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Project TypeMQP
Submission date2011-04-27
  • Robert John D'Angelo, ECE
  • Robinson Cooper Levin, RBE
  • URNE-project-042711-122042
    TitleDesign of an Autonomous Quadrotor UAV for Urban Search and Rescue
  • Cyganski, David, EE
  • Duckworth, R. James, EE
  • Availability unrestricted


    Abstract This project entailed design and testing of an indoor quadrotor UAV capable of autonomous take-off, landing, and path finding. The propulsion system produces 1500g of thrust at 46% throttle using 7" propellers, minimizing craft size, but allowing for sufficient payload to carry a LIDAR, a CMOS camera, and rangefinders. These sensors are interfaced to an Overo processor, which sends high-level commands to a low-level flight controller, the HoverflyPro. Flight tests were conducted which demonstrated flight control and sensor operation.

  • Final_Report_CDR.pdf

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