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Project TypeMQP
Submission date2010-03-15
  • Francis P Collins, ID
  • Ross Doran, IMGD
  • Gregory Kinneman, ID
  • Ryan S LaSante, IMGD
  • URNE-project-031510-122527
    TitlePrince of Pride: Social AI in Games
  • Phillies, George D.J., PH
  • Lindeman, Robert W., CS
  • Availability unrestricted


    A piece of middleware was created that will exhibit this social artificial intelligence and demonstrate it in a simple game. Prince of Pride is a game for children wherein the player manages the day-to-day lives of a pride of lions in order to maximize the pride‟s happiness.

    This social AI framework is hidden from the player, but its presence is made visible through the interactions of lions in this game and their reactions to the player and each other. Through management of these interactions, the player is able to manipulate their outcome in a way that is beneficial to the pride. The game utilizes 2D sprite animation, sound effects and textual dialogue to communicate the concepts of the game to the player.

  • Prince_of_Pride_Code.rtf
  • Prince_of_Pride_Final_Report.pdf
  • SocialAI_FDR.pdf

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