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Title page for E-project-032008-145437

Project TypeMQP
Submission date2008-03-20
  • Allison G DiNitto, IE
  • James O Hanlan, MGE
  • URNE-project-032008-145437
    SponsorNypro, Inc.
    TitleSupply Chain Benchmarking
  • Zeng, Amy Z, MG
  • Availability unrestricted


    Global companies are constantly fine-tuning their supply chains and Nypro, Inc. is no exception. The goal of this project was to assist Nypro in their on-going supply chain enhancement endeavors through extensive, survey-based benchmarking studies. The path to this goal was three-fold: to evaluate the company's recent progress in this area, to benchmark Nypro with respect to major companies in the region, and to make recommendations for future supply chain improvements.

  • SupplyChainBenchmarkingMQP.pdf

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