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Project TypeIQP
Submission date2009-05-04
  • Lydia Peteva Bakalova, BE
  • Steven E Buchholz, BE
  • Stephen Daniel Jung, BE
  • Yip Wong, BC
  • URNE-project-050409-141307
    DivisionHealth Care and Technology
    TitleEconomics of Stem Cell Research
  • Gaudette, Glenn R, BE
  • Availability unrestricted


    In 2006, Massachusetts passed the Massachusetts Life Science Initiative earmarking $1 billion for the development of the life sciences, particularly in the feild of stem cells. This IQP seeks to characterize the economic climate surrounding this initiative by looking at the actions taken by other similar initiatives taken by other states. The report will then critique the actions taken thus far and provide a set of reccommendations for future expenditures.

  • The_Economics_of_Stem_Cells.pdf

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