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Project TypeIQP
Submission date2010-12-16
  • Likuvi Chebelyon-Dalizu, ME
  • Zack Charles Garbowitz, IMG
  • Alexandra R Hause, BE
  • Devin T Thomas, CS
  • URNE-project-121610-114903
    DivisionSocial and Human Services
    CenterCape Town, South Africa
    SponsorDonovan Pedro Triple Trust Organisation
    TitleStrengthening Spaza Shops in Monwabisi Park
  • Jiusto, J. Scott, ID
  • Hersh, Robert, ID
  • Availability unrestricted


    Spaza shops provide essential services to local residents but struggle to succeed due to inadequate business skills and a weak supply chain. The goal of our project was to strengthen spaza shops by implementing the Triple Trust Organisation's programmes in Monwabisi Park and forming a spaza association. We organized a business training session, enrolled eleven people in Shop-Net, and facilitated the formation of a spaza business network. There is still room for improvement, but our work created a starting point for further development.

  • 2010_CTPC_Executive_Summary_Final_Spaza.pdf
  • CT10Spaza_Strengthening_Spaza_Shops.pdf

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