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Project TypeMQP
Submission date2013-04-25
  • Michael Joseph Brauckmann, mjbrauck@wpi.edu, RBE
  • Elliott Stewart Calamari, RBE
  • Benjamin Joseph Leone, ID
  • Seth Michael Lipkind, RBE
  • Christopher Joseph Molica, ID
  • Amanda Sue Piscopiello, ID
  • William Francis Terry, ID
  • URNE-project-042513-105735
    TitleSoft Robotic Exo-muscular Arm Brace
  • Fischer, Gregory S., ME
  • Clancy, Edward A., EE
  • Popovic, Marko B., PH
  • Torres-Jara, Eduardo, CS
  • Availability unrestricted


    The goal of this project is to assist patients with impaired movement and to regain control of their arm. A robotic brace was developed to assist with movement, using signals generated from the userís muscles to drive the arm. This brace was biologically inspired, allowing the user to complete the range of motions of a healthy individual. Different actuators and sensors were evaluated in order to design the best model for home and patient use. Boards were developed to achieve desired values from signals that were read. Classifications were also created to accurately assess the movements the user wanted to perform

  • GSF_M131_-_Soft_Robotic_Exo-Muscular_Arm_Brace.pdf

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