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Title page for E-project-042909-110725

Project TypeMQP
Submission date2009-04-29
  • Stefan Nicotra, IE
  • Erik D Pichette, MGE
  • URNE-project-042909-110725
    TitleMaterial Handling Guidelines to Support Lean Cells in the Bose Production System
  • Johnson, Sharon, MG
  • Availability unrestricted


    This project introduces guidelines for material handling to support lean cells as part of the Bose Production System at their manufacturing facility in Framingham, Massachusetts. We designed an insert for the material handling carts, called tuggers, to better organize deliveries to cells. We developed an organization of the warehouse and a formula for estimating the tugger capacity needed if a new cell is added. With the suggestions Bose will be able to increase the efficiency of their manufacturing facility.

  • RedactedTugger.pdf

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