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Project TypeIQP
Submission date2005-05-20
  • Ashley J Bourgault, CM
  • Witt Charles Guinn, ME
  • Kathryn L Herchenroder, ME
  • David Stechmann, ME
  • URNE-project-052005-004450
    DivisionUrban and Environmental Planning
    CenterSan Juan, Puerto Rico
    SponsorMcNeil Consumer Healthcare
    TitleComposting for Sustainable Waste Management
  • Mathews, Lauren M, BB
  • Jiusto, J. Scott, ID
  • Availability unrestricted


    This report, prepared for McNeil Consumer Healthcare of Las Piedras, Puerto Rico, explored options to reduce their landfill waste volume and raise community awareness of waste-related environmental concerns through composting. The following document addresses the necessary background, research methods, findings, and recommendations. Through classroom presentations, physical composting, and investigation of composting systems, we initiated community interaction and established the best future options for McNeil. Through education and setting a positive example, this project aims to promote sustainable waste management.

  • CompostingPR-D05.pdf

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