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Project TypeMQP
Submission date2010-04-28
  • Ryan Bedell, IMG
  • Elliot Neil Borenstein, IMG
  • Andrew S Hickcox, IMG
  • Lukas Alexander Wong-Achorn, IMG
  • URNE-project-042810-163006
    TitleBlinding Silence
  • deWinter, Jennifer, HU
  • Lindeman, Robert W., CS
  • Availability unrestricted


    Use the power of sound to save a world on the brink of madness!This document discusses the state, development, and original design of the single player computer game Blinding Silence. Blinding Silence has a unique control scheme that uses a Wiimote and an infrared LED headset for in-game navigation. The game also has a unique visual design where every noise makes a burst of light, allowing players to "see" sound. Through these the player solves physical puzzles.The player controls a blind man with a mysterious staff he uses as a cane. The world has been taken over by darkness, with physically modified people endlessly repeating the same task forever. The man discovers he can influence people with sound and begins uncovering the chain of events that led to the catastrophe.

  • Blinding_Silence.zip
  • Blinding_Silence_MQP.pdf

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