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Author Name TitleDivision
Jaciow Gonyea, Cody ClarenceSurveying Student Opinion about the Humanities & Arts and Social Science Requirements.Education in a Technological Society
(WPI)Jackman, James DeaneAn Assessment of Mobile Fitness GamesHealth Care and Technology
Jackson, Shane WA Study of Local Centers in The Royal Borough of Kingston upon ThamesUrban and Environmental Planning
Jackson, Matthew StephenDevelopment of the Inspire Engineering Mentoring ProgramEducation in a Technological Society
Jackson, Gary LeeEvaluating Talent Acquisition in the NFLTechnology and Environment
Jackson, Tayeisha APublic Perception of Windhoek's Drinking Water and its Sustainable FutureTechnology and Environment
Jackson, Amy LouiseTools for Developing the Worcester Arts DistrictUrban and Environmental Planning
Jackson, Xavier JamelA Joint-Venture Approach in Teaching Students How to Recognize and Analyze EthicsEducation in a Technological Society
Jacobs, Jonathan AndrewAn Analysis of You Cubed as an Example of Collective CreativitySocial and Human Services
Jacobsen, Philp SigurdEnergy Challenges: Tackling Energy Savings Through Purchase HabitsEnergy and Resources
Jacobsen, Anne Cecilie Gjerstad Recycling by Bicycle: A Green Alternative to Expand Recycling and Create Jobs in WindhoekUrban and Environmental Planning
Jacques, Miye KathleenA Home Away From Home: Launching Home Stay Tourism in NamibiaEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Jaffe, Samuel JosephEffects of 3D Audio and Video in Video GamesHumanistic Studies of Technology
Jaffer, Sarah ValerieChoral Directors and TechnologyHumanistic Studies of Technology
Jaffer, Sarah ValerieThe Virtual ChoirSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Jaffer, Sarah ValerieChoral Directors and TechnologyHumanistic Studies of Technology
Jafferji, Hajar Worcester Area WritersHumanistic Studies of Technology
Jafferji, Mohammad ShamsuddinStem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Jagini, Rohit Social Implications of Graphics Processing UnitsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Jahnke, Caitlin AMapping and Evaluating Carbon Dioxide Reduction in MertonUrban and Environmental Planning
Jaimes, Rafael Expansion of the Rio Prieto Water Distribution SystemTechnology and Environment
Jajosky, Audrey NGE-NBC TV's Humor in Healthcare InitiativeHealth Care and Technology
Jajosky, Ryan PSecurity-Camera Proposal for the Dynamy Youth CenterSafety Analysis and Liability
Jakubowski, Stephan Adam Informal Trading Infrastructure and ManagementEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
James, David The Effect of Music Listening Technology on Music DiscoveryHumanistic Studies of Technology
James, Dylan RussellInteractive Public ArtTechnology and Environment
Jamilkowski, Joshua RobertConsumer Activism: An Analytical and Philosophical Prototype for Point of Purchase in the 21st CenturyHumanistic Studies of Technology
Janc, Artur Voces del Caribe -- A Digital RepositoryHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Janeczek, Craig DavidEvaluation of the Impact of Engineering Education Research Grants Using Software Tools: A FoundationEducation in a Technological Society
Janesch, Kevin SNative Languages Revitalization Resource DirectoryHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Janice, Brian AndrewCreating MatchThisGift.ComSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Janiga, Matthew AaronEnergy Efficiency of Historic Meetinghouse on Pleasant StreetEnergy and Resources
Janiszewski, Elisabeth ADesign of a Gene Technology Teacher Aid: An Interactive Electronic UtilityEducation in a Technological Society
Jannetti, Nathaniel AustinEvaluating Hong Kong's WaterfrontEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Janssen, Joshua LukeDeveloping an Information Security Program (ISP) for the Town of NantucketScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Janzen, Isaiah PaulSustainable Biodiversity ConservationTechnology and Environment
Japutra, Chietara DionitaEnhancing Plastic Recycling from Danish HouseholdsTechnology and Environment
Jardim, Adam SebastianA Study of Public Acceptance of Autonomous CarsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Jarobski, Tara AnnShould Nantucket Pursue The Establishment Of A Fenced-In Dog ParkUrban and Environmental Planning
Jasensky, Zach A Joint-Venture Approach in Teaching Students How to Recognize and Analyze EthicsEducation in a Technological Society
Jaser, Jenna LeighWaste Data Management at the Baxter Manufacturing Facility in Costa RicaTechnology and Environment
Jaskolka, Stephen MichaelFeasibility of a Smart Grid on NantucketEnergy and Resources
Jaskoviak, Tory RichardWPI Energy Efficiency Lighting StudyEnergy and Resources
Jassmond, Bryce Designing and Evaluating an Interactive eTextbook for RBE1001Education in a Technological Society
Jayachandran, Priya Controversies in Stem Cell ResearchHealth Care and Technology
Jelaska, Duje Designing Green InfrastructureUrban and Environmental Planning
Jenkel, Timothy JohnPlanning a Lunar Base Exhibit Design ContestSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Jenket, Thomas WWebsite Development for the Royal Botanic GardensEducation in a Technological Society
Jenkins, Thomas EFuture of TransportationTechnology and Environment
Jenkins, Amanda RoseCross Cultural Communication in Redevelopment: A Cape Town Case StudyUrban and Environmental Planning
Jenkins, Daniel RobertCreating Better Access Pathways Into A Diverse CommunitySocial and Human Services
Jenkins, Michael AConnecting the Worcester EcoTarium to the Public Power GridEnergy and Resources
Jenkins, Ashley MaryAssessing the Lifespans of Reservoirs in Region 2 of Puerto RicoTechnology and Environment
Jenkinson, Stephen MichaelHumanity and SpaceHumanistic Studies of Technology
Jennings, Brian CImproving Ambulance Power SystemsTechnology and Environment
Jensen, Kristoffer The Analysis of the Screening Process of Angel InvestorsScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Jensen, Hans EHoly Name High School Wind Turbine Feasibility StudyEnergy and Resources
Jette, Remy ADDING ACHIEVEMENTS TO TUTORING APPLICATIONSEducation in a Technological Society
Jeyaraj, Elisabeth JAdapting Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems to Stormwater Management in an Informal SettingUrban and Environmental Planning
Jeznach, Christopher GaryEduVentures WebExpeditionEducation in a Technological Society
Jhunjhunwala, Rohan The SLICCVac Medical Vacuum CleanerHealth Care and Technology
Jia, Minxue Developing a Composting System for Al-Akhawayn University in Ifrane, MoroccoUrban and Environmental Planning
Jiang, Cheng Energy Consumption of WPI BuildingsEnergy and Resources
Jiang, Renzhi Investment and Security TradingEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Jillson, Kevin CDNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
Jimenez, Emanuel Designing a Clean Energy and Energy Conservation Website for Costa Rican SchoolchildrenEducation in a Technological Society
Jimenez, Edison Development of Android ApplicationsEducation in a Technological Society
Jin, Xing Digital Music Database ComparisonHumanistic Studies of Technology
Jivanjee, Mustansir Visualizing Construction - The Bartlett Center from Start to FinishEducation in a Technological Society
Jo, Woo Chan Transgenic Animals IQP 2011Health Care and Technology
Joback, Kimberly GinaEvaluating Learning Team-led on-gallery Experiences at London Transport MuseumEducation in a Technological Society
Johansen, Aren ADeveloping State of the Environment Indicators in CroydonUrban and Environmental Planning
Johns, Andrew RPhysics Performance Data MiningEducation in a Technological Society
Johnson, Eric JBalancing Unintended Disruptions in MotionHealth Care and Technology
Johnson, Sarah BSustainable Community Involvement in the Indlovu ProjectUrban and Environmental Planning
Johnson, Derek AlexanderKnights! At the MuseumHumanistic Studies of Technology
Johnson, Michael NicholasRisky BusinessHealth Care and Technology
Johnson, Kelly ErinImproving the Food Delivery System at the Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast CancerHealth Care and Technology
Johnson, Allison BWorcester Community Schools Needs AssessmentSocial and Human Services
Johnson, Zachary LeonardExpanding Stormwater Solutions: An Inventory of Projects Reducing Polluted Runoff in MassachusettsEnergy and Resources
Johnson, Benjamin GervaisOil Pollution in Ecuador: A Devised Remediation ApproachTechnology and Environment
Johnson, Emily StratfordAnalysis of Glycerin Uses for the Empower Energy Cooperative: An outlet for growthEnergy and Resources
Johnson, Chase RBus Stop Assessment: Bringing Worcester to CodeSafety Analysis and Liability
Johnson, James WalkerNuclear Proliferation: An EdugameSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Johnson-Hoyte, Dante SProsthetic End-­User Usability SurveyHealth Care and Technology
Johnston, Stephen Green Technology Commercialization An Analysis of the EPA’s SBIR ProgramTechnology and Environment
Johnston, Lydia JeanEvaluating Simulators in FIRST Robotics CompetitionSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Johnston, Paul WeiIncreasing Engagement in the Mirboo North Community Energy HubEnergy and Resources
Johnston, Mark RichardLighting Analysis: Recommendations to Install LED Streetlights Within Santa FeUrban and Environmental Planning
Johnston, Samuel RAssessing the Effectiveness of Recently Implemented Technologies within the Worcester Regional Transit AuthorityTechnology and Environment
Jones, Brittany ASocial Media Marketing Strategies at BioRegionalEnergy and Resources
Jones, Emily KathrynStreamlining Canal Hydrodynamic Measurements in VeniceTechnology and Environment
Jones, Thomas GregoryPreparing Auburn for a Climate Action PlanEnergy and Resources
Jones, Daniel RodgersPotential Hazards Associated with Environmentally Preferable ProductsSafety Analysis and Liability
Jones, Daniel A Code of Ethics For Robotics EngineersSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Jones, William CAmbulance Interior Storage OptimizationHealth Care and Technology
Jones, Shanice KamilleSustainable Building Solutions for Monwabisi Park, Cape TownUrban and Environmental Planning
Jones, Paul EBiofuelsEnergy and Resources
Jones, Bennie Ongoing Advancement of the Physics ToolboxEducation in a Technological Society
Jones, Heather AnnKnowledge of Type 2 Diabetes in the New Zealand Population and Effectiveness of Knowledge-Based InterventionsHealth Care and Technology
Jones, Craig MichaelThe Establishment of Truck Stops Along the Walvis Bay CorridorsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Jones, Eric BernardCentral and Western Massachusetts Red Cross Website Re-DesignSocial and Human Services
Jones, Lindsay StirlingSustainable Classroom ContractEnergy and Resources
Jones-Mulaire, William AddisonRisky BusinessHealth Care and Technology
Jordan, Nikole JoleneSustainability Education and Awareness for Santa Fe and Native American CommunitiesEnergy and Resources
Jordan, Craig OAll the World's Computer GamesSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Jorgensen, Eric DPromoting the Hydroponics Project of the Chaipattana Foundation in Prachinburi, ThailandTechnology and Environment
Jorjorian, Luke AaronThe Future of Energy IQPEnergy and Resources
Joseph, Brian JThe Evaluation of Cyclistic, a Bike Route Planning Tool for Tourists in CopenhagenUrban and Environmental Planning
Joseph Wiegman, Nathan WilliamAssessing Particulate Pollution in ØsterbroUrban and Environmental Planning
Josephs, Michael GeorgePromoting Alternative Transportation for the WPI CommunityUrban and Environmental Planning
Josephs, Trisha ATeenagers, Technology, and Education at the CCVCEducation in a Technological Society
Josephs, Sadie SaludesEvaluating Student Housing in LondonUrban and Environmental Planning
Jovanovic, Branislav Feasibility Study of the Arenal Volcano Wind ProjectEnergy and Resources
Joyce, Sean PatrickFire Safety in Green BuildingsSafety Analysis and Liability
Judd, Sarah EElectronically Aiding Students' LearningEducation in a Technological Society
Judelson, Michael DavidConducting an Effective Housing Survey to Inform Planning in the Royal Borough of KingstonUrban and Environmental Planning
Judge, Katherine ElizabethAdvanced Patent Application AnalysisLaw and Technology
Juers, Meredith HopeDeveloping Public Interest in the Natural Sciences at the ZHAW, Wädenswil, SwitzerlandEducation in a Technological Society
Julaih, Abbas AhmedAcadia Soundscape AnalysisTechnology and Environment
Jung, Stephen DanielEconomics of Stem Cell ResearchHealth Care and Technology
Jung, Bryan RichardEvolution of Materials in Arms and Armors: Medieval Era Battle AxeHumanistic Studies of Technology
Jutras, Ian MatthewDesigning a Small-Scale Grain Harvester: A Tool for Urban and Peri-urban GrowersTechnology and Environment

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