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Author Name TitleDepartment
Wack, Alexander SanfordGrafton State Hospital: Supporting Human and Animal Health CareIMG
Wack, Tyler MichaelBoating Left High & Dry: A Feasibility Study of Publicly Accessible Boat Facilities in Hong KongComputer Science
Wack, Tyler MichaelNew WPISuite ArchitectureComputer Science
Wack, Alexander SanfordPlanet Dearth MQPIMG
Waddell, Julie AnnEarly Childhood Development ConnectionElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wade, Julie AnneAn Exposé on the López-Alt-Tromer-Vaikuntanathan Fully Homomorphic Encryption SchemeInterdisciplinary
Wade, Julie AnneDigitizing the Archives of the Private Committees for the Safeguarding of VeniceMathematical Sciences
Wade, Levi CliffordNose Cone Design of an Aerial Drop VehicleAeronautical Engineering
Wade, Levi CliffordStock Market SimulationAeronautical Engineering
Waechter, Paige RPromoting Universal Accessibility of the East Kowloon Harbor FrontBiomedical Engineering
Wah Chan, Kimberly WanData Driven Decision MakingManagement Engineering
Wahlgren, Jacob OGait Efficiency of Race WalkingBiomedical Engineering
Wahlgren, Jacob OStock Market Simulation and AnalysisBiomedical Engineering
Waid-Jones, Austin CharlesEnergy LabMechanical Engineering
Wainwright, Matthew Design of a Novel Elliptical Skin Biopsy Punch DeviceBiomedical Engineering
Wainwright, Matthew Stock Market SimulationBiomedical Engineering
Waithe, Sean RIron Mountain Cart RedesignMechanical Engineering
Waitt, Daniel MApocalypse Soon? A Study of Views About Future Technological DevelopmentManufacturing Engineering
Waitt, Daniel MGrain Coarsening Behavior of two Gamma Prime Ni-Based SuperalloysManufacturing Engineering
Wajcs, Karl BReconfigurable Modular Mobile Robotic Platform (ReMMRP)Robotics Engineering
Wajcs, Karl BDig-it: A Team Dynamics StudyRobotics Engineering
Wakeman, Juliana MarieDesign of a Moving Bar Wake Generator for a Linear Compressor CascadeAeronautical Engineering
Wakeman, Juliana MarieProfiling Community AssetsAeronautical Engineering
Walcott, Raphael PeterMotor Eyes: Mechanical Platform for a Binocular Robotic Vision SystemInterdisciplinary
Walcott, Raphael PeterApplying Technology in a Bangkok Slum: CCTV Systems to Benefit the Khlong Toei CommunityRobotics Engineering
Walde, Caitlin EDetermining Limitations of Kinetic Models for Pyrolysis Simulation of Fiber Reinforced Polymer CompositesMechanical Engineering
Walde, Caitlin ElizabethDeveloping Public Interest in the Natural Sciences at the ZHAW, Wädenswil, SwitzerlandMechanical Engineering
Walder, Damani GDeveloping Strategies to Improve Farm Labor Camp Housing Policy in MassachusettsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Waldo, James Evaluating LED Street LightingMechanical Engineering
Waldron, Brendan RMusic Library OrganizationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Waldron, Phillip WElectric Power and Social AttitudesMechanical Engineering
Walker, Brian ThomasHigh-Intensity Interval Training and the WPI CommunityChemical Engineering
Walker, Renee JhenelleMini Input Sensor BoardsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Walker, Brian ThomasDevelopment of a Novel Palladium Membrane-based Alkaline Direct Methanol Fuel CellChemical Engineering
Walker, Christopher NelsonImproving the Sustainability of the Regional Environmental Council Food Justice ProgramBiomedical Engineering
Walker, Richard KyleElectronic Recycling Center in Peñuelas, Puerto Rico: Its Viability, Sustainability, and OperationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Walker, Jeffrey Feasibility Study: Ice Rink SWOT AnalysisManagement Engineering
Walker, Christian GermanEffects of 3D Audio and Video in Video GamesIMG
Walker, Thomas AAnalysis of Oak ComponentsChemical Engineering
Walker, Christopher NelsonDevelopment of a Videographic Pupillometer System for Non-Invasive, Distant AnalysisInterdisciplinary
Walker, Lillian GraceExploring New Methods in Understanding Visitor Experience: Evaluations of the Citi Money Gallery at the British MuseumRobotics Engineering
Walker, Thomas AThe Feasibility of Wireless EnergyChemical Engineering
Walker, Sarah LouiseDesign and Fabrication of Biomorphic Scaffolds for Tissue Regrowth by 3D PrintingBiomedical Engineering
Walker, Jeffrey Market Analysis: Wavetrend Technologies, Inc.Management Engineering
Walker, Christian GermanEmber's InklinkoInterdisciplinary
Walker, Griffin PatrickMarcellus Shale: Cementing and Well Casing ViolationsBiology and Biotechnology
Walker, Kristina EricaStructure Fire Gas EmissionsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Walker, Sarah LouisePlayground Equipment: Classification and Burn AnalysisBiomedical Engineering
Walker, Richard KyleTowards the Realization of an Autonomous BlimpElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Walker, Renee JhenelleColleges of Worcester Consortium Community Service DatabaseElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Walkowski, Joshua TDreamspace: Design and Development of a First-Person, Story-Driven Puzzle GameIMG
Walkowski, Joshua TravisSamaritans' Teen LineInteractive Media and Game Development
Wall, Phyllis AManaging Water and Sanitation in the Fish River BasinCivil and Environmental Engineering
Wall, Patrick JohnStock Market SimulationMechanical Engineering
Wall, Michael KRisky BusinessIMG
Wall, Phyllis AThe Effects of Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) Additives on Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP)Civil and Environmental Engineering
Wall, Kelsey AnnAn Advanced Assessment of Ski BindingsBiomedical Engineering
Wall, Michael KHTML5 Game EngineInteractive Media and Game Development
Wall, Kelsey AnnSustainable Water and Waste Management in Remote Desert EnvironmentsBiomedical Engineering
Wall-Epstein, Cody BEvaluating Simulators in FIRST Robotics CompetitionRobotics Engineering
Wallace, Rachel CarissaProvider Scheduling at the Worcester VA Community Based Outpatient ClinicManagement Engineering
Wallace, Ryan MFeasibility of Green Roofs in the Main South Community of Worcester, MassachusettsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Wallace, Peter MalcolmEnhancing the Effectiveness of the Santa Fe Bus SystemManagement Engineering
Wallace, Ryan MCopper Removal at the Gardner Wastewater Treatment FacilityCivil and Environmental Engineering
Wallace, Rachel CarissaGoat’s Head Pub Marketing PlanManagement Engineering
Waller, Christian PhilipLittle Indian Lake: Diagnostic StudyChemical Engineering
Waller, Christian PhilipComparison of Reaction in Catalyst Pellet Between Three-Dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics and One-Dimensional Multiphysics SimulationsChemical Engineering
Waller, Aida NCreating An Adaptive BicycleMechanical Engineering
Wallhagen, Eric EXAMINATION OF AGING ALUMINUM 319Mechanical Engineering
Walls, Tiffany AnnPrevalence of Respiratory PathologyBiology and Biotechnology
Walls, Gregory FThe Effects of Light Pollution in Hong KongChemical Engineering
Walls, Gregory FAn Analysis on the Effectiveness of CFD Modeling of Heat Transfer in a Pilot-scale Low-N Fixed Bed ReactorChemical Engineering
Walsh, Brendan PeterSafe Nuclear EnergyMechanical Engineering
Walsh, Lauren MarieRe-Design of a Skin Graft Culturing SystemBiomedical Engineering
Walsh, Brendan PeterAn Advanced Assessment of Ski BindingsMechanical Engineering
Walsh, Nicholas EMicrowave Assisted Jatropha Biodiesel ProductionChemical Engineering
Walsh, Adam JamesDNA FINGERPRINTINGMechanical Engineering
Walsh, Joseph MA Web Survey of Winter Sports Accidents Involving Equipment FailureBiochemistry
Walsh, Roman DGait Efficiency of Race WalkingMechanical Engineering
Walsh, Lauren MarieFeasibility Study for Recreational Access at Rattlesnake Gutter in Leverett, MABiomedical Engineering
Walsh, Jonathan BIdentifying Priority Open Space in WorcesterComputer Science
Walsh, Adam JamesProcess Machining of Specific Industry ComponentsMechanical Engineering
Walsh, Roman DEmergency Packaged Water Distribution SystemMechanical Engineering
Walsh, Joseph Development of Glucan Particle Encapsulated Nevirapine as a Topical HIV MicrobicideBiochemistry
Walsh, Myles AlexanderEnhanced Laboratory Learning: Online SupplementsBiology and Biotechnology
Walsh, Nicholas EImproving Customer Access to Council Services in the London Borough of GreenwichChemical Engineering
Walston, Eric CApplying Game UX Techniques to Network Security ToolsIMG
Walston, Eric CGame Industry ResearchComputer Science
Walter-Echols, Michael KarlSurveillance and PrivacyElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Walter-Echols, Michael KarlZigBee-Enabled RFID Reader NetworkElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Walton, Warranyu Analysis and Mitigation of Harmonics in Wind Turbine TransformersElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Walton, Vanessa JValue Stream Mapping for Lean Manufacturing ImplementationMechanical Engineering
Walton, Vanessa A Study of Overnight Lighting in Non-Domestic BuildingsMechanical Engineering
Walton, Warranyu The Shadow MirrorElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wamakima, Diana GA DFT Study of the Hydrophobicity of SIlicaliteChemical Engineering
Wamakima, Diana GFire Safety in Green BuildingsChemical Engineering
Wambui, Fidelis Green Building Water Infrastructure Technologies Analysis at EPA NCERChemical Engineering
Wambui, Fidelis Toward Development of Intermediate Temperature Fuel CellsChemical Engineering
Wang, Ting Ting Investigating Resistance to Candida albicans Infection through Genetic Mutations of Caenorhabditis elegansBIO BC
Wang, Xiangyu Data Envelopment AnalysisActuarial Mathematics
Wang, Xiaoyun Computerized Stock Trading SystemActuarial Mathematics
Wang, Yuchen Renewable Energy Resources: Tidal and Jet Stream EnergiesPhysics
Wang, Yao Straw Bale Construction: The Application in MassachusettsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Wang, Shuyang Reorganizing the Music LibraryChemical Engineering
Wang, Xiaojing A Nonlinear Elliptical Problem for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell CathodesMA PH
Wang, Yan Establishing a Student Flea Market at WPICivil and Environmental Engineering
Wang, Yijun Concept for Assessing Factors Relevant to Performance-Based Building and Fire Code AdoptionARE
Wang, Zhixin Removal of PFOA from Water using UV Treatment, Chemical Oxidation, & Adsorption by Activated Carbon & ZeolitesChemical Engineering
Wang, Ting Ting Alzheimer’s Disease: From Pathology and Early Detection to Socioeconomic Impacts and TreatmentBIO BC
Wang, Boya Sales Training and Swaption Pricing under New Regulatory EnvironmentCS MA
Wang, Ye Formation Flying Test Bed Data Analysis Software Programming ProjectEE
Wang, Xiaoyun BNP Equity Smart Order RouterActuarial Mathematics
Wang, Yi Mastery Learning Leads to Better Learning: 7th GradeComputer Science
Wang, Ting Ting Investigating Resistance to Candida albicans Infection through Genetic Mutations of Caenorhabditis elegansInterdisciplinary
Wang, Zhixin Developing Energy and Economic Initiatives for Rural NamibiaChemical Engineering
Wang, Yao The Watershed Sustainability Index for the Reventazón River WatershedCivil and Environmental Engineering
Wang, Taoning Energy Retrofit of Kaven Hall with Aerogel ApplicationARC
Wang, Jun ChaoHighly Linear LNA Design for 4G WiMAX ApplicationsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wang, Xiangyu Stock Market SimulationActuarial Mathematics
Wang, Shuyang Micro-scale Testing of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Resin and Additive to Evaluate Kinetic Parameters for Pyrolysis ModelingChemical Engineering
Wang, Yan A Starting Guide for Campus SustainabilityEnvironmental Engineering
Wang, Peishan Adaptation of Russian energy companies to a changing ArcticChemical Engineering
Wang, Siqi Tactical Data ManagementInterdisciplinary
Wang, Peishan Photocatalytic Oxidation of N-Nitrosodimethylamine by UV-LED LightChemical Engineering
Wang, Yi Composition without Composite ComponentsComputer Science
Wang, Xiaojing Digitally Displayed Music ScoresPH MA
Wang, Xiaoyu College RankingsMechanical Engineering
Wang, Jiedong Building Energy Benchmarking in Northern VirginiaManagement Information Systems
Wang, Zibo Principles of Comprehensive Pedestrian Networks in a Multi-Layered CityComputer Science
Wang, Bohua Design and Realization of an Intelligent Ground VehicleMechanical Engineering
Wang, Yijun Building Mechanical System Design for New Science WorkplaceARC
Wang, Jiedong Prospective Member Sourcing SystemManagement Information Systems
Wang, Raymond Framework to Develop a North Atlantic Right Whale Video GameRobotics Engineering
Wang, Bohua Educational Outreach for the Engineering DiplomaMechanical Engineering
Wang, Jun ChaoRainwater Harvesting in Matenwa, HaitiElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wang, Wenli Study of Biofuel Catalyst Modification: Surface Energy of Alkyltrichlorosilane Modified ZeolitesChemical Engineering
Wang, Wenli Mapping the Potential for Urban Agriculture in Worcester: A Land Inventory AssessmentChemical Engineering
Wang, Chenbo MusicActuarial Mathematics
wangboya2007@WPI.EDU, Boya WangChanging Business Practices in a New Regulatory Environmentjdickson
Waple, Catherine AnnChemistry MicroworldsIMG
Waple, Catherine AnnHydrospaceIMG
Ward, Devon AThe Effect of Asphalt Pavement on Stormwater ContaminationCivil and Environmental Engineering
Ward, Kandace MeaganFundraising for Homeless Women and ChildrenManagement
Ward, Devon ARiverlands Site DevelopmentCivil and Environmental Engineering
Ward, Jason GilbertExploring the Factors Influencing Organic Waste Sorting in DenmarkBiomedical Engineering
Ward, Virginia LMoroccan Migration to SpainInternational Studies
Ward, Kandace MeaganDeveloping a Foreign Market Strategy for a Biomedical Device: CircumBlator Treating Atrial FibrillationManagement
Ward, Jason GilbertA Microfluidic Device for Three-Dimensional Angiogenesis in Response to a Growth Factor GradientBiomedical Engineering
Ward, Virginia LRainwater Harvesting In Windhoek, NamibiaSociety, Technology, and Policy
Warden, Rachel MarieSimulation of Early C. elegans EmbryogenesisInterdisciplinary
Warden, Rachel MarieEvaluating the Interactions between Wellington Residents and the Threatened Kaka ParrotBiology and Biotechnology
Ware, Kimberly MThe Second Electrolyte Wedge ProblemMathematical Sciences
Warfel, David R.Stormwater Management Plan for the West Boylston Brook SubbasinCivil and Environmental Engineering
Warfel, David R.Water Resources Development in Isaan, Thailand: The Social Case for Ban ThadCivil and Environmental Engineering
Waring, Christopher JamesEpendymin Immunoreactivity in Limulus polyphemusBiochemistry
Waring, Christopher JamesMythbusters: CholesterolBiochemistry
Waring, Lauren EDigital Media in the TowerEnvironmental Engineering
Waring, Lauren EUtilizing GAC and MIEX to Improve TOC Removal from Wastewater for Discharge to Groundwater near Drinking Water SourcesEnvironmental Engineering
Warms, Christopher MCentralized Intrusion Detection via Swarm RobotsMechanical Engineering
Warms, Christopher MWembley Regeneration IndexMechanical Engineering
Warner, Marisa Saving Energy in Nantucket Public SchoolsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Warner, Matthew TTotal Machining ReliabilityMechanical Engineering
Warner, Ethan TylerA Lunar Base Exhibit ProposalMechanical Engineering
Warner, Brandy AAnalyzing Food Security in WorcesterAeronautical Engineering
Warner, Matthew TEvaluating the London Science Museum’s Activity Boxes at UK STEM ClubsMechanical Engineering
Warner, Ethan TylerMaximizing Vortex Induced Vibrations through Geometry VariationMechanical Engineering
Warner, Brandy ARe-Design of the WPI Kite-Powered Water Pump and Wind Turbine SystemsAeronautical Engineering
Warren, Robert WMultilayer Polymer Inkjet PrintingMechanical Engineering
Warren, Kyle EmeryMixed-Use Academic/Parking Structure DesignCivil and Environmental Engineering
Warren, Kyle EmeryIncreasing Interaction With EnginesCivil and Environmental Engineering
Warren, Robert WSocial Acceptance of Fail-Safe NanotechnologyMechanical Engineering
Warren, Allyson LThe Effects of Sexual Selection on Mate Choice in Freshwater CrayfishBiology and Biotechnology
Warren, Allyson LGood Practices for the Cultivation of Trout in Costa RicaBiology and Biotechnology
Warrington, Tiffany LExploring Inertial Navigation Techniques for Precision Personnel LocationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Warrington, Tiffany LImplementation of a Sustainable Website for the Commonside Community Development TrustElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Washington, Steven VWoopee Inn: A Data-Mining Facebook GameIMG
Washington, Steven VUsing Interactive Media to Attracting Prospective FreshmenIMG
Wasserman, Brittany MRecommendations for the Classroom Technology and Layout at WPIMechanical Engineering
Waterman, John TylerVideo Relay Interpreting Services in VictoriaChemical Engineering
Waterman, John TylerModeling of a Catalytic Packed Bed Reactor and Gas Chromatograph Using COMSOL MultiphysicsChemical Engineering
Waterman, Shane WilliamCement Well Logging Using Neutron Activation AnalysisPhysics
Waterman, Shane WilliamThe Feasibility of Domestic Medical Isotope Production for Clincal ImagingPhysics
Watkins, Bryan ArthurControl of Total Suspended Solids and Phosphorous from Stormwater in Lake WickaboagCivil and Environmental Engineering
Watkins, Heather RThe role of pheromones in crayfish mating behavior: Responses of virgin and non-virgin females to conspecific chemical cuesBiology and Biotechnology
Watkins, Mark Green EngineeringInterdisciplinary
Watkins, Mark The Effect of CO2 Emissions on the North Western American Alpine TundraPhysics
Watkins, Bryan ArthurAuburn Wind StudyCivil and Environmental Engineering
Watson, Thomas BrantonDesign of Low Cost Modular Robotic Manipulator JointsMechanical Engineering
Watson, Thomas BrantonPromoting Interaction: English Language Education and Cultural Exchange Program for Rural Schools in ThailandMechanical Engineering
Watson, James M.Stem CellsChemical Engineering
Watson, Thomas JefferyAn Augmented World: How wearable AR devices affect socializationRobotics Engineering
Waugh, Kevin EWaste Management on Dairy Farms in Costa RicaMechanical Engineering
Way, Justin ArthurStem CellsMathematical Sciences
Wayns, Kevin EuriDISTRIBUTED GREEN POWER TOOLSIndustrial Engineering
Weaver, Sean MichaelEvaluating the visitor experience at Hall Place in Bexley, LondonRobotics Engineering
Weaver, Ryan JHydraulic Series Hybrid Baja CarMechanical Engineering
Weaver, Ryan JWPI Teaching Practicum in 8th Grade Physical ScienceMechanical Engineering
Webb, Nathan MichaelThe Ecological Footprint of Composting and Incineration of Garden Waste in DenmarkElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Webb, Nathan MichaelIndoor Navigation System for Handheld DevicesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Webber, Benjamin CA Study On The Causes of Recidivism in MassachusettsBiochemistry
Webber, Benjamin ClarkOral Avian Influenza VaccineBiochemistry
Webber, Celina MLunar Development Robotics CompetitionRobotics Engineering
Weber, Travis Investigating and Promoting Extensively Natured, Green Urban Rooftops in Puerto RicoMechanical Engineering
Weber, Brian GSony Copy ProtectionComputer Science
Weber, Brian GCisco E-mail Filter and Notification SystemsComputer Science
Wei, Qian Gamers and Games They PlayComputer Science
Wei, Qian The History, Application and Future Potential of WikisComputer Science
Wei, Xing Wall Street ProjectElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wei, Xing Comparison Between Scaffolding and Worked Example in ASSISTment Tutoring SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Weiland, Eric BernardHydraulic Series Hybrid Baja CarMechanical Engineering
Weiland, Eric BernardFirstBank: The Enhancement of a Corporate Environmental ProgramMechanical Engineering
Weiler, Joseph DavidCost Analysis for the MS4 PermitsMechanical Engineering
Weiler, Cynthia ClaireKermotiva: Interactive Public Art InstallationMechanical Engineering
Weiler, Andrew JUSPTO Quality Metrics AnalysisElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Weiler, Cynthia ClaireSAE Baja Gearless Differential 2009-2010Mechanical Engineering
Weiner, David AaronStock Market SimulationBiomedical Engineering
Weiner, David AaronDesign of a Novel Elliptical Skin Biopsy Punch DeviceBiomedical Engineering
Weingarten, Collin JamesImproving Library Use and Information Literacy at Caritas Charles Vath CollegeManagement
Weingarten, Collin JamesEconomic Impact of the Mass. Biomedical IndustryManagement
Weinrick, Racheal LDesigning Green InfrastructureAeronautical Engineering
Weinrick, Racheal LThermal, Telecommunication and Power Systems for a CubeSatAeronautical Engineering
Weinstein, Michael RobinMiniature Gas Turbine Test Stand for Laboratory ExercisesAeronautical Engineering
Weinstein, Michael RobinDeveloping Educational Materials for Fort Nelson Historical SiteAeronautical Engineering
Weir, Robert J.S.Partnerships Implementing Engineering Education: 2nd and 3rd Grade LessonsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Weir, Robert J.S.Security Check-In StationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Weis, Amanda MichelleVenice through the canals of time: Mapping the physical evolution of the cityManagement Information Systems
Weis, Amanda MichelleProspective Member Sourcing SystemManagement Information Systems
Weiser, David MDesign and Prototype of a Mobile File Transport SystemMechanical Engineering
Weiser, Patrick TAquaculture of the Kabeljou in NamibiaChemistry
Weisgerber, Briana StashikResidential Cluster Development in West BoylstonCivil and Environmental Engineering
Weisgerber, Briana StashikDeveloping a Sustainable Waste Management Strategy for the Khlong Toei Slum in BangkokCivil and Environmental Engineering
Weishaar, Adrienne LeeDeveloping a Sustainable Drinking Water Management Model: Addressing Water Contamination in the Khlong Toei Slum in Bangkok, ThailandCivil and Environmental Engineering
Weisman, Matthew JamesNew WPI Sports & Recreation Center IIICivil and Environmental Engineering
Weisman, Matthew JamesClimate Change Adaptation Planning for Massachusetts Drinking Water and Wastewater UtilitiesCivil and Environmental Engineering
Weitz, Ryan BartlettRecreational Trail Design in Fultonville, New YorkCivil and Environmental Engineering
Weitz, Ryan BartlettWashburn's Legacy: How WPI-Company Connections Shaped Worcester's Industrial ExpansionCivil and Environmental Engineering
Welch, Ryan Investigating Transportation Policies to Reduce Air Pollution in Hong KongElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Welch, Jonathan AlfredPortable Single Switch Activated Bowling GameMechanical Engineering
Welch, Ryan Self Energy Sensors for Roadside ApplicationsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Welch, Jonathan AlfredSustainable Urban Sound DesignMechanical Engineering
Weliwitigoda, Chatura TSecurity Check-In StationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Welker, Maxwell EdisonTraining of the CFA Volunteer WorkforceMechanical Engineering
Welker, Maxwell EdisonDesign of a Snowboard BindingMechanical Engineering
Weller, Marc FAlternative Shredder Waste Processing MethodsChemical Engineering
Weller, Marc FRemoval of Ciprofloxacin from Water using Adsorption, UV Photolysis and UV/H2O2 DegradationChemical Engineering
Wellington, Christopher CPhysics and Education Interdisciplinary Qualifying ProjectMechanical Engineering
Wellington, Christopher CMulti-Actuator Switch-Mode Hydraulic SystemMechanical Engineering
Wells, Nathan HarrisonGlovesense Data GloveElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wells, Justin Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Boston Without Harnessing Its Energy Using Photovoltaic TechnologyElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wells, Justin Temperature Estimation Using Ring OscillatorsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Welsh, Christopher LealandAnalysis of Glycerin Uses for the Empower Energy Cooperative: An outlet for growthChemical Engineering
Weltsek, Erich WKnights! At the MuseumHumanities
Wen, Xi Investing in Institutions for CooperationEconomic Science
Wen, Xiaosong Flipping The Classroom in CS 1101Computer Science
Wentzell, Samantha LillianRemoval of Ciprofloxacin from Water using Adsorption, UV Photolysis and UV/H2O2 DegradationChemical Engineering
Wentzell, Samantha LillianDeveloping and Testing a Density MicroworldChemical Engineering
Wenzlaff, Everett CDevelopment of an Energy Reduction Blueprint for the Worcester Green Low-Income Housing CoalitionMechanical Engineering
Werner, Christopher MInvestigation of the Effects of the Built Environment on Patient Health Outcomes and Staff SatisfactionMechanical Engineering
Werner, Ulrich AldonImproving Contact Center Demonstrations at Cisco SystemsManagement Information Systems
Werner, Ulrich AldonNew Product Development Portfolio WebsiteManagement Information Systems
Werth, Sheila PatriciaWi-Fi Denial of Service Attack on Wired Analog RF Channel EmulatorElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Werth, Sheila PatriciaMarcellus Shale: Cementing and Well Casing ViolationsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wesley, Kyla MonayAquaponics in Puerto Rico: Assessing Opportunity in the Growing IndustryPsychological Science
Wesoloski, Joseph EdwardUrban Water ConservationManagement Engineering
Wesoloski, Joseph EdwardProduct Plan Recommendations for the 100traffic Water TurbineManagement Engineering
Wesolowski, Daniel Water Meter Replacement EvaluationManagement Information Systems
Wessling, Kyle JCompeting Mercury and Ozone Reactions in the StratosphereChemical Engineering
Wessling, Kyle JAssessment of Chartered Dive and Snorkel Operations in Puerto RicoChemical Engineering
West, Owen GreenConquest of the Verse: Conquering the Galaxy one Ship at a TimeInteractive Media and Game Development
West, James Developing Springfield: A Mason Square DevelopmentMechanical Engineering
West, Owen GreenProgram to Increase K-12 Interest in Computer ScienceIMG
Wester, Christian RProgram for Teaching Electronics to Middle School StudentsMechanical Engineering
Wester, Thomas RDesign of a Dual Heart Rate Variability MonitorBiomedical Engineering
Wester, Christian RDesign and Realization of a Laser Holographic OtoscopeMechanical Engineering
Westermayer, Krista-Marie Optimization of Procedures for Establishing Mouse Primary Cortical Cultures and siRNA Knockdowns for Studying Huntington's Disease ProteinsBiology and Biotechnology
Westermayer, Krista-Marie Understanding and Analyzing the Restaurant Permitting ProcessBiology and Biotechnology
Westfall, Duncan AddisonTrace Gases and Their Impact on Global WarmingMechanical Engineering
Westlake, Paige VAquaponics in Puerto Rico: Assessing Opportunity in the Growing IndustryManagement Engineering
Westlake, Paige VDon’t Text: Market Opportunity Analysis of a Mobile Application System to Prevent Distracted DrivingManagement Engineering
Westwater, Keegan GarrityPet Insurance Product DevelopmentActuarial Mathematics
Westwater, Keegan GarrityDevelopment of Methods for Financial Outreach for the Rita Zniber Foundation for Orphaned Children in Meknes, MoroccoActuarial Mathematics
Wetherbee, Matthew JNasal flow at High Inspiration PressuresMechanical Engineering
Wetherbee, Matthew JRecommendations for Improving the MIK Website and Overall Marketing StrategyMechanical Engineering
Wetzel, Jordan MichaelJPMorgan Web Service RegistryComputer Science
Wetzel, Jordan MichaelReinvigorating the “In Their Shirtsleeves” Industrial Exhibit at the Worcester Historical MuseumIMG
Weyburne, Ian StevensEnvironmental and Fire Protection in Marinas and PortsEnvironmental Engineering
Weyburne, Ian StevensBioretention Basin Removal Efficiencies: An Evaluation of Stormwater Best Management Practice Effectiveness and Implications for DesignEnvironmental Engineering
Wheeler, Gregory ScottIncreasing Citizen Science Participation in the Picture Post ProjectComputer Science
Wheeler, Gregory ScottUtilizing Smartphone Resources with Homesite InsuranceComputer Science
Wheeler, Nicholas Design of a Windspeed Monitoring System for Autonomously Guided Cargo ParachutesAeronautical Engineering
Wheeler, Melissa NEffect of Shear on Crystallization of ChocolateMechanical Engineering
Wheeler, Melissa NImproving Domestic Tourism In NamibiaMechanical Engineering
Wheeler, Nicholas The Educational Case for a Simulated Lunar BaseMechanical Engineering
Whetstone, Ryan LDesign of an Extension to Punto Verde Environmental Theme ParkMechanical Engineering
Whetstone, Ryan LNano-Scale Convective Heat Transfer of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube ArraysMechanical Engineering
Whipple, Christopher DavidDesign of an Autonomous Platform for Search and Rescue UAV NetworksRobotics Engineering
Whipple, Christopher DavidA Systems Engineering Approach to Green Home Design: The Need to Incorporate Residential Fire SprinklersRobotics Engineering
Whitcher, Chadwick JamesRetrofitting the Future: Preserving Native Crops with Sustainable Greenhouse TechnologyMechanical Engineering
Whitcher, Chadwick JamesPassive, Variable-Flex Prosthetic AnkleMechanical Engineering
Whitcomb, Douglas DIntelligent Robotic Hand DesignMechanical Engineering
White, Kevin DNA FINGERPRINTINGManagement
White, Justin RyanA Proposal for an Educationally Interactive Exhibit based on a 2069 Lunar BaseAeronautical Engineering
White, Catherine SAnalysis of Ellis-van Creveld Syndrome ProteinsBiology and Biotechnology
White, Sarah ALead Exposure in Avian SpeciesBiology and Biotechnology
White, Daniel WilliamProposal for the Development of an Economically Viable Lunar BaseCivil and Environmental Engineering
White, Felicia NicoleEvaluation and Application of a High-Resolution Fiber-Optic Strain SensorMechanical Engineering
White, Jessica LLow Speed Motorcycle Stabilization DeviceMechanical Engineering
White, Brendan Pneumatic Spring Mass SystemMechanical Engineering
White, Daniel JInteractive Audio AdventureIMG
White, Alexander LeeMultimodal MP3 JukeboxElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
White, Evan Thomas LewisRecycling by Bicycle: A Green Alternative to Expand Recycling and Create Jobs in WindhoekChemical Engineering
White, Kevin MichaelBusiness Development at JobTacToe.comManagement
White, Charles WellingtonEnvironmental Certification in Costa Rica: Developing a Tool to Guide SMEs’ DecisionsBiology and Biotechnology
White, Brendan Creating an iPED Tour of NantucketMechanical Engineering
White, Kimberly JeanGallery Evaluations at the British MuseumAeronautical Engineering
White, Elliot JayCopper Removal at the Gardner Wastewater Treatment FacilityCivil and Environmental Engineering
White, Kimberly JeanRe-Design and Testing of the WPI Kite Power SystemMechanical Engineering
White, Jessica LDNA FingerprintingMechanical Engineering
White, Ethan SardisoChronal Panic!IMG
White, Adam DStock Market Simulation (Summer '08)Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
White, Daniel WilliamBridge Performance and DesignCivil and Environmental Engineering
White, Daniel JIrrevocability in GamesInteractive Media and Game Development
White, Peter ADNA FingerprintingMechanical Engineering
White, Felicia NicoleEvaluation and Solid Waste Management Plan for el Cuerpo de BomberosElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
White, Alexander LeeCurriculum Grant Success AnalysisEE
White, Justin RyanOptical Emission Study of a Pulsed Plasma ThrusterAeronautical Engineering
White, Ethan SardArtificial Intelligence in a Game-Like TutorComputer Science
White, Elliot JayALTERNATIVE AND RENEWABLE ENERGYCivil and Environmental Engineering
Whitehouse, Jason Check-In Testing Framework for iOSComputer Science
Whitehouse, Jason AllenCommunity Mobilisation through Reblocking in Flamingo CrescentComputer Science
Whiting, Thomas AnthonyWorker's CompensationActuarial Mathematics
Whiting, Thomas AnthonyPassenger Vessel Weight MeasurementActuarial Mathematics
Whitman, Matthew AaronImplantable Biological Pacemaker for Permanent Autonomous Pacing of the HeartBiomedical Engineering
Whitman, Matthew AaronThe Health Effects of Oil Contamination: A Compilation of ResearchBiomedical Engineering
Whitten-Kassner, Elias ChristopherScience Lab Activities for Secondary Science Education in Northeast ThailandMechanical Engineering
Whitten-Kassner, Elias ChristopherEffects of Staling of Bread Crumb on Mechanical Properties and Cell MorphologyMechanical Engineering
Whittier, Katherine MDigital Palace Explorers: An On-site Storytelling Application for Families at the Tower of LondonActuarial Mathematics
Whittier, Katherine MSocial Security ForecastingActuarial Mathematics
Whitton, Holly Comparative Differentiation of Bone Marrow, Umbilical Cord Blood and Skin Derived CellsBiology and Biotechnology
Whitton, Holly Stem Cells and SocietyBiology and Biotechnology
Whorton, Skyler BarrettWellington Project Initiative: An Assessment of the Feasibility of Establishing an IQP Center in Wellington, New ZealandComputer Science
Whorton, Skyler BarrettFPGA-Based Graphics AccelerationComputer Science
Whyte, James StewartDocumentation and Analysis of the Rayong Oil Spill: Characterizing the health, economic, and social impacts of the incident and responseMechanical Engineering
Wiater, Melanie LouiseStudy To Evaluate Pedestrian SystemsBiomedical Engineering
Wiater, Melanie Louise3D Hydrogel System with Continuous Stiffness GradientBiomedical Engineering
Wicklund, Jaris BLong Term Care Underwriting Risk Scoring ModelActuarial Mathematics
Wiegand, Karl Fire Modeling in FLUENTMechanical Engineering
Wiegand, Karl Improving Library Use and Information Literacy at Caritas Charles Vath CollegeMechanical Engineering
Wiegman, Elliott MartenCommunity Based Tourism at Pellumbas Village, AlbaniaBiomedical Engineering
Wigell, Rachel EllenSimulation of Early C. elegans EmbryogenesisComputer Science
Wigell, Rachel EllenTrail ViewComputer Science
Wight, Frederick MThe Evolution of Materials in Arms and Armors: The Viking Seax KnifeComputer Science
Wight, Michael JamesManaging the Assistive Technology Resource CenterMechanical Engineering
Wigley, Margaret KathleenRevitalizing Worcester and Burnside FountainBiology and Biotechnology
Wiig, David JDetermining the Feasibility of an IQP Project Center in Santa Fe, New MexicoMechanical Engineering
Wiig, David JDesign of a Small Vacuum Facility for Microflow ExperimentsMechanical Engineering
Wijesooriya, Sidath SarindaAn Analysis of Local and National Recycling and Waste Disposal PoliciesMechanical Engineering
Wilbur, Nicholas Punto Verde Children's ParkCivil and Environmental Engineering
Wilbur, Adam LeonardInfrastructural Strategic Planning for the Impacts of Santurce's RevitalizationBiochemistry
Wilbur, Mark JosephHanover LEED-EB Feasibility StudyManagement Engineering
Wilbur, Mark JosephAssessing and Analyzing Resident Satisfaction Levels for Sports Facilities in the London Borough of BrentManagement Engineering
Wilbur, Nicholas Automated Bench-Scale BioreactorCivil and Environmental Engineering
Wilder, John WDesign of a Kite-Powered Water Pump and Airborne Wind TurbineAeronautical Engineering
Wilder, John WImprovement of automated CPRMechanical Engineering
Wilfong, Jeffrey JInvestigation of Variable-Glide ParafoilsMechanical Engineering
Wilfong, Katelin SCOMMERCIAL LOSS CONTROL AT HANOVER: Constructing a Weighted Risk Evaluation SystemManagement
Wilfong, Katelin SAssessing and Reducing the Electricity of Residential StudentsManagement
Wilhelm, Shawn RHydraulic Series Hybrid Baja CarMechanical Engineering
Wilhelm, Shawn RIncreasing Recycling Participation at Parque de DiversionesMechanical Engineering
Wilkins, Andrew ThomasWind Turbine ProjectCivil and Environmental Engineering
Wilkins, Andrew ThomasLens and Lights Operational OverviewElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wilkinson, Mitchel GordonEvaluating the Feasibility of a Historic Ship ExhibitionMechanical Engineering
Wilkos, Joseph JIncreasing Energy Efficiency on Massachusetts Dairy FarmsMechanical Engineering
Willcox, Eric Interactive MuseumRobotics Engineering
Willens, David Manual Wheelchair Handbook Study for the Massachusetts Department of Mental RetardationMechanical Engineering
Willer, Madeline RaePromoting Renewable Energy Use Through Community-Based EducationCivil and Environmental Engineering
Willer, Madeline RaeWater Quality Management Plan for Beaver Lake in Ware, MACivil and Environmental Engineering
Willey, Brendon MPodcasts for Information Literacy at the Gordon LibraryMechanical Engineering
Willey, Brendon MModeling of Crowd BehaviorMechanical Engineering
Williams, Harrison ChabotIntelligent LED DisplayElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Williams, Francis XOral Histories of the Video Game IndustryIMG
Williams, Machell DNA Fingerprinting IQP by Mark Lerret, Brendan Still and Machell WilliamsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Williams, Mikkal DinsdaleWireless Pressure Ulcer Prevention DeviceElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Williams, Harrison ChabotModern Recording Studio: Acoustic Space AnalysisElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Williams, Francis XBlood Tide: A 3D Action-RTS GameInteractive Media and Game Development
Williams, Christopher MBlood Tide: A 3D Action-RTS GameInteractive Media and Game Development
Williams, Jessica DeniseDeveloping a Water Education Program in Albanian High SchoolsMechanical Engineering
Williams, Mikkal DinsdaleCompetence vs Legacy: The Employer's DecisionElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Williams, Luke SSound ArchiveMechanical Engineering
Williams, Machell SimonWPI Sports & Recreation Center: Construction Management through 5D Building Information Modeling with Alternative Design ConsiderationsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Williams, Maurice Trade-Capture Process Analysis: Global Credit Products and Structure Credit TradingComputer Science
Williams, Jessica DeniseOcean Wave Energy HarvestingMechanical Engineering
Williams, Derek JCentralized Intrusion Detection via Swarm RobotsMechanical Engineering
Williams, Christopher MichaelOral Histories of the Video Game IndustryComputer Science
Williams, Ian MBenefits of Partial Road ClosuresComputer Science
Williams, Ian MRobogeddon - A Casual Real Time Strategy GameIMGD CS
Williamson, Megan Design of a Gene Technology Teacher Aid: An Interactive Electronic UtilityElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Williamson, George HutchesonEvaluating Effectiveness of the Signage and Other Markings for Guidance and Warning Placed by OCNChemical Engineering
Willisson, Eric PUsing Technology to Facilitate Surplus Inventory Distribution at WPIPhysics
Willisson, Eric PWorld Wide Web Application Layout ToolComputer Science
Willmott, Carly JaneDesign of an Extension to Punto Verde Environmental Theme ParkCivil and Environmental Engineering
Willmott, Carly JaneSustainable Modular Home DesignCivil and Environmental Engineering
Wills, Mitchell EdwinCanals, Bridges and Urban MaintenanceComputer Science
Wilson, Andrew RGlobal Capitalism: Defenders & CriticsInternational Studies
Wilson, Benjamin ABuoyant Unmanned Distress Detection and Evacuation SystemMechanical Engineering
Wilson, Andrew RExploring Ethical Issues in Animal ExperimentationComputer Science
Wilson, Elias CFemur Flaps for Tibial ReconstructionBiomedical Engineering
Wilson, Kevin MWachusett Brewery Environmental ImprovementChemical Engineering
Wilson, Lindsey ElizabethCreating an Agroforestry Based Economic Sector in a Tropical RainforestChemical Engineering
Wilson, Zachary SFSAE TURBO-SYSTEM DESIGN 2010Mechanical Engineering
Wilson, Kevin MImproving Flood Risk Management in Informal Settlements of Cape TownChemical Engineering
Wilson, Benjamin AOptimising Educational Materials for Alternative Energy TechnologiesMechanical Engineering
Wilson, Taylor LouisDeveloping an Integrated Traffic Corridor in Santa Fe through Intelligent Transportation InfrastructureCivil and Environmental Engineering
Wilson, Zachary SOptimizing the WPI Assistive Technology Resource Center: Operation and ManagementMechanical Engineering
Wilson, Brendan LMeasuring and Understanding ConnectivityManagement Information Systems
Wilson, Taylor LouisSustainable Alternative Wastewater Treatment for Beneficial Reuse of Industrial WastewaterCivil and Environmental Engineering
Wilson, Andrew RContent Management System for Online Video PublishingComputer Science
Wilusz, Eric GCampus Safety For Persons With DisabilitiesMechanical Engineering
Wimble, Joshua MichaelDesign and Synthesis of Crown Ether Ligands for Use in Metal Organic FrameworksChemistry
Wimble, Joshua MichaelA Lean Perspective of the Medication Delivery SystemChemistry
Wimble, Joshua MichaelA Lean Perspective of the Medication Delivery System at the Veterans HospitalChemistry
Win, Tin Myo Facilitating Mathematics Education Through Automatic Reassessment and RetestingComputer Science
Win, Tin MyoTest Selection and Prioritization for EMCComputer Science
Win, Kaung MyatVibration Monitor Analog Instrumentation: Accelerometers vs. Strain GagesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Win, Soe SanAnalysis on Societal and Technical Aspects of Human SleepElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Win, Kaung MyatForex Trading and InvestmentElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Win, Soe SanImplementation of a Real-Time Beamforming System on Field Programmable Gate ArrayElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Windsor, Bradleigh LTyre Waste Reduction in Hong KongMechanical Engineering
Windsor, Bradleigh LSlide Lock Design Process DevelopmentMechanical Engineering
Wing Yiu, Kevin KaiPotential Economic Impact of Large Scale Retrofitting in YarraChemical Engineering
Wingert, Richard AlwynGait Analysis and Spinal Rotation '12Biomedical Engineering
Wingert, Richard AlwynStock Market SimulationBiomedical Engineering
Winsnes, Carsten GabrielGrid Portal TestingComputer Science
Winsnes, Carsten GabrielIssues facing Ski SafetyComputer Science
Winsten, Rachel AdenaThe Future of Fuel Cells in AustraliaCivil and Environmental Engineering
Winsten, Rachel AdenaD3 Nozzle CharacterizationCivil and Environmental Engineering
Winthrop, Robert JohnElectronic Recycling Center in Peñuelas, Puerto Rico: Its Viability, Sustainability, and OperationMechanical Engineering
Winthrop, Robert JohnManufacturing Bamboo Bicycle Frames with Molded Composite JointsMechanical Engineering
Winthrop, Kelly AnneGreen School Design - Puerto RicoMechanical Engineering
Wiratchotisatian, Pitchaya Flood damage in Bangkok: disaster an opportunity for creative destructionMathematical Sciences
Wirth, Nick Handheld Controller for use in a Virtual EnvironmentElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wirth, Nicholas Virtual Environment Handheld ControllerElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wirth, Nicholas Mapping Building Characteristics In MitchamElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wisanpitayakorn, Pattipong Revitalizing Worcester and Burnside FountainPhysics
Wise, Thomas DBeach Restoration on NantucketChemical Engineering
Wise, Thomas DKinetic Analysis and Development of a Complete Catalytic Oxidation of Methane Experiment for Unit Operations IIChemical Engineering
Wise, Jillian FEffects of Chemoradiotherapy on Pancreatic CancerBiology and Biotechnology
Wise, Jillian FDevelopment of the Bushblok Industry in NamibiaBiology and Biotechnology
Wisheart, Danielle CatherineEstablishing the Sustainability of Banksia Gardens Community Centre’s Science Education ProgramBiology and Biotechnology
Withrow, Andrew KennethProving the Social and Economic Value of the Lunch Club for Older Persons for the Commonside Community Development TrustAeronautical Engineering
Withrow, Andrew KennethMechanical, Power, and Thermal Subsystem Design for a CubeSat MissionAeronautical Engineering
Witt, Alexander Flipping The Classroom in CS 1101Computer Science
Witt, Alexander An Identification System for Head Mounted DisplaysComputer Science
Wivagg, Kurt ACommercial Fishing Vessel SafetyManufacturing Engineering
Wivagg, Kurt AChip Recycling: Recycling of Chips from BZZ Conditioning ProcessesManufacturing Engineering
Wojcik, Maciej Building an Engineered Complex StretcherMechanical Engineering
Wojcik, Cody M2009 Formula SAE Race CarMechanical Engineering
Wojcik, Maciej Ambulance Reliability Problems and Potential Technological Advancements to Solve ThemMechanical Engineering
Wojcik, Cody MProposal for the Development of an Economically Viable Lunar BaseMechanical Engineering
Wojtak, Artur ATTEMPT TO PREDICT THE STOCK MARKETMechanical Engineering
Wolf, Carson JEnhancing Emergency ResponseRobotics Engineering
Wolf, Robert PatrickDesign of a Powered Hand OrthosisMechanical Engineering
Wolf, Robert PatrickAn Update on the Hydrodynamics of the Venice CanalsMechanical Engineering
Wolfang, Eli Exploring New Methods in Understanding Visitor Experience: Evaluations of the Citi Money Gallery at the British MuseumMechanical Engineering
Wolfe, Ethan Science ASSISTments: Earth Science: SeasonsInteractive Media and Game Development
Wolfe, Ethan CraigNot Dead EnoughIMG
Wolff, Andrew POnline Index of Illustrations From Scientific American, 1859-1860, and the Geography of American InventionRobotics Engineering
Wolff, Andrew PRobot Learning through Crowd-Based GamesInterdisciplinary
Wolfson, Deanna LDesigning Educational Media in Suan Phung Nature Education ParkPhysics
Wolkiewicz, Dana EDesign Framework for Comparing Wind Turbine Tower Erection MethodsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Wolkiewicz, Dana EOkundjeneka, Okutalaleka: A Two-Step Process for Sustainable Thermal Regulation in Kambashus in NamibiaCivil and Environmental Engineering
Woloschin, Ian A Study of Overnight Lighting in Non-Domestic BuildingsEE
Woloschin, Ian Class D Audio AmplifierElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Womersley, Thomas CharlesIntelligent Audio Systems, Interacting, Data Accumulation and AnalysisRobotics Engineering
Womersley, Thomas CharlesRobotic Kayak: Multiple Autonomous Surface Vehicle ProjectRobotics Engineering
(WPI)Won, Yechan Removal of Diazinon from Water by Potassium Ferrate (VI) OxidationChemical Engineering
Wong, Tiffany LokCreating Better Access Pathways Into A Diverse CommunityMechanical Engineering
Wong, Mung Social Security ForecastingActuarial Mathematics
Wong, Gordon Hoi YuenLinear Vibration FeederMechanical Engineering
Wong, Chiu KitTrain Fire Modeling with FDSMechanical Engineering
Wong, Iok TFeasibility Study of Electric Bicycle Sharing in the Xiasha District of Hangzhou, ChinaMechanical Engineering
Wong, Jonathan Low-Tech Water Treatment FacilityMechanical Engineering
Wong, Jeffery WilsonSubdivided Housing Issues of Hong Kong: Causes and SolutionsMechanical Engineering
Wong, Grant MadisonDefensive Surface Roadway Vibration Dampening Inertia WaveMechanical Engineering
Wong, Alexander Kai-ChungWater Sustainability at Worcester Polytechnic InstituteBiology and Biotechnology
Wong, Gordon Hoi YuenValuing Ecological Services of Peri-Urban Open Spaces: A Case Study of the West Tatnuck Neighborhood of Worcester, MassachusettsMechanical Engineering
Wong, Eric A Study of Distance Education in Hong KongElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wong, Tiffany LokPressure Transducer Calibrator/CheckerMechanical Engineering
Wong, Mung Stock Market SimulationActuarial Mathematics
Wong, Alexander Men-towDesigning Victoria Harbour: Integrating, Improving, and Facilitating Marine ActivitiesBiochemistry
Wong, Tin-Chi Air Pollution in AsiaElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wong, Yip Acetylcholine as a Neuromuscular Transmitter In the Horseshoe Crab, Limulus polyphemusBiochemistry
Wong, Eric Exploring Inertial Navigation Techniques for Precision Personnel LocationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wong, Jonathan Human Sleep Disorders: Apnea and its diagnosis using the ECGMechanical Engineering
Wong, Jeffery Wilson2013-2014 WPI SAE Baja VehicleMechanical Engineering
Wong, Grant MadisonDesign and Construction of a Supersonic Wind Tunnel with DiagnosticsMechanical Engineering
Wong, Yip Economics of Stem Cell ResearchBiochemistry
Wong-Achorn, Lukas AlexanderBlinding SilenceIMG
Woo, Christopher DEnhanced DSL with GraphicsComputer Science
Wood, Angela MarieAssessing the Efficacy of Known Procambarus clarkii Primers to Amplify Microsatellite Loci in Orconectes limosus and O. quinebaugensisBiology and Biotechnology
Wood, Carol AnneDesign of a Multifunctional Semi-Automated Production System for Biopolymer MicrothreadsBiomedical Engineering
Wood, Lindsay MarieBiodiesel Production from J. curcas OilChemical Engineering
Wood, Ashleigh ElizabethInvestigating the Potential Sec6p/Sec9p Binding SiteBiology and Biotechnology
Wood, Cody HPlymouth Long Beach ErosionMechanical Engineering
Wood, Tyler WilliamStem Cells and SocietyMechanical Engineering
Wood, Carol AnneImproving Community Tree Planting Projects in Heredia, Costa RicaBiomedical Engineering
Wood, Lindsay MarieA Characterization of Trout FarmsChemical Engineering
Wood, Ashleigh ElizabethWeb-Based Communication for the REACH Program: Design and ImplementationBiology and Biotechnology
Wood, Angela MarieMeaningful Engagement at Te Papa Tongarewa: A study exploring meaningful engagement with social media at New Zealand’s National MuseumBiology and Biotechnology
Wood, Caitlin LeahWPI Venture Forum: A Market AnalysisManagement Engineering
Wood, Tyler WilliamDigitone: A Novel Soccer Goalkeeping DeviceMechanical Engineering
Wood, Andrew JamesCreation of the Cartago Water Safety Plan: Water Supply System Management and Risk Assessment in the Municipality of CartagoChemical Engineering
Wood, Tyler Digit One: A Novel Soccer Goalkeeping DeviceMechanical Engineering
Wood, Michael Construction Management Services for the new WPI Residence HallCivil and Environmental Engineering
Woodard, Justin Picosatellite MagnetometerElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Woodard-Wallace, Cody GerardDesign and Production of a 3-D Printed Wireless HexapodMechanical Engineering
Woodard-Wallace, Cody GerardDocumentation and Analysis of the Rayong Oil Spill: Characterizing the health, economic, and social impacts of the incident and responseMechanical Engineering
Woodington, Walter GordonThe Effect of Asphalt Pavement on Stormwater ContaminationCivil and Environmental Engineering
Woodington, Walter GordonRiverlands Site DevelopmentCivil and Environmental Engineering
Woodman, Katharine HAdaptive Reuse Plan for the Worcester County CourthouseCivil and Environmental Engineering
Woodman, Katharine HReviving the History of the Venetian Scuole: Public Education through an Interactive WebsiteCivil and Environmental Engineering
Woodnorth, Scott RWellington Project Initiative: An Assessment of the Feasibility of Establishing an IQP Center in Wellington, New ZealandMechanical Engineering
Woodnorth, Scott RSwitch-Mode CVT: Torsion SpringMechanical Engineering
Woods, Meghan EliseEnvironmentally Sustainable Design for a Residential BuildingCivil and Environmental Engineering
Woods, Meghan EliseExpansion of the Rio Prieto Water Distribution SystemCivil and Environmental Engineering
Woods, Kevin RobertMdmX Regulates Mitotic Spindle Polarity of Human Breast Cancer CellsBiology and Biotechnology
Woods, Kevin RobertStock Market Simulation and Analysis of Investment MethodsBiology and Biotechnology
Woodward, Kimberly HThai Elephants: An Evaluative Study of Contemporary Living Conditions for the Betterment of Asian Elephants in Thai CultureChemical Engineering
Woodward, Kimberly HA Chlorination System for the Scum Manhole at the Sturbridge Wastewater Treatment PlantChemical Engineering
Wopat, Andrew RData Management in the Seven-Mile River WatershedCivil and Environmental Engineering
Worcester, James WilliamDevelopment of ISO Compliant Repeatability Procedures for Evaluating Collaborative RobotsMechanical Engineering
Worcester, James WilliamWalk-on-Wednesday in CroydonMechanical Engineering
Workman, Nicholas DaleWind and Solar Energy Projects at the EcoTariumMechanical Engineering
Workman, Nicholas DaleACL Protective Footwear DesignInterdisciplinary
Wormald, Ryan ElizabethCourse Scheduling at WPI Using Linear OptimizationMathematical Sciences
Wormald, Ryan ElizabethMobility Platform: Organizing and Visualizing Traffic Data in the Santa Fe Metropolitan AreaMathematical Sciences
Wormley, Jared MaxwellRegional Social Networking IQPRobotics Engineering
Worobey, Lynn Effective Stiffness of Suspended GelsBiomedical Engineering
Worobey, Lynn AAdapting Hands-On Science Programs for Students with DisabilitiesBiomedical Engineering
Worrest, Peter CummingsChoral Directors and TechnologyIMG
Worrest, Alan Environmental Health and Safety at WPIChemical Engineering
Worsham, David WImproving Drinking Water Quality on Barro Colorado Island, PanamaCivil and Environmental Engineering
Worsham, David H.Disaster Decision Making: Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav in New OrleansCivil and Environmental Engineering
Worsham, David WDisaster Decision Making: Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav in New OrleansCivil and Environmental Engineering
Worsman, Ryan KeithDevelopment of 32 Prescott Street at Gateway ParkCivil and Environmental Engineering
Worsman, Ryan KSDCC: Visible or Invisible?Civil and Environmental Engineering
Worsman, Ryan KDevelopment of 32 Prescott Street at Gateway ParkCivil and Environmental Engineering
Worthen, Joseph RichardWorcester Art Museum: Interactive Exhibit IdeasMechanical Engineering
Worthen, Joseph RichardSpinal Rotation During RunningMechanical Engineering
Worthy, Joseph The Implications of Globalization on the Sustainability of SocietyBiomedical Engineering
Worthy, Joseph MichaelAutomated Cardiomyocyte IsolationBiomedical Engineering
Woschanko, Katrina The Development of an Action Plan for the Science Museum of LondonMechanical Engineering
Wrabel, Eileen SusanWalk-on-Wednesday in CroydonBiochemistry
Wright, Nathaniel GreggAmbulance Reliability ControlMechanical Engineering
Wright, Nathaniel GreggThe Barriers Impeding Recycling Participation in the Borough of CroydonMechanical Engineering
Wright, Katie AnnmarieCanine Stifle Stabilization System for a cTTA ProcedureBiomedical Engineering
Wright, Katie AnnmarieThe Regional Environmental Council: An Investigation of Socioeconomic and Environmental InjusticesBiomedical Engineering
Wright, William HenryEvaluation of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bench Scale Specimen Sizes and Prediction of Full Scale Flame Spread Testing for Building ApplicationsMechanical Engineering
Wright, William HenryBancroft Tower AccessibilityMechanical Engineering
Wu, Yiming Game Design Curriculum for TeensElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wu, Zhouxiao How to predict price of stocksED
Wu, Jeslin JThe ASSISTment ProjectMechanical Engineering
Wu, Sandy GDeveloping a Three Dimensional Finite Element Model of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament to Examine the Risk Factors for Women during the Sidestep Cutting ManeuverMechanical Engineering
Wu, Cei PingPool Safety and TechnologyChemical Engineering
Wu, Jonathan TThe Effect of Urban Design on the Community and Society in Hong Kong’s New Towns: A Study of Sha Tin and Tin Shui WaiRobotics Engineering
Wu, Wenbo Stock Market SimulationChemistry
Wu, Tsung TaoSecurity RobotComputer Science
Wu, Jieyu Demonstration of the AD7280 Battery Monitoring SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wu, Zhongjie Pre-Silicon Verification of Tegra Image Signal ProcessorElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wu, Sandy GBreast Cancer in Thailand: Developing Effective and Accessible Media on Integrative Therapies for Breast Cancer PatientsMechanical Engineering
Wu, Yiming Re-configurable Mechatronic PlatformElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wu, Pak Lean Manufacturing Solutions for BodycoteMechanical Engineering
Wu, Pak HInvestment, Trading, and Portfolio ManagementMechanical Engineering
Wu, Pak HeiInvestment, Trading, and Portfolio ManagementMechanical Engineering
Wu, Zhongjie Carbon Reduction in the Mole ValleyElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wu, Pak HeiLean Manufacturing Solutions for BodycoteMechanical Engineering
Wu, Jieyu Energy Monitoring for Compliance with the Merton RuleElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wu, Cei Ping Ammonia Wastewater Treatment by Immobilized Activated SludgeChemical Engineering
Wu, Jinghan An Entrepreneurial Initiative for Distributing Energy Efficient Products in Low Income CommunitiesMechanical Engineering
Wunschel, Jennifer LImplicit Web User InterestComputer Science
Wunschel, Jennifer LPhysics Lab Toolbox - Collisions LabComputer Science
Wyant, Christopher MichaelPlaying Pitch Provision in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon ThamesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wyant, Christopher MichaelComputing Performance Benchmarks among CPU, GPU, and FPGAElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wyatt, John FDynamic DNS Web Usability for a Target MarketManagement Information Systems
Wyatt, John FThe Urban Elephant: Sustainable Roles in a Changing SocietyManagement Information Systems
Wyman, Ethan 20008-2009 SAE Baja Race VehicleMechanical Engineering
Wyman, Jeffrey PeterWi-Fi Denial of Service Attack on Wired Analog RF Channel EmulatorElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wyman, Ethan Assessment of Financial Solutions for Parque Doña InésMechanical Engineering
Wyman, Heidi RosalineTreatability of 1, 4-Dioxane Using UV/Hydrogen Peroxide OxidationEnvironmental Engineering
Wyman, Jeffrey PeterBioshelters in New EnglandElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Wyman, Heidi RosalineThe Evaluation of Community Engagement In a Science Musical PerformanceEnvironmental Engineering
Wzorek, Angelica TCharacterization of a Non-Active Site Mutation of HIV ProteaseBiochemistry
Wzorek, Matthew PCampus Center Steel DesignCivil and Environmental Engineering
Wzorek, Angelica TGreen Public Procurement of Costa Rican Products to the European UnionBiochemistry
Wzorek, Angelica TElderly Hispanics and the Healthcare System in Worcester, MAHumanities
Wzorek, Matthew PUrban Tree MappingCivil and Environmental Engineering

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