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Author Name TitleDivision
Na, Aaron EdwinAnalyzing the Implementation of the Massachusetts Green Communities Act of 2008Energy and Resources
Nabea, Winnie MuyiaDNA FINGERPRINTINGLaw and Technology
Nadeau, Kyle GEconomic Growth, Stability, and DevelopmentEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Nadeau, Eric MichaelHong Kong Maritime Museum Relocation ProjectSocial and Human Services
Naeem, Naveed A.Towards a Paperless Choral ClassroomHumanistic Studies of Technology
Nagelin, Angela MarieClimate Change Identities 2014Technology and Environment
Nagle, Michael BenjaminZoonotic Diseases in Society Today: Lyme DiseaseHealth Care and Technology
Nagpal, Kshitij Understanding and Analyzing the Restaurant Permitting ProcessLaw and Technology
Nagpal, Sunil Promoting Awareness and Early Detection of Breast Cancer in ThailandHealth Care and Technology
Nagpal, Akshat CERES Australia 2050 Trail Phase 2: Designing an Interpretive TrailTechnology and Environment
Nahabedian, Aaron JDesigning Educational Materials for Composting in a Costa Rican CommunityTechnology and Environment
Nahill, Daniel ThomasCity of Boston’s Firehouse Energy EfficiencyEnergy and Resources
Naiman, Alexander AllenElectric Power and Social AttitudesEnergy and Resources
Nair, Abhilash Creating Bridges for Cleft PatientsHealth Care and Technology
Najem, Suzanne EvaMeasurement and Analysis of Walkability in Hong KongUrban and Environmental Planning
Najem, Mortada SalmanUmbilical cord blood hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, an alternative to bone marrowHealth Care and Technology
Nakamura, Elise YIntel Cafeteria & Construction Waste ManagementScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Namias, Jeffrey Intelligent Tutoring SystemsTechnology and Environment
Nanda, Arnab Social Media Marketing Strategies at BioRegionalEnergy and Resources
Nanisetty, Neil Alternative Loyalty Systems and Streamlined Merchant Acquisition for Boston Community ChangeEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Napier, Patrick 2009 Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) Cost ReportTechnology and Environment
Napolitano, Stephen MaximillianSetting Priorities for Improving Boston City Street LightTechnology and Environment
Naqvi, Syed KazimImpact of Plug-In Hybrid CarsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Narayan, Tushar Civil Good - A Platform For Sustainable and Inclusive Online DiscussionSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Naryshkin, Konstantin InfantCare: A Personal Health Record System Prototype for the Next GenerationHealth Care and Technology
Naseef, Samuel OmarDeveloping a Watershed Council for the Rio Espiritu Santo Watershed in Puerto RicoUrban and Environmental Planning
Nason, Tyson MTransgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Nass, Matthew L Serious Games in Information Literacy: The Creation and Analysis of Games to Teach Information LiteracyEducation in a Technological Society
Nassiff, Nell ElizabethEvaluating Feasibility of APELL in Santo Domingo, Costa RicaTechnology and Environment
Nava, Nicholas AImproving Road Safety in the Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning AreaSafety Analysis and Liability
Naval, Ian AdamCivil Good - A Platform For Sustainable and Inclusive Online DiscussionSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Navien, Timothy ThomasPreserving Venetian HeritageHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Nawn, Corinne DEnvironmental Certification in Costa Rica: Developing a Tool to Guide SMEs’ DecisionsTechnology and Environment
Nayak, Pramela TIQP on Stem CellsHealth Care and Technology
Nayeem, Rashida TamizaAssessing Workplace Wellness Needs for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Windhoek, NamibiaSocial and Human Services
Nazzaro, Richard JamesAIDS Project Worcester: Energy Cost Reduction ApproachesEnergy and Resources
Ndegwa, Arnold MFeasibility of Rooftop Wind Turbines in BostonEnergy and Resources
Neary, John DiOS Application Development for Laboratory UseEducation in a Technological Society
Negmetzhanov, Baurzhan Stem CellsHealth Care and Technology
Negrini, Kara Ann MarieTransgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Nehmer, Kathleen EArchitectural Design of a WPI Concrete StructureHumanistic Studies of Technology
Nehring, Andrew IFIRST VIRTUAL CHALLENGEEducation in a Technological Society
Neilan, Timothy PhilipTemporal Variability and Public Perception: A Noise Pollution and Urban Soundscape Study of San JuanTechnology and Environment
Nelson, Nicole MImages in Mid-Nineteenth Century American Scientific PeriodicalsHumanistic Studies of Technology
Nelson, Scott AClient Outcomes Assessments and Service Model Implementation for Vision AustraliaHealth Care and Technology
Nelson, Andrew TWater KnowledgeTechnology and Environment
Nelson, David WBetter Waste Management Practices for ESPHUrban and Environmental Planning
Nemet-Sousa, Jacquelyn MarieThe Campus Kitchens ProjectSocial and Human Services
Nemeth, Andrew FThe Effect of Asphalt Pavement on Stormwater ContaminationScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Nemeth, Oscar BProposal for the Development of an Economically Viable Lunar BaseSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Nersessian, Andrew ChristopherAssessing the Effectiveness of Recently Implemented Technologies within the Worcester Regional Transit AuthorityTechnology and Environment
Nesbitt, Craig AllenFOREX Trading and InvestmentEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Nesbitt, Nathan TaylorWellington Project Initiative: An Assessment of the Feasibility of Establishing an IQP Center in Wellington, New ZealandEducation in a Technological Society
Nesterenko, Irina APromoting Awareness and Early Detection of Breast Cancer in ThailandHealth Care and Technology
Netsch, Matthew AMethods for Educating Novices in Object Oriented DesignEducation in a Technological Society
Neu, Samuel CharlesAdapting to Individualized FundingSocial and Human Services
Neve, William HWorcester Art Museum: Interactive Exhibit IdeasHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Newell, Kristin HollyStem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Newell, Patrick JThe Virtual Armory: Virtual Jousting SimulatorHumanistic Studies of Technology
Newell, Katherine MAquaponics in Puerto Rico: Assessing Opportunity in the Growing IndustryUrban and Environmental Planning
Newman, Rita PAssessment of Raks Thai Learning Centers for Migrant Children in MahachaiSocial and Human Services
Newman, Erik Atwater Kent Energy StudyEnergy and Resources
Newman, Rebecca CDesigning a Central Resource for Environmental Management in Costa RicaTechnology and Environment
Newton, Turner DavidEnergy Challenges: Tackling Energy Savings Through Purchase HabitsEnergy and Resources
Newton, Brianna MarieElectronic Waste Legislation in MassachusettsScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Ng, Jonathan Food Eating, Entertainment and Distribution KitchenSocial and Human Services
Ng, Austin LeeAssessing the Feasibility of an Internal Paper Recycling PlantTechnology and Environment
Ng, Keet-Fung FPatient tracking in Emergency Department using RFIDHealth Care and Technology
Ng, Michael The Effects of Light Pollution in Hong KongTechnology and Environment
Ngo, Bruce Creating Better Access Pathways Into A Diverse CommunitySocial and Human Services
Nguyen, Thomas VanCreativity and Flow in MusicHumanistic Studies of Technology
Nguyen, Minh HongSustainable Mitigation Techniques for Coffee Leaf Rust in Loma Linda, GuatemalaUrban and Environmental Planning
Nguyen, Hang Stem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Nguyen, Tuong-Vi TSamaritans' Teen LineSocial and Human Services
Nguyen, Vu DangThe Evolution of Materials in Arms and Armors: Antiquity EraHumanistic Studies of Technology
Nguyen, Khanhvan T.English Program Analysis at Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyEducation in a Technological Society
Nguyen, Tran NgocVirtual Learning ProjectEducation in a Technological Society
Nguyen, Long HoangNational Emergency System AnalysisHealth Care and Technology
Nguyen, Khanh-Nhan PVirtual Learning ProjectEducation in a Technological Society
Nguyen, Diana DaiFeasibility of a Map of Wellington’s Innovation EcosystemEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Nguyen, Khoa AnhElectric Vehicles and Power PlantsEnergy and Resources
Nguyen, Hai HoangEffectiveness of Tutoring Video on Wheelspinning using ASSISTmentsEducation in a Technological Society
Nguyen, Uyen Ngoc Thao Reducing Noise, Contaminants, and Unintended Stresses in Emergency Medical Triage UnitsHealth Care and Technology
Nguyen, Bao QuocSTOCK MARKET SIMULATIONEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Nguyen, Ngan ThuyThe Future of Electric VehiclesEnergy and Resources
Nguyen, Khanh TStem Cell Plasticity: Fact or FictionHealth Care and Technology
Nguyen, David DWorcester Technical High School Vernal Pools StudyEducation in a Technological Society
Nguyen, Huong ThanhBicycling in the New Territories of Hong KongUrban and Environmental Planning
Nguyen, Davis City Of WordsHumanistic Studies of Technology
Nguyen Duc, Long HoangFlipping The Classroom in CS 1101Education in a Technological Society
Ni, Meng-Yu Stock Market TradingEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Nich, Kristen EvelynImproving Service Quality, Business Practices, and Marketing Strategies to Ensure NABCOA’s Financial Future Through a Fee-for-Service ModelSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Nichols, Elaine Patent Examiner RecruitmentScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Nichols, Rebecca MarieIncreasing Engagement in the Mirboo North Community Energy HubEnergy and Resources
Nichols, Brittany TaylorLaying the Foundation for a Resilient Partnership: Innovative Upgrading in the Informal Settlement of LangrugUrban and Environmental Planning
Nichols, Amanda LeePreserVenice: Preserving Venetian Public ArtHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Nichols, Matthew BToward a Dynamic Atlas: A Case Study on the Birds of the Venetian LagoonUrban and Environmental Planning
Nickerson, Mark Marketing the 2008 FSAE RacecarSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Nicolora, James VincentConcept Inventories in Engineering Science and DesignEducation in a Technological Society
Nicosia, Katelyn PatriciaEarly Childhood Development ConnectionSocial and Human Services
Nicotra, Stefan Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Nido, Ricardo JoseRedesign of Downtown Canton, MaineUrban and Environmental Planning
Niemczycki, Thomas A Study of Overnight Lighting in Non-Domestic BuildingsEnergy and Resources
Nietupski, Patrick WallaceThe Educational Case for a Simulated Lunar BaseSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Nieves, Jessica Improving Electrical System Management for Boylston, MAUrban and Environmental Planning
Nikitas, Dimosthenis DannyThe Market Viability of Eco-Fish in Hong KongTechnology and Environment
Nikkhouy-Toussi, Darius Sea Level Rise Adaptation in the Boston Harbor AreaUrban and Environmental Planning
Nikodemus, Merlin AReducing Ambulance Dispatch TimeHealth Care and Technology
Nill, David GordonAlternative Funding for the Bomberos of Costa RicaSocial and Human Services
Nilsen, Christine MCase Studies of Partial Evacuations in the City of Worcester Under Chemically Hazardous ConditionsSafety Analysis and Liability
Nina, Hamlet VPressing Issues: A Venetian Socioeconomic OverviewSocial and Human Services
Niro, Arianna CatherinePreserving Heritage in the Face of Urban Development in Hong KongUrban and Environmental Planning
Nitinthorn, Wesley Intelligent ScannerEducation in a Technological Society
Nitsch, David EAnalysis of Offshoring and HomeshoringEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Nitso, Joshua JamesStock Market Simulation and Analysis of Investment MethodsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Nittel, Alexander PAssessing Sustainability Principles in the Design of the Tate Modern ExpansionUrban and Environmental Planning
Nitzel, Arianna JThe Big Issue Goes Online: Creating a Vendor-Run Profiling ProgramSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Niyetkaliyev, Anvar Stem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Noble, Christopher WGoat’s Head Pub Marketing PlanSocial and Human Services
Nogarotto, Vicente FEvaluating the Regulation of Alerting Systems to Facilitate the Evacuation of the Deaf in AustraliaSafety Analysis and Liability
Nogueira, Nelson JCreating MatchThisGift.ComSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Nolan, Christopher LopezEconomic Growth, Stability, and DevelopmentEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Nolan, Kevin Using Interactive Media to Attracting Prospective FreshmenSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Noons, Nicholas JamesImproving Public Access to the Nashua River in Lancaster, MAUrban and Environmental Planning
Noreldin, Rony MEnergy Challenges: Tackling Energy Savings Through Purchase HabitsEnergy and Resources
Norman, Stephen ChristopherEnsuring that U.S. Engineers Remain Globally CompetitiveScience and Technology: Policy and Management
North, Taylor AldenPuerto Rico Residential Energy StudyEnergy and Resources
Norton, Christopher ThomasTHE FUTURE SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS CLUBEducation in a Technological Society
Norton, Marissa ARestoring the Santa Fe River: Using mobile technology to engage citizens in monitoring the riverTechnology and Environment
Norton, John NSF: Cyber Service Program AnalysisScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Norton, Erica JAn Analysis of First-Year Registration at WPIEducation in a Technological Society
Noser, Jonathan WRobotics Education in the Current IndustryEducation in a Technological Society
Nota, Christopher PaulCollege Program RankingsEducation in a Technological Society
Notkin, Michael Online Educational Games' Effect on LearningTechnology and Environment
Noto-Moniz, Austin Application of Peer-Assisted Learning in a University Extra-Curricular ProgramEducation in a Technological Society
Nottage, Joshua JamesStock Trading Systems: Analysis and Development of a System of SystemsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Novoson, Lisa EPromotion of Hospice and Homecare Programs in Thailand: A Framework for the Assessment of Costs and BenefitsSocial and Human Services
Nowak, Peter Contamination Control in Healthcare SystemsHealth Care and Technology
Nowak, Teresa ATraumatic Brain Injury: Focus on Soldiers/MilitaryHealth Care and Technology
Nowill, Courtney Addressing Water Misconceptions in KatuturaEnergy and Resources
Nowtash, Ashkan Earthquake in TehranTechnology and Environment
Noyes, Matthew HamelCollaboratively Creating Spaces for Art and Music at The Rita Zniber Foundation in Morocco: an assessment of art and music room design through participatory design and usability testing in children anSocial and Human Services
Noyes, Christina MEmpowerment through Improving Facilities at the Sizakuyenza Safe HouseUrban and Environmental Planning
Nuccitelli, Sarah Stem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Nunes, John JosephAdvancing E-waste Recycling in AlbaniaTechnology and Environment
Nunez, Gabriela CDigitizing the Archives of the Private Committees for the Safeguarding of VeniceHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Nuthmann, Thomas ROutlook on a Species: Evaluation of Public Outreach and Educational Strategies Regarding Conservation Efforts of the New Zealand Sea LionUrban and Environmental Planning
Nutting, Jake ThomasMonitoring and Reducing the Carbon Emissions of the Institute of American Indian ArtsEnergy and Resources
Nuzzo-Mueller, Daniel ThomasWPI's Bouldering WallSocial and Human Services
Nwagbara, Belinda UchechiEnglish Reading Culture at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology: Habits, Interests, and Attitudes of First-Year Undergraduate StudentsEducation in a Technological Society
Nwaobasi, Felix Venice: Genesis of the City and its PeopleHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Nyren, Daniel JosephWPI Energy Efficiency Lighting StudyEnergy and Resources

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