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Project TypeMQP
Submission date2007-12-14
  • Sanouri A Ursprung, IN
  • URNE-project-121407-095121
    TitleBattling Malaria: a History of International Health Aid
  • Hansen, Peter H., HU
  • Addison, W. A. Bland, HU
  • Availability unrestricted


    Malaria was once considered the most pressing health issue in the world, but after its eradication in the United States it faded from the public eye. This paper analyzes the historical causes for the unsuccessful completion of the global malaria eradication program, by addressing persistent trends that starting during the colonial and Cold War eras. It also analyzes failures in the current fight against malaria, and proffers some potential methods of addressing preventable disease in the developing world.

  • ursprungmqp_body.pdf
  • ursprungmqp_toc.pdf

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