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Project TypeIQP
Submission date2007-05-01
  • Joseph A Bosman, EE
  • Patrick J Milano, CM
  • Stephanie Youkana, BE
  • URNE-project-050107-160303
    DivisionUrban and Environmental Planning
    CenterSan Juan, Puerto Rico
    TitleAn Evaluation of the Recycling Practices on the Island of Puerto Rico
  • Gerstenfeld, Arthur, MG
  • Vernon-Gerstenfeld, Susan, ID
  • Availability unrestricted


    The focus of this report, prepared for FirstBank of Puerto Rico, is on the current waste management issues of Puerto Rico and the impact of recycling. The goal of this project was to analyze current recycling programs through interviews and recommend changes that will help create a more successful recycling program. From the interviews we concluded that recycling programs in Puerto Rico need to be better developed in the way they are coordinated, managed, and implemented. This paper discusses recommendations for improvement of the recycling system for municipalities, state government and Puerto Rican citizens. This project could greatly impact the majority of the population of Puerto Rico; if these recommendations were put into effect the recycling rates in Puerto Rico could be improved.

  • FirstBank.pdf

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