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Title page for E-project-042612-070256

Project TypeMQP
Submission date2012-04-26
  • Paul Michael Heslinga, RBE
  • Kyle Walker Padelford, ME
  • Stephen Michael Poppa, ME
  • Caleb J Swieson, RBE ECE
  • URNE-project-042612-070256
    TitleRealization of a Self-Reconfigurable Modular Robot
  • Nestinger, Stephen, ME
  • Looft, Fred J., ECE
  • Availability unrestricted


    This project realized a self-reconfigurable modular robot for search & rescue applications. The module was designed to move independently and connect with other modules. A single module was roughly 3x3x6” and weighed 2lbs. The module had three degrees of freedom, giving it individual mobility and high system configurability. The small module size and untethered operation necessitated an innovative design and strategic placement of the microcontroller, wireless communication, motors & control systems, sensors, and battery. An external magnetic connection mechanism using electrically switchable permanent magnets was designed, allowing the modules to connect and disconnect repeatedly.

  • MODBOT_ECE_Presentation.pdf
  • ModBot_ME_Poster.pdf
  • Modbot_MQP.mpg
  • ModBot_RBE_Poster.pdf
  • MODBOT_RBE_Presentation.pdf
  • MQP_Report.pdf

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