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Title page for E-project-070705-030542

Project TypeIQP
Submission date2005-07-07
  • Stephanie Legare, BE
  • Leslie Neil Sierad, BE
  • Kevin E Waugh, ME
  • URNE-project-070705-030542
    DivisionTechnology and Environment
    CenterSan Jose, Costa Rica
    SponsorEmpresa de Servicios P├║blicos de Heredia
    TitleWaste Management on Dairy Farms in Costa Rica
  • Gerstenfeld, Arthur, MG
  • Vernon-Gerstenfeld, Susan, ID
  • Availability unrestricted


    This report, prepared for the Empresa de Servicios Publicos de Heredia (ESPH), investigates methods to prevent pollution of water caused by wastewater discharge of dairy farms in Costa Rica. The report describes how to determine the farming qualities necessary to implement clean technologies, including polyethylene anaerobic digesters and best management practices.

  • E05_Final_Report_7-5-05.pdf

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