and office supplies are also part of the mix. And, in a "books and food" formula that has been successful at the flagship store, Abramoff is working with DAKA, the university's food service, to establish a coffeehouse within the bookstore.

"We chose Tatnuck Bookseller for three reasons," says Stephen J. Hebert '66, vice president for administration, "ability to deliver service, creative retailing, and unsurpassed commitment to the Worcester community.

"Not only can the company create an exciting ambience so important to students, it can provide services the entire college community needs. We are also very pleased to have selected a local company."

Abramoff, a Worcester native, established Tatnuck Bookseller in 1975 on Chandler Street at Tatnuck Square. In 1991 he moved the business to the former Sleeper & Hartley Machine Tool Factory, about two miles farther south on Chandler. That store--now the largest independent bookstore in Massachusetts--encompasses five miles of books plus a 120-seat restaurant with an outdoor patio, a Children's Discovery area, a teacher resource section, and vendors who sell New Age items, jewelry, clothing, candles and giftware.

"We are delighted to have the opportunity to serve the WPI community and the residents of this area," says Abramoff. "We were very busy during the renovations in July and August. Many people who came in to shop made it a point to welcome us to the university. We look forward to distinguishing the Tatnuck Bookseller@WPI as one of the country's premier college bookstores. We want to knock everybody's socks off!"

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