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The WPI Wire was a news supplement to WPI's university magazine, the WPI Journal, first published in 1986. The Wire published news and features about WPI and its alumni. In 2002, the features of this tabloid were merged into the Journal, which was redesigned and renamed Transformations: A Journal of People and Change. This site contains issues of The Wire going back to 1996. The complete run of The Wire is housed in the archives of WPI's Gordon Library.

Back Issues:

Staff: Michael Dorsey, editor-in-chief; Bonnie Gelbwasser, managing editor; Arlie Corday, news editor; Joan Killough-Miller, alumni news editor; Peggy Isaacson and Michael Sherman, designers; Bonnie McCrea, production manager.

Entire contents © 1998-2001, WPI; produced by the WPI Communications Group; printed by The Herald Press Inc. Printed in U.S.A.

Diverse views presented in the Wire do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors or official policies of WPI.

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