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Title page for E-project-031405-135030

Project TypeIQP
Submission date2005-03-14
  • Christopher R Kalisz, PH
  • Calixte S Monast, CM
  • Michael J Santoro, EE
  • Benjamin T Trow, CM
  • URNE-project-031405-135030
    DivisionEnergy and Resources
    TitleWind Power Suitability in Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Jiusto, J. Scott, ID
  • Krueger, Robert, ID
  • Availability unrestricted


    The goal of this project was to identify criteria needed to determine the suitability of potential wind turbine sites in Worcester, Massachusetts. The report first discusses physical, environmental, economic, and social factors that affect the suitability of potential wind power sites. We then completed a case study for a site in downtown Worcester, directly applying the criteria. Our hope is the project will raise local awareness of renewable energy and illustrate the practicality of a clean energy project.

  • IQPWND1.pdf

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