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Author Name TitleDepartment
O Rourke, Jeffrey EugeneSabertooth: A High Mobility Quadrupedal Robot PlatformMechanical Engineering
O'Brien, Michael JPlaying Pitch Provision in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon ThamesCivil and Environmental Engineering
O'Brien, Kevin JamesThe Effect of Gesture on Collaboration with an Autonomous RobotComputer Science
O'Brien, Sean AlexanderRecording an A Cappella CDHumanities
O'Brien, Paul FrancisDangerous Inspection & Versatile Exploration Robot (DIVER): Tracking, Monitoring and Assisting Human Divers in Commercial, Environmental and Military ApplicationsMechanical Engineering
O'Brien, Sean AlexanderOptical Character RecognitionComputer Science
O'Brien, Christopher JCruise Control: Cruise Ships Influencing the City of VeniceMechanical Engineering
O'Brien, Brendan MC. elegans Mutants with Decreased Pathogenic Response to YeastBiology and Biotechnology
O'Brien, Patrick JDigital Earth WatchChemical Engineering
O'Brien, Cullen SheaDesigning Green InfrastructureMechanical Engineering
O'Brien, Paul Web Based Snow Sport Injury ReductionMechanical Engineering
O'Brien, T.D. DZT 1404 Stock Market SimulationIndustrial Engineering
O'Brien, Catherine HannahVenipedia: A Modern Knowledge and Data Wiki Dedicated to the City of VeniceBiomedical Engineering
O'Brien, Christopher JDesign and Demonstration of a Heat Exchanger for a Compact Natural Gas CompressorMechanical Engineering
O'Brien, Sean AlexanderTowards A Paperless Choral ClassroomComputer Science
O'Brien, Catherine HannahMicroparticle-Mediated Assembly of Cell-Derived Vascular Tissue RingsBiomedical Engineering
O'Brien, Cullen SheaArtificial Reversible SkinMechanical Engineering
O'Brien, Michael JDevelopment of 32 Prescott Street at Gateway ParkCivil and Environmental Engineering
O'Brien, Jack RichardPhysics Education Research: The effects of context-rich problem solving in groups in introductory electricity and magnetism coursesPhysics
O'Brien, Paul FrancisWeb Based Snow Sport Injury ReductionMechanical Engineering
O'Brien, Kevin JamesPalm Oil Processing RecommendationsComputer Science
O'Connell, Thomas PEngineering ResourcesCivil and Environmental Engineering
O'Connell, Thomas PIncorporating Adsorbents into Porous Asphalt DesignCivil and Environmental Engineering
O'Connell, Virginia ElizabethFragile Cryptobiotic Crusts of Desert EcosystemsBiology and Biotechnology
O'Connell, Olivia JThe Effects of Phytoestrogens Found in Promensil on Human Ductal CarcinomaBiology and Biotechnology
O'Connell, Olivia JNutrition and Food Security in the Resettlement Farms of Skoonheid and Drimiopsis, NamibiaBiology and Biotechnology
O'Connor, Samantha AnnAn Investigation of the Types of Community Involvement used in Long Term Stewardship Activities at Superfund SitesEngineering Physics
O'Connor, Candace AThe Design and Implementation of Visitor "Traces"Biomedical Engineering
O'Connor, James MichaelWood-To-OilAeronautical Engineering
O'Connor, Thomas JohnCivil Good - A Platform For Sustainable and Inclusive Online DiscussionBiochemistry
O'Connor, James MichaelDesign of a Scale-Model Tethered Undersea Kite for Power GenerationAeronautical Engineering
O'Connor, Lauren EA New Rice Sowing Technology: Informing Small-Scale Farmers about Improved Methods of PlantingChemical Engineering
O'Connor, Christopher ThomasEnhancing Science Laboratories with TechnologyCivil and Environmental Engineering
O'Dea, Stephen EBuilding a Profile of the Fire Safety Community in AustraliaElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
O'Dea, Stephen EMany-to-Many Digital Wireless Music Distribution SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
O'Donnell, Sean PatrickHorseshoe crab gonad, NMJ, and CNS structure/immunologyBiology and Biotechnology
O'Donnell, Sean PatrickThe Implementation of Responsible Care in Costa RicaBiology and Biotechnology
O'Dowd, Sean KDesign of a releasable snowboard binding system to prevent upper body injuryBiomedical Engineering
O'Dowd, Sean KAssessing the Vulnerability of Post-Disaster Housing Expansion: A Case Study in Tsunami-Affected ThailandBiomedical Engineering
O'Hara, Ryan TProduction of Furanic Liquid Compounds from Cellulosic Biomass Based on Molten Salts and CatalysisChemical Engineering
O'Hara, Christopher JElectricity Monitoring on the WPI CampusCivil and Environmental Engineering
O'Hara, Christopher JDesign of Sackett Harbor's BridgeCivil and Environmental Engineering
O'Hara, Ryan TimothyThe First Response EMS VesselChemical Engineering
O'Keefe, Brian MOn the Feasibility of an Energy Reporting System in London - City Knowledge, the Merton Rule, and Building Birth CertificatesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
O'Keefe, Brian MRolling ThunderElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
O'Keefe, Sean CristInteractive Learning Modules for the Royal ArmouriesCivil and Environmental Engineering
O'Malley, Patrick DWorcester Counts Indicator ProjectChemical Engineering
O'Meara, Ryan SAutonomous Multi-Robot SoccerRobotics Engineering
O'Meara, Ryan SRBE Wiki for Independent LearningRobotics Engineering
O'Neil, Rebecca ADesign and Testing of a Flexible Space StructureMechanical Engineering
O'Neil, Keleigh MarieThe 15 - 40 Connection meets ASSISTmentsMathematical Sciences
O'Neil, Timothy PatrickDevice for Evaluating the Contraction of Cardiac Cell-Seeded FibersBiomedical Engineering
O'Neil, Keleigh MarieExperimental Improvements to Regularity ClusteringMathematical Sciences
O'Neil, Timothy PatrickEnergy Demand Management at the Gobabeb Research and Training CentreBiomedical Engineering
O'Neill, Andrew MichaelTewaTalk: Preserving the Tewa Language through Mobile TechnologyPhysics
O'Neill, Andrew MichaelModeling of cargo transport via molecular motorsPhysics
O'Regan, Michael Design and Development of a Micro Power, Water Current GeneratorMechanical Engineering
O'Regan, Michael Evaluating Work Readiness Programs in MertonMechanical Engineering
O'Rourke, Christa MThe Effects of Body Language and Affilaitive Motivation on Social Tuning and LikeabilityPsychological Science
O'Rourke, Jeffrey EugeneSabertooth: A High Mobility Quadrupedal Robot PlatformMechanical Engineering
O'Rourke, Jeffrey EugeneFIRST VIRTUAL CHALLENGEMechanical Engineering
O'Rourke, Christa MBeach Restoration on NantucketPsychological Science
O'Shea, Sean MichaelDistillation AnalysisChemical Engineering
O'Sullivan, Karen AnneThe Effects of Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) Additives on Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP)Civil and Environmental Engineering
O'Sullivan, Philip DeclanDesign of a Micro-Aircraft GliderAeronautical Engineering
O'Sullivan, Karen AnneIssues Confronting Local Installers of Clean Energy TechnologiesCivil and Environmental Engineering
O'Toole, Dillon TProduction and Engineering Aspects of Manufacturing Ice CreamCivil and Environmental Engineering
O'Toole, Sean MichaelMIG-10, an Adapter Protein, Interacts with ABI-1, a Component of Actin Polymerization MachineryBiology and Biotechnology
O'Toole, Dillon TMCPHS Peer ReviewCivil and Environmental Engineering
O'Toole, Sean MichaelIntroducing First and Second Year Biology Majors to Primary LiteratureBiology and Biotechnology
O'Toole, Shannon ElizabethNoise Data Farming for the City of BostonBiomedical Engineering
O'Toole, Shannon ElizabethAn Activity Monitor for Diabetic IndividualsBiomedical Engineering
Oakes, Devin R.Analyzing Water Resource Protection in WorcesterMechanical Engineering
Oakes, Devin R.Modeling and Measuring Nasal AirflowMechanical Engineering
Oakley, Dalton MDevelopment of a Low Tech Assistive Technology KitBiomedical Engineering
Obaldia, Mariana DeEstablishing the Sustainability of Banksia Gardens Community Centre’s Science Education ProgramEnvironmental Engineering
Obasare, Ricardo EjoviSedimentation in Mangrove Forests in Sámara, Costa RicaActuarial Mathematics
Ober, Jennifer MarieDeveloping State of the Environment Indicators in CroydonBiomedical Engineering
OBrien, Michael JohnDevelopment of 32 Prescott Street at Gateway ParkCivil and Environmental Engineering
Occhialini, Nathan CAn Activity Monitor for Diabetic IndividualsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ochoa-Canizares, Julieth Exomusculature Robotic Sleeve for Upper Limb Stroke RehabilitationRobotics Engineering
Ochoa-Canizares, Julieth Robokids Interactive Qualifying ProjectRobotics Engineering
Ochs, Michael TExploring Potential Opportunities for the Fire Equipment Maintenance ProgramMechanical Engineering
OConnor, Samantha The Beacon Locator Project: A Passive Direction Finding System for Locating Pulsed Emitter SignalsPhysics
Odom, Justin Restructuring the Electrical IndustryManagement Information Systems
Oexner, Morgan ECell Surface Phenotype of CNS Infiltrate and Resident Microglia During the Course of Relapsing Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis in MiceInterdisciplinary
Oexner, Morgan ECFA: Low Level of Compliance with the Essential Safety MeasuresBiology and Biotechnology
Ofokansi, Obiora CEvaluating Hill Tribe Forest Management: A Case Study of Amphoe Galyani VadhanaCivil and Environmental Engineering
Ogasian, Jason RAn Analysis of the Challenges Facing the Redevelopment of Intersection 5 in San Juan, Puerto RicoElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ogasian, Jason RAutonomous Mapping RobotEE
Oglesby, Frank EdwardWorcester Rain Gardens: Developing Promotional Materials for Rain Gardens in the City of WorcesterManagement Information Systems
Oglesby, Frank EdwardImproving Mobile Web Experience at Dyn Inc.Management Information Systems
Ogren, Colin LowellGaming for SustainabilityComputer Science
Ogren, Fiona MargueriteImplications of Introducing the IIT Mandi to the Rural Kamand RegionMechanical Engineering
Ogren, Colin LowellLifespanComputer Science
Ohlson, Carolynn ElisabethBreast Cancer in Thailand: Developing Effective and Accessible Media on Integrative Therapies for Breast Cancer PatientsBiomedical Engineering
Ohlson, Carolynn ElisabethMechanical Stimulation Device for Skeletal Muscle Tissue EngineeringBiomedical Engineering
Ohmart, Devin MatthewRotating Binding to Snowboard InterfaceMechanical Engineering
Okray, Brandon Designing and Processing Polylactic Acid with Bamboo AdditivesMechanical Engineering
Okray, Brandon An Analysis of New England Food HubsMechanical Engineering
Oku, Yuko Transgenic Animals Biochemistry
Okumura, Carol Science Lab Activities for Secondary Science Education in Northeast ThailandMechanical Engineering
Olecki, Daniel Water and Sanitation in Monwabisi Park, Cape TownMechanical Engineering
Olecki, Daniel Packaging and Optimization of a Digital Holographic Otoscope For Clinical UseMechanical Engineering
Olijnik, Tiago AugustoBuilding a Successful Trading Portfolio That Diversifies Between Stock and Currency Trading SystemsMechanical Engineering
Oliva, Andrew ADesign and Analysis of Subsystems for a CubeSat MissionAeronautical Engineering
Oliva, Andrew AEnvironmental and Social Issues Concerned with Hybrid CarsAeronautical Engineering
Olivarez, Nathan SSoftware RadarElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Olivarez, Nathan SEMS CommunicationsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Oliveira, Stephen PhilipPreservation and Progress: The Socio-Economic and Environmental Effects of Modernizing Zillij ProductionMechanical Engineering
Oliveira, Stephen Philip2013-2014 WPI SAE Baja VehicleMechanical Engineering
Oliveira, Thales RodriguesEnvironmental Issues and Solutions in the Boston Metropolitan AreaManagement Engineering
Oliver, Michael JPhotorealistic Leaf ShadersComputer Science
Oliver, Erik SDesign and Analysis for a CubeSat MissionAeronautical Engineering
Oliver, Erik SPromoting the Design of Buildings that Are Fire Safe and SustainableAeronautical Engineering
Oliver, Michael JAssessing First-Year Information Literacy SkillsComputer Science
Oliveri, Michael LeoNew WPI Sports & Recreation Center IIICivil and Environmental Engineering
Oliveri, Michael LeoImproving Pedestrian Mobility in Newton, MACivil and Environmental Engineering
Olivieri, Steven JDevelopment of the Merton Partnership's WebsiteElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Olivieri, Steven JDesign of a Completely Wireless Security Camera SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Olloqui, Fernando MiguelIdentifying Best Practices in Morgan StanleyManagement Engineering
Olloqui, Fernando Miguel'Careers in Statistics' GuideManagement Engineering
Olloqui, Fernando MiguelPrice and Revenue OptimizationActuarial Mathematics
Olm, Amanda Reaction and Transport in Industrial-Scale Packed Bed Steam Reforming of GlycerolChemical Engineering
Olm, Amanda The Merchants of VeniceChemical Engineering
Olore, Amanda BSampling Strategies for Error Rate Estimation and Quality ControlActuarial Mathematics
Olore, Amanda BEducational Programs for Children in the Charles Dickens MuseumActuarial Mathematics
Olsen, Trevor MSustainable Building Solutions for Monwabisi Park, Cape TownBiomedical Engineering
Olsen, Trevor MA Cardiac Catheterization Device for the Delivery of Human Mesenchymal Stem CellsBiomedical Engineering
Olson, Scott DInvestigating Flood and Climate Change Perception in the Hutt ValleyMechanical Engineering
Olson, Giovanna CutiettaPromoting Renewable Energy Use Through Community-Based EducationCivil and Environmental Engineering
Olson, Jeffrey SeBay Integrated System for Image Services (ISIS)Computer Science
Olson, Giovanna CutiettaRecreational Trail Design in Fultonville, New YorkCivil and Environmental Engineering
Olson, Jeffrey SHuman Perception Of Noise In Open Spaces In San Juan, Puerto RicoComputer Science
Olson, Kristin CarolEarly Childhood and Community Development in Flamingo Crescent: Building Opportunities For Children Through Community InitiativeChemical Engineering
Oltmann, Jerrod PCrayfish Behavior and Differential Response to Environmental ConditionsBiology and Biotechnology
Oltmann, Jerrod PBiofuelsBiology and Biotechnology
Olver, Lauren The Evaluation of the King Rama VII Mining Museum in Mae Moh, ThailandComputer Science
Olver, Lauren Stardust on FacebookComputer Science
Onderdonk, Jeffrey DPrinter's BuildingMechanical Engineering
Ondreicka, Merrielle DianeTowards A Paperless Choral ClassroomComputer Science
Ondreicka, Merrielle DianeRailroad RunnerComputer Science
Onoja, Augustine AbahStock Market SimulationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Oo, Wut YeeManaging the Assistive Technology Resource CenterMechanical Engineering
Oo, Sett PaingVA Mental Health IntegrationIndustrial Engineering
Oo, Sett PaingPublic Involvement in Long-Term Stewardship Sites of the Superfund ProgramIndustrial Engineering
Opperman, Greg LRainwater Harvesting in Informal Settlements of Windhoek, NamibiaComputer Science
Opperman, Greg LContent Management System for Online Video PublishingComputer Science
Orchanian, Shant Fundamental Blocks for a 0.18um Cyclic Analog-to-Digital ConverterElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ordonez, Juan DanielAssisting Small and Medium Enterprises Become Energy EfficientMechanical Engineering
Orfan, Kyle JosephWorcester Historical Museum: An Interactive Redesign of the Fuller GalleryManagement Information Systems
Orfan, Kyle JosephPatient Portal Messaging Safety Analysis for Reliant Medical GroupManagement Information Systems
Orlovskaya, Alina The Future of the Swiss Transmission GridMathematical Sciences
Orman, Neal CGPU Optimization of an Existing Free-Viewpoint Video SystemComputer Science
Orman, Neal CAnalysis of Game Interface PerformanceIMG
Orman, Neal C"Dark Horse" Mod for OblivionIMG
Orme-Johnson, McGhee Gene synthesis and expression of human torque teno virus VP3: Exploring the cancer-killing potential of an apoptin homologBiochemistry
Orme-Johnson, McGhee A Sustainable Science Laboratory Program for Rural ThailandBiochemistry
Orme-Johnson, McGhee Finding Connections Between Religion and ScienceHumanities
Orphanos, Alexander GregoryiOS Application Development for Laboratory UseAeronautical Engineering
Orphanos, Alexander GregoryMechanical, Power, and Thermal Subsystem Design for a CubeSat MissionAeronautical Engineering
Orr, Jessica LImplementation of High School Water Science Fairs in AlbaniaChemical Engineering
Orsi, Edward PChronopigger: The Making of an IGF WinnerIMG
Orsi, Edward PShowcasing Twenty Years of Venice Project Center Results Using Interactive Online InfographicsInteractive Media and Game Development
Orso, Dericc AndrewEnergy Monitoring for Compliance with the Merton RulePhysics
Orso, Dericc AndrewRutherford Scattering and GeLi DetectionPhysics
Orszulak, Jeffrey PARbot: Personal Assistive RobotRobotics Engineering
Orszulak, Jeffrey Treasure's Underfoot: Persevering Venice's Church Floor ArtifactsRobotics Engineering
Ortega, Juan CDevelopment of Regulations for Volunteer Tourism in NamibiaElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ortega, Juan CEmpirical Modeling of the Poynting and Kinetic Energy Flux in Earth's AtmosphereElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Orthodoxou, Demetra An endocytic signal for the potassium channel KCNK3Biochemistry
Ortiz, Erika ReginaExamining Parents’ Responses to CSIRO’s Holiday Science ActivitiesBiology and Biotechnology
Ortiz, Aubrey DumaoalHydroponic Farming in Mahasarakham: Integrating Hydroponics into the Agricultural Curriculum While Introducing Entrepreneurial SkillsBiomedical Engineering
Ortiz, Aubrey DumaoalDesign and Testing of a Novel Cell Seeding and Bioreactor System for the In-Vitro Growth of Scaffold-Free Tissue Tubes for Tissue Engineered Blood VesselsBiomedical Engineering
Ortiz, Andres SLocal Water Network Rectification in Krabi, ThailandMechanical Engineering
Ortiz Rosero, Jose LuisOpticap XL Output and Workflow Improvement- Examining Production Line DedicationIndustrial Engineering
Ortiz Rosero, Jose LuisPotential Economic Impact of Large Scale Retrofitting in YarraIndustrial Engineering
Orton, Alix RDZT IQP 0704 Stock Market SimulationMechanical Engineering
Osberg, Kelly Demographic Preferences in Web Design: Usability Testing through Eye Tracking at Fidelity Investments Inc.Management Information Systems
Osborn, Scott DavidEvaluating Visitor Experience in the Citi Money Gallery at the British MuseumAeronautical Engineering
Osborne, Kenneth LDetermining the Contact Angle of a Droplet on a SubstratePhysics
Osborne, Kenneth LMaking the Link: Entrepreneurship in Costa RicaPhysics
Osei, Andrew FiifiNutrient Removal at the Gardner Wastewater Treatment FacilityCivil and Environmental Engineering
Osei, Andrew FiifiAssessment of the Carbon Footprint of the Bomberos of Costa RicaCivil and Environmental Engineering
Osgood, Joshua DAssessing the Learning of Students with Disabilities in Informal EducationMechanical Engineering
Osgood, Joshua DIron Mountain Cart RedesignMechanical Engineering
Osgood, Nathaniel Signal Processing for the Electric Guitar: Electric Guitar Distortion Pedal DesignElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Oshetsky, Michael Mobile Platform for Determining Particulate Flow VelocityComputer Science
Oshetsky, Michael RyanCityofBoston.gov Design RecommendationsComputer Science
Oshiro, Franco AntonioAutomated Cardiomyocyte IsolationBiomedical Engineering
Oshiro, Franco AntonioAnalysis of the Aquaculture Market in the Costa Rican Metropolitan AreaBiomedical Engineering
Osley, Michael EIQP on Analysis of the Green Communities ActMechanical Engineering
Osowski, Edward CharlesWaterborne Autonomous VEhicleRBE CS
Osowski, Edward CharlesEnvironmental Compliance: Acquisition, Storage, and Analysis of Waste Oil DataComputer Science
Osowski, Edward CharlesWaterborne Autonomous VehicleRBE CS
Ossa, Daniel Price and Revenue OptimizationActuarial Mathematics
Ossa, Daniel Trade-Capture Process Analysis: Global Credit Products and Structure Credit TradingComputer Science
Ossa, Daniel Negotiating Secure Land Tenure Through Community Redevelopment: A case study from the Klong Toey Slum in BangkokManagement Engineering
Ossa, Daniel MORGAN STANLEY INTERNATIONAL PRIME BROKERAGE: A study to identify and implement best practices in Client ServiceManagement Engineering
Osswald, Peter HarlanRedesign and Materials Optimization of the Nor'Easter EngineMechanical Engineering
Ostapenko, Aleksandr VCompilers Lab RevisionComputer Science
Ostapenko, Aleksandr VSoftware Engineering LobbyComputer Science
Ostermann, Kristen CWater Quality Improvement for Pepperell PondCivil and Environmental Engineering
Ostermann, Kristen CAtmospheric Modeling of Carbon DioxideCivil and Environmental Engineering
Ostling, Jacob DanielNew Concept Design for Mikma Coffee Grinder to Increase User BaseMechanical Engineering
Ostrom, Eric MaxwellA Tutorial Approach to the Analysis of Geothermal HeatingMathematical Sciences
Ostrom, Eric MaxwellTHE HISTORY OF THE RAPIERMathematical Sciences
Ostrowski, Joseph EdwardValue Added Products for Beekeepers in AlbaniaChemical Engineering
Osullivan, Phil Transgenic AnimalsMechanical Engineering
Oswald, Eric MartinEffects of 3D Audio and Video in Video GamesChemistry
Oswald, Caleb CGlobal Manufacturing and Collaborative ToolsMechanical Engineering
Oswald, Eric MartinSubstrate Effects in Hybrid Solar CellsChemistry
Oswald, Caleb CA Process for Incorporating Community Perspectives in Open Space PreservationMechanical Engineering
Otalvaro-Gutierrez, Diana MHarvesting He-3 On The MoonChemical Engineering
Otalvaro-Gutierrez, Diana MNumerical studies on zinc oxide synthesis via physical vapor transportChemical Engineering
Otero, Nicholas WilliamCreation of the Cartago Water Safety Plan: Water Supply System Management and Risk Assessment in the Municipality of CartagoRobotics Engineering
Ott, Molly KatherineDanson House Visitor SurveyBiomedical Engineering
Otte, Brandon JDesign of Micropropulsion Plume ExperimentsAeronautical Engineering
Otte, Brandon JTowards a Paperless Choral ClassroomAeronautical Engineering
Otte, Brandon JTowards A Paperless Choral ClassroomAeronautical Engineering
Otterman, Amanda DaleEnergy Demonstration Trailer: Spreading Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency throughout NamibiaAeronautical Engineering
Otterman, Amanda DaleWPI AIAA Research Rocket (WARRIORS)Mechanical Engineering
Otto, Nicole AnaisImproving Service Quality, Business Practices, and Marketing Strategies to Ensure NABCOA’s Financial Future Through a Fee-for-Service ModelBiology and Biotechnology
Otto, Nicole AnaisCloning and Expression of H2-D(b) for Future Experimental Studies on its Role in Multiple SclerosisInterdisciplinary
Otuyelu, Adeola OluwakemiPromoting Car Clubs in CroydonND
Otuyelu, Olusope MDevelopment of a 'Smart Glove' Monitoring System for Personal Protective Equipment ApplicationsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Otuyelu, Olusope MHIV/AIDS Prevention Strategies in the Private Sector of NamibiaElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ouellette, Noelle DA Protocol for Evaluating Lighting Practices and Light Pollution in Coastal LocationsManagement Engineering
Ouellette, Kelsey DDesigning a Rafting Mooring Buoy for the Puerto Rican CaysEnvironmental Engineering
Ouellette, Jesse PaulDevelopment Of A Visual Humidity Indicator For 3D Printing for Metal CastingMechanical Engineering
Ouellette, Mackenzie LeighGE Environmental ImprovementChemical Engineering
Ouellette, Jesse PaulThe Building Blocks of Venice: preserving knowledge of a city's infrastructure and maintenanceMechanical Engineering
Ouellette, Jesse PaulDevelopment of a Visual Humidity Indicator for 3D Printing for Metal CastingMechanical Engineering
Ouellette, Mackenzie LeighCommunity Waste Management in Costa Rican Squatter CommunitiesChemical Engineering
Ouellette, Christina ElizabethModeling Flooding in the Borough of HounslowBiology and Biotechnology
Ouellette, Daniel JCost and Benefit Analysis of Blackstone Canal RevitalizationChemical Engineering
Ouimet, Benjamin MichaelProgram to Increase K-12 Interest in Computer ScienceComputer Science
Over, Robert ASpectrum Policy and ManagementElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Over, Robert AProving the Social and Economic Value of the Lunch Club for Older Persons for the Commonside Community Development TrustElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Over, Robert ADigital Spectrum Sensing for the Localization of Public Safety RespondersElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Overton, Christopher WilliamWaterborne Autonomous VEhicleME RBE
Overton, Christopher WilliamTheoretical Model and Test Bed for the Development and Validation of Ornithopter DesignsRobotics Engineering
Overton, Christopher WilliamAddressing Greywater Management Issues in Langrug Using a Sustainable Reiterative ProcessRobotics Engineering
Overton, Gregory JDesign of a Pneumatic Stepper Motor for MRI EnvironmentsRobotics Engineering
Overton, Gregory JInflux of Chinese Students Into American Universities: WPI Case StudyRobotics Engineering
Owen, Archibald AlexanderManaging Costa Rica's WasteElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Owen, Archibald AlexanderAerial Networking: Creating a Resilient Wireless Network for Multiple Unmanned Aerial VehiclesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Owens, William RobertCracks in Half Plane, Cracks in DiscsMathematical Sciences
Owens, Michael JDeveloping a Preservation Strategy for the Water Filtration System of the Antiguo Acueducto de San JuanChemical Engineering
Owens, Brittany AnnProgram to Increase K-12 Interest in Computer ScienceIMG
Owens, William RobertA Large-Scale Investment SimulationMathematical Sciences
Owusu-Ansah, Benjamin KwameBioaccumulation of Benzo[alpha]Pyrene in Orconectes Limosus CrayfishBiology and Biotechnology
Owusu-Ansah, Benjamin KwameImproving Ambulance Compartment Insulation, Energy and Lighting DesignBiology and Biotechnology
Oyola, Adrian Eye Tracking of Text and Diagrams during the Interpretation of Economic TrendsPsychological Science
Ozgoren, Deniz BerkIRIS Hand: Smart Robotic ProsthesisInterdisciplinary
Ozgoren, Deniz Interactive MuseumRobotics Engineering
Ozil, Ipek Applications of Surface Metrology to Issues in ArtElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ozil, Ipek Design of a Completely Wireless Security Camera SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ozkan, Selahaddin SImproving Recruitment and Retention Strategies for Deloitte, MoscowBiomedical Engineering

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