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Project TypeMQP
Submission date2011-04-28
  • Riley O Brown, IMGD HU
  • Sean Patrick Crepeau, IMGD
  • Karl E Gibson, IMGD CS
  • Adam R Pastorello, IMGD
  • Phillip Han-li Tang, IMGD
  • Ian M Williams, IMGD CS
  • URNE-project-042811-020224
    TitleRobogeddon - A Casual Real Time Strategy Game
  • Farbrook, Joseph, HU
  • Beck, Joseph E., CS
  • deWinter, Jennifer, HU
  • Availability unrestricted


    This report details the design, implementation, and analysis of Robogeddon, which was created as a WPI Major-Qualifying-Project for the computer science, interactive media and game development, and professional writing majors. Players in Robogeddon have the unique experience of taking on the role of an overwhelming agent of destruction, in contrast to the typical heroic archetype of many role-playing-games. Robogeddon showcases the talents of the development team through a complete game engine and playable game, dynamically generated 3D art assets as well as prefabricated ones, advanced artificial intelligence, and a supplementary graphic novel, all created and implemented by the development team over a six month development period.

  • MQP_report_-_Robogeddon.pdf

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