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Title page for E-project-030107-164343

Project TypeIQP
Submission date2007-03-01
  • Philip Chan, CM
  • Corey X Christous, CS
  • Joseph L Grollman, IE
  • URNE-project-030107-164343
    DivisionEnergy and Resources
    TitleUS ENERGY GOALS AND POLICY: A Critical Look at Existing Energy and Sustainable Energy for the Future
  • Humi, Mayer, MA
  • Availability unrestricted


    The project developed a viable, comprehensive, energy plan for the United States with the intent to drastically reduce the dependence on foreign oil over the next 20 years. To this end a pragmatic and comprehensive evaluation of various energy technologies was made. The intent is to encourage widespread adoption of solar and wind energy technologies in the US before there is an energy crisis as transition after that point becomes problematic.

  • IQPMH0712.doc
  • IQPMH0712a.pdf

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