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Title page for E-project-102207-132054

Project TypeIQP
Submission date2007-10-22
  • Matthew Schulze, BIO
  • Holly Whitton, BIO
  • URNE-project-102207-132054
    DivisionHealth Care and Technology
    TitleStem Cells and Society
  • Adams, David S., BB
  • Availability unrestricted


    The purpose of this IQP is to examine the different types of stem cells, the sources from which they are isolated, their current applications, and the ethical and legal issues that scientists face while trying to conduct their research. Currently the average person often errantly believes that stem cell research only involves the destruction of embryos, when there are many different types of stem cells used in research. We aim for this report to excite people into seeking greater understanding of stem cell research.

  • HollyWhittonMattSchulzeIQPFinal.pdf

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