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Project TypeMQP
Submission date2013-03-11
  • Timothy John Jenkel, RBE
  • Richard G Kelly, ID
  • Paul Joseph Shepanski, paultheshep@wpi.edu, RBE
  • URNE-project-031113-133138
    TitleMobile Manipulation for the KUKA youBot Platform
  • Rich, Charles, CS
  • Chernova, Sonia, CS
  • Availability unrestricted


    This paper details the implementation of object manipulation and navigation capabilities for the KUKA youBot platform. Our system builds upon existing approaches taken from other robot platforms and the open source Robot Operating System, and extends these capabilities to the youBot, resulting in a system that can detect objects in its environment, navigate to them autonomously, and both pick up and place the objects with a simple user interface. This project is part of the larger Robot Autonomy and Interactive Learning Lab project to provide web-based control of the youBot to public users.

  • Mobile_Manipulation_for_the_KUKA_youBot_Platform.pdf
  • railmqp-code.zip

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