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Title page for E-project-021508-112926

Project TypeMQP
Submission date2008-02-15
  • Kristen E Hodel, IE
  • Luis M Rodriguez, IE
  • URNE-project-021508-112926
    CenterWall Street/London
    SponsorMorgan Stanley - International Prime Brokerage
    TitleGenerating Capacity through Identification of Task Drivers in Morgan Stanley International Prime Brokerage
  • Gerstenfeld, Arthur, MG
  • Availability unrestricted


    The project focused on identifying and understanding the underlying drivers of customer service representatives' daily activities within the Client Service Department for Morgan Stanley's International Prime Brokerage Division. Through the development and implementation of a tool to capture these activities, we were able to distinguish and analyze the significant drivers of work for the representatives. These were presented to our sponsor in order to more strategically direct future efforts to balance and expand capacity within the department.

  • MSIPB_MQP_B07.pdf

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