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Author Name TitleDepartment
Baara, Farrah MuntherBest Practices and Policy for Lead Poisoning Prevention in Urban Bangkok CommunitiesBiochemistry
Babeu, Amy MoniqueEstablishing Socioeconomic Baselines of Sustainable Fishing Communities: A Study of the Fishermen of Palito and MonteroBiomedical Engineering
Babeu, Amy MoniqueOptimizing the MOLLE for the Female SoldierBiomedical Engineering
Babina, Matthew Montgomery County Library Survey ProjectElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Babina, Matthew Multi-Client Embedded Telemetry System (MCETS)Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Babkoor, Mohammed SResearch on Course-Based Undergraduate Research on Behalf of the NSFChemical Engineering
Bacon, William AlexanderMulti Channel Audio EnvironmentMechanical Engineering
Badran, Khalil FadiWater Management and Conservation in Rural Morocco: A Follow-up Study to AUI Pilot Implementation of Drip IrrigationMechanical Engineering
Badran, Khalil FadiQuantitative Corrosion Evaluation and Damage Modeling in Ferrous MaterialsMechanical Engineering
Bagge, Ryan PatrickExploring the Factors Influencing Organic Waste Sorting in DenmarkCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bagge, Ryan PatrickDesigning a Culvert Management System for the Town of Spencer, MACivil and Environmental Engineering
Baggett, Daniel EDNA FingerprintingMechanical Engineering
Bahlatzis, Jonathan DanielSorption Oxidation Commercialization: Cost-effective Organic Contaminant RemovalManagement Engineering
Bahlatzis, Jonathan Pressing Issues: A Venetian Socioeconomic OverviewManagement Engineering
Bahtiarian, Lucine VMaitland Garden Village Perseverance Park RedevelopmentRobotics Engineering
Bai, Jie Comparative Study on Engineering Education in China and USAActuarial Mathematics
Bai, Jie Predicting Policyholder Behavior and Benefit Utilization: An Analysis on Long-Term Care InsuranceActuarial Mathematics
Baicker-McKee, Eric Endicia Label EditorIMG
Baiden, Jonathan FOREX Trading and InvestmentMathematical Sciences
Baiense, Joao CDesign of a Moving Bar Wake Generator for a Linear Compressor CascadeAeronautical Engineering
Bailey, Tell TNoninvasive Power System DetectorElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bailey, Gregory JefferyPlanning for the Future: Climate Adaptation in Hazard Mitigation Plans and Comprehensive Water Resource Management PlansMechanical Engineering
Bailey, Samuel MCore Corruption: A Neverwinter Nights 2 ModIMG
Bailey, Bradford DavidROVEN Sealion: Designing an Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle for Deep Sea Energy WellsMechanical Engineering
Bailey, Bradford DavidWind EnergyManagement Engineering
Bailey, Elyse GAutomatic Detection of Atrial Fibrillation and Atrial FlutterBiomedical Engineering
Bailey, Gregory JefferyROVEN Sealion: Designing an Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle for Deep Sea Energy WellsMechanical Engineering
Bailey, Elyse GTransgenic AnimalsBiomedical Engineering
Bailey, Andrew DImplementation of a Sustainable Website for the Commonside Community Development TrustManagement Information Systems
Bailey, Samuel MorrisonThe Effectiveness of Mastery LearningInteractive Media and Game Development
Bailey, Joseph RWireless Pulse OximeterElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bailey, Matthew DonaldDigital Education Evaluation: The Future of Time Lens at the Melbourne MuseumMechanical Engineering
Bailey, Christina MaryRisk-Based Marine Inspection Performance MeasuresChemical Engineering
Bailey-Gates, Christopher Carl6th Grade Plant Biology MCAS Preparation: an Interactive Qualifying ProjectBiomedical Engineering
Bailey-Gates, Christopher CarlDesign of a Bioreactor for Tissue Engineered Vascular GraftsBiomedical Engineering
Bakalova, Lydia PetevaEconomics of Stem Cell ResearchBiomedical Engineering
Bakalova, Lydia PetevaDevelopment of a Bilateral Rigid Sternal Closure Testing SystemInterdisciplinary
Baker, Jeffrey DAnalyzing an Energy Reduction Policy at WPIMechanical Engineering
Baker, Joshua StephenDevelopment of ISO Compliant Repeatability Procedures for Evaluating Collaborative RobotsMechanical Engineering
Baker, Krista MarieInvestigating the Ability of Porcine Circovirus 2 to Selectively Target and Kill Cancer CellsID CH BC
Baker, Joseph SimeonAutonomous Underwater VehicleRobotics Engineering
Baker, Andrew NicholasDesign of Setups for Plasma Propulsion Plume ExperimentsAeronautical Engineering
Baker, Christopher RWPI Sports & Recreation Center: Construction Management through 5D Building Information Modeling with Alternative Design ConsiderationsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Baker, Joseph SimeonChoral Directors and TechnologyRobotics Engineering
Baker, Joseph SimeonOptimization of an Autonomous Underwater VehicleRobotics Engineering
Baker, Jeffrey DavidParametric Design of a Spiral Gear ProcessMechanical Engineering
Baker, Jennifer LWater Management and Conservation in Rural Morocco: A Follow-up Study to AUI Pilot Implementation of Drip IrrigationMechanical Engineering
Baker, Seth WRainwater Harvesting in Informal Settlements of Windhoek, NamibiaCivil and Environmental Engineering
Baker, Joseph SimeonChoral Directors and TechnologyRobotics Engineering
Baker, Joshua StephenTown of Auburn Climate Action PlanMechanical Engineering
Baker, Sydney ElizabethGE Environmental ImprovementChemical Engineering
Baker, Seth WFeasibility Study of LEED Certification for Union Station Parking GarageCivil and Environmental Engineering
Baker, Krista MarieDeveloping Technology-Based Biology Assessments for Cell Structures and FunctionsBC CH
Baker, Andrew NicholasDeveloping Energy and Economic Initiatives for Rural NamibiaAeronautical Engineering
Baker, Ryan DanielThe Use of Technology to Enhance English Language (ESL) TeachingComputer Science
Baker, Nicole AWaSH-UP Sustainable Livelihoods and Business OperationsBiology and Biotechnology
Baker, Sydney ElizabethSupporting Asset-Based Community Development in Maitland Garden VillageChemical Engineering
Baker, Christopher ROil Pollution in Ecuador: A Devised Remediation ApproachCivil and Environmental Engineering
Baker, Kyle DanleyThe Use of Video Games for Training Users of Myoelectric OrthoticsIMG
Baklla, Dhimiter Justification of the Skyline Innovation Center at Worcester Technical High SchoolMechanical Engineering
Bakllas, Dimitrios Design of a Small Vacuum Facility for Microflow ExperimentsMechanical Engineering
Bakstran, Clark WalterRobotic Kayak: Multiple Autonomous Surface Vehicle ProjectElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bakstran, Clark WalterWorcester Music ProjectElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Balasubramanian, Pragathi Software Process ConfiguratorComputer Science
Balasubramanian, Pragathi Feasibility Study of the Arenal Volcano Wind ProjectComputer Science
Balboa, Marc JosephMEMS for real-time imagingMechanical Engineering
Balboa, Marc JosephTraffic and Its ImpactsMechanical Engineering
Baldassari, Laura Investigation of the Effects of the Built Environment on Patient Health Outcomes and Staff SatisfactionBiology and Biotechnology
Baldassari, James DominicAutonomic SystemsComputer Science
Baldiga, Jonathan DDesign of Low Cost Modular Robotic Manipulator JointsMechanical Engineering
Baldiga, Jonathan DBush Harvesting Sustainability Through Worker Accommodation and Land Aftercare RecommendationsMechanical Engineering
Baldwin, Gabriel PhoteosKite Power for Heifer International's Overlook FarmManufacturing Engineering
Baldwin, Gabriel PhoteosSolar Home System Sustainability in Rural Thailand
Baldwin, Steven CAutomatic Safety Brake for a SnowboardMechanical Engineering
Baldwin, Gabriel PhoteosProduction Report System Improvement for Saint Gobain Abrasives, Shanghai OperationManufacturing Engineering
Bales, Justin RWaterproof ECG Electrode DesignBiomedical Engineering
Balesano, Jessica LAuto-Accretion Powered by Microbial Fuel Cells in the Venetian LagoonChemical Engineering
Balesano, Jessica LEducating Corporate Members of Fire Protection Association Australia to Apply the Code of PracticeChemical Engineering
Ball, Ian MHumanity and SpaceMechanical Engineering
Ball, Michael HenryA Redesign of WPI's New Residence Hall Using Reinforced ConcreteCivil and Environmental Engineering
Ball, Ian MMaximizing Vortex Induced Vibrations through Geometry VariationMechanical Engineering
Ball, Michael HenryPreservation of Rural Character, Spencer, MassachusettsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Baltazar, Amanda MNot a Piece of Cake: Understanding the Food Rituals at Birthday Parties in New ZealandBiomedical Engineering
Banahan, Robert Pro Patria Mori: An Innovative Game Design DocumentIMG
Banahan, Robert Melodic MunitionsIMG
Banco, Daniel PasqualCreation of the Cartago Water Safety Plan: Water Supply System Management and Risk Assessment in the Municipality of CartagoPhysics
Banco, Daniel PasqualSatellite Scene Image Classification for Adaptive Target TrackingInterdisciplinary
Banegas, Elena Photocatalytic Degradation of a Series of Commercial Hair Dyes Using Immobilized TiO2Chemical Engineering
Banegas Nunez, Elena VictoriaWorcester Foodscape: Analysis of Adolescent Food ChoicesChemical Engineering
Bang, Keon Seok The Age of ArmorMechanical Engineering
Bang, Jay Optimization of a Hood Latch SystemMechanical Engineering
Banker, Christian JUltrasonic 3D Wireless Computer MouseElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Banker, Christian JBicycle Parking in CopenhagenElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bannish, Catherine AnneEnvironmentally Friendly Roofing Materials in Chiang MaiBiomedical Engineering
Bannish, Catherine AnneAnti-Inflammatory System for Subcutaneous BiosensorsBiomedical Engineering
Bannon, Christopher JeffreyEffect of Immobilized Chrysophsin-1 on S. aureusChemical Engineering
Bannon, Christopher JeffreyAnalyzing and Operationalizing the Nantucket Energy PlanChemical Engineering
Bansal, Rohit Switzerland Feasibility AnalysisRobotics Engineering
Banville, Kurtis SDesigning a Historically-themed Portable Miniature Golf Course as an Interactive Family Exhibit for Worcester Historical MuseumMechanical Engineering
Bao, Ying From Poverty to Prosperity - Applying Commercial Techniques to Subsistence Fishing Communities in Costa RicaMechanical Engineering
Bao, Yiling The Effects of Over-the-counter Phytoestrogen Product on Prostate Cancer CellsBiology and Biotechnology
Bao, Yiling Ambulatory Work-Related Injuries and Health ProblemsBiology and Biotechnology
Bao, Ying Irish Flute Design OptimizationMechanical Engineering
Baptiste, Joshua CodyPartnering with CERES Community Environment Park to Motivate Behavioural Change towards Whole-of-Water-Cycle ManagementMechanical Engineering
Baranowski, Benjamin JoelTemperature Control of a Gas FlowChemical Engineering
Baranowski, Benjamin JoelPotential Hazards Associated with Environmentally Preferable ProductsChemical Engineering
Barat, Alexander JamesMechanical Stimulator for In Vitro Skeletal Muscle ModelingBiomedical Engineering
Barat, Alexander JamesPhase II MS4 Pilot - Central Massachusetts Stormwater ManagementBiomedical Engineering
Barbagallo, Belinda Stem Cell Survey of Human Sebaceous TumorsBiology and Biotechnology
Barber, Lincoln EdwardModeling and Measuring Nasal Airflow CharacteristicsMechanical Engineering
Barbour, Isaac TDesigning a Headgear for SoccerMechanical Engineering
Barbour, Isaac TSupporting Early Childhood Development in Monwabisi ParkMechanical Engineering
Barboza, Mary-Lee LizabethA Species at Risk: Raising Awareness About the Critically Endangered Maui’s DolphinBiology and Biotechnology
Barcelo, Bryce ThomasCrypto Acceleration Using Asynchronous FPGAsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Barcelo, Bryce ThomasSpace Tethers: Applications and ImplementationsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bardon, Jeffrey MThe Virtual ArmoryIMG
Barges, William NicholasCore Corruption: A Neverwinter Nights 2 ModIMG
Barges, William NicholasStock Market SimulationIMG
Baril, Jacob Optimizing Stress Concentrations in HPP Lever Guide Using Finite Element AnalysisMechanical Engineering
Baril, Jacob AlexanderPlanning for the Future: Climate Adaptation in Hazard Mitigation Plans and Comprehensive Water Resource Management PlansMechanical Engineering
Barker, Kevin AlbertSackett Harbor Bridge DesignCivil and Environmental Engineering
Barker, Steve DavidCreating Third Spaces at the Worcester Art MuseumCivil and Environmental Engineering
Barker, Steve DavidWASTE SHELL CEMENT COMPOSITESCivil and Environmental Engineering
Barnard, William SAnalyzing the Potential Use of Solar Photovoltaic Systems by Commercial Businesses in the Moreland MunicipalityRobotics Engineering
Barnett, Kenneth JAnalysis of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Related to Food: A Study of Two Cafeterias in the Danish Municipality of Lyngby-TaarbækMechanical Engineering
Barney, Casey DavidVisible Light Communication SystemsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Barney, Casey DavidEvaluating Talent Acquisition in the NFLElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Barnhill, Dylan HadleyCharacterizing Sai Ying Pun's Markets as Forms of Public SpaceMechanical Engineering
Barnhill, Dylan HadleyDesign and Optimization of a FSAE VehicleMechanical Engineering
Barnish, Amanda VAnalysis of Leghemoglobin Present in Chipilin-Rhizobia SymbiosisBiochemistry
Barnish, Amanda VNewton Green Building PoliciesBiochemistry
Barnsley, Kelton Biodegradable Municipal Solid Waste in Santo Domingo de HerediaChemistry
Barnsley, Kelton Step-wise Assembly as an Alternative Approach Toward Synthesizing Molecular FrameworksChemistry
Barolli, Rebecca MImplementation of High School Water Science Fairs in AlbaniaChemical Engineering
Baron, Rebecca CDiscrimination in the Documentation of Open Source SoftwarePW
Baron, Rebecca ClaireUsing Technology to Facilitate Surplus Inventory Distribution at WPIHumanities
Barone, Michael ThomasHoly Name High School: Mathematics CurriculumElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Barone, Michael ThomasPublic Safety Radio SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Barot, Vineet SunilExperiments with a Thermoacoustic RefrigeratorEngineering Physics
Barot, Poonam SPotential Heritable Aphid Tolerance and Resistance in Phaseolus vulgarisBiology and Biotechnology
Barot, Vineet Valuing Ecological Services of Peri-Urban Open Spaces: A Case Study of the West Tatnuck Neighborhood of Worcester, MassachusettsPhysics
Barraford, Nicholas AlbionAutomated Patent Examiner Training Tools for TC2100Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Barrera, Gimo ROVEN Sealion: Designing an Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle for Deep Sea Energy WellsMechanical Engineering
Barrera, Gimo Gaming for SustainabilityMechanical Engineering
Barreto, Nicholas Animation Education With 2-D Modeling and 3-D TexturingBiomedical Engineering
Barrett, Justin MDesign and Realization of an Intelligent Ground VehicleRobotics Engineering
Barrett, Justin MLunar Development Robotics CompetitionRobotics Engineering
Barrett, Gregory MCollecting Skiing & Snowboarding Injury Data with a Web-Based SurveyComputer Science
Barrett, Gregory MGene Expression ClassificationComputer Science
Barrett, Kevin WPI Venture Forum: A Market AnalysisManagement Engineering
Barrie, Nolan FarrallExploring the Effect of Hiring Rules on Quality in a Large Engineering Company Using System DynamicsSystem Dynamics
Barrie, Nolan FarrallExploring the Impact of School Nurses on K-12 System PerformanceSystem Dynamics
Barriga, Megan ElizabethHigh School Chemistry Teaching PracticumChemistry
Barriga, Megan ElizabethCharacterization of Flavonoids from Artemisia annuaChemistry
Barriga, Jaime Digital Choral FolderComputer Science
Barrows, Daniel AlanRe-Design of a Skin Graft Culturing SystemBiomedical Engineering
Barrows, Daniel AlanRecycling and Waste Management in Massachusetts High Schools and CollegesBiomedical Engineering
Barry, Laura GA Study in Maritime PiracyEC
Barry, Laura GIncreasing Ride Efficiency and Evacuation Planning in Parque de DiversionesEC
Barschdorf, Brendan Enhancing Public Waterfront Accessibility in Downtown BostonElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Barschdorf, Brendan Design of an Efficient Wall AdapterElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bartal, Nicholas EdwardModeling of a Catalytic Packed Bed Reactor and Gas Chromatograph Using COMSOL MultiphysicsChemical Engineering
Bartal, Nicholas EdwardAssessing Radionuclide Contamination of Drinking Water Systems Near Nuclear ReactorsChemical Engineering
Barth, Andrew JohnEducating About Transport History: Developing Object-Learning Programs at the London Transport MuseumRobotics Engineering
Barth, Derrick RDesigning the Gender-Neutral User ExperienceComputer Science
Barth, Derrick RGame Industry ResearchIMG
Bartlett, Caroline EThe Development of the Kaitiaki Kids Conservation ProgramARE
Bartlett, Michael CharlesAnalysis of the thermo-mechanical reliability of an SMT attachmentMechanical Engineering
Bartlett, Samuel AWater KnowledgeEnvironmental Engineering
Bartlett, Samuel AFlood Mitigation of Macomber's Way in Marshfield, MassachusettsEnvironmental Engineering
Bartley, Andrew HIV-TropismBiology and Biotechnology
Bartley, Andrew Implementation of Green Infrastructure in the 495/MetroWest CorridorBiology and Biotechnology
Barton, Steven MCataloging 19th Century Periodical ImagesBiology and Biotechnology
Barton, Steven MThe Role of 14-3-3-Beta in Regulated DAT TraffickingBiochemistry
Bartosik, Kyle S.Assessment of Alternative Energy Technologies and Recommendations for a National Energy PolicyAeronautical Engineering
Bartosik, Kyle StevenDesign of a Kite-Powered Water Pump and Airborne Wind TurbineAeronautical Engineering
Barua, Sowmit Time Response Ambulatory Calls EvaluationMechanical Engineering
Barua, Sowmit ROptimizing Stress Concentrations in HPP Lever Guide Using Finite Element AnalysisMechanical Engineering
Baruffi, Frederick AnthonyVenice Bells and Bell Towers: A Striking Source of KnowledgeRobotics Engineering
Basehore, Sarah ElizabethRetrofitting the Future: Preserving Native Crops with Sustainable Greenhouse TechnologyBiomedical Engineering
Bashllari, Armir Massachusetts Biomass Heating ConversionComputer Science
Bashllari, Armir Visualization of InsightNotes Database Annotation Management SystemComputer Science
Basile, Joseph MDevelopment of a Plasma Source with Particulate InjectorMechanical Engineering
Basile, Matthew PA Population Genetics Study of Local Orconectes virilisBiochemistry
Basile, Matthew PSmithsonian Global Vegetation Dynamic Website InterfaceBiochemistry
Basilio, Adam DTourist Information Kiosks in the City of WindhoekManagement Engineering
Baskan, Ozan WIND ENERGY PRODUCTION IN TURKEYElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Basmaji, Carol RimaAnalysis of the Solicitation Process in Montgomery CountyCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bass, Nina RAlternative Cooking Solutions for Monwabisi ParkChemical Engineering
Bass, Robert NathanLilium: Exploring Collaborative Artificial IntelligenceInterdisciplinary
Bass, Nina RSynthesis of Silicalite-1 AggregatesChemical Engineering
Bass, Robert NathanThe Virtual Armory Survey and PortalIMG
Bassett, James AllanMobile Platform for Determining Particulate Flow VelocityMechanical Engineering
Bassett, Jesse PInternet Privacy in the United StatesComputer Science
Bassett, James AllanClosing the Tap on American SouthwestMechanical Engineering
Bassett, Jesse P.AIPaint: A Sketch-Based Behavior Tree Authoring ToolComputer Science
Bassil, Pauline EDesign of the New WPI Residence HallCivil and Environmental Engineering
Batbouta, Lisa AnneMarketing Hand-milled Rice in Thailand: Creating a Self-sustainable Future for the Village of Mae Khong KhaaComputer Science
Batbouta, Lisa AnneMap My Trip: A Leap Motion Web AppComputer Science
Batchelder, Sidney SWaterborne Autonomous VEhicleRobotics Engineering
Batchelder, Sidney SAn Analysis of Future Sustainable Aquatic FarmingRobotics Engineering
Bates, Lincoln JohnGlobal Manufacturing and Collaborative ToolsMechanical Engineering
Bates, Brian Solar Feasibility Study at Wesley United Methodist ChurchComputer Science
Bates, Ryan BrighamA Web Survey of Winter Sports Accidents Involving Equipment FailureMechanical Engineering
Bates, Ryan BrighamTotal Machining ReliabilityMechanical Engineering
Bates, Lincoln DNA Fingerprinting and SocietyMechanical Engineering
Bates, Brian A Comparative Study of Energy Efficient Medium Access Control Protocols in Wireless Sensor NetworksComputer Science
Bauer, Joseph BrianMechanical, Power, and Thermal Subsystem Design for a CubeSat MissionAeronautical Engineering
Bauer, Joseph BrianHumanity and SpaceAeronautical Engineering
Baulier, Jennifer ReneeProta Evolution: A Genetic PlatformerIMG
Baulier, Jennifer ReneeThe Virtual ArmoryComputer Science
Baulier, Jennifer ReneeRailroad RunnerIMG
Baum, Julia NicoleEvaluating the Robustness and Feasibility of Integer Programming and Dynamic Programming in Aircraft Sequencing OptimizationMathematical Sciences
Baum, Julia NicoleA Holistic Review of the Health and Wellness Programs of Victorian Emergency ServicesMathematical Sciences
Baum, Julia NicoleEvaluating the Robustness and Feasibility of Integer Programming and Dynamic Programming in Aircraft Sequencing OptimizationMathematical Sciences
Baum, Evan AMajor Projects in the Massachusetts Renewable Energy MarketMechanical Engineering
Baumann, Philipp HDevelopment of a Wiki to Promote Financial Research Collaboration at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian FederationComputer Science
Bazinet, Martin Transgenic AnimalsBiology and Biotechnology
Bazinet, Martin Caspase Activity in Valvular Interstitial CellsBiology and Biotechnology
Beach, Brian JFSAE TURBO-SYSTEM DESIGN 2010Mechanical Engineering
Beach, Brian JAlternative Fuels for AutomobilesMechanical Engineering
Beal, Taymon AngusInteractive Model Finding with HominyComputer Science
Beal, Taymon AGrade 5 Space Enhanced Science ExplorationComputer Science
Beall, Jackson DainThe SLICCVac Medical Vacuum CleanerED
Bean, Nicholas WilliamRoof Loss Control Analysis for The Hanover Insurance GroupManagement Engineering
Bean, Alex RobertWPI 150: A recommendation for marking the sesquicentennial using the best insights from the digital humanitiesManagement Engineering
Bean, Alex RobertConsumer Research to Revitalize a Russian BrandManagement Engineering
Bean, Nicholas WilliamVolatility of Tetrachloroethylene on Cape CodManagement Engineering
Beando, Alexandra LeeDNA FingerprintingMechanical Engineering
Beando, Alexandra LeeTheoretical Model and Test Bed for the Development and Validation of Ornithopter DesignsMechanical Engineering
Beane, Timothy JasonAn Investigation of the Porcine Circovirus Type 1 Third Viral Protein Nuclear Export Capability Through Fluorescence Microscopy and Rapid PrototypingBiochemistry
Beane, Timothy JasonStem Cells and SocietyBiochemistry
Beardsley, Matthew JProspects for Hydrogen Fuel in the Early FutureRobotics Engineering
Beasley, Nicholas John7th Grade Lunar Robotics CurriculumMechanical Engineering
Beasley, Nicholas JohnDesign and Optimization of a FSAE VehicleMechanical Engineering
Beasley, Michael Housing Design for a New RF Breast Coil Concept for Use in MRI ApplicationsBiomedical Engineering
Beasley, Michael Tsunami Mitigation in Ban Nam Khem, Thailand: Assessment of Evacuation Towers, the Warning System, and Education and TrainingBiomedical Engineering
Beatty, Jenna Traffic Study NørrebrogadeCivil and Environmental Engineering
Beatty, Jenna Renewable Energy AlternativesCivil and Environmental Engineering
Beaulac, Devan Functional Redesign of the WPI Project WebsiteIndustrial Engineering
Beaulac, Devan Improving Marketing Appeal and Functionality of the WPI Projects WebsiteIndustrial Engineering
(WPI)Beaulac, Devan EveLong Term Care Improvement at Oriol Health CareIndustrial Engineering
(WPI)Beaulac, Devan Long Term Care Improvement at Oriol Health CareIndustrial Engineering
Beaulieu, Erin ElizabethFrom Poverty to Prosperity - Applying Commercial Techniques to Subsistence Fishing Communities in Costa RicaBiology and Biotechnology
Beaulieu, Danielle RAir Kerma Strength Measurement of a Cs-137 Source Using a Seven-Distance Ionization TechniquePhysics
Beaulieu, Casey ErinAnalysis of Ellis-van Creveld Syndrome ProteinsBiology and Biotechnology
Beaulieu, Danielle RSea Level Rise Adaptation in the Boston Harbor AreaPhysics
Beaulieu, James AlbertPractice for Connected Mathematics ProjectElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Beaulieu, Erin ElizabethThe Effect of Chronological Age and Foraging Experience on Mental Flexibility in Bumble BeesBiology and Biotechnology
Beaupre, Andrew JLife Safety vs. Preservation of Community and Heritage Buildings in the Wellington RegionMechanical Engineering
Beaurivage, Scott JohnSpecific Inhibition of Rac1 ActivationBiochemistry
Beavers, David AInvestigation of Plasma Charging EffectsAeronautical Engineering
Beavers, David AThe Effect of an Educational Video on the Acceptance of NanotechnologyAeronautical Engineering
Bebel, Nick Supply Chain Software Selection for Nypro Inc.Industrial Engineering
Bebel, Nick Renewable Energy with Photovoltaic SystemsIndustrial Engineering
Bebrin, Nicole Evaluation of Green Spaces in the London Borough of LewishamBiochemistry
Becan, Ali FuatWorcester Historical Museum: An Interactive Redesign of the Fuller GalleryElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Beck, Matthew CharlesHumanity and Space - MH IQP 1207Chemical Engineering
Beck, Sean PatrickObsidian: Development of a Multiplayer Game with Adaptive Enemy IntelligenceIMG
Beck, Matthew CharlesInvestigation of Free Flycerin and Potassium Ion Adsorption by DudaLite DW-R10 Ion-Exchange ResinChemical Engineering
Beck, Sean PatrickPro Patria Mori: An Innovative Game Design DocumentIMG
Beckel, Cody AnthonyPharmaceuticals in WaterMechanical Engineering
Becker, Maggie AileenIntrogressive Hybridization between Native and Invasive Crayfish: A Test of Reproductive IsolationBiology and Biotechnology
Becker, Timothy JPreservation of Rural Character, Spencer, MassachusettsMechanical Engineering
Becker, Alexander MIntegrated Farming SystemComputer Science
Becker, Timothy JLeg Rehabilitation Device for Paralysis PatientsMechanical Engineering
Becker, Alexander MImproving Patient Data Management and Family Reach-out for the R.E.A.C.H. ProgramComputer Science
Becker, Maggie AileenCommunicating Housing Development Practices in the City of Cape Town Housing Directorate in Order to Build Healthy CommunitiesBiology and Biotechnology
Beckwith, Simon DanielIrrigation Development to Improve the Lives of Impoverished Children in Kanchanaburi, ThailandManagement Engineering
Becroft, David J. B.AIPaint: A Sketch-Based Behavior Tree Authoring ToolID CS IMGD
Becroft, David Designing a Clean Energy and Energy Conservation Website for Costa Rican SchoolchildrenIMG
Bedard, Cathryn JCreating a Virtual Tour Design Guide for MuseumsBiomedical Engineering
Bedard, Cathryn JIndependent Control of the Stretch and Stiffness of a Cell Culture Substrate for Mechanobiological StudiesBiomedical Engineering
Bedell, Ryan Blinding SilenceIMG
Bedell, Ryan Redesign of the Online Calculus Placement TestIMG
Bedford, Michael WAnalysis of the Feasibility of Utilizing the STARS 0.5 Rubric as a Guide for the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Sustainability InitiativeMechanical Engineering
Bedford, Michael WDesign of a Quiet Impact StopMechanical Engineering
Bedrosian, Katie RGreen Process Design & Cost Benefit AnalysisIndustrial Engineering
Bedrosian, Katie RNeurotoxic Chemicals in the EnvironmentIndustrial Engineering
Begbie, Emma ElizabethStock Market SimulationBiochemistry
Begin, Alisha MAdsorption of Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether Using Granular ZSM-5Chemical Engineering
Begin, Alisha MCollection and Communication of Conservation Information Concerning Hawksbill Sea TurtlesChemical Engineering
Begins, Anthony JonMotorsports SafetyMechanical Engineering
Begins, Anthony JonATRC CommunicationsMechanical Engineering
Behanzin, Aaron VirgileDesign of a Sternal Fixation Device and Bicortical Bone ModelBiomedical Engineering
Behanzin, Aaron VirgileCommunity Waste Management in Costa Rican Squatter CommunitiesBiomedical Engineering
Behlman, Trevor SturgisAn Evaluation of Public Space Recycling Options for MassachusettsComputer Science
Beinke, Elisabeth AMemory Dash: A Multiplayer iPhone GameIMG
Beinke, Elisabeth AWPImap Campus Tour IQPIMG
Beland, Danielle KristenGood Practices for the Cultivation of Trout in Costa RicaActuarial Mathematics
Belanger, Adam BAnalysis of the Feasibility of Utilizing the STARS 0.5 Rubric as a Guide for the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Sustainability InitiativeMechanical Engineering
Belanger, Adam BThe Effects of Material and Configuration on the Acoustic Response of an Impact StopMechanical Engineering
Belen, Laura JTraining for Stress ReductionBiology and Biotechnology
Belen, Laura JA New Assay for Quantifying Pentosidine Levels in Avian SpeciesBiology and Biotechnology
Belisle, Melinda Cloning and characterization of two putative glucuronolactonases from Arabidopsis thaliana involved in ascorbate degradationBiology and Biotechnology
Beliveau, Jason ABenchmarking the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Beliveau, Michael ChristianA Study on Hybrid Cars: Environmental Effects and Consumer HabitsMechanical Engineering
Beliveau, Jason APhotovoltization of WPIElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Beliveau, Andrew MWPI Sports & Recreation Center: Construction Management through 5D Building Information Modeling with Alternative Design ConsiderationsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Beliveau, Alexander Robert AnthonyA Home Away From Home: Launching Home Stay Tourism in NamibiaBiomedical Engineering
Beliveau, Andrew MFeasibility of a Smart Grid on NantucketCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bell, Heather AnneSupporting Early Childhood Development in Monwabisi ParkBiochemistry
Bell, Aaron MVeniss Underground: A Neverwinter Nights ModIMG
Bell, Virginia RoseInvestigating Transcriptional Regulation of C. elegans Insulin-like GenesBiology and Biotechnology
Bell, Virginia RoseTewaTalk: Preserving the Tewa Language through Mobile TechnologyBiology and Biotechnology
Bell, Gabriel ThomasNoise Pollution Exhibit at the EcoTariumRobotics Engineering
Bell, Aaron MConsumer Activism: An Analytical and Philosophical Prototype for Point of Purchase in the 21st CenturyIMG
Bell, Heather AnneCharacterizing the DNA-Binding Site Specificities of Cis2His2 Zinc FingersBIO BC
Bellack, Michael Water Supply Yield for the Wachusett ReservoirCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bellack, Michael Through whose looking glass?Civil and Environmental Engineering
Bellamine, Wadii Impact of Globalization on Small-Scale Artisans in Azrou, MoroccoElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bellamine, Wadii DSP Modulated Class D Audio AmplifierElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Belleman, Wesley KentSupport for Physics Education at Worcester Polytechnic InstitutePhysics
Belliard Urena, Bryan DarielBiodiesel Combustion and Heat Exchanger Unit Operations LabChemical Engineering
Belliard Urena, Bryan DarielEmpowering the Women’s Cooperative of Ban Pang Ung Mhai through the Competitive Marketing of CraftsChemical Engineering
Bellingham, Shane PatrickWater Purification Through Reverse OsmosisMechanical Engineering
Bellingham, Shane PatrickCruise Control: Cruise Ships Influencing the City of VeniceMechanical Engineering
Bellini, Jonas AlbertPlanning for the Future: Climate Adaptation in Hazard Mitigation Plans and Comprehensive Water Resource Management PlansCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bellini, Jonas AlbertFerrate Oxidation of Ciprofloxacin in WaterCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bellisario, Sebastian NickolaiOn The Shoulders of Giants: A Portfolio of My JourneyHumanities
Bellisario, Sebastian NickolaiDesign and Construction of a 6 Bar Kinematic Quick Return Device for use as a Demonstration ToolMechanical Engineering
Bellisario, Sebastian NickolaiResearching an Attendance SystemMechanical Engineering
Belliss, Michael SWPI AIAA Research Rocket (WARRIORS)Mechanical Engineering
Belliveau, Jordan RDesign of an Orthopedic Device to Prevent Lumbosacral Stenosis in Military Working DogsBiomedical Engineering
Belliveau, Jordan Stem Cells and SocietyBiomedical Engineering
Bellofatto, James Interactive Accessibility for the Visually ImpairedCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bellofatto, James Construction Management Services for the new WPI Residence HallCivil and Environmental Engineering
Belmontes, Ricardo AdrianAnalysis of the Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Face Piece For Fire Service UseMechanical Engineering
Belmontes, Ricardo AdrianGaming in Middle SchoolsMechanical Engineering
Belsky, Michael JosephData Management in the Seven-Mile River WatershedCivil and Environmental Engineering
Belsky, Michael JosephResidence Hall ConstructionCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bemis, Randal GlendonPhytoestrogen ProjectBiology and Biotechnology
Bemis, Randal Transgenic Animals IQP 2011Biology and Biotechnology
Ben-Haddej, Dhia ElhakOptical Character RecognitionComputer Science
Ben-Haddej, Dhia ElhakManaging Costa Rica's WasteComputer Science
Benda, George CBPMA_LondonE14_IQPMechanical Engineering
Bender, Paul RyanApplication of Phase Change Materials in Airport RunwaysCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bender, Paul RyanEnvironmental Certification in Costa Rica: Developing a Tool to Guide SMEs’ DecisionsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Benecke, Nikki LNVIDIA Storage Performance OptimizationComputer Science
Benedict, William AndrewReleasable Binding Disc Snowboard Binding AccessoryMechanical Engineering
Benigno, John PaulFeasibility of Implementing a PR-181 Busway in the Trujillo Alto AreaCivil and Environmental Engineering
Benjamin, Aaron BaruchGame-Like ElementsBiochemistry
Benjamin, Aaron BaruchAn Investigation of the Porcine Circovirus Type 1 Third Viral Protein Nuclear Export Capability Through Fluorescence Microscopy and Rapid PrototypingBiochemistry
Benko, Maxwell ERobotics Education in the Current IndustryManagement Engineering
Benko, Maxwell Remanufacturing a Robotic ArmManagement Engineering
Bennett, Andrew MichaelA Community Outreach Through Social Media: Green2Growth “Viral Video Challenge”Mechanical Engineering
Bennett, Ian Assessing the Pakistan Connection GameComputer Science
Bennett, Ian MSolarFlare Collaborative Development EnvironmentComputer Science
Bennett, Laura JMeasuring Transactional DistanceIndustrial Engineering
Bennett, Andrew MichaelDesign and Optimization of a FSAE VehicleMechanical Engineering
Bennett, Olivia SUSPTO Quality Metrics AnalysisMechanical Engineering
Bennett, Alexander GottliebBoats and WakesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Benoit, Cesar AugustoEvaluating Effectiveness of the Signage and Other Markings for Guidance and Warning Placed by OCNMechanical Engineering
Benoit, Tyler PaulWind Power in Worcester, Massachusetts: Siting and PermittingComputer Science
Benson, Brian Robotic Research Platform for Locomotion Through Granular MediaMechanical Engineering
Benson, Patrick StephenGait Analysis and the Effects of Spinal Rotation on Impact ForcesMechanical Engineering
Benson, Patrick StephenYourEnergyOptions, Inc.: A Web Business PlanMechanical Engineering
Benson, Brian Designing Educational Materials for Composting in a Costa Rican CommunityMechanical Engineering
Benson, Eric RPAX East 2014 Booth IQPIMG
Benson, Alec Improving the PH-1110/1111/1120/1121 Physics LaboratoriesComputer Science
Benson, Daniel JMissing Venice: Tracking the Global Movement of Venetian Art and the Evolution of Venetian Architecture and InfrastructureComputer Science
Bentley, Jordan HSwordplay Through The AgesComputer Science
Bentley, Jordan HSocial Tag-Based Recommendation ServicesComputer Science
Benton, John The Smart Bulb - Energy Efficient Outdoor LightingElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Benton, John Program for Teaching Electronics to Middle School StudentsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Benz, Michael StephenAn Ab Initio Study of Atmospheric Selenium and Arsenic ReactionsChemical Engineering
Beovich, Kerrin MarieCreating a High Speed Rail Network For AustraliaBiology and Biotechnology
Berard, Brian MQuadrotor UAV Interface and Localization DesignRobotics Engineering
Berard, Brian MQuadrotor UAV Interface and Localization DesignRobotics Engineering
Berard, Brian MDesigning Victoria Harbour: Integrating, Improving, and Facilitating Marine ActivitiesRobotics Engineering
Berdeguer, Carlos EnriqueHISTORICAL EVOLUTION OF ROMAN GLADIATORIAL ARMS AND ARMORS: 300 B.C. - 450 A.D.Mechanical Engineering
Berg, Julia JosefinaA City of Words: The Worcester Writers ProjectInteractive Media and Game Development
Berg, Tyler WesleyARG Relevance as a Marketing Strategy in a MuseumComputer Science
Berg, Julia JosefinaThe Disney Alternate Reality GameIMG
Berg, Tyler WesleyNVIDIAComputer Science
Bergeron, Stephen JDESIGN & PROTOTYPE OF A KNEE MRI RF COIL ENCLOSUREMechanical Engineering
Bergeron, Bryan Improving PH1120 Physics LabsPhysics
Bergeron, Bryan Modeling Atmospheric distribution and Jeans loss on Mars.Physics
Berk, Brian JCost Basis of Grinding vs. Machining MachinesManufacturing Engineering
Berk, Brian JTools for Developing the Worcester Arts DistrictMechanical Engineering
Berkowe, Jessica ChristianeProsthetic End-­User Usability SurveyBiology and Biotechnology
Berlied, Michael Lizard Inspired Tail for Dynamic Stabilization of Robotic BodyMechanical Engineering
Berlied, Michael CDesigning a Fire-Testing Laboratory for the University of Costa RicaMechanical Engineering
Berlo, Diana MWind Generation on NantucketMechanical Engineering
Berlo, Diana MDesign of Scale-Model Floating Wind Turbine PlatformsMechanical Engineering
Berman, Jeremy MGompei's Goat CheeseManagement
Berman, Jeremy MImproving the High Speed Internet Infrastructure in Santa Fe: Analysis of Potential OptionsManagement
Bermejo, Milton JTrace Gases and Their Impact on HumanityElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bermejo Calle, Milton J.Dynamic Shock AbsorberElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bernard, Allyson JChange Management in AcademiaManagement Engineering
Bernard, Robert WPI New Athletics Facility - An Integrated Approach to Pre-Construction PracticesCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bernard, Robert FOn the Feasibility of an Energy Reporting System in London - City Knowledge, the Merton Rule, and Building Birth CertificatesCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bernard, Allyson JIQP: Interactive Multimedia Video & LearningManagement Engineering
Bernardo, Shea MichaelGamificationAeronautical Engineering
Bernardo, Shea MichaelDiagnostics for a Supersonic Wind TunnelAeronautical Engineering
Berner, Cara AProviding Guidance to Massachusetts Public Water Suppliers on Cyanobacteria Contamination of Public Drinking WaterBiology and Biotechnology
Bernier, Joshua DavidRedesign of a Dental MirrorMechanical Engineering
Bernier, Joshua DavidAmbulatory StorageMechanical Engineering
Bernklow, Marshall BWorcester Art Museum: Interactive Exhibit IdeasMechanical Engineering
Bernstein, David PaulModular DC-DC Power Converter for Robotic ApplicationsRobotics Engineering
Bernstein, David PaulConsumer Robotics: State of the Industry and Public OpinionRobotics Engineering
Berry, Grace ElizabethAssessing Workplace Wellness Needs for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Windhoek, NamibiaMechanical Engineering
Berselli, Stephen JohnA Cross-Platform Database Infrastructure Monitoring Dashboard for The Hanover Insurance GroupManagement Information Systems
Berselli, Stephen JohnCrisis Mapping Community Social Media Information During and After Large-Scale Disasters in VictoriaManagement Information Systems
Berthelette, Christopher JamesData Management for NonProfit OrganizationsRobotics Engineering
Berthelette, Christopher JamesRotary "One-To-Many" (OTM) Novel ActuatorME RBE
Berti, Stefano Lifestyle Choices Determine Australia’s Future: Creating an Activity to Raise Awareness about the Importance of Sustainability (The Australia 2050 Trail)Mechanical Engineering
Berti, Stefano Design of a Neck-Support-Incorporated Helmet for Reducing the Risk of Concussion in Ice HockeyMechanical Engineering
Bertin, Trevor BarnesEnhancing Facilities Management and Structural Design through Building Information ModelingCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bertin, Trevor BarnesCommunity Environmental EmpowermentCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bertini, Michael ADesign and Development of a Transhumeral Prosthetic Mounting SystemMechanical Engineering
Bertoli, Peter MichaelKite Power for Heifer International's Overlook FarmMechanical Engineering
Bertoli, Peter MichaelpicoBrew: Automated Home BrewMechanical Engineering
Beski, Richard AlexDeveloping E-Learning at the British Postal Museum & ArchiveMechanical Engineering
Beski, Richard AlexAnalysis of the thermo-mechanical reliability of an SMT attachmentMechanical Engineering
Besse, Jack GallimoreThe Water-Energy Nexus in the Southeastern United StatesChemical Engineering
Besse, Jack GallimoreDistillery Design: Producing Vodka and Other SpiritsChemical Engineering
Beswick, ChanLing Sound Design Game - ChanLing BeswickMechanical Engineering
Beswick, ChanLing Electrical Harness Improvement for Caterpillar Loader Vehicles in Steel Mills (WPI Major Qualifying Project)Mechanical Engineering
Beyler, Matthew EarlImpact of Latency on The Player in Online GamesComputer Science
Beyler, Matthew EarlPeak Shaving using Energy Storage at the Residential LevelComputer Science
Beynon, Joseph A'Careers in Statistics' GuideComputer Science
Beynon, Joseph AeBay Reputation Extractor and Analysis ToolsComputer Science
Beyoglu, Belin XPortfolio Project: Enhancing Functionality for Business ManagementIndustrial Engineering
Beyoglu, Belin Technical Analysis of CAN SLIM StocksEC
Bezek, Jaime AntonioPreserVenice: Preserving Venetian Public ArtHumanities
Bezies, Nancy An Effective Study of Electron Transfer for a CNT/CNF Based AnodeChemical Engineering
Bezies, Nancy Improved Methods of Visitor Attendance Collection at Massachusetts State ParksChemical Engineering
Bhagat, Sahil SDesign of a Molding System to Recapitulate Skeletal Muscle FiberInterdisciplinary
Bhagat, Sahil SIssues with Denmark's Health ITBiology and Biotechnology
Bhakhri, Aakriti Puerto Rico Electric Vehicle Introduction StudyChemical Engineering
Bhakhri, Aakriti Removal of PFOA from Water using UV Treatment, Chemical Oxidation, & Adsorption by Activated Carbon & ZeolitesChemical Engineering
Bhalla, Rohit SDesign of a releasable snowboard binding system to prevent upper body injuryBiomedical Engineering
Bhalla, Manu Assessing Ecosystem Service Values Provided by Urban Trees in Burncoat & Greendale of Worcester, MassachusettsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bhalla, Manu SmartTour: A Multi‐Dimensional Approach to Campus NavigationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bhalla, Tanishq Improving Residential Solar Photovoltaic Uptake within the Moreland MunicipalityElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bhattacharya, Tuhina Impacts of Genome Sequencing Technologies: Developing Educational Materials to Create Greater Public AwarenessBiomedical Engineering
Bhattacharya, Tuhina Design of a Cell Delivery Vehicle for Volumetric Muscle LossBiomedical Engineering
Bhuptani, Parth Environmental Assessment of Chemical IncidentsChemical Engineering
Bhuptani, Parth An Examination of the Physico-Chemical Fire Retardant Mechanism of Burn-X in WoodChemical Engineering
Biagiotti, Richard TE-Grounds 2006Biology and Biotechnology
Biagiotti, Richard ThomasBLOOD CELL REGENERATION IN LIMULUS POLYPHEMUS Part IIBiology and Biotechnology
Bianchi, Aaron GindiAll-In-One Hand Washing SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bianchi, Aaron GindiAn Analysis of The America Invents ActElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bickar, Keilin JosephMemory Dash: A Multiplayer iPhone GameComputer Science
Bickar, Keilin JosephFacilitating Communication and Interactivity for a Sustainability Initiative at WPIComputer Science
Biczak, Janell MarieLean Implementation at St. Vincent HospitalIndustrial Engineering
Biczak, Janell MarieTowards A Paperless Choral ClassroomIndustrial Engineering
Biener, Jennifer RoseNanoparticle-Cell InteractionsChemical Engineering
Biener, Jennifer RoseEnhancing Plastic Recycling from Danish HouseholdsChemical Engineering
Bienia, Matthew RichardModest Means to Reduce Carbon in Croydon SchoolsRobotics Engineering
Bienia, Matthew RichardReconfigurable Modular Mobile Robotic Platform (ReMMRP)Robotics Engineering
Bieniarz, Nicole AKnowledge of Type 2 Diabetes in the New Zealand Population and Effectiveness of Knowledge-Based InterventionsInternational Studies
Bieniarz, Nicole AThe Impact of Inclusive and Extractive Institutions on Poland’s Economy and Quality of Life Before and After World War Two: A Virtuous and Vicious Journey through Historical and Personal EvidenceInternational Studies
Bierkan, Chelsea LynnReviving the History of the Venetian Scuole: Public Education through an Interactive WebsiteCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bierkan, Chelsea LynnAdaptive Reuse Plan for the Worcester County CourthouseCivil and Environmental Engineering
Biernacki, Thomas BrianA Teaching Practicum in BiologyBiomedical Engineering
Bigda, Bryan MMuseo Arzana: Preserving the Traditional Boats of VeniceMechanical Engineering
Bigda, Bryan MImproving the Sustainability and Accessibility of the La Marta Wildlife RefugeMechanical Engineering
Bigelow, Andrew TimothyAttitude Determination and Control, On Board Computing & Communication Subsystem Design for a CubeSat MissionAeronautical Engineering
Bigelow, Andrew TimothyDecentralized Energy Master Planning: The London Borough of BrentAeronautical Engineering
Bigman, Matthew HoyleCCDT- Business Plan for the Merged OrganizationSystem Dynamics
Bigman, Matthew HoyleSystem Dynamics And Nursing Lines: Cost Saving Measures at Eastern Connecticut Healthcare NetworkSystem Dynamics
Bililies, Alexia DCommunity Medicine in the Dominican RepublicInternational Studies
Bililies, Alexia DHIV/AIDS Prevention Strategies in the Private Sector of NamibiaInternational Studies
Biliouris, Timothy JCERES Australia 2050 Trail Phase 2: Designing an Interpretive TrailBiomedical Engineering
Billings, Dylan RaymondTexture comparison in chips in various environmentsAeronautical Engineering
Billings, Dylan RaymondDesign and Analysis for a CubeSat MissionAeronautical Engineering
Biltucci, Clinton MichaelTreatment of Petroleum Contaminated Water Using PeatCivil and Environmental Engineering
Biltucci, Clinton MichaelSTEM CELLS AND SOCIETYCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bin Amir, Syed AtharChange in Academic Motivation at WPIElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bin Amir, Syed AtharOptimizing Novel ECG ElectrodesInterdisciplinary
Binette, Corey JamesStock Market SimulationChemical Engineering
Binette, Corey JamesPall Oenoflow XL Cross-Flow Filter Efficiency StudyChemical Engineering
Bingham, Andrew JosephDesign of Setups for Plasma Propulsion Plume ExperimentsAeronautical Engineering
Bingham, Andrew JosephTextural Variations of Pizza in Commercial EstablishmentsAeronautical Engineering
Binny, Monolina HabibMechanism by which Heart Regulates Peripheral Metabolism in ObesityBiology and Biotechnology
Birand, Berk True Random Number Generation using Physically Unclonable FunctionsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Birand, Berk Mobile Shopping AssistantComputer Science
Birch, Alexandra LynnIntelligent Tutoring SystemsBiomedical Engineering
Birch, Alexandra LynnDesign of an Automated Fibrin Microthread Processing SystemBiomedical Engineering
Birmingham, Meggan RoseEquine Safety Equipment for Distal Limb ProtectionBiomedical Engineering
Birmingham, Meggan RoseChallenges and Opportunities of the Venetian YouthBiomedical Engineering
Birmingham, Nathan JamesEnergy Demonstration Trailer: Spreading Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency throughout NamibiaMechanical Engineering
Bisa, Jayanth Development of MRI as an Enabling Technology for Tissue Science and EngineeringBiomedical Engineering
Bisa, Jayanth CityofBoston.gov Design RecommendationsBiomedical Engineering
Bisacky, Lauren HayleyLights on the Horizon: A Socioeconomic Impact Evaluation of Rural Electrification in Tsumkwe, NamibiaMechanical Engineering
Bisacky, Lauren HayleyAdvanced Design of a Binding Plate to Reduce Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury during Alpine SkiingMechanical Engineering
Bishop, Keith MDesign of a Bioreactor to Cyclically Strain Tissue Engineered Blood VesselsBiomedical Engineering
Bishop, Keith MAn Analysis of Missing Medication Documentation, Processes, and Procedures at the Veterans Hospital (VA Boston Healthcare System - West Roxbury Campus)Biomedical Engineering
Bishop, William RaymondDesign of an Extrusion System Optimize the Production of Self-Assembled Collagen MicrothreadsBiomedical Engineering
Bisol, Andrew PPreliminary Design for Future Improvements to the Heifer International Overlook FarmCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bisson, Andrea LSustainable Water Management Strategies for the Farming Village of Adghagh, MoroccoBiology and Biotechnology
Bisson, Andrea LPatient Recovery and Empathy Through Video Illness NarrativePW
Bisson, Andrea LIdentification of Rhizobia Species that can Establish Nitrogen-Fixing Nodules in Crotalaria LongirostrataBiology and Biotechnology
Bitner, Todd ChristopherThe Impact of Hong Kong's New Education System for Caritas Francis Hsu CollegeBiomedical Engineering
Bitner, Todd ChristopherThe Impact of Hong Kong's New Education System for Caritas Francis Hsu CollegeBiomedical Engineering
Bitner, Todd ChristopherDesign of a Biaxial Device for Measuring Cell Contractile ForcesBiomedical Engineering
Bitzas, Gabrielle JZero Heroes Unite: Fighting the Fight against Air Pollution in CroydonBiology and Biotechnology
Bivona, Francesco Paula PC based SDR platform with dynamic reconfigurationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bivona, Francesco PaulLunar and Near-Earth DevelopmentElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bjorge, Daniel JamesMonte-Carlo Search AlgorithmsComputer Science
Bjorge, Daniel JamesWater Resources Development in Isaan, Thailand: The Social Case for Ban ThadComputer Science
Black, Kevin MatthewUrban Maintenance & Venetian AccessibilityChemical Engineering
Black, Andrew PPhotoelectrocatalytic Study of Gold-Modified Bismuth Vanadate for the Degradation of 4-ChlorophenolChemical Engineering
Black, Keith StevenEnhancing Chilled Water DistributionEnvironmental Engineering
Black, Stephen WExperimental Study of Parachute Suspension Line DragMechanical Engineering
Black, Kevin MatthewAnalysis of Cornstarch Dust-Air Premixed FlamesChemical Engineering
Black, Stephen WThe Launch Pad Gallery : The Design and Implementation of Classroom Experiments for Grade School TeachersMechanical Engineering
Black, Andrew PRecommendations for a Macroinvertebrate Index of Biotic Integrity (M-IBI) for the San Juan Metropolitan AreaChemical Engineering
Black, Keith StephenAuburn's Green Community DesignationEnvironmental Engineering
Blackmar, William Security Check-In StationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Blackstone, William EConnecting the Game Industry with WPIIMG
Blackwell-Tompkins, Michael LewisFeeding The World: The Impact of Theo Brown and John DeereMechanical Engineering
Blaess, Michael JohnSmart Polymer Layer by Layer AssemblyMechanical Engineering
Blaess, Michael Smart Polymer Layer by Layer AssemblyMechanical Engineering
Blaess, Michael JohnCorrelation of Textural qualities in a pound cake to the mechanical behaviorMechanical Engineering
Blair, Ryan Desertification of the American SouthwestBiomedical Engineering
Blair, Jacquelin AmberThe Story of Armor featuring the Power to Pierce ArmorBiology and Biotechnology
Blair, James AllenThe Truth About PhotovoltaicsMechanical Engineering
Blair, Ryan Fabrication Methods for the Characterization of Nanorods Using Multilayer Polymer Thin FilmsBiomedical Engineering
Blair, James AllenDesign of a Micro Class Aircraft for the 2012 SAE Aero Design East CompetitionMechanical Engineering
Blais, Zachary EEffects of Time on the Sound Quality of Cane Oboe ReedsChemistry
Blais, Zachary EConstruction of a Flash Photolysis System for Excited State AnalysisChemistry
Blaisdell, Thomas PTrace Gases & Their EffectsChemistry
Blaisdell, Thomas PEnantiomeric Separation of Racemic Drugs Using Chiral Self-Assembled MonolayersChemistry
Blake, Phillip AndrewMathematical Modeling for UndergraduatesMathematical Sciences
Blake, Phillip AndrewA Teaching Practicum in Secondary Education MathematicsMathematical Sciences
(WPI)Blakely, Rachel IlanaSimulating Pollinator Decline: How pesticide affects bumble bees and the plants that they pollinateBCB
Blakely, Rachel IlanaHIV/AIDS Mobile Applications: An Assessment for At-Risk Populations in ThailandBCB
Blakeman, Matthew CameronIT Assessment of AIDS Project WorcesterCivil and Environmental Engineering
Blakeman, Matthew CameronWorcester State University Sheehan Hall MQPCivil and Environmental Engineering
Blakeslee, Benjamin FStock Market AnalysisActuarial Mathematics
Blakeslee, Benjamin FA Process for Analyzing Change and Its Application to Commercial Truck InsuranceActuarial Mathematics
Blanchard, Zachary CharlesAn Energy Analysis of the Foisie Innovation StudioCivil and Environmental Engineering
Blanchard, Zachary CharlesEvaluating Effectiveness of the Signage and Other Markings for Guidance and Warning Placed by OCNCivil and Environmental Engineering
Blanchard, Aine DeniseSilencing the HSL Gene in Human 293 CellsBiology and Biotechnology
Blanchard, Roger HenriSecurity Systems in SchoolsMechanical Engineering
Blanchard, Aine DeniseTransgenic AnimalsBiology and Biotechnology
Blanchette, Jessica MarieCaspase Activity in Valvular Interstitial CellsBiology and Biotechnology
Blanchette, Craig Interactive Qualifying Project - Stock Market SimulationComputer Science
Blanchette, Craig Venice Framework: A Municipal Data Object Management FrameworkComputer Science
Blanck, Benjamin WPI New Athletics Facility - An Integrated Approach to Pre-Construction PracticesManagement
Blanck, Benjamin NeilCommercial Fishing Safety and EPIRB UseManagement Engineering
Blanco, Jeffrey LuisRadar Hand-Held Transceiver Tester (HATT)Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Blanco, Jeffrey Transgenic AnimalsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Blanco, Ahmed Impacts of TourismActuarial Mathematics
Blanker, Alaina PluggeSorption and Diffusion Parameters of Organosilane-Functionalized ZeolitesChemical Engineering
Blanker, Alaina PluggeDevelopment of a Cost-Benefit Projection Model for the Namibian WorkplaceChemical Engineering
Blasius, Audrey HopeRobotic Arm ExhibitMechanical Engineering
Blasius, Audrey HopePassive Assistive Pedaling DeviceMechanical Engineering
Blauvelt, Ashley LThe Effects on Non-natural Sounds on Visitor Park Experiences in Puerto RicoEnvironmental Engineering
Blauvelt, Ashley LRemoval of Ammonia From Landfill LeachateEnvironmental Engineering
Blaylock, Allen PA Study of Local Centers in The Royal Borough of Kingston upon ThamesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bleakney, Charles WhitfieldMulti Channel Audio EnvironmentMechanical Engineering
Blecharczyk, Justin UIssues Confronting Local Installers of Clean Energy TechnologiesMechanical Engineering
Blecharczyk, Justin UImplementation of Slide Lock Design Process at CISMechanical Engineering
Bleech, Seth KarstenStock Market SimulationMechanical Engineering
Bleech, S. Karsten 3D Polymer Printing with Desktop Inkjet TechnologyMechanical Engineering
Bliss, Julie AnitaRemoval of PFOA from Water Using UV Treatment, Chemical Oxidation, & Adsorption by Activated Carbon & ZeolitesInterdisciplinary
Bliss, Julie AnitaVolatility of Tetrachloroethylene on Cape CodEnvironmental and Sustainability Studies
Blodgett, Anika JeanetteMdm2 is not required for the p53-independent roll of MdmX in genome stability and cell transformation in vitroBiochemistry
Blodgett, Anika JeanetteThe Way I Breathe: An Actor's PortfolioHumanities
Blodgett, Anika JeanetteAssessing Environmental Damage at Stream Crossings in El Yunque National ForestBiochemistry
Bloksberg, Nicholas WesleyPotential of Wind Energy in the United StatesEnvironmental Engineering
Blom, Amanda LeaThe effect of mosquito spraying on non-target terrestrial insectsBiology and Biotechnology
Blom, Amanda LeaDeveloping a Policy Position on Smart Water MeteringBiology and Biotechnology
Bloniasz, Corey MarkDesigning Biodigester for Urban FarmBiomedical Engineering
Blouin, Michael RWind Power from KitesAeronautical Engineering
Blow, John ADesigning Educational Media in Suan Phung Nature Education ParkHumanities
Blumenau, Adam LIntelligent Portable Aerial Surveillance SystemRobotics Engineering
Blumenau, Adam LEffects of Sea Level Rise on Water Treatment & Wastewater Treatment FacilitiesRobotics Engineering
Blythe, Jonathan DKnights! At the MuseumAeronautical Engineering
Boatman, Dwight RA Comparative Study of Transit-Oriented Developments in Hong KongMathematical Sciences
Bobell, Patrick AnthoneyBuoyant Unmanned Distress Detection and Evacuation SystemRobotics Engineering
Bobell, Patrick AnthoneyVenipedia-an English language data-driven wiki dedicated to VeniceRobotics Engineering
Bober, Sarah JeanHeat Impacts on Occupational Health: A Comparison Between Agricultural and Industrial Settings in the Time of Climate ChangeMathematical Sciences
Bober, Aaron DNA FingerprintingChemical Engineering
Bober, Sarah JeanTraffic Modeling and Optimization at Mountview Middle SchoolMathematical Sciences
Bodnari, Andreea Computationally Enhanced Medical Decision Support for Pancreatic CancerComputer Science
Bodnari, Andreea Mapping Text to Knowledge using Natural Language ProcessingComputer Science
Bogdanovich, Luke PaulDesign of Ergonomic Tissue ForcepsBiomedical Engineering
Bogdanovich, Luke PaulStem Cells and SocietyBiomedical Engineering
Bohrer, Michael RMusic Oriented GameIMG
Bold, Nicholas Aiding Lerdsin Orthopedic To Achieve ExcellenceElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bolkhovsky, Jeffrey BAutomatic Detection of Atrial Fibrillation and Atrial FlutterBiomedical Engineering
Bolkhovsky, Jeffrey BCreating a Virtual PerformanceBiomedical Engineering
Bollinger, Jared HElectric Power and Social AttitudesPhysics
Bolt, Jonathan B.NCER Funded Awards in the Electronics SectorComputer Science
Bolton, Connor WhittierReal-time Control of Robot Arm Based on Hand Tracking Using Leap Motion Sensor TechnologyMechanical Engineering
Bolton, Connor WhittierFeasibility of a Microturbine on Worcester Polytechnic's CampusMechanical Engineering
Boman, Genevieve Linking Simulated Radar Data to Physical ModelsPhysics
Boman, Genevieve The Age of ArmorPhysics
Bomba, Kathryn AnneCharacterization of Cancer Stem Cells in Tumor PathogenesisBB
Bomba, Kathryn AnneEncouraging Best Environmental Management Practices in the Hotels & Inns of Puerto RicoBiology and Biotechnology
Bonaccorso, Kyle DavidCell Culture System to Enable a Therapy for Volumetric Muscle LossBiomedical Engineering
Bonaccorso, Kyle DavidDryer Fires: Improving Clothes Dryer SafetyBiomedical Engineering
Bonatsakis, Nicholas EeBay Skype Web ServicesComputer Science
Bonci, Timothy DanielCluster visualization of upregulated HDAC1 in mouse using integration of Treeview and GalaxyBiology and Biotechnology
Bond, Hannah FlorenceAssessment of Municipal Compliance of Central Massachusetts Municipalities with the 2013 MS4 Draft Permit and Development of a Compliance ToolElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bond, Hannah FlorenceDesign of a Biomimetic Mechanical Leg and Accompanying Sensor System for Terrain DetectionElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bond, John JosephInstantaneous Feedback of HRV for Monitoring Emotional StateManagement Information Systems
Bond, John JosephFund Raising MethodsManagement Information Systems
Bonhomme, Ricardo Towards a Paperless Choral ClassroomManagement Engineering
Bonhomme, Ricardo Economic Feasibility of a Novel Alkaline Battery Recycling ProcessManagement Engineering
Bonhomme, Ricardo Towards A Paperless Choral ClassroomManagement Engineering
Bonina, Natasha AlexisThe Investigation of the One Planet Living Framework for WPIElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bonneau, Patrick JData Display, Acquisition and Feedback System for Biomedical ExperimentsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bonner, Catherine JDigital Visitor Evaluations at the NHAActuarial Mathematics
Boone, Tyler HMicrosoft .NET Power Management APIComputer Science
Boone, Tyler HPrivacy and Security in Information TechnologyComputer Science
Booth, Jessica ASurface and Materials Analysis of Roll Forming DiesMechanical Engineering
Booth, Jessica AWater Resources Development in Isaan, Thailand: The Social Case for Ban ThadMechanical Engineering
Boquist, Cheryl JMyD88 Pathways in Polyomavirus Infected MiceBiology and Biotechnology
Boquist, Cheryl JStem CellsBiology and Biotechnology
Bora, Burcu FirstBank: The Enhancement of a Corporate Environmental ProgramMathematical Sciences
Bora, Burcu Information Sharing at Bank of AmericaMGE MA
Bora, Burcu Information Sharing at Bank of AmericaInterdisciplinary
Boran, Kyle T.Copyright Law in the Digital AgeManagement Information Systems
Boran, Kyle ThomasImproving Contact Center Demonstrations at Cisco SystemsManagement Information Systems
Bordage, Kevin RMerton Rule Gamma Team E Term 2008Chemical Engineering
Bordage, Kevin RA Study of Biofuel Production Using Molten Salt CatalystsChemical Engineering
Borelli, Danato ECity of Worcester Telecommunications AnalysisEE
Borelli, Danato Picosatellite MagnetometerEE
Borenstein, Elliot NeilKermotiva: Interactive Public Art InstallationIMG
Borenstein, Elliot NeilBlinding SilenceIMG
Borenstein, Elliot NeilKiip - A Skeletal Motion Capture LibraryComputer Science
Borge, Peter GContext: A Tool for Geographic Data VisualizationCS IMGD
Borge, Peter GDesign and Implementation of a Live Feed System for WPI's Little TheatreIMG
Borges, Alex GInfrastructural Strategic Planning for the Impacts of Santurce's RevitalizationMechanical Engineering
Borkowski, Elora VUSPTO Quality Metrics AnalysisChemical Engineering
Bornemann, Zachary Glenn PeterDeveloping a New Perspective of Wellington's City and Harbour: A Camera Obscura ExhibitionMechanical Engineering
Bornstein, Alyssa LyonTraffic Congestion Alleviation in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, IndiaBiomedical Engineering
Borowicz, Krzysztof ADisposal of Pyrotechnic Visual Distress SignalsAeronautical Engineering
Boroyan, David EdwardThe Custom 3D Printed Earbud CoverManagement Engineering
Boroyan, David The 15 - 40 Connection meets ASSISTmentsManagement Engineering
Bosch, John Potential Uses of the Proposed Sports and Recreation FacilityManagement Information Systems
Bosch, John Demographic Preferences in Web Design: Usability Testing through Eye Tracking at Fidelity Investments Inc.Management Information Systems
Boschetto, Concetta MScaffolding For BiologyBiology and Biotechnology
Boschetto, Concetta MAccuracy of LeadCare® Kit in Veterinary Wildlife ApplicationsBiology and Biotechnology
Bosman, Joseph ADesign of a Completely Wireless Security Camera SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bosman, Joseph AAn Evaluation of the Recycling Practices on the Island of Puerto RicoEE
Bosowski, Nicholas MichaelMigration of High Precision PulSAR Analog-to-Digital Converters to Blackfin-based PlatformsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bosowski, Nicholas MichaelThe Bloom BoxElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bossalini, Dominick ChristopherCanals, Bridges and Urban MaintenanceCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bossalini, Dominick ChristopherFeasibility & Validation Study of Foundation Design AlternativesCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bosworth, John ThomasJPMorgan Web Service RegistryComputer Science
Bosworth, John ThomasAssessing Particulate Pollution in ØsterbroComputer Science
Botaish, Christopher RyanSeizing Opportunities: Reaching CMS Credit Union’s PotentialComputer Science
Botaish, Christopher RyanNavPro: Network Analysis and Visualization using Provenance DataComputer Science
Botelho, Andrew JohnPhase II MS4 Permit: Improving Central Massachusetts Stormwater ManagementComputer Science
Botelho, Joseph AnthonyDesigning a Resource for Student Entrepreneurs at Worcester Polytechnic InstituteManagement
Botelho, Joseph AnthonyGreen Communities ActManagement
Bottcher, Christopher StevenAn Evaluation of Feed the WorldBiochemistry
Bottcher, Christopher StevenUsing Brassica oleracea To Produce A Cure For MalariaBiochemistry
Bouchard, Bethany CWachusett Brewery Environmental ImprovementChemical Engineering
Bouchard, Bethany CImproving Flood Risk Management in Informal Settlements of Cape TownChemical Engineering
Bouchard, Marc AInteractive Learning Modules for the Royal ArmouriesBiology and Biotechnology
Bouchard, Tyler MichaelNautical Community Mooring Buoy Utilization in Puerto RicoMechanical Engineering
Bouchard, Marc AAn Experiment in Autobiographical FictionHumanities
Boucher, Michael Gait Analysis and Spinal Rotation '12BE ME
Boucher, Michael Public Perception of Windhoek's Drinking Water and its Sustainable FutureBiomedical Engineering
Boucher, Kyle MAuburn Wind StudyMechanical Engineering
Boucher, Andrew LeoImproving the Sustainability of the Regional Environmental Council Food Justice ProgramChemical Engineering
Boucher, Brandon SVibrational Analysis of Bat-Ball CollisionMechanical Engineering
Boucher, Janelle MarinaDesigning and Processing Polylactic Acid with Bamboo AdditivesMechanical Engineering
Boucher, Kyle MImpact Stresses in Wooden Baseball BatsMechanical Engineering
Boucher, Andrew LeoSynthesis, Characterization and Electrochemical Performance of Li2FexMn1-xSiO4/C as Cathode Material for Thin-Film Lithium-Ion BatteriesChemical Engineering
Boucher, Christopher RTextural Variations of Pizza in Commercial EstablishmentsAeronautical Engineering
Boucher, Christopher RDesign of Setups for Plasma Propulsion Plume ExperimentsAeronautical Engineering
Boucher, Andrew LeoImproving the Sustainability of the Regional Environmental Council Food Justice ProgramChemical Engineering
Boucher, Christopher RolandModeling Photonic Crystal Band Structures Using Hermite FEMPhysics
Boucher, Brandon SAnalysis of the Aquaculture Market in the Costa Rican Metropolitan AreaMechanical Engineering
Boucher, Janelle MarinaVenice Bells and Bell Towers: A Striking Source of KnowledgeMechanical Engineering
Boudreau, Patrick LentiFlipping The Classroom in CS 1101Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Boudreau, Daniel Ronald“Savage Whites” and the “Brethren in the Woods”: Methodist Voices of Native Survivance in Early-to-Mid-19th-Century America and CanadaHumanities
Boudreau, Matthew CraigFeasibility of Alternative Energies in Municipal BuildingsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Boudreau, Matthew CraigBoston Community ChangeCivil and Environmental Engineering
Boudreau, Daniel RonaldA New Commonwealth VotesHumanities
Boudreau, David BDrive-Line Generator Dynamometer DesignMechanical Engineering
Boudreau, Justin LeonardComparison of Catalyst Geometries using Computational Fluid Dynamics for Methane Steam ReformingChemical Engineering
Boudreau, Justin LeonardPlatinum Supply and the Growth of Fuel Cell VehiclesChemical Engineering
Boudreau, Christopher JohnDeveloping Benchmarks for the Life Science Incubation IndustryManagement
Boudreau, Christopher JohnA Green Initiative: The Green Communities ActManagement
Boudreau, David BAnalysis of the Feasibility of Utilizing the STARS 0.5 Rubric as a Guide for the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Sustainability InitiativeMechanical Engineering
Bouffard, Daniel DavidImproving the Speed of Peer to Peer Backup Systems with BitTorrentComputer Science
Bouffard, Daniel DavidInvestigating the Relationships between Urban Design, Microeconomics, and Livability: A Case Study of Hong KongComputer Science
Boulanger, Kate AThe Market Viability of Eco-Fish in Hong KongMathematical Sciences
Boulanger, Elisabeth EileenGreen Job Preparation in Costa RicaBiomedical Engineering
Bourgault, Ashley JModified Dextran Polymers for Drug DeliveryChemical Engineering
Bourgault, Ashley JComposting for Sustainable Waste ManagementChemical Engineering
Bourgeois, Amy Laura LiuPesticide Removal from WaterChemical Engineering
Bourke, Andrea YCampus Rooftop Wind Energy FeasibilityMechanical Engineering
Bourne, Paige RogersDesign and Testing of a Novel Cell Seeding and Bioreactor System for the In-Vitro Growth of Scaffold-Free Tissue Tubes for Tissue Engineered Blood VesselsBiomedical Engineering
Bourne, Paige RogersSustainable Water Management Strategies for the Farming Village of Adghagh, MoroccoBiomedical Engineering
Bourque, Ryan JLine of Balance Analysis of the New WPI Residence HallCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bourque, Ryan JVisualizing the Bartlett Center ConstructionCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bourque, Jonathan PaulStructure-Function Analysis of Porcine Circovirus 2 (PCV2) VP3Biochemistry
Bourque, Matthew JamesManagement Plan for La Esperanza Nature Preserve In Ponce, Puerto RicoMechanical Engineering
Bourque, Donald LeoVisualization for Finite Element Method EducationRobotics Engineering
Boutin, Valerie AnneImproving Water and Sanitation in Rural Namibian CommunitiesMechanical Engineering
Boutin, Valerie AnneDevelopment of a Flame Spread Screening Tool For Fiber Reinforced PolymersMechanical Engineering
Bouzakine, Taras ADistinguishing Between Asthma and Pneumonia Through Automated Lung Sound AnalysisBiomedical Engineering
Bova, Nicholas JEnvironmental and Social Issues Concerned with Hybrid CarsBiomedical Engineering
Bova, Nicholas JPreparing Cell Seeded Microthreads for the ClinicBiomedical Engineering
Bova, Nicholas JPreparing Cell Seeded Microthreads for the ClinicBiomedical Engineering
Bowden, Amanda JudithMaintaining the Integrity of Structural and Fire Protection Systems and Building Documentation in Historic Buildings: Washburn Shops Case StudyCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bowden, Amanda JudithMaintaining the Integrity of Structural and Fire Protection Systems and Building Documentation in Historic Buildings: Washburn Shops Case StudyCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bowden, Amanda JudithStudent Accommodation in WembleyCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bowe, Kathleen SEvaluating Zoo Learning ModelsChemical Engineering
Bowen, Emily LindaCommunication within the Tourism industry in Hong KongChemical Engineering
Bowen, Emily LindaEthanol from Sugar Beets: A Process and Economic AnalysisChemical Engineering
Bowen, Michael PEnvironmental Injustice in Five Worcester CommunitiesEnvironmental Engineering
Bowers, Jesse MarkThree-Allele Selection ModelMathematical Sciences
Bowers, Jesse MarkAdapting to Individualized FundingMathematical Sciences
Boxell, Andrea NMissing Venice: Tracking the Global Movement of Venetian Art and the Evolution of Venetian Architecture and InfrastructureChemical Engineering
Boyce, James MichaelTextural Variations of Pizza in Commercial EstablishmentsChemical Engineering
Boyce, James MichaelNovel Methods for Fabricating All Solid State Lithium Ion BatteriesChemical Engineering
Boyce, Iesha A.Incorporation of Iron into ZSM-5Chemical Engineering
Boyd, Donal JamesLights on the Horizon: A Socioeconomic Impact Evaluation of Rural Electrification in Tsumkwe, NamibiaChemical Engineering
Boyd, Michael JStem Cells and SocietyBiology and Biotechnology
Boyd, Michael JTargets of Filastatin, A Chemical Inhibitor of Adhesion and Morphogenesis by Pathogenic FungiBiochemistry
Boyd, Morgan EmilyWater, Sanitation, and Hygiene Upgrading Programme in Informal SettlementsMechanical Engineering
Boyle, Christopher John2012-2013 WPI SAE Baja VehicleMechanical Engineering
Boyle, Christopher JohnDesigning a Small-Scale Grain Harvester: A Tool for Urban and Peri-urban GrowersMechanical Engineering
Boynton, Katrina HelenBlack River Corridor: Visions for Restoration and Recreational UseBiomedical Engineering
Boynton, Katrina HelenSLATE Ambulance: Designing an Interior Storage System for Improved SanitationBiomedical Engineering
Brache, Jose Mapping Underwater Turbulence in VeniceElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brache, Jose AndresMapping City PotholesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bradley, Matthew Des of Affordable Manufactured HomesCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bradley, Matthew Transgenic AnimalsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bradley, Katrina Improving Recruitment Strategies at EY, MoscowMechanical Engineering
Bradway, Dustin WilliamThermal Energy Scavenging to Power Aircraft Engine Test SensorsMechanical Engineering
Bradway, Dustin WilliamEnhancing Public Waterfront Accessibility in Downtown BostonMechanical Engineering
Brady, Scott EdwardRoof Loss Control Analysis for The Hanover Insurance GroupManagement Engineering
Brady, Scott EdwardFIRE EXTINGUISHER IQPManagement Engineering
Brais, Austin DouglasZero Heroes Unite: Fighting the Fight against Air Pollution in CroydonMechanical Engineering
Brakenwagen, Abigail LAn Evaluation of Nantucket's Town FacilitiesCivil and Environmental Engineering
Brande, Devin CollinsConstellation-X SXT Assembly DesignMechanical Engineering
Brandmaier, Chris GEnvisioning the Future Development of Oude Molen Eco VillageMechanical Engineering
Brandmaier, Chris GEnclosed Wind TurbinesMechanical Engineering
Brandon, Daniel PaulModeling Embryonic Development in C. elegansBiology and Biotechnology
Brandon, Daniel PaulTowards a Paperless Choral ClassroomBiology and Biotechnology
Brandon, Daniel PaulTowards A Paperless Choral ClassroomBiology and Biotechnology
Brann, Kristen Lee25 Years of Venice Knowledge OnlineComputer Science
Brasefield, Jessie AnnNovel Carbon Dioxide Reutilization for Thai IndustriesBiochemistry
Brasefield, Jessie AnnExploring Apoptin’s Anticancer Ability: Uncoupling Nuclear Export and MultimerizationBiochemistry
Brassard, Jeremy MReplacement Hand Washing SystemBiology and Biotechnology
Brassard, Jeremy MT6α EFFECTOR FUNCTIONS AND MEMORY RESPONSEBiology and Biotechnology
Brasser, Alison RitaCommunity Mobilisation through Reblocking in Flamingo CrescentChemical Engineering
Brauckmann, Michael JosephSoft Robotic Exo-muscular Arm BraceRobotics Engineering
Brauckmann, Michael JosephPiercing the Future FogSociety, Technology, and Policy
Brauer, Jordan ThomasRadar Hand-Held Transceiver Tester (HATT)Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brauer, Jordan ThomasApproaching Growth in E-SportsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Braun, Nathan Web Based Snow Sport Injury ReductionMechanical Engineering
Braun, Thorsten WPI AIAA Research Rocket (WARRIORS)EE
Braun, Nathan EDesign of Binding Plate to Provide High-Performance, Injury Free SkiingMechanical Engineering
Braun, Nathan EWeb Based Snow Sport Injury ReductionMechanical Engineering
Bravman, Kenneth SAssessing Ride On's Access to Jobs ProgramElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Braxton, Maceo Transgenic AnimalsBiology and Biotechnology
Bray, John GerardDelivery Vehicle and Mechanism for Human Mesenchymal Stem CellsBiomedical Engineering
Brayshaw, Peter JamesWPI AIAA Research Rocket (WARRIORS)Aeronautical Engineering
Brea, Bielinsky AlbertoTransparent Tissue PreparationBiomedical Engineering
Brea, Bielinsky AlbertoStem Cells and SocietyBiomedical Engineering
Breault, Eric ChristianCity Science and SoundAeronautical Engineering
Breault, Richard RaymondFish Passage Restoration for the Paskamanset RiverEnvironmental and Sustainability Studies
Breault, Richard Transgenic AnimalsBiology and Biotechnology
Breault, Richard RaymondFish Passage Restoration for the Paskamanset RiverEnvironmental and Sustainability Studies
Breault, Eric ChristianDesign and Construction of a Micro Aerial Vehicle for the 2014 SAE Aero Design East CompetitionAeronautical Engineering
Brecher, Emily GEnhancing Emergency ResponseChemical Engineering
Bredes, Megan HeleneVisible Light CommunicationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bredes, Megan HeleneExploring the Success of Low Power FM Radio Broadcasting within Native American CommunitiesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Breeman, Ken Webfoot VNC CollaborationComputer Science
Breindel, Jay TThe Effects on Non-natural Sounds on Visitor Park Experiences in Puerto RicoMechanical Engineering
Breindel, Jay TVessel Ring BioreactorMechanical Engineering
Brendlinger, Michael EricSailboat Stabilization SystemRobotics Engineering
Brendlinger, Michael EricThe Water-Energy Nexus in the Southeastern United StatesRobotics Engineering
Brennan, Susan MarieRemediating New Hampshire’s Groundwater: A Comprehensive Study of MTBE in New Hampshire & Amicus Curiae Brief for State of New Hampshire v. Hess Corporation et al.Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Brennan, Matthew KierenMeasuring and Understanding ConnectivityComputer Science
Brennan, David ArthurSpace Technology 5 (ST5) Spacecraft ModelingEE
Brennan, Susan MarieDetermining the Applicability in Costa Rica of Practices & Policies Used in Sustainable Industrial Parks WorldwideEnvironmental and Sustainability Studies
Brenneman, Cody RLaser Audio BugElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bresnick, David SethDigital Acoustic Software RadioEE
Breton, Aaron LindseyOverstayed Welcome Neverwinter Nights ModuleIMG
Breton, Jared PatrickEnvisioning a Traffic Solution for CopehagenMechanical Engineering
Breton, Aaron LindseyNarrative in Professional WrestlingIMG
Brevig, Kai KIncreasing Ridership of Santa Fe TrailsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brevig, Kai KReal-Time Indoor Localization using Visual and Inertial OdometryElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brewster, Seth ThomasIncorporating Adsorbents into Porous Asphalt DesignCivil and Environmental Engineering
Brewster, Seth ThomasWind Power Feasibility For Worcester AcademyCivil and Environmental Engineering
Breznak, Robert SAutonomous Vehicle ControlComputer Science
Breznak, Robert SRobotics Innovation Competition and ConferenceComputer Science
Briand, Victoria The Design and Implementation of Visitor "Traces"Chemistry
Briand, Victoria Alginamide Synthesis & Emulsion PreparationChemistry
Bridge, Joanna LeighEnhancing Understanding of Utility Services: Improving Communication between the residents of Katutura and the City of WindhoekCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bridgewater, Alicia JZoos Victoria Visitation Data AnalysisChemical Engineering
Bridgewater, Alicia JEnvironmental Assessment of the Wachusett Brewing CompanyChemical Engineering
Brierly, Shawna LWPI 10 Faraday Street Residence Hall: Project Management and Alternative DesignCivil and Environmental Engineering
Brierly, Shawna LDesigning a Central Resource for Environmental Management in Costa RicaCivil and Environmental Engineering
Briggs, Evan GrantImproving the Online Museum Experience: Dimensions of the Museum-Educator RelationshipElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brigham, Joseph CharlesSecurity Systems in SchoolsActuarial Mathematics
Brigham, Eric JosephThe Future of Energy IQPMechanical Engineering
Brigham, Eric JosephSlider-Crank Demonstration MQPMechanical Engineering
Brigham, Michael JustinHydrospaceComputer Science
Brigham, Michael JustinEyetracking and prompts for improved learningComputer Science
Brighenti, Brian Performance of Vented Round ParachutesAeronautical Engineering
Bright, Lesley ADesign of a Multi-Degree of Freedom Microvascular Clip Application SystemBiomedical Engineering
Bright, Lesley AThe Decline of Venetian Food Stores as a Gauge for Social Change in the CityBiomedical Engineering
Brining, Grant MMissing Venice: Tracking the Global Movement of Venetian Art and the Evolution of Venetian Architecture and InfrastructureMechanical Engineering
Brinkmann, Colleen MarieDesign of a Device to Cyclically Stretch Isolated CellsBiomedical Engineering
Brinkmann, Colleen MarieReducing Household Carbon Footprints in NewtonBiomedical Engineering
Brisan, Victor Intelligent Tactical VestElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brisan, Victor National Energy Policy: Alternative and Renewable EnergyElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Briseno, Taylor IsabelDevelopment of a Cost-Benefit Projection Model for the Namibian WorkplaceBiology and Biotechnology
Briseno, Taylor IsabelBioaccumulation of Benzo[alpha]Pyrene in Orconectes Limosus CrayfishBiology and Biotechnology
Briskey, Emily JA Sustainable Science Laboratory Program for Rural ThailandElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Briskey, Emily JTransient Pulse MonitorElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Briskey, Emily JTransient Pulse MonitorElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Britton, Derek 20008-2009 SAE Baja Race VehicleMechanical Engineering
Britton, Derek Merton Rule Gamma Team E Term 2008Mechanical Engineering
Broberg, Jared ChristopherMechanisms of Cell Death Caused by Endoplasmic Reticulum StressBiology and Biotechnology
Broberg, Jared ChristopherImproving Communication with the Public about Tick-borne DiseasesBiology and Biotechnology
Brock, Charles WarrenIntelligent ScannerMechanical Engineering
Brock, Courtney AAssessing and Reducing the Electricity of Residential StudentsChemical Engineering
Brock, Mary AUnsteady-State Pressure and Flow Characteristics of the Human Nose: Pre- and Post-Nasal TurbinectomyMechanical Engineering
Brockert, Andrew JohnThe Oral History of Video GamesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brockett, Chris Enhanced Laboratory LearningBiology and Biotechnology
Brockway, Sarah EvelynUnwanted False Alarms (BCA Classifications 2 & 3)Biomedical Engineering
Brodaski, Mark AnthonyShipping Container Emergency SheltersCivil and Environmental Engineering
Brodaski, Mark AnthonyStock Market SimulationCivil and Environmental Engineering
Broders, Adam CBest Practices for Small to Medium Scale Tilapia AquacultureElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Broders, Adam CDesign of a Health Monitoring DeviceElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brodeur, James HSmithsonian Biodiversity Outreach Program in GabonComputer Science
Brodeur, James HRandom Search AlgorithmsComputer Science
Brodeur, Patrick Networked Occupancy Sensor SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brodeur, Patrick PhilipNetworked Occupancy Sensor SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brodeur, Patrick Environmental Compliance: Acquisition, Storage, and Analysis of Waste Oil DataElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brodin, Joshua FImproving the Visibility of Winslow Farm Animal SanctuaryCivil and Environmental Engineering
Brodin, Joshua Improving the Visibility of Winslow Farm Animal SanctuaryCivil and Environmental Engineering
Brodin, Joshua FWorcester City Hall: Energy Analysis and Building Information ModelingCivil and Environmental Engineering
Brodzki, Elliot Statistical Analysis of Gamer BehaviorIMG
Brodzki, Elliot Mini-Games for Tencent BostonInterdisciplinary
Brofford, Kelsey MarieBoats and Bottlenecks: Improving Mobility in VeniceIndustrial Engineering
Brokaw, Jeremy JohnathanAnalysis of Game Interface PerformanceActuarial Mathematics
Brokaw, Jeremy JohnathanThe Great Lakes Insurance CompanyActuarial Mathematics
Brooks, Robert WillardTransgenic AnimalsManagement Engineering
Brooks, Scott SRobotic Kayak: Multiple Autonomous Surface Vehicle ProjectMechanical Engineering
Brooks, Cody PederEffects of Sea Level Rise on Water Treatment & Wastewater Treatment FacilitiesEnvironmental Engineering
Brooks, Scott SEnhancing E-Learning at the Polytechnic of NamibiaMechanical Engineering
Brooks, Cody PederPhotocatalytic Wastewater Treatment with Titania Bound to GlassEnvironmental Engineering
Brooks, Shannon TThe Feasibility of Alternative Livelihoods for the Fishermen of Hong KongBiology and Biotechnology
Brooks, William HImproving Commercialization of Environmental Technologies through EPA's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) ProgramElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brooks, Sarah ElizabethDemonstration of SRAM Design with LED Cube DisplayElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brooks, William HSaunterNot -- A Personal Security System for Nursing Home PatientsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brooks, Adam JGreen Building Water Infrastructure Technologies Analysis at EPA NCERChemical Engineering
Brooks, Sarah ElizabethLaying the Foundation for a Resilient Partnership: Innovative Upgrading in the Informal Settlement of LangrugElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brosius, Joanna LTransgenic AnimalsBiology and Biotechnology
Broulidakis, Nicholas FThermal Analysis of the deCordova Snow House ExhibitMechanical Engineering
Broulidakis, Nicholas FEnergy from Waste in BrentMechanical Engineering
Brousseau, Justin CEarly Childhood and Community Development in Flamingo Crescent: Building Opportunities For Children Through Community InitiativeMechanical Engineering
Brouwer, Michael SDesign and Realization of a 100G Parallel Kinematic ManipulatorMechanical Engineering
Brouwer, Michael SThe First Response EMS VesselMechanical Engineering
Brown, Andrew WSensor Processing and Path Planning Framework for a Search and Rescue UAV NetworkInterdisciplinary
Brown, Elizabeth SarahEvaluating the visitor experience at Hall Place in Bexley, LondonMechanical Engineering
Brown, William ErnestGlobal Warming's Effects on the Great Basin with a Case Study on Rye Patch Dam and ReservoirBiology and Biotechnology
Brown, William ErnestOral Avian Influenza VaccineBB
Brown, Michael Production Report System Improvement for Saint Gobain Abrasives, Shanghai OperationMechanical Engineering
Brown, Lindsay MeganAssessing the Feasibility of Climate Change Mitigation Project Implementation in the Wandle Valley Regional ParkActuarial Mathematics
Brown, Christopher EarleDesign of Fire Alarm with Dual Color Strobes and SpeakerMechanical Engineering
Brown, Matthew BryantHumanity and SpaceElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brown, Jared TCompressible Gas Flow Experiment and Assisted COMSOL ModelingChemical Engineering
Brown, Michael Sustainable Energy Sources for Rural GhanaMechanical Engineering
Brown, Samuel VincentLinear and Nonlinear Speaker CharacterizationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brown, Richard PearceNVIDIA Automated TestingComputer Science
Brown, Jay DNA FingerprintingBBI
Brown, Derrick JustinMore than a Closet: Creating a Props and Costumes Design LabRobotics Engineering
Brown, Nathan AlanAn Assessment of Fire Safety in Australia’s International Student HousingMechanical Engineering
Brown, Riley OARG Relevance as a Marketing Strategy in a MuseumIMG
Brown, Ryan MBudget for the BirdsManagement Engineering
Brown, Brenden Enhancing Understanding of Utility Services: Improving Communication between the residents of Katutura and the City of WindhoekPhysics
Brown, Ethan DStock Market SimulationActuarial Mathematics
Brown, Jake Catalytic Dehydrogenation of Aromatic HydrocarbonsChemical Engineering
Brown, Samantha LBioPacer: Electrospun Polyurethane Scaffold Containing hMSCs for Autonomous Cardiac PacingBiomedical Engineering
Brown, Brenden CunninghamExpansion of operating frequencies for Radio Frequency Modulation CalorimetryPhysics
Brown, Andrew WIncreasing Interaction With EnginesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brown, David JohnStudying Process Flow at the Foster Hospital for Small AnimalsManagement
Brown, Christopher EarleBuilding a Successful Trading Portfolio That Diversifies Between Stock and Currency Trading SystemsMechanical Engineering
Brown, Peter AnthonyErgonomic Scalpel Handle for Accurate IncisionBiomedical Engineering
Brown, Victoria JAn Analysis of First-Year Registration at WPIManagement Engineering
Brown, Kerron D.Smart Recloser BreakerElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brown, Derrick JustinIce Inspection RobotRobotics Engineering
Brown, Riley ORobogeddon - A Casual Real Time Strategy GameIMGD HU
Brown, Nathan AlanRotating Binding to Snowboard InterfaceMechanical Engineering
Brown, Kevin R.Assessment of Alternative Energy Technologies and Recommendations for a National Energy PolicyPhysics
Brown, Jamielee Economic Empowerment Through a Food Cart Micro Leasing Program in ThailandMechanical Engineering
Brown, Ethan DAnalyzing Trends in Loss Frequency and SeverityActuarial Mathematics
Brown, David JohnGrowthManagement
Brown, Lindsay MeganAlumni Donations: An Analysis of the W.P.I. Contribution TrendActuarial Mathematics
Brown, Victoria JAssessing the Economic Impact of Incubators on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: The Case of Massachusetts Biomedical InitiativesManagement Engineering
Brown, Jake AaronGas or Electricity: An Evaluation of Electricity and Natural Gas as a Residential Energy SourceBiology and Biotechnology
Brown, Jake Geothermal Energy: A Feasibility Study on the Application of Ground Source Heat PumpsChemical Engineering
Brown, Richard PearceDeveloping Energy and Economic Initiatives for Rural NamibiaComputer Science
Brown, Chelsea MDesign of an Inversion MechanismMechanical Engineering
Brown, Mercedes DestineAdaptation of Russian energy companies to a changing ArcticMechanical Engineering
Brown, Jeremy ScottDigitizing the Archives of the Private Committees for the Safeguarding of VeniceBiomedical Engineering
Brown, Jeremy ScottDesign of a Novel Device for Fine Needle AspirationInterdisciplinary
Brown, Ryan MWeb-Based Communication for the REACH Program: Design and ImplementationManagement Engineering
Brown, Matthew BryantRobotic Bass PlayerElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brown, Kerron D.Trace Gases and Their Impact on HumanityElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Brown, Chelsea MSustainable Building Solutions for Monwabisi Park, Cape TownMechanical Engineering
Brown, Hannah KatherineMonitoring Nantucket HarborMechanical Engineering
Brown, Joseph DAn Analysis of Web Privacy Policies Across IndustriesRobotics Engineering
Brown, Jared Fire Protection of Historic StreetscapesChemical Engineering
Brown, Peter AnthonyThe Hydrogen Economy: A Study on the Viability of Replacing Conventional Motor Vehicle Fuels with Hydrogen TechnologyBiomedical Engineering
Brown, Joseph MichaelWater, Sanitation, and Hygiene Upgrading Programme in Informal SettlementsMechanical Engineering
Brown, Samantha LChemistry Teaching PracticumBiomedical Engineering
Browning, Alex MSpinal Rotation During RunningMechanical Engineering
Browning, Alex MNutritional Knowledge and Dietary Habits of College Cross-Country RunnersMechanical Engineering
Brundige, Daniel JohnRedesign and Materials Optimization of the Nor'Easter EngineMechanical Engineering
Brundige, Daniel JohnAn Economic Development Strategy for the Trans-Kalahari CorridorMechanical Engineering
Brunelle, Joshua RVideo Game Archives: MassachusettsIMG
Brunelle, Joshua RVeniss Underground: A Neverwinter Nights ModIMG
Brunelli, John Design of a Screw Plate System to Minimize Screw Loosening in Sternal FixationBiomedical Engineering
Brunelli, John Showcasing Twenty Years of Venice Project Center Results Using Interactive Online InfographicsBiomedical Engineering
Bruner, Christopher RThe ASSISTment Project: Comparing Learning through Hints and Worked ExamplesPhysics
Bruner, Christopher RQuantum ConductancePhysics
Brunetti, Michael Alginate Polymers for Drug DeliveryChemical Engineering
Brunetti, Michael Wind Power in Worcester, Massachusetts: Siting and PermittingChemical Engineering
Bruninghaus, Michael WilliamWebsite Development for the Royal Botanic GardensBiology and Biotechnology
Bruninghaus, Michael WilliamBLOOD CELL REGENERATION IN LIMULUS POLYPHEMUS Part IIBiology and Biotechnology
Bruno, Michael CWidely Tunable RF Frontend for the Universal Software Radio Peripheral: the MMP9000Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bruno, Michael CCopyright Law in the Digital AgeElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bruso, Benjamin Nathanael350 Mission: AEI Charles Pankow Student Design CompetitionARC
Bruso, Benjamin NathanaelThe Merchants of VeniceARE
Bruton, Frank DanielMeasuring the Quality of Ski EdgesMechanical Engineering
Bruton, Frank DanielDesigning a Water Quality Monitoring Plan for El YunqueMechanical Engineering
Bruzzese, Frank AnthonyNot Dead EnoughIMG
Bryan, Christian JamesExploring Ethical Issues in Animal ExperimentationComputer Science
Bryan, Christian JamesContent Management System for Online Video PublishingComputer Science
Bryand, Daniel LThermal Energy Scavenging to Power Aircraft Engine Test SensorsMechanical Engineering
Bryand, Daniel LGood Management Practices for Shrimp Farming in Costa RicaMechanical Engineering
Bryant, Christopher JefferyLunar and Near-Earth DevelopmentMechanical Engineering
Bryant, Kyle CooperDigital Education Evaluation: The Future of Time Lens at the Melbourne MuseumIMG
Bryant Nova, Karin Climate Connections Card GameInteractive Media and Game Development
Bu, Linjun Gaming for SustainabilityMechanical Engineering
Bu, Linjun Design of a Pool Access DeviceMechanical Engineering
Buchanan, Carly JeanneSensitive Calligraphy Robot & Design Review CreationInterdisciplinary
Buchanan, Dillon JSolar Feasibility Study at Wesley United Methodist ChurchElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Buchanan, Carly JeanneRobokids Interactive Qualifying ProjectRobotics Engineering
Buchanan, Paul MichaelFeasibility & Validation Study of Foundation Design AlternativesCivil and Environmental Engineering
Buchanan, Paul MichaelSki and Snow Sports InjuriesCivil and Environmental Engineering
Buchanan, Dillon JHigh Speed Data Caching at Barclays CapitalElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Buchenan, Alyce HManaging Costa Rica's WasteBiology and Biotechnology
Buchenan, Alyce HIntrogressive hybridization between Orconectes quinebaugensis and Orconectes virilis in the Blackstone River ValleyBiology and Biotechnology
Buchholz, Steven EEconomics of Stem Cell ResearchBiomedical Engineering
Buck, Tim FContent Suggestions for Universally Designed Hearing AidsBiology and Biotechnology
Buck, Benjamin RNeutron Source Power SuppliesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Buck, Benjamin RCollection and Communication of Conservation Information Concerning Hawksbill Sea TurtlesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Buckley, Jonathan HGood Practices for the Cultivation of Trout in Costa RicaMechanical Engineering
Buckley, Ryan PatrickWind Power from Kites 2008Mechanical Engineering
Buckley, Kara Internet Privacy in the United StatesMechanical Engineering
Buckley, Dana BousquetThai Elephants: An Evaluative Study of Contemporary Living Conditions for the Betterment of Asian Elephants in Thai CultureBiomedical Engineering
Buckley, Kara Design and Analysis of Vibration Test Fixtures for PayloadsMechanical Engineering
Buckley, Jonathan HMechanical Properties and Degradation of Commercial Biodegradable Plastic BagsMechanical Engineering
Buckley, Dana BousquetDesign of a Unicortical Screw-Plate System for the Optimization of Sternal FixationBiomedical Engineering
Bucsan, George CatalinHigh Lift Micro Aerial Vehicle Design and ConstructionAeronautical Engineering
Bucsan, George CatalinOptimising Educational Materials for Alternative Energy TechnologiesAeronautical Engineering
Budiman, Tantra SatriaEasing the Bumps in the Road: An Information System for the Management of Grafton's RoadsBiomedical Engineering
Budiman, Tantra SIncreasing the Presence of Cell Cycle Markers in Adult Cardiac Myocytes for the Treatment of Myocardial InfarctionBiomedical Engineering
Buenrostro, Edgar JeronimoFOREX Investment and TradingMechanical Engineering
Buenrostro, Edgar JeronimoInnovative Proposal for Multifunctional SUV Rear SeatMechanical Engineering
Buffam, Julie Measurement of Laminar Burning Velocity of Methane-Air Mixtures Using a Slot and Bunsen BurnerMechanical Engineering
Buffam, Julie Zoos Victoria Visitation Data AnalysisMechanical Engineering
Buffum, Kelly MeghanAuburn's Green Community DesignationMechanical Engineering
Bugden, William HenryConcept Inventories in Engineering Science and DesignMechanical Engineering
Bugden, William HenryDesign and Construction of a Supersonic Wind Tunnel with DiagnosticsMechanical Engineering
Buhler, Jared WPI AIAA Research Rocket for the Investigation of Recovery and StagingAeronautical Engineering
Buhler, Jared DNM Virtual Exhibit DevelopmentAeronautical Engineering
Bujnevicie, Tim PAX East 2014 Booth IQPInteractive Media and Game Development
Bukhamsin, Ibraeim AbdulmonemJPMorgan Web Service RegistryIndustrial Engineering
Bukhamsin, Ibraeim AbdulmonemSmart Intersection System SISIndustrial Engineering
Bukowski, Greg Thermal Energy Scavenging to Power Aircraft Engine Test SensorsMechanical Engineering
Bukowski, Brandon ChristopherA Comparative Study of Transit-Oriented Developments in Hong KongChemical Engineering
Bukowski, Greg CanalSpace -- managing the use of Venetian canalsMechanical Engineering
Bukowski, Brandon ChristopherA First Principles Study of Graphene/TiO2 Composite Catalysts to Improve Photocatalytic ActivityChemical Engineering
Bullock, Samantha LVessel Ring BioreactorBB
Bullock, Samantha LGrafton State Hospital: Supporting Human and Animal Health CareBiology and Biotechnology
Bulso, Lindsay AModeling the effect of the separation of gas stream from droplet stream on the growth rate of transformed roots of Artemisia annua in a nutrient mist bioreactorChemical Engineering
Bumila, Kathryn AnnPuerto Rican Mill RestorationChemical Engineering
Bunyaviroch, Chelsea VictoriaAquaponic Systems in Puerto Rico: Assessing Their Economic ViabilityActuarial Mathematics
Buonomano, Thomas Evaluation of the Community Clean Energy Resiliency Initiative Application ProcessElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Burek, Jeffrey BrendanThe Final LineManagement Engineering
Burford, Evans JohnA Method for the Tubular Self-Assembly of Cells to Create Tissue Engineered Blood VesselsBiomedical Engineering
Burford, Evans JohnNutrition and Food Security in the Resettlement Farms of Skoonheid and Drimiopsis, NamibiaBiomedical Engineering
Burgan, Ryan RobertHigh Lift Micro Aerial Vehicle Design and ConstructionAeronautical Engineering
Burgan, Ryan RobertInvestigating Improvements to the Emergency Services Foundation Scholarship Process and ProgramAeronautical Engineering
Burger, Matthew PhilipConstruction of a Wind Turbine Project in the Town of Florida, MACivil and Environmental Engineering
Burger, Matthew PhilipA Sustainable Accounting and Maintenance Management System for the Infrastructure of the West Boylston Water DistrictCivil and Environmental Engineering
Burger, Scott JosephCrisis Mapping Community Social Media Information During and After Large-Scale Disasters in VictoriaECE RBE
Burger, Scott JosephRobot Localization for FIRST RoboticsInterdisciplinary
Burgess, Andrew City Knowledge and Municipal Data InfrastructureManagement Engineering
Burgess, Chris JQuantifying the Effect of Latency on Game Actions in BZFlagComputer Science
Burgess, Allan RichardAdvancing E-waste Recycling in AlbaniaMechanical Engineering
Burkart, Heather AEvaluating the Regulation of Alerting Systems to Facilitate the Evacuation of the Deaf in AustraliaBiology and Biotechnology
Burke, Sean MichaelHanover Business Intelligence Initiative MQPManagement Information Systems
Burke, Bethany SuzanneWorcester Foodscape: Analysis of Adolescent Food ChoicesBiochemistry
Burke, Sean MichaelBLACKSTONE VALLEY DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSISManagement Information Systems
Burke, Bethany SuzanneThe Effect of Nutritional State on Social Behaviors in C. elegansBiochemistry
Burnham, Jennifer LynnZoning Reform for the State of MassachusettsBiomedical Engineering
Burnham, Jennifer LynnLactate Biosensor to Monitor Glioblastoma MultiformeBiomedical Engineering
Burns, Roger VHandheld Controller for use in a Virtual EnvironmentComputer Science
Burns, Kyle JosephInteractive Music SystemsComputer Science
Burns, Sarah GraceThe Association of Age and Gestational Weight GainBiology and Biotechnology
Burns, Michael BAchieving Integrated Street Management in the City of WestminsterElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Burns, Kevin LucasTowards A Paperless Choral ClassroomRobotics Engineering
Burns, Michael JosephEvaluating Solar PV for Croydon Council's Social HousingComputer Science
Burns, Kevin LucasPARbot: Personal Assistive RobotRobotics Engineering
Burns, Erin ElizabethDevelopment of a Two-Hybrid System for Rapidly Detecting Flaviviral InfectionsBiology and Biotechnology
Burns, Erin EWWF HONG KONG: SEAFOOD SUPPLYBiology and Biotechnology
Burns, Michael JosephTracking Testing Framework at BAEComputer Science
Burns, Sarah GraceExotic Species ManagementBiology and Biotechnology
Burns, Roger VSmithsonian Global Vegetation Dynamic Website InterfaceComputer Science
Burns, Kyle JosephAIRLINE ANALYTICS AND SERVICESComputer Science
Burns, Colin MckinleyIncreasing Engagement in the Mirboo North Community Energy HubMechanical Engineering
Burns, Tyler JamesAssessing Concussion Potential in Youth Sports for the CPSCBiomedical Engineering
Burris, Madeline RCollaboratively Navigating Autonomous SystemsRobotics Engineering
Burris, Madeline RThe Investigation of the One Planet Living Framework for WPIRobotics Engineering
Burrows, Angela LThe 1421 ProjectManagement Information Systems
Burrows, Angela LSecure Implementation of Blogs, Wikis, and Second LifeManagement Information Systems
Bussett, Ryan ThomasDesign and Development of a Micro Power, Water Current GeneratorElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bussett, Ryan ThomasEvaluating Solar PV for Croydon Council's Social HousingElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Bussey, Damon RThe Eclipse JUnit Test RecorderComputer Science
Busteed, Meaghan EDesign of the Grab-botMechanical Engineering
Busteed, Meaghan ERecycling Attitudes and Behaviors of Students at Carlos Pascua Zúñiga High SchoolMechanical Engineering
Butay, Daniel Stock Market SimulationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Butay, Daniel Maximum Peak Power TrackerElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Butcher, Christopher WilliamDNA FINGERPRINTINGIndustrial Engineering
Butcher, Christopher WilliamEmergency Department Patient Flow Simulation at HealthAllianceIndustrial Engineering
Buteau, Rachael A.Partnerships Implementing Engineering Education: Grades 4-6Biomedical Engineering
Buteau, Rachael A.Design of a High-Throughput Molecular Diffusion Device to Study Molecular Transport through Collagen MembranesBiomedical Engineering
Butler, Caitlin ElyseAn Analysis of Methods for Detecting Triclosan and Removal of Triclosan from Water Using Activated Carbon and ZeolitesChemical Engineering
Butler, Timon LeslieRBE Wiki for Independent LearningElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Butler, Matthew GregoryWeb Based Snow Sport Injury ReductionMathematical Sciences
Butler, Matthew GregoryA MODEL FOR STOCK PRICINGMathematical Sciences
Butler, Caitlin ElyseImproving Water and Sanitation in Rural Namibian CommunitiesChemical Engineering
Butler, Kelly PDamaraland EcotourismAeronautical Engineering
Butler, Valerie SharonRe-Design of the WPI Kite-Powered Water Pump and Wind Turbine SystemsAeronautical Engineering
Butler, Jason WilliamRole of Dieting and Food Habits on ObesityCivil and Environmental Engineering
Butler, Jason WilliamDam Construction AlternativesCivil and Environmental Engineering
Butler, Owen BDesign of a Servo Driven Adjustable Pick and Place MechanismMechanical Engineering
Butler, Matthew GregoryWeb Based Snow Sport Injury ReductionMathematical Sciences
Butler, Kelly PDesign and Construction of a Supersonic Wind TunnelAeronautical Engineering
Butler, Michael PMorey's Dam Restoration ProjectCivil and Environmental Engineering
Butler, Thomas SungBiofuels – Feasibility of Using Algae Biomass in ABE ProcessBiomedical Engineering
Butler, Valerie SharonScience at the Crossroads: Enhancing students' interest in science through a community learning centreAeronautical Engineering
Butler, Owen BSustainable Redevelopment through Urban Planning and MappingMechanical Engineering
Butterfield, Julie ElyssaCross-talk between Beta1 Integrins and Insulin-like Growth Factor I Receptor in Prostate CancerBiology and Biotechnology
Button, Kaylyn MarieA Novel Design to Canine and Feline Bone Healing Using External FixationBiomedical Engineering
Button, Kaylyn MarieAdapting Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems to Stormwater Management in an Informal SettingBiomedical Engineering
Buxton, Tanner BettkeEnvisioning a Traffic Solution for CopehagenMechanical Engineering
Byberg, Rebecca LynnPhotocatalytic Degradation of a Series of Direct Azo Dyes Using Immobilized TiO2Chemical Engineering
Byberg, Rebecca LynnContact Angles of Polymer Solutions on Anodized Aluminum Oxide Templates and their Effect on Nanostructure MorphologyChemical Engineering
ByeNagel, Kyla LSweep RiggerMechanical Engineering
ByeNagel, Kyla LTraumatic Brain Injury: Focus on Soldiers/MilitaryBiomedical Engineering
Byler, David JScrap Reduction at EFDManagement Engineering
Byler, David JStructure Fire PreplansManagement Engineering
Byorkman, Kathryn AnneLink Conveyor ModelingMechanical Engineering
Byorkman, Kathryn AnneMeasurement and Analysis of Walkability in Hong KongMechanical Engineering
Byra, Nicholas JWindows Based FTP Server with Encryption and other Advanced FeaturesComputer Science
Byrne, Christopher MichaelA Study of the Feasibility of Autonomous Surface VehiclesMechanical Engineering
Byrne, Ryan JAnalysis and Comparison of Long and Short Term Stock Trading StrategiesMechanical Engineering
Byrne, Melissa ATourist Information Kiosks in the City of WindhoekBiomedical Engineering
Byrne, Melissa A.Design of a reproducible murine fracture deviceBiomedical Engineering
Byron, Michael RobertUrban Water ConservationManagement Engineering
Byron, Michael RobertProduct Plan Recommendations for the 100traffic Water TurbineManagement Engineering
Bzura, Conrad The Emerging Role of Robotics in Personal Health Care: Bringing Smart Health Care HomeBiomedical Engineering
Bzura, Conrad Precision Air Curtain Technology for a Dual Purpose Cell Culture Incubator-Biosafety Cabinet EnclosureBiomedical Engineering

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