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Project TypeIQP
Submission date2011-05-04
  • Valerie Anne Boutin, ME
  • Caitlin Elyse Butler, CM
  • Samuel James Kesseli, BE
  • Mary Clare McCorry, BE
  • URNE-project-050411-061538
    DivisionEnergy and Resources
    CenterNAMIBIA / Namibia Project Center
    SponsorDesert Research Foundation of Namibia
    TitleImproving Water and Sanitation in Rural Namibian Communities
  • Shockey, Ingrid K., SS
  • Brisson, Ulrike, HU
  • Availability unrestricted


    Groundwater contamination poses a risk to Namibian farming communities. Our goal was to analyze and improve water quality and sanitation on Odendaal farms in southern Namibia. Through interviews with farmers, meetings with local experts, and water tests, we established a baseline with social and environmental components. In collaboration with communities, we organized an approach to improve water and sanitation, and piloted a dry sanitation system. We created recommendations for the Desert Research Foundation to allow for continued improvement.

  • Improving_Water_and_Sanitation_in_Rural_Namibian_Communities_Final_Compressed.pdf

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