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Author Name TitleDepartment
Zabinski, Kevin BlaineRio Piedras Conservation Management PlanCivil and Environmental Engineering
Zabinski, Kevin BlaineShipping Container Emergency SheltersCivil and Environmental Engineering
Zacharia, An TIsolation and Characterization of Novel mig-10 MutationsBiology and Biotechnology
Zafft, Andrew DavidPhantasm - A Game EngineComputer Science
Zafft, Andrew DavidStock Market SimulationComputer Science
Zagaja, Matthew A Consumer Perspective on YourEnergyOptions.comSociety, Technology, and Policy
Zagaja, Matthew Analysis of the Connecticut Citizensí Election ProgramSociety, Technology, and Policy
Zahid, Nadia SeherComparative Aspirations Study on Worcester Secondary SchoolsMathematical Sciences
Zahid, Nadia SeherA Study of Linear Programming Bounds for Spherical CodesMathematical Sciences
Zahid, Neda SeherAnalyzing the Ability of Modified Yeast to Ferment Xylose to EthanolChemical Engineering
Zahid, Neda SeherSustainability and Transportation at WPIChemical Engineering
Zailah, Mustapha FNewton Green Building PoliciesBiomedical Engineering
Zailah, Mustapha FPerfusion Bioreactor for the Development of Tissue-Engineered Blood VesselsBiomedical Engineering
Zajac, Thomas EdwardCommunity Facilities AppraisalCivil and Environmental Engineering
Zajac, Thomas EdwardDESIGN_OF_WPI_MIXED-USE_FACILITY_FOR_GATEWAY_PARKCivil and Environmental Engineering
Zajac, Thomas EdwardDESIGN OF WPI MIXED-USE FACILITY FOR GATEWAY PARKCivil and Environmental Engineering
Zaleski, Daniel RichardLifestyle Choices Determine Australiaís Future: Creating an Activity to Raise Awareness about the Importance of Sustainability (The Australia 2050 Trail)Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Zalesky, Anthony BTools for Developing the Worcester Arts DistrictChemical Engineering
Zall, Emily AnneReport Optimization at Hanover InsuranceManagement Information Systems
Zalucky, Ashley LynPuerto Rico Water Access AnalysisMechanical Engineering
Zalucky, Ashley LynIntegrative Spine DynamicsMechanical Engineering
Zalutsky, Anton KonstantinovichSabertooth: A High Mobility Quadrupedal Robot PlatformRobotics Engineering
Zalutsky, Anton Sabertooth: A High Mobility Quadrupedal Robot PlatformRobotics Engineering
Zalutsky, Anton KonstantinovichThe Shadow MirrorRobotics Engineering
Zamora-Palacios, Sofia AndreaPromoting Active Teaching Methods in Rural Thailand: A Case Study on Science Laboratory ActiveCivil and Environmental Engineering
Zamora-Palacios, Sofia AndreaSoil Reinforcement with Natural Fibers for Low-Income Housing CommunitiesCivil and Environmental Engineering
Zamora-Palacios, Silvia AdrianaAssessment of Laem Phak Bia Environmental Research and Development Projectís Outreach ProgramIndustrial Engineering
Zamora-Palacios, Silvia AdrianaVA Linen Distribution OptimizationIndustrial Engineering
Zamora-Palacios, Sofia AndreaSoil Reinforcement with Natural Fibers for Low-Income Housing CommunitiesCivil and Environmental Engineering
Zand, Amid DolatshahiPatient tracking in Emergency Department using RFIDBiomedical Engineering
Zand, Amid DolatshahifMRI Analysis of Brain Refractory Period Activity in Nicotine-Addicted Rat ModelsBiomedical Engineering
Zapatka, Zachary JDigital Literacy Programs for Coburg Neighborhood HousesComputer Science
Zawada, Lukasz Conflict Resolution and VideogamesIMG
Zawada, Angelica MonicaGreen Technology Commercialization An Analysis of the EPAís SBIR ProgramPsychological Science
Zawada, Lukasz Design Patterns in Video Game ProgrammingCS IMGD
Zawatsky, Matthew DavidBuilding a Successful Trading Portfolio That Diversifies Between Stock and Currency Trading SystemsPhysics
Zayac, Mark AndrewFour Tourists Discovering Hong Kongís Harbourfront: A Reevaluation of the Waterfront of Victoria HarbourElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Zayas, Michelle JoannExploring the Success of Low Power FM Radio Broadcasting within Native American CommunitiesBiomedical Engineering
Zayas, Sabrina LManagement of the Rio Guaynabo Conservation EasementBiology and Biotechnology
Zeb, John TWWF HONG KONG: SEAFOOD SUPPLYMechanical Engineering
Zeb, John TProduction of a Liquid MicrojetMechanical Engineering
Zebrose, Cordell BenjaminRelic: The Aetherian UprisingIMGD CS
Zebrose, Cordell Identifying and Evaluating the Impacts of the 2012 Olympics: London Borough of HounslowInteractive Media and Game Development
Zec, Helena CComparison of Cancellous and Cortical Bone Screws for Sternal ApplicationBiomedical Engineering
Zec, Helena CThe Opposition to Genetically Engineered Agriculture: A Social Movement in VermontBiomedical Engineering
Zeeb, Kristine MInvestigating a Potential Sly1/Sed5 Binding SiteBiology and Biotechnology
Zeeb, Kristine MCommunicating Coastal Hazards and Oceanic Conditions in San Juan, Puerto RicoBiology and Biotechnology
Zehnder, Jennifer JulianeWorcester Foodscape: Analysis of Adolescent Food ChoicesChemical Engineering
Zehnder, Jennifer JulianeBiodiesel Combustion and Heat Exchanger Unit Operations LabChemical Engineering
Zelic, Matija Alternative Shredder Waste Processing MethodsBiochemistry
Zelic, Matija Subcellular Localization Analysis of Truncation Mutants of Porcine Circovirus 1 VP3Biochemistry
Zeljkovic, Mihajlo Privacy Awareness of Web UsersComputer Science
Zeljkovic, Mihajlo Mastery Learning Leads to Better Learning: 7th GradeComputer Science
Zeng, Victor YC. elegans Transcription CofactorsBiology and Biotechnology
Zeng, Victor YImproving the Quality of Accident InvestigationBiology and Biotechnology
Zerguine, Abdelbassat MEMS Surgical Sponge for Containment of Physiological Fluids and Vibration DampeningBiomedical Engineering
Zervas, Michael JEvaluation and Application of a High-Resolution Fiber-Optic Strain SensorMechanical Engineering
Zervas, Michael JMonitoring Building Regulations and Temporary Structure Fire Safety in Victoria, AustraliaMechanical Engineering
Zeveska, Stephan RobertDesign of a Powered Hand OrthosisMechanical Engineering
Zeveska, Stephan RobertATRC CommunicationsMechanical Engineering
Zhang, Xinyi Predicting Policyholder Behavior and Benefit Utilization: An Analysis on Long-Term Care InsuranceActuarial Mathematics
Zhang, Luyang Impacts of Genome Sequencing Technologies: Developing Educational Materials to Create Greater Public AwarenessMathematical Sciences
Zhang, Yidi Automated Building of Sentence-Level Parallel Corpus and Chinese-Hungarian DictionaryComputer Science
Zhang, Michael LongqiangThe Assistment ProjectComputer Science
Zhang, Chenchen Computerized Stock Trading SystemMA CS
Zhang, Xiying Redeveloping Saint Michaelís Drive in Santa Fe, NMChemical Engineering
Zhang, Jing Web Design and Implementation for Family Health Center of WorcesterComputer Science
Zhang, Bangyan Designing Green InfrastructureMechanical Engineering
Zhang, Subaiou Functional analysis of MIG-10: a cytoplasmic adaptor protein important in neuronal migration and process outgrowth in C. elegansBiology and Biotechnology
Zhang, Min A Case Study in Software Tools for Language LearningBiochemistry
Zhang, Jing Endicia Label EditorComputer Science
Zhang, Michael LongqiangMETA-REASONING DIAGNOSIS AGENTComputer Science
Zhang, Yan Energy Efficiency of Historic Meetinghouse on Pleasant StreetARE
Zhang, Yidi Towards A Paperless Choral ClassroomRobotics Engineering
Zhang, Yidi Towards a Paperless Choral ClassroomComputer Science
Zhang, Dabai Stock Market SimulationRobotics Engineering
Zhang, Linan Sustainable Classroom ContractMathematical Sciences
Zhang, Haoyang Railroad RunnerInterdisciplinary
Zhang, Xuanya VA Laundry and Linen Distribution OptimizationIE LAE
Zhang, Xuanya A Feasibility Study of a Biodiesel Plant in Cartago, Costa RicaIndustrial Engineering
Zhang, Dongni MQP Opportunities with Innovative Startup CompaniesMathematical Sciences
Zhang, Xiying Emulsifying Properties of Dextran Derived PolymersChemical Engineering
Zhang, Youjia Identifying Opportunities to Reduce Water Pollution and Encourage Voluntary Compliance in Windhoek, NamibiaChemical Engineering
Zhang, Xinyi Comparative Study on Engineering Education in China and USAActuarial Mathematics
Zhang, Chenwei PROBLEMS EDITING THE MONKEY GENOMEMechanical Engineering
Zhang, Linan Mathematical Modeling of Influenza VirusesMathematical Sciences
Zhang, Dongni Incorporation of PPI Information into a Statistical Association Study for Exome Sequencing DataMathematical Sciences
Zhang, Hedan MindyEarly Childhood Development ConnectionBiology and Biotechnology
Zhang, Yiran Eastern American Choral Directors Association, Baltimore 2014Actuarial Mathematics
Zhang, Yuchen Increasing Ridership of Santa Fe TrailsActuarial Mathematics
Zhang, Chao Stock Market SimulationActuarial Mathematics
Zhang, Haoyang The Science of ArmsIMG
Zhang, Subaiou THE USE AND DEVELOPMENT OF ANIMATION IN LABORATORY EDUCATION: part of The Connected Laboratory ProjectBiology and Biotechnology
Zhang, Tete The Mercury ProjectBCB
Zhang, Yiran Eastern American Choral Directors Association, Baltimore 2014Actuarial Mathematics
Zhang, Min Isolation and Characterization of New Mutations in the mig-10 gene of Caenorhabditis elegansBiochemistry
Zhang, Chao Information Sharing at Bank of AmericaActuarial Mathematics
Zhao, Chutian Reorganizing the Music LibraryElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Zhao, Muxun A Liquid Assay for Screening Fungal Virulence Factors & kgb-1;fer-1 Double Mutant ConstructionInterdisciplinary
Zhao, Tianci Intelligent Vision-Driven Robot For Sample Detection And ReturnRobotics Engineering
Zhao, Lu Fundraising for Homeless Women and ChildrenCivil and Environmental Engineering
Zhao, Wenqing IMPROVING SPONSORED PROJECTS AT WPIManagement Engineering
Zhao, Shengshi Financial Computations on the GPUActuarial Mathematics
Zhao, Muxun Stock Market SimulationBiology and Biotechnology
Zhao, Shengshi Financial Computations on the GPUActuarial Mathematics
Zhao, Shengshi First Intelligent Online Tutorial System in WPI: Methods of Tutoring in College Statistics with the ASSISTment SystemActuarial Mathematics
Zhao, Lu Transport of Pharmaceuticals in SoilCivil and Environmental Engineering
Zhao, Yifan College RankingsBCB
Zhao, Tianci Feasibility Analysis on Electric Energy Saving MethodsRobotics Engineering
Zhen, Xiaolin AIDS Project Worcester: Energy Cost Reduction ApproachesMechanical Engineering
Zhen, Xiaowen Redesign of the Restrainer band for a Horse Leg Protective Device Based on a Static AnalysisMechanical Engineering
Zhen, Xiaowen The Feasibility for Providing a More Sustainable Menu in Hong Kong's Seafood BusinessesME BE
Zhen, Xiaolin Redesign of the Restrainer band for a Horse Leg Protective Device Based on a Static AnalysisMechanical Engineering
Zheng, Zhaoyu Expanding Stormwater Solutions: An Inventory of Projects Reducing Polluted Runoff in MassachusettsMechanical Engineering
Zheng, Biao Towards A Paperless Choral ClassroomElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Zheng, Mingzhu Providing a Platform for the Boston Community Learning InitiativeActuarial Mathematics
Zheng, Biao Using Robots and SLAM for Indoor Wi-Fi Mapping in Indoor GeolocationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Zheng, Mingzhu Predicting Future Paid LossesActuarial Mathematics
Zhong, Billy Hybrid Indoor Geolocation for Robotic ApplicationsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Zhong, Billy Mastery Learning in Cognitive Computer TutorsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Zhong, Xinyue Four Tourists Discovering Hong Kongís Harbourfront: A Reevaluation of the Waterfront of Victoria HarbourElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Zhou, Qiyang Safeshop -- Insurance to Protect Against Online Shopping FraudActuarial Mathematics
Zhou, Yihao Redesigning the Nantucket Town WebsiteRobotics Engineering
Zhou, Qiyang Alternative EnergyActuarial Mathematics
Zhou, Yanxin Boating Left High & Dry: A Feasibility Study of Publicly Accessible Boat Facilities in Hong KongCS MA
Zhu, Hao Application of Artificial Intelligence in a Game-like TutorManagement Information Systems
Zhu, Hao A Cross-Platform Database Infrastructure Monitoring Dashboard for The Hanover Insurance GroupManagement Information Systems
Zhu, Meng The Future of Energy IQPMathematical Sciences
Zhu, Bolin The Apple of DiscordInterdisciplinary
Zhu, Bolin Reorganizing and Redesigning WPI Choral Music LibraryIMG
Zhu, Meng Crack DerivativesMA PH
Zhu, Junyu Wheels, Heels, and Pedals Website EnhancementComputer Science
zhu, linhai Analysis of Assistments Online Tutoring System and AccuplacerComputer Science
Zhu, Linhai Resource Location Transparency in CloudsComputer Science
Ziavras, Evan NickolasSecuring Embedded Systems for Unmanned Aerial VehiclesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ziavras, Evan NickolasWorkflow at NSFElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Zichelli, Kristina PatriciaFRP Thermal Properties and Fire Performance for Building Exterior ApplicationsMechanical Engineering
Zichelli, Kristina PatriciaSustainability Education and Awareness for Santa Fe and Native American CommunitiesMechanical Engineering
Ziegler, Earl HDesigning a Small-Scale Grain Harvester: A Tool for Urban and Peri-urban GrowersMechanical Engineering
Ziegler, Earl HDesign and Construction of a Supersonic Wind Tunnel with DiagnosticsMechanical Engineering
Zielinski, Kimberly MarieDesigning a Mobile Chicken CoopMechanical Engineering
Ziemba, Rebeccah JRecreational and Educational Activities of Las Perdices in the Rio Abajo ForestMechanical Engineering
Zimmermann, Matthew STeenagers, Technology, and Education at the CCVCElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Ziobron, Justine ElizabethSustainable Design of Belmont Street/Route 9 BridgeCivil and Environmental Engineering
Ziobron, Justine ElizabethAdapting Educational Programs for Students with DisabilitiesCivil and Environmental Engineering
Ziolek, Agnieszka BAnalysis of mig-10 expression to determine cell autonomy or nonautonomy in Caenorhabditis elegansBiology and Biotechnology
Zipkin, Justin Deutsche Bank's TaskMan System and the Job Execution FrameworkComputer Science
Zipkin, Justin Wind Power in Worcester, Massachusetts: Siting and PermittingComputer Science
Zipkin, Eva Assessment of Chartered Dive and Snorkel Operations in Puerto RicoBiology and Biotechnology
Zipkin, Eva Characterization of Cancer Stem Cells in Tumor PathogenesisBB
Zizmor, Jacob LouisAnalyzing the Potential Use of Solar Photovoltaic Systems by Commercial Businesses in the Moreland MunicipalityRobotics Engineering
Zoll, Jonathan DanielDevelopment of Key Stages 2 and 3 Teacher Resources in the Areas of Space and Flight for the Science Museum in LondonMechanical Engineering
Zoll, Jonathan DanielModeling Fluid Flow Using FluentMechanical Engineering
Zolotykh, Sergey Serious Games in Information Literacy: The Creation and Analysis of Games to Teach Information LiteracyRobotics Engineering
Zopatti, Daniel ZacharyDevelopment of Zero-Leg Input Manual Transmission Driving InterfaceMechanical Engineering
Zopatti, Daniel ZacharyAdvanced Patent Application AnalysisMechanical Engineering
Zou, Bin Wheelchair Seat Cushion to Mitigate Bed Sores, Cooled via Heat PipesMechanical Engineering
Zou, Bin Digital Resources for TeachersMechanical Engineering
Zubiel, Matthew CTeaching Practicum in MathematicsElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Zubiel, Matthew CFirefighter Indoor Navigation using Distributed SLAM (FINDS)Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Zuendoki, Eric MSix Sigma Analysis: The Design and ImplementationIndustrial Engineering
Zuendoki, Eric MComplaint System EffectivenessIndustrial Engineering
Zukas, Victoria E.L.Enhanced DSL with GraphicsIMG
Zukas, Victoria E.L.Guiding a FestivalHumanities
Zuniga, David EduardoInventory and Analysis of the South Boston Parking FreezeActuarial Mathematics
Zuniga, David EduardoSampling Strategies for Error Rate Estimation and Quality ControlActuarial Mathematics
Zuschlag, Caitlin MarieWeb Based Snow-Sport Injury ReductionBiomedical Engineering
Zutshi, Samir Steps to develop robust visionRobotics Engineering
Zutshi, Samir High Bandwidth AcousticsRobotics Engineering
Zwirko, Jonathan JeromeA Consumer Perspective on YourEnergyOptions.comMechanical Engineering
Zwirko, Jonathan JeromeLean Manufacturing Implementation at CIS (Wuxi, China)Mechanical Engineering

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