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Author Name TitleDepartment
Kaanta, Bryan RFuture Generations of Solar EnergyElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kaanta, Bryan RDesign of a Personal Health Monitor Interface for Wireless, IP-based, Data LoggingElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kacoyannakis, Kayli JOpinons and Controversy: Educate the EducatorChemical Engineering
Kaczmarek, Adam DonovanWorcester Food Assessment -- Production and DistributionMechanical Engineering
Kaczmarek, Adam DonovanCIRCOR Lean Manufacturing SystemMechanical Engineering
Kadilak, Andrea LUtilizing the Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation to Bind Cecropin P1 to Escherichia coliChemical Engineering
Kadilak, Andrea LGood Management Practices for Shrimp Farming in Costa RicaChemical Engineering
Kafantis, Alexander WilliamOptimizing Affordable Housing on NantucketManagement Engineering
Kahan, Marissa CDesign of Device to Apply Strip Biaxial StretchBiomedical Engineering
Kahn, James RWebsite and Marketing Enhancement for MBIMechanical Engineering
Kahn, Lauren MichelleEcclesiastical Architecture: Preserving Convents, Churches, Bells and Bell TowersComputer Science
Kahn, Justin DavidThe Radio Number of Biregular PathsMathematical Sciences
Kahn, Justin DavidMobility Platform: Organizing and Visualizing Traffic Data in the Santa Fe Metropolitan AreaMathematical Sciences
Kaineg, Peter ERemote Data Transmission SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kaineg, Peter EIssues facing Ski SafetyElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kaiser, Maximilian TheodoreImproving Communication with the Public about Tick-borne DiseasesMechanical Engineering
Kaiser, Maximilian TheodoreDeriving a Stackable Solar Panel System Design from Historic UnderpinningsInterdisciplinary
Kajano, Joseph MichaelIQP on Analysis of the Green Communities ActMechanical Engineering
Kalach, Stephen PAir Quenching of Aluminum: The affect of quench orientation and air velocityMechanical Engineering
Kalach, Stephen PSustainable Energy Sources for Rural GhanaMechanical Engineering
Kalaitzidis, Nikos AlexanderTechnology in Service of the Poor: An Assessment of a unique Poverty Diagnostic Tool and Its Implementation in Paraguay.Environmental Engineering
Kalamvokis, Nicholas AndrewCampus Rooftop Wind Energy FeasibilityComputer Science
Kalauskas, Peter SRealization of Performance Advancements for WPI's UGV - PrometheusInterdisciplinary
Kalauskas, Peter SAn Assessment of Water Supply and Sanitation in Tsumkwe, NamibiaRobotics Engineering
Kalbach, Joseph EdwardImproved Walker DesignMechanical Engineering
Kalbach, Joseph EdwardCase Studies of Partial Evacuations in the City of Worcester Under Chemically Hazardous ConditionsMechanical Engineering
Kalbacher, Kelly WalesEvaluating the visitor experience at Hall Place in Bexley, LondonCivil and Environmental Engineering
(WPI)Kalbacher, Kelly WalesClock Tower MQPCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kalish, Amanda JDesign of a Micro-Turbine for Energy Scavenging from a Gas Turbine EngineAeronautical Engineering
Kalish, Amanda JFuture Engineers in Worcester Public SchoolsAeronautical Engineering
Kalisz, Christopher RWind Power Suitability in Worcester, MassachusettsPhysics
Kalluri, Deepti Design of a Molding System to Recapitulate Skeletal Muscle FiberBiomedical Engineering
Kalluri, Deepti Optimizing the WPI Assistive Technology Resource Center: Marketing and DocumentationBiomedical Engineering
Kamara, Jennifer VictoriaNovel Antifungal Activity of Geraniol and its Synergistic Effect in Combination with Fluconazole Against Resistant Candida albicansChemical Engineering
Kamara, Jennifer VictoriaEvaluating Feasibility of APELL in Santo Domingo, Costa RicaChemical Engineering
Kamat, Omesh KEvolution of Materials in Arms and Armors: Medieval Era Battle AxeMechanical Engineering
Kamdar, Bansari MayurThe Effects Of Perspective Taking, Victim Impact Statements And Race Of The Victim On Jury Decision-Making And Jury SentencingManagement Engineering
Kamens, Seth JImplementation of High School Water Science Fairs in AlbaniaChemical Engineering
Kampa, Amy LaurenDocumentation and Analysis of the Rayong Oil Spill: Characterizing the health, economic, and social impacts of the incident and responseChemical Engineering
Kamsler, Zachary FAnalysis of Game Interface PerformanceIMG
Kamsler, Zachary FExploring eBay Through Interactive MediaIMG
Kan, Vincent LPromoting Rights-Based Approach to Social Work in Hong KongBiomedical Engineering
Kan, Vincent LEffective Stiffness of Suspended GelsBiomedical Engineering
Kandimalla, Bhavya NLR Inflammasome InteractionsBiology and Biotechnology
Kandimalla, Bhavya Challenges in Educating the Public in Science and Technology: Opinions and ControversyBiochemistry
Kane, Kristen MarieOsteogenic potential of silk scaffold functionalized with growth factorsBiomedical Engineering
Kane, Patrick RyanInsider Threat Detection with Text Libraries and Machine LearningComputer Science
Kane, Danielle MProcess Controls and Improvements For Deutsche Bank''s Job Execution FrameworkIndustrial Engineering
Kang, Khemarith Overstayed Welcome Neverwinter Nights ModuleIMG
Kang, Khemarith Library Game Suite ProposalInteractive Media and Game Development
Kanis, John BLand Use among Rare SpeciesCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kanis, John BAutomated Bench-Scale BioreactorCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kantesaria, Shahil SSoftware RadarElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kantesaria, Shahil SResources for Cycling-Interested Tourists in CopenhagenElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kapadia, Hunain M.AminRADIO AURORA EXPLORER NANO-SATELLITE RADAR: DATA INVERSIONElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kapadia, Hunain M.AminImpact of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles on the Local Electric GridElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kapadia, Hunain M.AminRadio Aurora Explorer Nano-Satellite Radar: Data InversionElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kapadia, Hunain M.AminThe Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle: Proliferation and Impact on Society and the EnvironmentElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kapelner, Sarah BethAn Assessment of the Impact of Pre-Issuance Submissions on the Patent Examination ProcessChemical Engineering
Kapelner, Sarah BethEffect of Low Voltage on the Aging of Fuel CellsChemical Engineering
Kapinova, Armand Stem Cell Plasticity: Fact or FictionBiomedical Engineering
Kaplan, Benjamin Lilium: Exploring Collaborative Artificial IntelligenceInteractive Media and Game Development
Kaplan, Benjamin Aaron7th Grade Lunar Robotics CurriculumIMG
Kaplan, Samuel HBUILDING A COMMUNITY: Refining the Robotics Innovation Competition and ConferenceRobotics Engineering
Kaplan, Samuel HDesign of an Active-Assistance Balancing Mechanism for a BicycleRobotics Engineering
Kappmeyer, Kyle RhysStructural Design of a New Residence HallCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kappmeyer, Kyle RhysArchitectural Design of a WPI Concrete StructureCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kapsimalis, Marley GeorgeMicrofluidic-based encapsulation of cells into microgel spheresBiomedical Engineering
Kapsimalis, Marley GeorgeAssessing Particulate Pollution in ØsterbroBiomedical Engineering
Kaptur, Sarah ElizabethPartnering with CERES Community Environment Park to Motivate Behavioural Change towards Whole-of-Water-Cycle ManagementBiology and Biotechnology
Karakoyunlu, Cengiz Hybrid Indoor Geolocation for Robotic ApplicationsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Karakoyunlu, Cengiz Worcester WritersElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Karalis, Zachary PeterMajor Projects in the Massachusetts Renewable Energy MarketManagement Engineering
Karam, Elias CEngineering ResourcesMechanical Engineering
Karam, Elias CDesign of a Small Vacuum Facility for Microflow ExperimentsMechanical Engineering
Karasic, Geoffrey IanINNOVATION & CREDIBILITY: THE LOXLEO STARTUPMechanical Engineering
Karasic, Geoffrey IanMiniaturization of an optoelectronic holographic otoscope for measurement of nanodisplacements in tympanic membranesMechanical Engineering
Karbassi, David Characterizing the P2X3 and CASK InteractionBiology and Biotechnology
Karbassi, David AliEvaluating Royal ConnectionsBiology and Biotechnology
Karcher, Danielle MarieGreen School Design - Puerto RicoBiology and Biotechnology
Karcs, Adam VDigital Visitor Evaluations at the NHAElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kardian, Kevin RKnowledge Engineering for Intelligent TutoringComputer Science
Kardian, Kevin RRecommendations for a Professional Development FrameworkComputer Science
Kardzhaliyski, Georgi ValentinovMeasuring Young Adult Health EngagementManagement Information Systems
Kardzhaliyski, Georgi ValentinovImproving Mobile Web Experience at Dyn Inc.Management Information Systems
Karol, Daniel ScottThe Effects of Light Pollution in Hong KongRobotics Engineering
Karolicki, Brian MichaelHighway Bridge RedesignCivil and Environmental Engineering
Karolicki, Brian MichaelIncreasing Citizen Science Participation in the Picture Post ProjectCivil and Environmental Engineering
Karp, Alexander SebastianThe Feasibility of Wireless EnergyComputer Science
Karp, Alexander SebastianNVIDIA Android Tegra Thermal ManagementComputer Science
Karp, Alexander SebastianNVIDIA Android Tegra Thermal ManagementComputer Science
Karp-Neufeld, Gregory GeraldExtension of Vendor Performance and Relationship Management SystemManagement Information Systems
Karp-Neufeld, Gregory GeraldA Walking Tour of Sir Arthur Sullivan’s LondonManagement Information Systems
Karsky, Bryan AlexanderRe-Design of the WPI Kite-Powered Water Pump and Wind Turbine SystemsAeronautical Engineering
Karsky, Bryan AlexanderSupporting Asset-Based Community Development in Maitland Garden VillageAeronautical Engineering
Karstaedt, Seth WolkThe Future of Energy IQPComputer Science
Karstaedt, Seth WolkSystem Development for Health Monitoring of StructuresCE CS
Kashef, Babak EEarthquake in TehranCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kashef, Babak EDesign of the New WPI Residence HallCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kashmanian, Paul LouisUnwanted False Alarms (BCA Classifications 2 & 3)Biology and Biotechnology
Kastanas, Michael StylianosSimSat Educational Program DevelopmentEE
Kastner, Paul PAssessing Prepay Water Metering in the Informal Settlements of WindhoekElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kastner, Paul Many-to-Many Digital Wireless Music Distribution SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kates, Andrea EEnclosed Wind TurbinesMechanical Engineering
Kates, Andrea EAddressing Greywater Management Issues in Langrug Using a Sustainable Reiterative ProcessMechanical Engineering
Katz, Rachel EricaDesigning Educational Materials for Composting in a Costa Rican CommunityChemistry
Katz, Rachel EricaPerceptions When DrawingChemistry
Katz, Rachel EricaBiodegradable Polymers: Blends of Starch and Poly(lactic) AcidChemistry
Katzoff, Gary ScottModular Redundancy for Robust Soft IP-CoresElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Katzoff, Gary ScottAssessing First-year Information Literacy at WPIElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kauffman-Rogoff, Zakkai SAn Intelligent Tutoring System with Eyetracking-based ScaffoldingRobotics Engineering
Kauffman-Rogoff, Zakkai SHydroponics at Wat Pathumwanaram School: Hands-on Learning through Soilless GardeningRobotics Engineering
Kaufman, Emilee MeredithRe-Entry Programming : Purpose, practices and recommendations for supporting student following travel abroadInternational Studies
Kaufman, Brad MThe Effect of an Educational Video on the Acceptance of NanotechnologyBiochemistry
Kaufman, Brad MMechanisms of Cu+ Delivery From Archaeoglobus fulgidus CopZ to CopABiochemistry
Kaufman, Emilee MeredithSupporting Asset-Based Community Development in Maitland Garden VillageInternational Studies
Kavrakis, Stephanie KNovel Carbon Dioxide Reutilization for Thai IndustriesChemical Engineering
Kavrakis, Stephanie KBiodiesel Production from J. curcas OilChemical Engineering
Kavulich, Michael JosephPhysics in a BoxPhysics
Kavulich, Michael JosephThe Physics of Sand Dune Formation and Migration on MarsPhysics
Kawa, Brittney MCommunity Facilities AppraisalIndustrial Engineering
Kawa, Brittney M.Improving Cross-Program Collaboration, File Storage, and Test Procedure at iRobot CorporationIndustrial Engineering
Kawakami, Haroldo Saint-Gobain High-Force Grinder Fixture SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kawakami, Haroldo Pool Safety and TechnologyElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kawalya, Ditton GracianoSIRENOMechanical Engineering
Kawalya, Ditton GracianoDesign of an Intermediate Scale Fire Test Rig for Exterior Wall AssembliesMechanical Engineering
Kazanovicz, Andrew JamesInternal Splint For Fracture Fixation In CaninesBiomedical Engineering
Kazanovicz, Christopher JohnAggregate Plant RedesignManagement Engineering
Kazanovicz, Andrew JamesUnearthing the Roots of Venice: From Relics to DNABiomedical Engineering
Kazanovicz, Christopher JohnPreserVenice: Preserving the Material Culture of VeniceManagement Engineering
Keaffer, Lee WilliamStem Cells and SocietyBiology and Biotechnology
Keane, Kevin PatrickEncouraging Learning with the Aid of Virtual MoneyChemical Engineering
Keane, Christopher MeadAppliance Energy Efficiency Labels in Costa RicaElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Keane, Kevin PatrickEffects of Graphene Coating on Li2Fe0.5Mn0.5SiO4 Cathode MaterialsChemical Engineering
Kearney, Patrick JThe Implications of Globalization on the Sustainability of SocietyBiology and Biotechnology
Kearney, Patrick JDopamine Transporter Internalizes by Means of a Dynamin-Independent Endocytic PathwayBiology and Biotechnology
Keating, Andrew ZAssessment of Energy Reduction Campaign: An Analysis of the Behavioral and Attitudinal Impacts of an Environmental Initiative in the Danish Municipality of Lyngby-TaarbaekComputer Science
Keating, Jennifer ElizabethDevice for Measuring Real-Time Energy Expenditure of Diabetic Patients by Heart Rate and AccelerationBiomedical Engineering
Keating, Andrew ZA Comparative Study of Energy Efficient Medium Access Control Protocols in Wireless Sensor NetworksComputer Science
Keating, Jennifer ElizabethErosion Control in Otjomuise, NamibiaBiomedical Engineering
Keay, David ACity Knowledge and Municipal Data InfrastructureComputer Science
Keches, Christine MarieReducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Asphalt MaterialsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Keches, Christine MarieBicycle Parking in CopenhagenCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kechris, Demetrios EvangelosARTAIC ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONSRobotics Engineering
Kechris, Demetrios PERCEPTIONS OF SURGICAL ROBOTICSRobotics Engineering
Keck, David Providing a Platform for the Boston Community Learning InitiativeCivil and Environmental Engineering
Keck, David GRe-Design of the Intersections of Burncoat and East Mountain Streets and West Boylston and West Mountain StreetsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kedves, Alexia TAnalysis of Matrix Attachment Region in an Experimental Vector, pA205Biology and Biotechnology
Keeley-DeBonis, David ToddCity Science and SoundComputer Science
Keeley-DeBonis, David ToddSmart-phone-based Platform for Patient Medical ComplianceComputer Science
Keenan, John JCreating A Wireless OBDII ScannerElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Keenan, Daniel PaulDesign of a Novel Skin-Stretching DeviceInterdisciplinary
Keenan, Daniel PaulUrban Water ConservationBiomedical Engineering
Keenan, Nicole AmandaEvaluating the Regulation of Alerting Systems to Facilitate the Evacuation of the Deaf in AustraliaMechanical Engineering
Keene, Codie REvaluating the Feasibility of a Historic Ship ExhibitionCivil and Environmental Engineering
Keene, Codie RMaster Plan and Design of a Low Income Housing Complex for the Friendly HouseCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kehler, Devin MerwanInvestment and TradingElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kehrer, Paul HSource Code Repository Metrics CalculationComputer Science
Keilich, Spencer RyanDeveloping Public Interest in the Natural Sciences at the ZHAW, Wädenswil, SwitzerlandBiomedical Engineering
Kejriwal, Akhil Challenges and Opportunities of the Venetian YouthMechanical Engineering
Kejriwal, Akhil Design of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle and Optimization of Hydrodynamic Properties and ControlMechanical Engineering
Keleher, Jan KacperTraffic Congestion Alleviation in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, IndiaMechanical Engineering
Keleher, Jan KacperOcean Energy HarvestingMechanical Engineering
Kell, Kevin VincentStrategies for Improving Energy Efficiency of the Moscow Metro SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kell, Kevin VincentForeign Future Variation Margin ReconciliationComputer Science
Kellas, Matthew JesseReengineering the United States Patent Process: Improving Examination Procedures and Employee CommunicationsMechanical Engineering
Kellas, Matthew JesseTransfer Tooling RedesignMechanical Engineering
Keller, Amanda Perception and Communication of Water Reclamation for the Sustainable Future of WindhoekMechanical Engineering
Keller, Amanda Analysis of the Burning of Corrugated CardboardMechanical Engineering
Kellermeier, Philip SConstruction and Control of a Virtually Tethered Space VehicleMechanical Engineering
Kellermeier, Philip SMuseum Space Usage AssessmentMechanical Engineering
Kelley, Kurt PIdentifying Priority Open Space in WorcesterCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kelley, Jeffrey StevenDefensive Surface Roadway Vibration Dampening Inertia WaveBiomedical Engineering
Kelley, Caitlin ElizabethHeat Treatment Optimization of Cold-Sprayed Aluminum 6061Mechanical Engineering
Kelley, Elizabeth BarbaraSorption and Diffusion Parameters of Organosilane-Functionalized ZeolitesChemical Engineering
Kelley, Kaitlyn NAssessing Environmental Damage at Stream Crossings in El Yunque National ForestAeronautical Engineering
Kelley, Suzanna RachelAnkle Syndesmosis Fixation MethodBiomedical Engineering
Kelley, Suzanna RachelBeef: Correlation between Physical Properties and QualityBiomedical Engineering
Kelley, Jeffrey StevenAdvanced Cell Culture Well for MechanobiologyBE ME
Kelley, Kaitlyn NFraming NASA: An Analysis of How the Space Agency is Portrayed in Popular MediaPW
Kelley, Matthew ChristopherRedesign of the Online Calculus Placement TestElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kelley, Elizabeth BarbaraThe Water-Energy Nexus in the Southeastern United StatesChemical Engineering
Kelley, Nicholas OStem Cells and SocietyBiochemistry
Kelley, Kaitlyn NMechanical, Power, and Thermal Subsystem Design for a CubeSat MissionAeronautical Engineering
Kelley, Matthew ChristopherCognitive Radio for Medical ApplicationsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kelley, Caitlin Breast Cancer in Thailand: Developing Effective and Accessible Media on Integrative Therapies for Breast Cancer PatientsMechanical Engineering
Kellogg, Jared MatthewMinimizing Desktop Downtime and Improving Business Productivity at Hanover InsuranceManagement Engineering
Kellogg, Jared MatthewIQP on Analysis of the Green Communities ActManagement Engineering
Kelly, Alexander GVenetian Mobility on Land and SeaSociety, Technology, and Policy
Kelly, Malick DanielDesign of a Micro Aerial VehicleAeronautical Engineering
Kelly, Katherine APromotion of Hospice and Homecare Programs in Thailand: A Framework for the Assessment of Costs and BenefitsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kelly, Blake AndrewSimulating Tracking Error in Variable AnnuitiesActuarial Mathematics
Kelly, Stephen JVisualization for Finite Element Method EducationMathematical Sciences
Kelly, Joseph MartinRedesigning Stoddard ComplexCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kelly, Linsley ATourist Information Kiosks in the City of WindhoekBiology and Biotechnology
Kelly, Devin WThe Affects of Open Source Software Licenses on Business SoftwareElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kelly, Malick DanielRecycling by Bicycle: A Green Alternative to Expand Recycling and Create Jobs in WindhoekAeronautical Engineering
Kelly, Meghan Transgenic AnimalsBiology and Biotechnology
Kelly, Alexander GInternet Campaign Strategies in the 2010 Massachusetts Gubernatorial ElectionSociety, Technology, and Policy
Kelly, Jonathan HoweTowards Improving Disambiguation in a Phase Interferometry SystemCS ECE
Kelly, Joseph MartinDesign of an Emergency Management Information System for the London Borough of HounslowCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kelly, Devin WA Channel Model and Geolocation Simulation SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kelly, Eileen EArtemisinin Changes in RatoonsBiology and Biotechnology
Kelly, Blake AndrewDesigning a Water and Sanitation Centre Prototype for Monwabisi ParkActuarial Mathematics
Kelly, Richard GRecruitment and Energy Audits of SMEs in ReigateRobotics Engineering
Kelly, Sean MStem Cells and SocietyBiomedical Engineering
Kelly, Jonathan HoweOnline Data Visualization for the Money in Africa ProjectComputer Science
Kelly, Richard GMobile Manipulation for the KUKA youBot PlatformInterdisciplinary
Kelly, Linsley AC. elegans Mutants with Decreased Pathogenic Response to YeastBiology and Biotechnology
Kelly, Sean MCell Seeding on Bioscaffolds: Bioreactor to Load Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells onto Fibrin MicrothreadsBiomedical Engineering
Kelsey, Alden HaydenBiogas Capture for Urban FarmsMechanical Engineering
Kendall, Michael JamesAnalyzing the Implementation of the Massachusetts Green Communities Act of 2008Civil and Environmental Engineering
Kendall, Michael JamesFoundation Improvement Evaluation Kentucky River Lock and Dam No. 8Civil and Environmental Engineering
Kendrick, Ryan Sparse Matrix Multiplication on a Field-Programmable Gate ArrayElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kendrick, Ryan Energy Profiling for Off-Grid Energization Solutions in NamibiaElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kengne, Fabrice FotsoMid-latitude All-sky-imager Network for Geophysical ObservationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kengne, Fabrice FotsoPreparing Auburn for a Climate Action PlanElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kennedy, Andrew JEnergy Demonstration Trailer AssessmentIndustrial Engineering
Kennedy, Andrew NSound ArchiveMechanical Engineering
Kennedy, Sean Renovation of the Kaven Hall AtticCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kennedy, Sean Stock Market SimulationCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kennedy, Robyn LBest Practices and Policy for Lead Poisoning Prevention in Urban Bangkok CommunitiesMechanical Engineering
Kennedy, Ryan A Study on the effects of insulation on the glass distillation column of Goddard Hall LabChemical Engineering
Kennedy, Craig LouisWPI FSAE Racecar Crash ProtectionMechanical Engineering
Kennedy, Rachel MAn Entrepreneurial Initiative for Distributing Energy Efficient Products in Low Income CommunitiesARE
Kennedy, Sean Development of an Intersection Assessment Protocol in Boston, MassachusettsChemical Engineering
Kennedy, Corinne RaeEmber's InklinkoIMG
Kennedy, Robyn LeeLife Improvement of Alloys in Heat Treatment Furnaces and FixturesMechanical Engineering
Kennedy, Corinne RaeThe Ultimate IMGD Booth at PAX East 2013IMG
Kennedy, Michael RTransmitting dangerous Torques with Snowblade BindingsMechanical Engineering
Kennedy, Sean Ethanol from Sugar Beets: A Process and Economic AnalysisChemical Engineering
Kennedy, Craig LouisRio Piedras Conservation Management PlanMechanical Engineering
Kenney, Allison HaleyMonitoring Nantucket HarborBiology and Biotechnology
Kenney, Laurie LeaComparison of Immunoprotection of Simultaneous to Individual Vaccinations in a Murine ModelBiology and Biotechnology
Kenney, Macauley ReardonWaSHUp: Innovating Water Sanitation and Hygiene Upgrading in LangrugBiomedical Engineering
Kenney, Macauley ReardonAnti-Inflammatory System for Subcutaneous BiosensorsBiomedical Engineering
Kenniston, Casey TobiusDesign, Modeling, and Analysis of an Inline Assembly MachineMechanical Engineering
Kenoian, Andrew CDesign of Device to Stretch Tunable Stiffness Substrates for Cell StudiesMechanical Engineering
Kent, Sonja JFree Wheels: An Assessment of Bicycle Theft in DenmarkIndustrial Engineering
Kent, John ESteam Reforming of Biodiesel By-Product GlycerolChemical Engineering
Kent, Sonja JImproving the Scheduling of Operating Rooms at UMass Memorial Medical CenterIndustrial Engineering
Kent, David EConducting an Effective Housing Survey to Inform Planning in the Royal Borough of KingstonRobotics Engineering
Kent, Julie AEvaluation and Redesign of Hazard Evaluation Tools for Hanover Insurance GroupIndustrial Engineering
Kent, Julie AVenice: An Aging CityIndustrial Engineering
Kent, Amanda LeePreserVenice: Preserving Venetian Public ArtBiology and Biotechnology
Kent, Amanda LeeImportance of Caenorhabditis elegans First Introns in Gene RegulationBiology and Biotechnology
Kent, David EAutonomous Multi-Robot SoccerInterdisciplinary
Kenyon, Andrew JMicro-Wind Turbine Feasibility Study for Dismas House of MassachusettsMechanical Engineering
Keough, Ryan MatthewValidating Forensic Latent Fingerprinting TechniquesBiochemistry
Keough, Krysta TheresaRecommendations for a Macroinvertebrate Index of Biotic Integrity (M-IBI) for the San Juan Metropolitan AreaBiochemistry
Keough, Krysta TheresaThe Role of AIM2 in Inflammatory Gene ExpressionBiochemistry
Keough, Ryan MatthewAn Investigation into Worcester's 'Troubled Waters'Biochemistry
Kepka Calvetti, Nicholas EdwardLife Safety vs. Preservation of Community and Heritage Buildings in the Wellington RegionManagement Engineering
Kepka Calvetti, Nicholas EdwardBindings to Business: A Look into Technical Transfer in the University SettingManagement Engineering
Kerhulas, Kevin JosephDevelopment of a Worcester Refugee Resource GuideChemical Engineering
Kern, Gregory MartinCollege Housing Fire SafetyComputer Science
Kernan, Russell RMeasuring Vegetation Health with PicturePostsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kernan, Russell RDesign of an Efficient Wall AdapterElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kerrigan, Brendan MarkSmoke Flow Through Exterior Assembly Construction GapsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kesari, Anurag Evaluation of Green Spaces in the London Borough of LewishamRobotics Engineering
Kesisoglou, Iordanis Renewable Energy Resources: Tidal and Jet Stream EnergiesChemical Engineering
Keskin, Aras NehirDay Lighting Mandi DistrictMechanical Engineering
Keskin, Aras NehirDesign and Production of a 3-D Printed Wireless HexapodMechanical Engineering
Kesseli, Samuel JamesNanoparticle Delivery of siRNA: Multi-functional Upconverting NaYF4 Nanoparticle siRNA Delivery System for Knockdown of SOD1, a Gene Linked to ALSBiomedical Engineering
Kesseli, Samuel JamesImproving Water and Sanitation in Rural Namibian CommunitiesBiomedical Engineering
Ketcham, Shannon Towards A Paperless Choral ClassroomElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ketcham, Shannon PatrickROVEN Sealion: Designing an Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle for Deep Sea Energy WellsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ketcham, Shannon PatrickTowards a Paperless Choral ClassroomElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ketchum, Cy MImproving Traceability Systems: A Study of the Fishing Communities of Palito and Costa de PájarosAeronautical Engineering
Ketschke, Lauren EE-Portfolios for Language Learning at Lingnan UniversityMechanical Engineering
Ketschke, Lauren ElizabethHeat Treatment Optimization of Cold-Sprayed Aluminum 6061Mechanical Engineering
Ketterer, Taylor BPredictive Loss Ratio Modeling with credit scores, for insurance purposes.Actuarial Mathematics
Ketterer, Brian PSystem Engineer Account Logistics Dashboard (SEALD)Management Information Systems
Ketterer, Brian PMerton Rule Gamma Team E Term 2008Management Information Systems
Ketterer, Taylor BEnhancing E-Learning at the Polytechnic of NamibiaActuarial Mathematics
Kevorkian, Christopher MAdvanced Cryptographic Power AnalysisInterdisciplinary
Kevorkian, Christopher MichaelResearch in Artificial Intelligent TutoringECE CS
Kevrekian, Gregor MDeveloping a Strategy for Integrating Green Chemistry in ThailandMechanical Engineering
Kevrekian, Gregor MBleed Flow Effects on Ingested Hail ParticlesMechanical Engineering
Keyes, Joan ElizabethWorcester Public Library Outreach: Game Design CurriculumMechanical Engineering
Keyes, Joan ElizabethFirepot Reliability and Engineering Design (F.R.E.D.)Mechanical Engineering
Keyser, Andrew DavidOptimizing the Electroporation of Ettlia oleoabundans ProtoplastsBiochemistry
Keyser, Andrew DavidAlgae BiodieselBiochemistry
Khachonkitkosol, Latthapol Games for Health: Guidelines for Appealing ExergamesAeronautical Engineering
Khachonkitkosol, Latthapol Design of a Cost Effective Drop Tower for Impact Testing of Aerospace MaterialsAeronautical Engineering
Khair, Ishrak A Channel Model and Geolocation Simulation SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Khair, Ishrak Impact of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles on the Local Electric GridElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Khair, Ishrak The Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle: Proliferation and Impact on Society and the EnvironmentElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Khaled, Narimane IPW K2SL: Reducing Ambulance Dispatch TimeAeronautical Engineering
Khaled, Narimane Optical Emission Study of a Pulsed Plasma ThrusterAeronautical Engineering
Khan, Hussain AbdullahDesigning a Rafting Mooring Buoy for the Puerto Rican CaysIndustrial Engineering
Khandaker, Atif MIntelligent Tactical VestElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Khandaker, Atif MNational Energy Policy: Alternative and Renewable EnergyElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Khatri-Chhetri, Deep Investigation of Membrane Electrode Assembly Design and Fabrication ParametersChemical Engineering
Khayami, Meena Lai-MeiExploring Efficient Irrigation Methods for the Pueblo of Santa AnaMechanical Engineering
Khea, Darien NHumanity and Space - Colonizing MarsMechanical Engineering
Khoory, Joseph AnthonyComplement Receptor-1 Binding to Erythrocytes Under Normal and Pathological Membrane Deforming ConditionsBiology and Biotechnology
Khoory, Joseph AnthonyOpportunities for WPI in Washington D.C.Biology and Biotechnology
Khor, Shi Chian Isolation and Antimicrobial Potential of Epsilon Poly-L-lysineBB
Khor, Shi Chian Assessment of Centro Ambiental Santa AnaBiology and Biotechnology
Khor, Shi ChianBiopolymer for BioremediationBiology and Biotechnology
Khuu, Tri KA VPC Contribution to Venice to Expo 2015Computer Science
Khzouz, Erik RyanTrading System DevelopmentMechanical Engineering
Khzouz, Erik RGrain Growth Kinetics in SteelsMechanical Engineering
Kibby, Jeremy HarrisDesign of a Three Dimensional Scaffold to Grow Cartilaginous Thick TissueBiomedical Engineering
Kica, Artian Promoting Innovation in AlbaniaComputer Science
Kidane, Nebiat Improvement of Sanitation in 5Rand, OkahandjaMechanical Engineering
Kidder, Benjamin KExploring eBay Through Interactive MediaIMG
Kielbasa, Matthew JEnergy Management Systems for The Printer's BuildingMechanical Engineering
Kielbasa, Matthew JOptimization of Oscillating Body for Vortex Induced VibrationsMechanical Engineering
Kiely, William JohnRetrofitting the Future: Preserving Native Crops with Sustainable Greenhouse TechnologyMechanical Engineering
Kiely, William JohnMotor Eyes: Mechanical Platform for a Binocular Robotic Vision SystemMechanical Engineering
Kieselbach, Rebecca LynneDevice for Measuring Real-Time Energy Expenditure of Diabetic Patients by Heart Rate and AccelerationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kieselbach, Rebecca LynnePreserVenice: Preserving Venetian Public ArtElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kilaru, Bhanu PStock Market SimulationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kilbourn-Shear, Ellsworth TysonCity of Boston's Green Building InitiativeRobotics Engineering
Kildea, Jotham AData Generation, Distribution & ManagementComputer Science
Kildea, Jotham APikes for the PeopleComputer Science
Kilfoil, John CliffordHealth Information Management AdministrationManagement Engineering
Kilfoil, John CliffordCopper Pipe Leak DetectionManagement Engineering
Killeen, Maura Evaluating ASM Materials Camp New EnglandMechanical Engineering
Killeen, Maura Alternative Calibration Process for Optical Smoke DetectorsMechanical Engineering
Killen, Thomas JMaximizing Vortex Induced Vibrations through Geometry VariationMechanical Engineering
Killen, Thomas JImprovement of automated CPRMechanical Engineering
Killoy, Zachary RyanBioshelters in New EnglandMechanical Engineering
Killoy, Zachary RyanSlider-Crank Demonstration MQPMechanical Engineering
Kim, Sara Developing Weight Estimation Method for Habitat for Humanity ReStore Metro-West/ Greater WorcesterElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kim, Kwan Yeong Young Crossrail Educational ResourcesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kim, Inhwan MBJ IQP 1301Civil and Environmental Engineering
Kim, Dong HaeOptimization of the WPI Kite-Powered Water PumpMechanical Engineering
Kim, Dong Hae Alternative Renewable EnergyMechanical Engineering
Kim, Inhwan MQP - improved RAP asphalt mix designCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kim, Alexander JungnomStudy To Evaluate Pedestrian SystemsIMG
Kim, JungMi Math Support for Elementary School TeachersCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kim, Alexander JungnomRailroad RunnerIMG
Kim, JungMi Renovation of Kaven HallCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kim, Hyungjoon The Virtual Armory: Virtual Jousting SimulatorBiochemistry
Kim, Daniel JHarbor Reclamation: Central and Wanchai DistrictsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kim, Jin KyungFactors Affecting the Transition from Prescriptive to Performance- Fire Codes in Korea, Poland and BrazilCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kim, Jin KyungStructural Steel, Fire Safety and Green Roof Design for New Gateway Park BuildingCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kim, Hyungjoon Purification and Characterization of P-type ATPasesBiochemistry
Kimball, John HenryEarly Automobile Reminder SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kimball, John HenryEvaluation of the Impact of Engineering Education Research Grants Using Software Tools: A FoundationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kimmel, Ryan HowellImproving Energy Supply & Demand in Rural Thai VillagesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kimmel, Ryan HowellWilsonElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kindle, Alexander LMarine GPS Search and Rescue SystemInterdisciplinary
Kindle, Alexander LHumanity and SpaceRobotics Engineering
King, Stephen JBus Stop Assessment: Bringing Worcester to CodeManagement Information Systems
King, Melissa Lipopolysaccharide Induced Apoptosis in Rat HepatocytesBiochemistry
King, Katherine EFinancial Viability of Underwater Heart Rate MonitoringManagement Engineering
King, Matthew JohnPromoting Active Teaching Methods in Rural Thailand: A Case Study on Science Laboratory ActiveChemical Engineering
King, Samson MichaelSystem Integration and Intelligence Improvements for WPI’s UGV - PrometheusRobotics Engineering
King, Melissa ARecycling and Solid Waste Management in Montes de Oca, San Jose, Costa RicaBiochemistry
King, Louisa SueEnhancing the Capacity in the Transport Sector of NamibiaMechanical Engineering
King, Louisa SUse of Magnesium Alloys in Tension Band Wiring of Olecranon FracturesMechanical Engineering
King, Jesse Data Display, Acquisition and Feedback System for Biomedical ExperimentsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
King, Callie BarlowReducing Noise, Contaminants, and Unintended Stresses in Emergency Medical Triage UnitsChemical Engineering
King, Michael JA Comprehensive Examination of SNAPBiochemistry
King, Matthew JohnTitanium Alpha Case PreventionChemical Engineering
King, Catherine GeorgiaROLE OF RUNX2 IN PROSTATE CANCER PROGRESSIONBiology and Biotechnology
King, Samson MichaelImproving Community Spaces through Collaborative Building and Design Projects in Monwabisi Park, Cape TownRobotics Engineering
King, Stephen JSecure Implementation of Blogs, Wikis, and Second LifeManagement Information Systems
King, Katherine EA Survey and Best Practices Guide to University Involvement in FIRSTManagement Engineering
King, Cathering GeorgiaEnhanced Laboratory LearningBiology and Biotechnology
Kingman, Ashley LBlackstone Canal ProjectActuarial Mathematics
Kingman, Ashley LSampling Strategies for Error Rate Estimation and Quality ControlActuarial Mathematics
Kingsley, Samantha LPreliminary Design of a Live Vaccine Using Diaminopimelic Acid-Dependent Y. pestisBiology and Biotechnology
Kingsley, James LeonardA Particle-based Method for the Simulation of Complex Fluids and Polymer SolutionsPhysics
Kingsley, Christopher JLED Light DesignMechanical Engineering
Kingsley, Samantha Emergency Communication for Deaf and Hard of HearingBiology and Biotechnology
Kingsley, James LeonardRBE Wiki for Independent LearningPhysics
Kingsley, Christopher JProducing the 27th New VoicesHumanities
Kinkead, William MatthewScience and Art CollaborationMechanical Engineering
Kinnal, Elizabeth AAn Activity Monitor for Diabetic IndividualsBiomedical Engineering
Kinnal, Elizabeth ATeaching Science at Doherty Memorial High SchoolBiomedical Engineering
Kinneman, Gregory Prince of Pride: Social AI in GamesInterdisciplinary
Kinneman, Gregory SDamaraland EcotourismIMG
Kinsky, Paul GregoryObstacle Avoiding Robot using Visual InformationComputer Science
Kinsky, Paul GregorySecrets: an Arts-Based InquiryComputer Science
Kinzie, Frank JamesDeveloping a Composting System for Al-Akhawayn University in Ifrane, MoroccoMechanical Engineering
Kiran, Mandela Design of an Automated Experimentation and Data Processing Software Suite for the ADiR SensorElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kiran, Mandela Social Implications of Graphics Processing UnitsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kirby, Dylan Joseph25 Years of Venice Knowledge OnlineComputer Science
Kirichenko, Erika Risk-Based Marine Inspection Performance MeasuresChemical Engineering
Kirilova, Marinela MinchevaInteraction Screen of Transmembrane Proteins from the LIG SuperfamilyInterdisciplinary
Kirilova, Marinela MinchevaBotanical Gardening at the Wat Pathumwanaram SchoolBIO BC
Kirk, James FaulknerFeasibility Study of the Arenal Volcano Wind ProjectRobotics Engineering
Kirk, James FaulknerMulti-MAV DeploymentRobotics Engineering
Kirkland, Jerome MGuardrail Technology CommercializationManagement Engineering
Kirkland, Jerome MDNA FINGERPRINTINGManagement Engineering
Kirschner, Anton JDesign and Optimization of a Formula SAE Race CarMechanical Engineering
Kirschner, Anton JCreating Connections In The "City Different:" Simplifying Public Transit In Santa Fe, NMMechanical Engineering
Kiryazov, Todor Online Music Store AccessibilityManagement Information Systems
Kiyani, Omar SWireless Digital VoltmeterElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kiyani, Omar SAlternative Solar Cells and Their ImplicationsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kiymaz, Yilmaz Kermotiva: Interactive Public Art InstallationIMG
Kiymaz, Yilmaz The Alligator: A Video Game History of a Civil War SubmarineInteractive Media and Game Development
Kizner, Matthew TDesign of a plasmid expression system for simultaneously co-expressing high levels of multiple globin subunitsBiochemistry
Klebanov, Anatoly Creating a Methodology for Evaluating a GalleryTC
Klebanov, Anatoly Role of Readers in Technical CommunicationTC
Klegraefe, Stephanie VImproving Community Spaces through Collaborative Building and Design Projects in Monwabisi Park, Cape TownMechanical Engineering
Klegraefe, Stephanie VLink Conveyor ModelingMechanical Engineering
Klegraefe, Nicole CIncreasing Marine Turtle Conservation Knowledge: The Creation of an Interactive Webpage and Informational BrochureMechanical Engineering
Klein, Jason EExomusculature Robotic Sleeve for Upper Limb Stroke RehabilitationRobotics Engineering
Klein, Jason EBusiness Biking in CroydonRobotics Engineering
Klein, Rhyland MData Verification ToolComputer Science
Kleinfeld, Zachary Autonomous Vehicle ControlComputer Science
Kleinfeld, Zachary Empirical Legal AnalysisComputer Science
Klem, Eric Integrative Spine Dynamics with respect to Pushing, Pulling and LiftingManufacturing Engineering
Klem, Eric EdwardDNA FingerprintingMechanical Engineering
Kling, Jonathan Determining Material Properties Responsible for Grinding PerformanceMechanical Engineering
Kling, Jonathan P.I.E.E Curriculum IntegrationMechanical Engineering
Klinkhamer, Erik The Future of Fuel Cells in AustraliaChemical Engineering
Klinkhamer, Erik Pesticide Removal from WaterChemical Engineering
Kloc, Jillian JadeExploring the Utility of Web-based Ski and Snowboard Injury StudiesChemical Engineering
Kloc, Jillian JadeThe Study of Biological Wastewater Treatment through Biofilm Development on Synthetic Material vs. MembranesChemical Engineering
(WPI)Klos, Grzegorz JHigh Efficiency Power InverterElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Klose, Alexander TravisModern Recording Studio: Acoustic Space AnalysisCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kluza, Joanna BLong Term Care Underwriting Risk Scoring ModelActuarial Mathematics
Kluza, Joanna DNA FingerprintingActuarial Mathematics
Klyng, James EdwardThe Future of Financial MessagingMechanical Engineering
Knapp, Steven TRedesign of a Dental MirrorMechanical Engineering
Knapp, Steven TAmbulatory StorageMechanical Engineering
Knapp, Christopher RThe Use of Video Games for Training Users of Myoelectric OrthoticsComputer Science
Knapp, Matthew Studying the Effect of Web Site Tutoring on LearningComputer Science
Knapp, Mathew CounterMeasuresComputer Science
Kniazeva, Sofia GPS Technology to Aid the Blind and Partially Sighted in Copenhagen, DenmarkChemistry
Kniazeva, Sofia Microwave Assisted Polymorph Selection in Pharmaceutical DrugsChemistry
Knight, Patrick LPro Patria Mori: An Innovative Game Design DocumentIMG
Knight, David JonathanIrish Flute Design OptimizationMechanical Engineering
Knight, Scott SheppardAn Evidence Based Approach to Home Fire SafetyMechanical Engineering
Knight, David JonathanAdoption of Thorium PowerMechanical Engineering
Knight, Nicholas JRenewable Energy Burning Cookstove and Surface EnvironmentElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Knight, Alexander SDesign Optimization of a Quad-Rotor Capable of Autonomous FlightMechanical Engineering
Knight, Nicholas Renewable Energy Burning Cookstove and Surface EnvironmentElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Knight, Patrick LObsidian: Development of a Multiplayer Game with Adaptive Enemy IntelligenceIMG
Knoff, Camden MLocal Water Network Rectification in Krabi, ThailandMechanical Engineering
Knopp, Kelly LynnStrategies for Promoting Resilience to Increased Coastal Flooding Along the Downtown Boston WaterfrontChemical Engineering
Knopp, Kelly LynnPhysical Properties Affecting Toilet Paper DisintegrationChemical Engineering
Knott, Catherine JeanetteDesign of a Fibrin Microthread Bundling DeviceBiomedical Engineering
Knott, Catherine JeanetteDeveloping a New Perspective of Wellington's City and Harbour: A Camera Obscura ExhibitionBiomedical Engineering
Knox, Daniel Chemical Milling Increasing Efficiency at Wyman Gordon CompanyChemical Engineering
Knox, Daniel Making the Link: Entrepreneurship in Costa RicaChemical Engineering
Ko, Soe ThetASSISTments: Motivational Video StudyElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Koakiettaveechai, Punsak Hand-Eye Coordination in a Humanoid RobotComputer Science
Koakiettaveechai, Punsak The Assistment Project: Comparing Learning through Hints and Worked ExamplesComputer Science
Kocienski, Stephen JosephEffective Communication of Bushfire Risk in the Urban-Parkland InterfaceMechanical Engineering
Kocienski, Stephen JosephDevelopment of Zero-Leg Input Manual Transmission Driving InterfaceMechanical Engineering
Kocsis, Cheryl JStantec Office Sustainability Improvement GuideCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kocsis, Cheryl JExpanding WPI's Recycling Program to Include Bottle and Can Collection: Feasibility StudyEnvironmental Engineering
Kodzis, Samson RobertClimate Change Identities 2014Computer Science
Koethe, Eric WernerStructural Design of a New Residence HallCivil and Environmental Engineering
Koethe, Eric WernerSmithsonian Institution Biodiversity Research Outreach Initiative.pdfCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kohistani, Farhat Talking about Food: Improving Communication Between Ghanaian Women and Medical PractitionersMechanical Engineering
Kohlman, Katrina RoseProviding Support for the Ladegårdsåen Daylighting ProjectIndustrial Engineering
Kohlman, Katrina RoseLean Improvement at Sheppard Envelope Manufacturing CompanyIndustrial Engineering
Kohlstrom, Nicholas BWaste Disposal Practices in the Automotive Industry: Costa Rica's Canton of MoraviaBiochemistry
Kohlstrom, Nicholas BAn investigation of genetic divergence among invasive crayfish (Orconectes virilis) populations using microsatellitesBiochemistry
Kokolis, Jameson PhilipAssessing the Functionality of Localization Sequences Isolated from PCV1 VP3Biochemistry
Kokolis, Jameson PhilipIncreasing Marine Turtle Conservation Knowledge: The Creation of an Interactive Webpage and Informational BrochureBiochemistry
Kolb, Ryan MichaelZoning Reform for the State of MassachusettsManagement Engineering
Kolb, Monica ASatellite Battery Monitoring and DC-DC ConversionElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kolb, Ryan MichaelCopper Pipe Leak DetectionManagement Engineering
Kolek, Timothy JIQP: Interactive Multimedia Video & LearningIMG
Kolek, Timothy JEmpowerment Simulation SystemIMG
Kolk, Steven MVirtutopia: A Framework for Virtual EnvironmentsComputer Science
Kolk, Brian MDevelopment of a Plasma Source with Particulate InjectorMechanical Engineering
Kolodziejczak, Eric WilliamChipped: The Interactive Movie MQPInteractive Media and Game Development
Kolodzy, Scott AThe Eclipse Grading System Plug-InComputer Science
Koloski, Tyler JamesEnhancing the Effectiveness of the Santa Fe Bus SystemBiology and Biotechnology
Kolosowski-Gager, Katherine ElizabeStrategies in Increasing Smoke Alarm ComplianceCivil and Environmental Engineering
Konca, Mustafa AUTONOMOUS CARS & SOCIETYElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Konca, Mustafa LDMOS RF Power Amplifier Design for Cellular Base StationsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Konde, Spence MartinStock Market SimulationChemical Engineering
Konde, Spence MartinPreparation of High-Silica Zeolite Beads from Silica GelChemical Engineering
Konicki, ErinMari Creating a Solar Light Distribution Plan for Students in the Informal Settlements of Windhoek, NamibiaBiochemistry
Konowitch, Jacob EGame-Like ElementsBiomedical Engineering
Konowitch, Jacob EMechanical Stimulator for In Vitro Skeletal Muscle ModelingBiomedical Engineering
Konstantino, Nick PaulTechniques in Motion Capture IQPInteractive Media and Game Development
Konstantino, Nicholas PaulDemon DissensionIMG
Kopchak, Obadiah BRoof Robot 3Mechanical Engineering
Kopchak, Obadiah BDetermining the Feasibility of an IQP Project Center in Santa Fe, New MexicoMechanical Engineering
Kopchik, Alexander RobertStrategies to Reduce Energy Consumption and Waste Production Through Moderate Lifestyle ModificationsChemical Engineering
Kopec, Christopher LeeAutonomic SystemsComputer Science
Korb, William ArmstrongTrail View: Acadia National ParkComputer Science
Korb, William ArmstrongPhysical Learning through Technology: CyberhoodiesSociety, Technology, and Policy
Kordell, Steven PaulPhobos First: A Mission to Settle MarsRobotics Engineering
Kordosky, Kevin PPowered Device for Pushing a Manual WheelchairMechanical Engineering
Kordosky, Kevin PSustainable Urban Sound DesignMechanical Engineering
Kornichuk, Gregory JohnAn Energy Analysis of the Foisie Innovation StudioCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kornichuk, Gregory JohnCreating an Agroforestry Based Economic Sector in a Tropical RainforestCivil and Environmental Engineering
Korpacz, Alexander NicholasCreating a Solar Light Distribution Plan for Students in the Informal Settlements of Windhoek, NamibiaChemical Engineering
Korpak, Thomas DOil From SoybeansMechanical Engineering
Korzeniowski, Christopher Plan for an Aquatic Invasive Species Web PortalElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Koscielska, Katarzyna Mapping of HTLV-1 Tax Functional Domain Conferring Cellular SenescenceBiochemistry
Koscielska, Katarzyna AnnaGenomic Tagging of the Anaphase-Promoting Complex Activator Protein Cdc20 in S. cerevisiaeBiology and Biotechnology
Koscielska, Katarzyna Voces del Caribe -- A Digital RepositoryBiology and Biotechnology
Kosherick, Barry Humanity and SpaceElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kosherick, Barry Robotic Bass PlayerElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Koshi, Arben Improving Feedback In ASSISTments: Pedagogical Agents and Game-Like ElementsBiomedical Engineering
Koshi, Arben Reflectance-Based Pulse Oximetry for the Chest and WristBiomedical Engineering
Kosmaczewski, Sara GuckianThe Effects of Phytoestrogens on Breast Epithelial CellsBiology and Biotechnology
Kosmaczewski, Sara GuckianAdapting Educational Programs for Students with DisabilitiesBiology and Biotechnology
Kostelak, Thomas JacobDevelopment of the Inspire Engineering Mentoring ProgramCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kostelak, Thomas JacobRedesigning Stoddard ComplexCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kostopoulos, Theodore PauliPS Cells as a potential replacement for ES CellsBiomedical Engineering
Koufos, Dennis NAlternative and Renewable EnergyElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Koufos, Dennis NVisible Light Communication SystemsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Koumbaros, Evangelos KonstantinosMunicipal Stormwater Management Outreach: Improving Surface Water QualityChemistry
Kowalczyk, Laura AnnRooftop Gardens for Sustainable Livelihoods in Cape TownChemical Engineering
Kowalczyk, Laura AnnInvestigation of Free Flycerin and Potassium Ion Adsorption by DudaLite DW-R10 Ion-Exchange ResinChemical Engineering
Kowaleski, Mark ChristopherRio Piedras Conservation Management PlanBiomedical Engineering
Kowaleski, Mark Development of a Protective Sheath for Delivering Cell Seeded Microthreads to the HeartBiomedical Engineering
Kozlov, Carmel Role of Dieting and Food Habits on ObesityElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kozlov, Carmel Instrumentation of the Atwater Kent Wind TurbineElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kozlowski, Nicholas PeterStock Market SimulationCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kozlowski, Nicholas PeterSteel Structural and Fire Safety Design for a Four-Story Office BuildingCivil and Environmental Engineering
Krach, Nathan JA Pilot Study of Methods in the Online Socratic Tutoring of CalculusPsychological Science
Kraft, Daniel C.Copyright Law in the Digital AgePhysics
Krajenka, Katelyn NicoleWitchwife: Requiem for Susanna Martin: The Process of Producing and Performing a Musical in LondonHumanities
Krajenka, Katelyn NicoleBus Emissions and Their Impact on Disadvantaged CommunitiesInternational Studies
Krajenka, Katelyn NicoleChoral Directors and TechnologyHumanities
Krane, Gregory ATranslocation of Hepatocellular Mrp2 to the Canalicular Membrane Via Activation of PKC-delta by cAMPBiology and Biotechnology
Krasinskas, Joseph AustinAnalysis of Funded Engineering Education ProjectsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Krasinskas, Joseph AustinCAPE TOWN WATER AND SANITATION DESIGNCivil and Environmental Engineering
Krasko, Karen LynneModeling and Measuring Nasal Airflow CharacteristicsBiomedical Engineering
Krasko, Karen LynneInvestigation of Carbon Reduction from Overnight Lighting in Non-Domestic Building StockBiomedical Engineering
Krawic, Casey AnneA Lean Perspective of the Medication Delivery SystemBiology and Biotechnology
Krawic, Casey AnneMechanism for Interferon ProductionBiology and Biotechnology
Krayem, Nour Cultural Differences and the Understanding of Informed ConsentBiomedical Engineering
Kraynak, Joseph FLong Term Care Underwriting Risk Scoring ModelActuarial Mathematics
Krebs, Julia MaryMulti-use Trails in Santa Fe: Accessibility and Social NetworkingBiomedical Engineering
Krebs, Julia MaryAnkle Syndesmosis Fixation MethodBiomedical Engineering
Kreek, Emily KAging and Thermal Effects on the Properties of Fleshed and Defleshed BonesMechanical Engineering
Kreek, Emily KAssessing the Feasibility of an Internal Paper Recycling PlantMechanical Engineering
Kreitman, Adam MathewConstruction Project Management and the Renovation of the Hillsborough County CourthouseCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kreitman, Adam MathewSewer Information Management for the Town of Grafton, MassachusettsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kreso, John MExpediting Factors in Developing a Successful Space ColonyMechanical Engineering
Kreso, John MichaelRedesign of a Single Screw ExtruderMechanical Engineering
Kressaty, Stephen JosephNuclear Proliferation Policy DebateAeronautical Engineering
Kressaty, Stephen JosephDesign and Construction of a Velocity Probe Calibration RigAeronautical Engineering
Krill, John DavidDevice for Evaluating the Contraction of Cardiac Cell-Seeded FibersBiomedical Engineering
Krill, John DavidHuman FM: Community Building through Student RadioBiomedical Engineering
Krishnan, Manisha Technology in Service of the Poor: An Assessment of a unique Poverty Diagnostic Tool and Its Implementation in Paraguay.Biology and Biotechnology
Krishnaswamy, Deepa External Coil for MR Imaging of the ProstateElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Krishnaswamy, Deepa Development of a Wind Monitoring System and Grain GrinderElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kristan, Michael JDynamic Partial Reconfiguration of a Field Programmable Gate ArrayElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kristan, Michael JDML to SLX Integration at JPMorgan ChaseComputer Science
Krol, Stanley JamesProperties, Recycling and Alternatives to PE BagsMechanical Engineering
Krug, Jason DNA Fingerprinting E08Chemical Engineering
Krug, Jason Experimental & CFD Analysis of Fixed Bed Heat Transfer for Ethylene EpoxidationChemical Engineering
Krumsiek, Cody FStem Cells and SocietyBE BE
Krumsiek, Cody FDesign of an Orthopedic Device to Prevent Lumbosacral Stenosis in Military Working DogsBiomedical Engineering
Krupp, Kelsey ElizabethTemporal Variability and Public Perception: A Noise Pollution and Urban Soundscape Study of San JuanBiomedical Engineering
Krzyzewski, Stacy AnnHorseshoe Crabs for KidsBB
Krzyzewski, Stacy AnnEpendymin Immunoreactivity in Limulus polyphemusBiology and Biotechnology
Krzyzewski, Peter The Effects of "Salting" on Razor ClamsBiology and Biotechnology
Ksiazek, Paul Studying the Effect of Web Site Tutoring on LearningComputer Science
Ksiazek, Paul Lgenometry: Using Smartphones to Control Interactive Content on Public DisplaysComputer Science
Kuang, Alex HBarbed Wire MuseumComputer Science
Kuang, Alex HDynamic Difficulty AdjustmentComputer Science
Kuang, Jingtian Interactive Map and Timeline Application for the Knights! Exhibition at Worcester Art MuseumChemical Engineering
Kucher, Katrina MPolyphosphate Sequestration of Manganese (II)Civil and Environmental Engineering
Kucher, Katrina MTechnically Green: An Environmental Resource WebsiteCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kucukel, Tahir Renovation Project of Boston Long Wharf MarriottCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kudzal, Andelle DorriAn Analysis of Oil Combustion on SnowChemical Engineering
Kuegler, George RAn Evaluation of Nantucket's Town FacilitiesChemical Engineering
Kuhlwein, Mark ETeaching Practicum at Doherty Memorial High School: Student Teaching Practicum PortfolioBiology and Biotechnology
Kuhlwein, Mark EMIG-10 and UNC-53: two proteins involved in neuron migration and excretory canal outgrowthBiology and Biotechnology
Kuhn, Bethany LWind Turbine Design and ImplementationCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kuhn, Melissa PInternal Splint For Fracture Fixation In CaninesBiomedical Engineering
Kuhn, Melissa Exit Strategy Analysis to Add Value to Hessler’s Neural NetworkMechanical Engineering
Kuhn, Karl Redeveloping the Airport WebsiteComputer Science
Kuhns, Maxwell AlanEvaluating the Effectiveness of Hands-On-History at Her Majesty's Tower of LondonChemistry
Kuhns, Maxwell AlanSynthesis, Spectroscopic, and Photophysical Properties of an Asymmetrically Substituted 2,5-Diarylidene Cyclopentanone Dye: (2E,5E)-2-(benzofuran-2-ylmethylene)-5-((E)-3-(4-(dimethylamino)phenyl)allylChemistry
Kukla, Jarad ThomasEvaluation of Patent Examination Pilot ProgramsBiology and Biotechnology
Kukla, Jarad ThomasCharacterization of the mig-10(mp0920) mutant and its effects on migration in Caenorhabditis elegansBiology and Biotechnology
Kulinkina, Alexandra ValeriaIQP - Mae Moh, Thailand - C08Civil and Environmental Engineering
Kulinkina, Alexandra ValeriaBrackish Water PretreatmentCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kulis, David Stem Cells and SocietyManagement
Kulis, David PatrickDeveloping Benchmarks for the Life Science Incubation IndustryManagement
Kulvanit, Arin JPMorgan Web Service RegistryElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kulzer, Kathryne MaryTrack Alternative Design and Construction Management SoftwareCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kulzer, Kathryne MaryMotivating Environmental Behaviour ChangeCivil and Environmental Engineering
Kumar, Vivek Education for the Use of Emergency Egress LiftsBiomedical Engineering
Kumar, Surabhi Real-Time Indoor Localization using Visual and Inertial OdometryElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Kumar, Vivek Modulating the Cellular Mechanics by Regulating the Cytoskeletal ProteinsBiomedical Engineering
Kuntanarumitkul, Pitchaya Interactive Map and Timeline Application for the Knights! Exhibition at Worcester Art MuseumMechanical Engineering
Kunyz, Timothy RSustainable Redevelopment Strategies for Structures in Informal SettlementsMechanical Engineering
Kunyz, Timothy RPackaging and Optimization of a Digital Holographic Otoscope For Clinical UseMechanical Engineering
Kuo, Chunwei Au NPs doped Photoresist Derived Carbon as a Substratum For Nerve Cell CultureChemical Engineering
Kuo, Chunwei Stock Market SimulationChemical Engineering
Kurek, Kathrin HalinaPrinciples of High Performance MEA FabricationChemical Engineering
Kurek, Kathrin HalinaAssessing Urban Development on the Reclaimed Land in Sheung WanChemical Engineering
Kurisko, Timothy RyanDevelopment of ISO Compliant Repeatability Procedures for Evaluating Collaborative RobotsMechanical Engineering
Kurisko, Timothy RyanMotivating Sustainable Behaviour Change in Apartment Residents of Moreland, AustraliaMechanical Engineering
Kurrumchand, Smita SAnalysis of the Aquaculture Market in the Costa Rican Metropolitan AreaChemical Engineering
Kurrumchand, Smita SRemoval of PFOA from Water using UV Treatment, Chemical Oxidation, & Adsorption by Activated Carbon & ZeolitesChemical Engineering
Kurtz, Matthew RRemoval of Estrogens from WaterChemical Engineering
Kurtzman, Lily NicoleExploring the Success of Low Power FM Radio Broadcasting within Native American CommunitiesHumanities
Kurz, Eric MNovel EOD Robot Design with a Dexterous Gripper and Intuitive TeleoperationRobotics Engineering
Kurz, Eric MRoboKids IQPRobotics Engineering
Kurzmack, William TTwo Gait Walking Mobile Robot with Teleoperation Over a Wireless NetworkMechanical Engineering
Kut, Lindsey CatherineA Study of HomelessnessChemistry
Kut, Lindsey CatherineGlucan Particle Delivery of Mesoporous Silica-Drug NanoparticlesChemistry
Kutikov, Artem BorisGrafton State Hospital: Supporting Human and Animal Health CareBiomedical Engineering
Kutikov, Artem BorisMagnetically Seeded Bioreactor for Three-Dimensional Cell CultureBiomedical Engineering
Kuzina, Mercedes LaurenStock Market SimulationChemical Engineering
Kuzina, Mercedes LaurenEffect of Low Voltage on the Aging of Fuel CellsChemical Engineering
Kwan, Samantha MThe Process of Innovation at Oakton High SchoolIndustrial Engineering

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