Worcester Polytechnic Institute Electronic Projects Collection

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Author Name TitleDivision
Gribouski, Eileen M
Gurnon, Amanda K
Jakubowski, Stephan Adam
Magee, Gaelen Fay
Informal Trading Infrastructure and ManagementEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Clark, Justin S
Cutler, Robert F
Sikes, Jonathan Andrew
Toomey, Kevin C
"Hands on History" at HM Tower of LondonEducation in a Technological Society
Desrochers, Sarah J
Filatava, Evgenia Jen
Lamy, Corbyn Michael
"Hands-On" History: An innovative course in history of science to improve undergraduate educationSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Beynon, Joseph A
Castro, Vanessa M
Murphy, Kirsten B
Olloqui, Fernando Miguel
'Careers in Statistics' GuideEducation in a Technological Society
Napier, Patrick 2009 Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) Cost ReportTechnology and Environment
Aschbacher, Lukas Josef
Degreenia, Timothy Robert
Peterson, Kaj Ragnar
Sancetta, Benjamin C
21st Century Energy Production & Resulting Impacts on SocietyScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Brann, Kristen Lee
Giola, Gregory Thomas
Kirby, Dylan Joseph
Richtmyer, William Hames
25 Years of Venice Knowledge OnlineScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Irwin, David William
Lee, Minkyu
Schomaker, Jake J
5th Grade Space-Enriched Science Curriculum Unit Development ProjectSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Bailey-Gates, Christopher Carl
Deisadze, Nicholas
Piccione, Laura Nicole
6th Grade Plant Biology MCAS Preparation: an Interactive Qualifying ProjectEducation in a Technological Society
Beasley, Nicholas John
Farhat, Assaad T
Kaplan, Benjamin Aaron
Monserrate, Mitchell
7th Grade Lunar Robotics CurriculumEducation in a Technological Society
Capizzio, Robert T
Hunter, Frederick D
Martin, Drew D
Miller, Lindsey Renee
A Bikeway Network for the City of WorcesterUrban and Environmental Planning
Abe, Daisuke
Dilsizian, Armen Hagop
Strowe, Zachary J
Zhang, Min
A Case Study in Software Tools for Language LearningEducation in a Technological Society
Ardito, Michael
Roberts, Justine Jenna
A Catalog of Physical Activities for Visually Impaired YouthEducation in a Technological Society
Emerson, Andrew William
Fitzpatrick, Robert J
Wood, Lindsay Marie
A Characterization of Trout FarmsTechnology and Environment
Berg, Julia JosefinaA City of Words: The Worcester Writers ProjectHumanistic Studies of Technology
Ingram, Brandon C
Jones, Daniel
Lewis, Andrew
Richards, Matthew Langley
A Code of Ethics For Robotics EngineersSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Cook, Matthew
Lally, Caitlin
McCarthy, Matthew J
Mischler, Kristine E
Bennett, Andrew Michael
Fitzpatrick, John Paul
Gaffen, Jonathan D
A Community Outreach Through Social Media: Green2Growth “Viral Video Challenge”Urban and Environmental Planning
Boatman, Dwight R
Bukowski, Brandon Christopher
Du, Mengxi
Ramirez, Kevin Mauricio
A Comparative Study of Transit-Oriented Developments in Hong KongUrban and Environmental Planning
Cohen, Noah R
Dodd, Jason Robert
King, Michael J
A Comprehensive Examination of SNAPSocial and Human Services
Ayer, Michael R
Quintero, Jonathan Frank
Zagaja, Matthew
Zwirko, Jonathan Jerome
A Consumer Perspective on YourEnergyOptions.comEnergy and Resources
Alvarez, Alexander Joseph
Loucagos, Dimitri
Rashid, Sabbir M
A Cost-Benefit Analysis of School Regionalization in MassachusettsUrban and Environmental Planning
Jennette, Trae Lee
Russell, Samuel Bates
Vinke, Luis Miguel
Desrosiers, Mary
Driggs, Martin D
Miller, Elliot A
Yao, Hsai-Won
Aurilio, Laura D
Lewis, Heather Jean
Mattern, Katherine Lynn
Pinola, Christopher Francis
A Detailed Look at the Changing Venetian Retail SectorEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Alspaugh, David L
Lyon, Gabriel I
Tolbert, Katelyn N
Zhang, Xuanya
A Feasibility Study of a Biodiesel Plant in Cartago, Costa RicaTechnology and Environment
Ewing, Tyler Jon
Marie Fortin, Sarah Ashley
Rosales Espinoza, Francisco Javier
Tierney, Emily Rose
A Framework to Assess Alternative Vertical Line Rope Technology to Alleviate North Atlantic Right Whale EntanglementTechnology and Environment
Ambrosino, Nicholas PA Future Scientists and Engineers Club for Worcester South High SchoolEducation in a Technological Society
Boudreau, Christopher John
LeClerc, Todd M
Toupin, Neil S
A Green Initiative: The Green Communities ActTechnology and Environment
Hawkes, Ian GregoryA Guide to New Voices DirectingHumanistic Studies of Technology
Haas, John KA History of the Unity Game EngineSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Baum, Julia Nicole
Hendricks, Shauna-Marie Dian
Lanier, Daniel Isaac
A Holistic Review of the Health and Wellness Programs of Victorian Emergency ServicesHealth Care and Technology
Beliveau, Alexander Robert Anthony
Castagna, Bianca Marie
Cicchetti, Jennifer M
Jacques, Miye Kathleen
A Home Away From Home: Launching Home Stay Tourism in NamibiaEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Jackson, Xavier Jamel
Jasensky, Zach
Liang, Vivian
Moore, Melvin
Rogers, Jake F
A Joint-Venture Approach in Teaching Students How to Recognize and Analyze EthicsEducation in a Technological Society
Owens, William Robert
Vasiliadis, Paul N
Vasin, Ivan Dmitri
A Large-Scale Investment SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
DeSotto, Kristine M
Krawic, Casey Anne
Theoharidis, Zachary Spero
Wimble, Joshua Michael
A Lean Perspective of the Medication Delivery SystemHealth Care and Technology
Wimble, Joshua MichaelA Lean Perspective of the Medication Delivery System at the Veterans HospitalHealth Care and Technology
Miller, Chance V
Rasco, Miguel A
Tripp, Everett R
A Linguistic Analysis and Comparison of Hong Kong and US Corporate Governance ReportsSocial and Human Services
Sullivan, Jonathan LA Look Into Youth MentoringSocial and Human Services
Crosby, Paul Stephen
Sack, Michael G
Warner, Ethan Tyler
A Lunar Base Exhibit ProposalEducation in a Technological Society
Sanders, Jeffrey MA Meta-analysis of the Effects of SNPs on SSRIsHealth Care and Technology
Kidder, Benjamin K
Moukarzel, Michael A
Price, Shaun McArthur
White, Sarah Andrews
Boudreau, Daniel Ronald
MacDonald, Bryan J
A New Commonwealth VotesHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Cavallaro, Deanna Christina
Chin, Michael
O'Connor, Lauren E
Ruiz, Daniela
A New Rice Sowing Technology: Informing Small-Scale Farmers about Improved Methods of PlantingEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Herries, Emily S
Schutte, Kayla Janelle
Silvia, James Edward
Spinney, Jennifer R
A Plan for Sustainable Economic Development within the Indlovu ProjectUrban and Environmental Planning
Crider, Nicholas Ingram
Maurer, Peter K
McDannald, Austin
Oswald, Caleb C
A Process for Incorporating Community Perspectives in Open Space PreservationUrban and Environmental Planning
Carrion, Jasmine M
Morar, Radu C
Ritchey, Thomas John
A Proposal for an Educational Lunar Base Simulation ExhibitHumanistic Studies of Technology
Lankenau, Dillon NathanielA Proposal for an Educationally Interactive Exhibit based on a 2069 Lunar BaseSocial Studies of Science and Technology
White, Justin RyanA Proposal for an Educationally Interactive Exhibit based on a 2069 Lunar BaseSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Gabriel, Felicia M
Greenbaum, Benjamin M
Holmes, Cody J
Ouellette, Noelle D
A Protocol for Evaluating Lighting Practices and Light Pollution in Coastal LocationsUrban and Environmental Planning
Cotton, Kendall Thomas
Landry, Taylor James
Morehouse, Adam Andrew
A Qualitative Study of the Correlation Between Human Factors and Design Hazards in Consumer ProductsSafety Analysis and Liability
Froehlich, Brian Robert
Guarino, Peter Michael
Labrie, Jonathan P
A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Video versus Text: Video Tutoring in High School Mathematics Assignments Using ASSISTmentsEducation in a Technological Society
Sood, Disha
Venkatesh, Rashmi
A Review of the Physiological Implications of Antioxidants in FoodSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Ferguson, Brett Ian
Shea, John F
A Road Maintenance and Accounting System for GASB-34 Compliance of Spencer, MassachusettsUrban and Environmental Planning
Horgan, Christopher JamesA Scientific Approach to Thomas Pynchon's Mason and DixonHumanistic Studies of Technology
Azizi, Azarmeedokht G
Love, Timothy James
Michalski, William John
Tice, Lauren Elisabeth
A Solar Decathlon Materials Selection StudyEnergy and Resources
Barboza, Mary-Lee Lizabeth
Foster, Kyle James
Lehman, Jesse William
Lowe, Samantha Frances
A Species at Risk: Raising Awareness About the Critically Endangered Maui’s DolphinTechnology and Environment
Reid, David AA Stock Market InvestigationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Angulo, Franklin E
Darneille, Robert H
McLaughlin, Ryan
Wong, Eric
A Study of Distance Education in Hong KongEducation in a Technological Society
Gardiner, Douglas AlanA Study of Global Temperatures and their TrendsTechnology and Environment
Fulton, Margaret A
Kut, Lindsey Catherine
Morianos, Melissa Marie
Spencer, Lindsay K
A Study of HomelessnessSocial and Human Services
Blaylock, Allen P
Jackson, Shane W
Prasad, Harsha
Spofford, Victoria Sculley
A Study of Local Centers in The Royal Borough of Kingston upon ThamesUrban and Environmental Planning
Levin, Jonathan P
Niemczycki, Thomas
Walton, Vanessa
Woloschin, Ian
A Study of Overnight Lighting in Non-Domestic BuildingsEnergy and Resources
Casley, Sean Vincent
Jardim, Adam Sebastian
Quartulli, Alex Michael
A Study of Public Acceptance of Autonomous CarsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Byrne, Christopher Michael
Franklin, Matthew James
Rodriguez, Dylan Tabare
A Study of the Feasibility of Autonomous Surface VehiclesTechnology and Environment
Davis, Joshua W
Landry, Ryan
Long, Nicholas Alan
A Study on How to Avoid a Layoff and How People Recover From a LayoffEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Beliveau, Michael Christian
Rehberger, James C
Rowell, Jonathan Douglas
Xarras, Alyssa
A Study on Hybrid Cars: Environmental Effects and Consumer HabitsTechnology and Environment
Lowry, Robert D
Moak, Ryan C
Webber, Benjamin C
A Study On The Causes of Recidivism in MassachusettsEducation in a Technological Society
Suarez, Matthew Ryan
Sylvestre, Claire Carmen
Tomson, Matthew Steven
A Study on the Effect of using Fantasy to Motivate and Engage StudentsEducation in a Technological Society
Courtney, Sebastian J
Cushion, John Warner
King, Katherine E
Paro, Autumn Dawn
A Survey and Best Practices Guide to University Involvement in FIRSTHumanistic Studies of Technology
Burger, Matthew Philip
Mahoney, Daniel P
Smith, Travis Robert
A Sustainable Accounting and Maintenance Management System for the Infrastructure of the West Boylston Water DistrictUrban and Environmental Planning
Gardiner, Joshua D
Sheridan, David J
A Sustainable Information System for Water Infrastructure Maintenance and GASB 34 Accounting for the Town of BoylstonUrban and Environmental Planning
Amendolare, Nicholas D
Briskey, Emily J
LaGoy, Jessica A
Largesse, Nathan Bagdis
Orme-Johnson, McGhee
A Sustainable Science Laboratory Program for Rural ThailandEducation in a Technological Society
Anthony Murray, Brian EdwinA SWOT Analysis of the Teaching Process of Math and Science At Worcester's North High SchoolEducation in a Technological Society
Padelford, Kyle Walker
Whipple, Christopher David
A Systems Engineering Approach to Green Home Design: The Need to Incorporate Residential Fire SprinklersSafety Analysis and Liability
Chen, Kyle HaoA Teaching Practicum at Doherty Memorial High SchoolEducation in a Technological Society
Biernacki, Thomas BrianA Teaching Practicum in BiologyEducation in a Technological Society
Gowing, Dana MichelleA Teaching Practicum in MathematicsEducation in a Technological Society
Tilbe, Tyler GeorgeA Teaching Practicum in PhysicsEducation in a Technological Society
Blake, Phillip AndrewA Teaching Practicum in Secondary Education MathematicsEducation in a Technological Society
Hartzell, Zachary RossA Teaching Practicum in Secondary Education: MathematicsEducation in a Technological Society
Caracappa, Alexander A
Dacosta, Shannon A
Khuu, Tri K
Pellegrini, Elizabeth M
A VPC Contribution to Venice to Expo 2015Science and Technology: Policy and Management
Armstrong, Theodore Creighton
Haley, Connor Michael
Hewgley, Nicolas Rogelio
Karp-Neufeld, Gregory Gerald
Megin, James Lawrence
Richard, Evan J
Rosenman, Jason Victor
A Walking Tour of Sir Arthur Sullivan’s LondonHumanistic Studies of Technology
Goldsmith, Veronica
Prashaw, Jessica Mary
A Web Based Survey on the Environmental Risk Factors Associated with ACL Injuries in Soccer PlayersTechnology and Environment
Bates, Ryan Brigham
McCarthy, Joseph W
Walsh, Joseph M
A Web Survey of Winter Sports Accidents Involving Equipment FailureHumanistic Studies of Technology
Sutton, Ashley JA Website Designed to Guide Children in Positive Interactions with Wildlife in New EnglandEducation in a Technological Society
Corsini, James NABC business plan integrated with system dynamics modelScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Costi, Matthew Stephen
Julaih, Abbas Ahmed
Murcko, Timothy Michael
Pugliese, Connor John
Acadia Soundscape AnalysisTechnology and Environment
Chunga, Caylee M
Pasciuto, Mikayla M
Toribio, Bryan A
Accessibility Assessment of the Worcester Art MuseumSocial and Human Services
Lewars, Giselle M
McPherson, Omari
Pelletier, Nicholas L
Schwalbenberg, Andrew
Accommodation of Bus Rapid Transit in the Cape Town Central Business DistrictUrban and Environmental Planning
Martini, Emilia MariaACDA EASTERN DIVISION CONVENTIONEducation in a Technological Society
Arellano, Jennifer Noelle
Burns, Michael B
Duffen, Shawn P
Parker, Jennifer Lynn
Achieving Integrated Street Management in the City of WestminsterTechnology and Environment
Brown, Mercedes Destine
Morrow, John F
Wang, Peishan
Adaptation of Russian energy companies to a changing ArcticTechnology and Environment
Gilde, Benjamin
Kosmaczewski, Sara Guckian
Maglione, Nicole Marie
Ziobron, Justine Elizabeth
Adapting Educational Programs for Students with DisabilitiesEducation in a Technological Society
Simone, Nicholas W
Vozzola, Erin J
Worobey, Lynn A
Adapting Hands-On Science Programs for Students with DisabilitiesEducation in a Technological Society
Pankratov, Alexander KAdapting Social Technology for use in Collaborative Learning and Writing in Higher EducationEducation in a Technological Society
Button, Kaylyn Marie
Jeyaraj, Elisabeth J
Ma, Rodrigo Ignacio
Muniz, Edwin
Adapting Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems to Stormwater Management in an Informal SettingUrban and Environmental Planning
Bowers, Jesse Mark
Danner, Joseph M
Neu, Samuel Charles
Powers, Kyle W
Adapting to Individualized FundingSocial and Human Services
Brutvan, Lucas J
Lagoy, Ross
Medeiros, Nicholas
Suddapalli, Sandesh
Caulfield, William Edward
Jette, Remy
Ridore, Jeremy
Saccoccio, Evan John
George, Anthony Adding Modern Technologies to Web-Based Distance Learning CourseEducation in a Technological Society
Harris, Lauren E
Kates, Andrea E
Momose, Timothy C
Overton, Christopher William
Addressing Greywater Management Issues in Langrug Using a Sustainable Reiterative ProcessUrban and Environmental Planning
Marcoux, Nicholas James
Martinez, Jessica Alexandra
Plumer, Michael
Reni, Lynn M
Addressing Threats to Water Quality in Suan Phung Nature Education Park: Ratchaburi, ThailandUrban and Environmental Planning
Cartwright, Marissa
Morales, Gissel
Nowill, Courtney
Rivers, Jonathan Mark
Addressing Water Misconceptions in KatuturaEnergy and Resources
McLaughlin, Jennifer M
McNeil, Brendan Brown
Sebald, Sarah E
Addressing Wayfinding at Bumrungrad HospitalHealth Care and Technology
DiIorio, Cara Lynn
Knight, David Jonathan
Mancuso, Matthew P
Adoption of Thorium PowerEnergy and Resources
Amador, Francisco Javier
Hamer, Ryan Christopher
Judge, Katherine Elizabeth
Zopatti, Daniel Zachary
Advanced Patent Application AnalysisLaw and Technology
Burgess, Allan Richard
Ma, Jessica
Morrison, Carly Elizabeth
Nunes, John Joseph
Advancing E-waste Recycling in AlbaniaTechnology and Environment
Serra, Sean CAdvancing Sustainability at WPI: The Development of a Comprehensive Program for Investing In, Promoting, and Managing Sustainable Practices at WPIScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Cochran, Nigel Bowers
Edwards, Lauren Elizabeth
Howland, Victoria Anne
Quinn, Caitlin Rebecca
Advancing the Owela Display CentreSocial and Human Services
Hickman, Julie Marie
Hu, Jason
Shoemaker, Jonathan David
AeroVax: Technology as part of a Social MovementSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Moore, Gregory RichardAffect Dynamics ModelingEducation in a Technological Society
Alexander, Troy MichaelAffiliative Motivation and Group Identity Affect on Social Tuning and IdentitySocial and Human Services
Connelley, Haley Marie
Henry, Matthew S
Hughes, Kristen M
Affordable and Green Housing on Nantucket IslandUrban and Environmental Planning
Bold, Nicholas
Canny, Patrick L.
Foss, Samuel R
Paez, Esteban Ramiro
Aiding Lerdsin Orthopedic To Achieve ExcellenceHealth Care and Technology
Grady, Robert Brian
Hermsdorf-Krasin, Lee F
Reynolds, Jason Terry
Sawyer, Evan Marcus
AIDS Project Worcester Community Vegetable GardenSocial and Human Services
Dong, Yi M
Nazzaro, Richard James
Sanz-Guerrero, Alexandra F
Zhen, Xiaolin
AIDS Project Worcester: Energy Cost Reduction ApproachesEnergy and Resources
Adhikari, Udit
Hunter, Patrick D
LaBarre, Christopher B
Potter, Kevin Joseph
Rhodes, Matthew B
AIDS Project Worcester: Reducing Energy Costs, Giving Back to the CommunityEnergy and Resources
Lin, Bo-Huei
Lu, Li-Shun
Wong, Tin-Chi
Air Pollution in AsiaUrban and Environmental Planning
Hassan, Tahsin
Savov, Vasil Kolev
Airline Transportation &The American SocietySocial Studies of Science and Technology
Cieslewicz, Joseph Francis
Small, Jay Tyler
Tatro, Matthew Voland
Albania Project Center Resource DevelopmentEducation in a Technological Society
DElia, Lauren
Keyser, Andrew David
Young, Craig Peterson
Algae BiodieselEnergy and Resources
Ding, Fangjie Algorithms Embedded Personal Medical Device For Smart HealthcareHealth Care and Technology
Jordan, Craig OAll the World's Computer GamesSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Turcotte, Douglas PAll the World's Computer GamesSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Qian, Congyi
White, Elliot Jay
Dich, Alexander
Grimsley, Kirk F
Koufos, Dennis N
Sarasin, Timothy Norman
Alternative and Renewable EnergyEnergy and Resources
Rodas, Melissa KaterinAlternative and Renewable EnergyEnergy and Resources
Li, Qiao
Li, Tianyu
Pan, Ni
Xu, Jizhang
Alternative and Renewable EnergyEnergy and Resources
Arnold, David L
Bass, Nina R
Clark, Amanda Blanche
Alternative Cooking Solutions for Monwabisi ParkUrban and Environmental Planning
Li, Zhaolong
Tian, Ran
Zhou, Qiyang
Alternative EnergyEnergy and Resources
Chaggaris, Christopher Paul
Muller, Nicholas Patrick
Preedawan, Sitthipat
Alternative Energy SolutionsEnergy and Resources
Beach, Brian J
Chiumiento, Alessandro Bruno
Molina, Jose Gabriel
Alternative Fuels for AutomobilesEnergy and Resources
Dillon, Sean Michael
Mahhou, Fatima Zahra
Violette, Kortni Joan
Alternative Fuels in Puerto RicoEnergy and Resources
Hesler, Gregory P
Loomis, Lawrence Everett
Nill, David Gordon
Rashkov, Stefan
Alternative Funding for the Bomberos of Costa RicaSocial and Human Services
Lane, Jesse A
Moussette, Dan S
Nanisetty, Neil
Simpson, Kile
Alternative Loyalty Systems and Streamlined Merchant Acquisition for Boston Community ChangeEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Dwyer, David Thomas
Grasso, Jose Antonio
Kent, John E
Stanton, Christopher M
Urdaneta, Carlos Vicente
Hirai, Yusuke
Kim, Dong Hae
Alternative Renewable EnergyEnergy and Resources
Moakley, John T
Weller, Marc F
Zelic, Matija
Alternative Shredder Waste Processing MethodsTechnology and Environment
Aftab, Mairaj
Kiyani, Omar S
Srinivasan, Arvind
Alternative Solar Cells and Their ImplicationsEnergy and Resources
Castro, Ivy Bartolo
Glavin, Shane Michael
Shukla, Shashank
Wang, Ting Ting
Alzheimer’s Disease: From Pathology and Early Detection to Socioeconomic Impacts and TreatmentHealth Care and Technology
Hill, Caitlin Joyce
Raymond, Grant Michael
Yeung, Irene
Ambient Assisted Living TechnologyHumanistic Studies of Technology
Jones, William C
Philippou, Joshua James
Sweet, Nathaniel Jacob
Ambulance Interior Storage OptimizationHealth Care and Technology
Bernier, Joshua David
Knapp, Steven T
Ambulatory StorageHealth Care and Technology
Bao, Yiling
Maron, Kerrie Anne
Sejour, Leinal A
Ambulatory Work-Related Injuries and Health ProblemsTechnology and Environment
DelVecchio, Anthony
Dwan, Gerard P
Lettiere, Daniel
Madden, Matthew
Orchanian, Shant
Petrocchi, Anthony A
Teti, Adam J
Angell, Thomas C
Arsenault, Elizabeth A
McNally, Kelly A
AmeriCorps Outcomes AssessmentSocial and Human Services
Gleason, Bryan ThomasAn Analysis and Comparison of Affordable and Ecological Short-Term Transportation Energy SolutionsEnergy and Resources
Lucini, Gregory Leo
Monk, Ian Michael
Szlatenyi, Christopher S
An Analysis of Fire Incidents Involving Hoarding HouseholdsSafety Analysis and Liability
Brown, Victoria J
DeMello, Craig Alan
Norton, Erica J
An Analysis of First-Year Registration at WPIEducation in a Technological Society
Batchelder, Sidney S
Le, Robert
Terry, William Francis
Thomas, Jeffrey Daniel
An Analysis of Future Sustainable Aquatic FarmingEnergy and Resources
Homchenko, Molly E
Lackie, Jason Ballou
Morse, Benjamin Douglas
Scott, David Franciose
An Analysis of Hoarding and Squalor Related Incidents and Responses by the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services BoardSafety Analysis and Liability
Colpas, Emily Claire
DeZulueta, Julian Alexander
Pappas, Daniel A
An Analysis of Hoarding Fire Incidents and MFB Organisational ResponseSafety Analysis and Liability
Rochford, Conor Joseph
Thomas, Joe
Wijesooriya, Sidath Sarinda
An Analysis of Local and National Recycling and Waste Disposal PoliciesScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Adams, Kenneth W
Bishop, Keith M
Corbo, Anthony
Tabrizi, Keeon B
An Analysis of Missing Medication Documentation, Processes, and Procedures at the Veterans Hospital (VA Boston Healthcare System - West Roxbury Campus)Health Care and Technology
Frankian, William Thomas
Mahoney, Robert Joseph
Okray, Brandon
Shewchuk, Tara A.
An Analysis of New England Food HubsUrban and Environmental Planning
Bianchi, Aaron Gindi
Crathern, Kyle Davis
Eslava, Sebastian Ariel
Rivera, Joseph Daniel
An Analysis of The America Invents ActLaw and Technology
Colopy, Robyn L
Gustafson, Kyle Eric
Moss, Jennifer Ashley
Ogasian, Jason R
An Analysis of the Challenges Facing the Redevelopment of Intersection 5 in San Juan, Puerto RicoUrban and Environmental Planning
Brown, Joseph D
Ghani, Mohammad Affan
Hoque, Muyeedul
Rehman, Umair Abdul
An Analysis of Web Privacy Policies Across IndustriesScience and Technology: Policy and Management
DelDotto, Darcy
Yusif, Michelangela Amira
An Analysis of Work Flow in the Phlebotomy, Chemistry, Hematology, and Urinalysis Laboratories at the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital in Bedford, MAHealth Care and Technology
Jacobs, Jonathan AndrewAn Analysis of You Cubed as an Example of Collective CreativitySocial and Human Services
Miranda, Michael Kirby
Myers, Bishop S
An Annotated Analysis of Contemporary Game Design LiteratureEducation in a Technological Society
Argueta, Jairo E
Brown, Nathan Alan
Mittelman, Daniel F
Renda, Brian A
Salvatori, Rachel
Smeal, Ashleigh R
An Assessment of Fire Safety in Australia’s International Student HousingSafety Analysis and Liability
(WPI)Carli-Dorsey, Alex L
Jackman, James Deane
Massa, Nicholas Benjamin
An Assessment of Mobile Fitness GamesHealth Care and Technology
Kapelner, Sarah Beth
Palmer, Joshua M
Sheldon, Brianna Lynn
An Assessment of the Impact of Pre-Issuance Submissions on the Patent Examination ProcessScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Diemand, Rebecca C
Geddes, George R
Kalauskas, Peter S
Ridley, Nicholas Paul
An Assessment of Water Supply and Sanitation in Tsumkwe, NamibiaEnergy and Resources
Hernandez, Johnny Xavier
Polekoff, Evan A
Watson, Thomas Jeffery
An Augmented World: How wearable AR devices affect socializationSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Brundige, Daniel John
Dawson, Elizabeth I
Massey, Mackenzie
Moore, Sasha Marie
An Economic Development Strategy for the Trans-Kalahari CorridorEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
DeSantis, Patrick J
Levesque, Sean P
Montgomery, James B
An Electronic Interface to Aid in Learning How to Play a Musical InstrumentSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Dai, Rui An Empirical Study on Web UsabilitySocial Studies of Science and Technology
Church, Alexander J
Huet De Bacellar, Tatiana D
Kennedy, Rachel M
Wu, Jinghan
An Entrepreneurial Initiative for Distributing Energy Efficient Products in Low Income CommunitiesUrban and Environmental Planning
VanDyke, Caitlin EAn Environmental Footprint Quiz for WPI StudentsTechnology and Environment
Bottcher, Christopher Steven
Cypher, Kyle M
Drake, Emalee C
An Evaluation of Feed the WorldEducation in a Technological Society
Russell, Lauren GAn Evaluation of Municipal Recycling Programs in MassachusettsEnergy and Resources
Arata, Stephen R
Brakenwagen, Abigail L
Colcord, Brittany Lynn
Kuegler, George R
An Evaluation of Nantucket's Town FacilitiesEnergy and Resources
Gallagher, Seamus Joseph
Harasimowicz, Robert Paul
Marsh, Brian V
An Evaluation of Potential Development for Pernet Family Health Facilities in WorcesterTechnology and Environment
Behlman, Trevor Sturgis
Hong, Qiuyi
Seyedmahmoud, Neda
Sun, Yunqiu
An Evaluation of Public Space Recycling Options for MassachusettsUrban and Environmental Planning
Miguel, Pedro John
Morgan, Kelly Marie
Vlasac, Irma Marisela
Yuhas, Nathaniel J
An Evaluation of Sea Cucumber Fishing in Puerto RicoUrban and Environmental Planning
Garrity, Jetta Rose
Pastore, Kellen C
Roche, Allison Ruth
An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Science Field Trips and Hands-On Classroom ActivitiesEducation in a Technological Society
Bosman, Joseph A
Milano, Patrick J
Youkana, Stephanie
An Evaluation of the Recycling Practices on the Island of Puerto RicoUrban and Environmental Planning
Fagan, Shane Bernard
Greene, Mitchell T
Knight, Scott Sheppard
Royds, Tess V
An Evidence Based Approach to Home Fire SafetySafety Analysis and Liability
Cohn, Sebastian ArthurAn Examination of the Effects of Glacial Retreat in the Colorado River BasinTechnology and Environment
Rumore, Matthew RAn Exploratory Study to Develop Additional Evaluation Tools for Introductory Physics Courses at WPIEducation in a Technological Society
Pradhan, Prabodha
Saleem, Muhammad Bilal
Singh, Ravi
An In-Depth Analysis of Tutoring Strategies in ASSISTmentsEducation in a Technological Society
Domnarski, Drew AAn Industry Haunted: Investigating the Phenomena of Ghost Gear and Marine DebrisTechnology and Environment
Halilaj, Sibora
Mills, Andrew G
An Integrated Building Management System for the WPI CampusUrban and Environmental Planning
Friedman, Jordon CAn Investigation into Personal Growth and Group Dynamics at the Cape Town Project CenterSocial and Human Services
Gagnon, Kevin James
Keough, Ryan Matthew
McGoff, Marshall S
An Investigation into Worcester's 'Troubled Waters'Technology and Environment
DeFeo, Jonathan MAn Investigation of Atypical AntidepressantsHealth Care and Technology
McDonald, Nicholas John
O'Connor, Samantha Ann
Pyae, Aung Phone
An Investigation of the Types of Community Involvement used in Long Term Stewardship Activities at Superfund SitesTechnology and Environment
Dias, John Donald
Fitton, Katherine Cassandra
Machamer, Lindsey Rose
Vasquez, Stephany
An Investigation of Wastewater Management Options for the Community of Fatima, Costa RicaTechnology and Environment
Morse, Eric JAn Online Case Study Resource for Building Information Modeling in College EducationEducation in a Technological Society
Chen, Junbo
DiNino, Anthony Robert
Mintz, Zachary R
Wolf, Robert Patrick
An Update on the Hydrodynamics of the Venice CanalsUrban and Environmental Planning
Riggieri, Michael JohnAnalyses of Denis Leary, Robert Benchley, and Frank O'HaraHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Efron, Nathaniel Samuel
Read, Megan Disa
Analysing International Tunnelling CostsUrban and Environmental Planning
Byrne, Ryan JAnalysis and Comparison of Long and Short Term Stock Trading StrategiesEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Ayenson, Michael D
Ferreira, Matthew Alexander
zhu, linhai
Analysis of Assistments Online Tutoring System and AccuplacerEducation in a Technological Society
Corliss, David
Doyle, Joshua Lee
Poliquin, Timothy
Analysis of Character on GameplaySocial Studies of Science and Technology
Frick, Charles J
Lemere, Nicholas A
Shoop, Alexander K
Smith, Stefan M
Analysis of Consumer Energy Behavior in the ArboretumUrban and Environmental Planning
Page, Christopher G
Sbat, Majd
Vazquez, Keila M
Yalcin, Zeynep Deniz
Analysis of Emergency Medical Systems Across the WorldHealth Care and Technology
Lazaro, Andrew P
Paranamana, Buddhi M
Saddat, Anil
Analysis of Fire Hazards Associated with the VacTrain DesignSafety Analysis and Liability
Artz, Sarah A
Krasinskas, Joseph Austin
Miskowiec, Andrew J
Analysis of Funded Engineering Education ProjectsScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Brokaw, Jeremy Johnathan
Cruz, Ricardo Augusto
Earl, Joshua
Kamsler, Zachary F
Orman, Neal C
Analysis of Game Interface PerformanceSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Allen, Stephen Joseph
Ezeonyebuchi, Ijeoma
Johnson, Emily Stratford
Welsh, Christopher Lealand
Analysis of Glycerin Uses for the Empower Energy Cooperative: An outlet for growthEnergy and Resources
Mazzali, Taylor J
Morin, Amy E
Paquette, Alison Genevieve
Analysis of Green Chemistry and Computational ToxicologyTechnology and Environment
Barnett, Kenneth J
Eggiman, Derek Jon
Sawyer, Jesse
Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Related to Food: A Study of Two Cafeterias in the Danish Municipality of Lyngby-TaarbækEnergy and Resources
Laszczak, Magdalene
Papp, Joseph C
Shuman, Russell O
Sreenath, Nikhil
Analysis of Marine Aquaculture PoliciesTechnology and Environment
Nitsch, David EAnalysis of Offshoring and HomeshoringEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Al Darweesh, Murtada Abdulhameed
Deptula, Matthew Richard
Landis, Tanner Joshua
Simpson, Alexis
Analysis of Phenological Protocols in Acadia National ParkTechnology and Environment
Aufiero, Miranda
Carlone, Thomas James
Hawkins, William J
Murdy, Steven Thomas
Analysis of Preventable Fire Fatalities of Older People and People with Disabilities: Risk Reduction Advice for the Community Care SectorSafety Analysis and Liability
Pentheny, Graham KAnalysis of Stock Market Investment StrategiesEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Boucher, Brandon S
Duscha, Hannah
Kurrumchand, Smita S
Oshiro, Franco Antonio
Analysis of the Aquaculture Market in the Costa Rican Metropolitan AreaEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Farrington, Daniel J
Muesch, Nicholas M
Analysis of the Characteristics and Content of Twitch Live-streamingHumanistic Studies of Technology
Bedford, Michael W
Belanger, Adam B
Boudreau, David B
Strott, Thomas
Analysis of the Feasibility of Utilizing the STARS 0.5 Rubric as a Guide for the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Sustainability InitiativeUrban and Environmental Planning
Andrews, Craig H
Basmaji, Carol Rima
Meyer, Martin
Analysis of the Solicitation Process in Montgomery CountyScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Leary, Shannon P
Smaltz, Daniel
Analysis of the WPI On-Line Calculus Placement TestsEducation in a Technological Society
Win, Soe SanAnalysis on Societal and Technical Aspects of Human SleepHealth Care and Technology
Baker, Jeffrey D
Grygorcewicz, Christin Mary
Analyzing an Energy Reduction Policy at WPIEnergy and Resources
Bannon, Christopher Jeffrey
Ellsworth, Timothy J
Musselman, Nicholas Patrick
Analyzing and Operationalizing the Nantucket Energy PlanEnergy and Resources
Allen, David Albert
Filice, James Nicholas
Patel, Neel Yogesh
Warner, Brandy A
Analyzing Food Security in WorcesterUrban and Environmental Planning
McConnell, Gregory Duncan
Rossi, Dante A
Analyzing Municipal Energy Performance in WorcesterEnergy and Resources
Akid, Jamal James
Greff, Tyler
Tucker, Sydney E
Analyzing Qualitative Data at Museum VictoriaHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Angers, Tyler L
Marien, Alissa D
Rheaume, Dean A
Analyzing Relationships between Reconstruction Approaches and Social Vulnerabilities in Tsunami-Affected ThailandSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Craig, Keith PhillipAnalyzing the "Pakistan Connection" GameSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Alexander, Elizabeth
Hoag, Stephanie Rae
Peterson, Ellen E
Powers, William
Analyzing the Accreditation Venture of the Undergraduate Robotics Engineering ProgramSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Lacamera, John Joseph
Leo, Xavier Alejandro
Levy, Camille S
Analyzing the Economic Impacts of Nantucket's Cultural CorridorEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Quinn, Daniel FAnalyzing the Effects of Technology on the Postal ServiceSocial and Human Services
Huard, Jeffrey M
Kendall, Michael James
Na, Aaron Edwin
Rodrigues, John M
Analyzing the Implementation of the Massachusetts Green Communities Act of 2008Energy and Resources
Barnard, William S
Esteve, Paul J
Gallagher, Hannah L
Zizmor, Jacob Louis
Analyzing the Potential Use of Solar Photovoltaic Systems by Commercial Businesses in the Moreland MunicipalityTechnology and Environment
Foti, Jacqueline Marie
Rapp, Jonathan Abraham
Analyzing Visitor Evaluations at the Nantucket Historical AssociationEducation in a Technological Society
Fredette, Greg A
Oakes, Devin R.
Ting, Aaron
Analyzing Water Resource Protection in WorcesterUrban and Environmental Planning
Barreto, Nicholas
Fano, Malcolm Stuart
Li, Congji
McGlew, Edwin Nicholas
Animation Education With 2-D Modeling and 3-D TexturingSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Ferreira, Paul Jesman
Goldberg, Daniel E
Martin, Danielle Desiree
Robillard, Rachel A
Waitt, Daniel M
Apocalypse Soon? A Study of Views About Future Technological DevelopmentHumanistic Studies of Technology
Schudy, Warren Applets and Groupwork in Intro. ElectromagnetismEducation in a Technological Society
Fletcher, Benjamin Joseph
Hussain, Syed Asaad
Keane, Christopher Mead
Schmidtman, Hanna Lynn
Appliance Energy Efficiency Labels in Costa RicaEnergy and Resources
Fredrick, Matthew CharlesAPPLICATION OF AN INQUIRY- BASED INSTRUCTION MODEL IN MECHANICS LABSEducation in a Technological Society
Zhu, Hao Application of Artificial Intelligence in a Game-like TutorEducation in a Technological Society
Andersen, Derek H
Chau, Tiffany
Noto-Moniz, Austin
Xu, Yuchen
Application of Peer-Assisted Learning in a University Extra-Curricular ProgramEducation in a Technological Society
Altin, Ceren
Ozil, Ipek
Applications of Surface Metrology to Issues in ArtHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Fuller, Rory G
Munn, Kevin P
Thompson, Ethan
Applied Operational Management Techniques for SabermetricsSocial and Human Services
Desmarais, Patrick James
Machlin, Samuel Brian
Roseen, Taylor Michael
Applying Humor to Homework. Good or Bad?Education in a Technological Society
Gyening, Kimani Owusu
Murillo, Michael Christopher
Trkulja, Nataša
Walcott, Raphael Peter
Applying Technology in a Bangkok Slum: CCTV Systems to Benefit the Khlong Toei CommunitySocial Studies of Science and Technology
Brauer, Jordan Thomas
Van Wambeke-Long, Julien Henri
Approaching Growth in E-SportsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Decoteau, Danya Marie
Flannery, Danielle
Ragusa, Michael Augustus
Weiser, Patrick T
Aquaculture of the Kabeljou in NamibiaTechnology and Environment
Bunyaviroch, Chelsea Victoria
Ding, Xinxin
Mamayek, Siena Bea
Manning, Bryan James
Aquaponic Systems in Puerto Rico: Assessing Their Economic ViabilityUrban and Environmental Planning
Granger, Timothy Edward
Newell, Katherine M
Wesley, Kyla Monay
Westlake, Paige V
Aquaponics in Puerto Rico: Assessing Opportunity in the Growing IndustryUrban and Environmental Planning
Caulkins, Matthew Thomas
Fecteau, Michael
Fuhrmeister, Matthew
Kappmeyer, Kyle Rhys
Nehmer, Kathleen E
Sinagra, Joseph Louis
Architectural Design of a WPI Concrete StructureHumanistic Studies of Technology
Makkaoui, Serena Talal
Skelton, Emily Anne
Are You Feeling It? The Emotional and Academic Impact of Students in DistressSocial and Human Services
Berg, Tyler Wesley
Brown, Riley O
Pastorello, Adam R
ARG Relevance as a Marketing Strategy in a MuseumHumanistic Studies of Technology
Clayton, Eric Stewart
Devolder, Erik B
Fyles, James
Hayden, Jonathan E
Arms and Armor of the Medieval KnightHumanistic Studies of Technology
Silvia, Nicholas Adams
Tully, Jeffrey Philip
White, Ethan Sard
Artificial Intelligence in a Game-Like TutorEducation in a Technological Society
Dodd, Matthew Simon
Grant, Alexander W
Seruwagi, Latiff Zaaliembike
Artificial Intelligence Through the Eyes of the PublicHumanistic Studies of Technology
Anderson, Ian A
Lindblad, Mark A.
Lopez, Andres Daniel
Artistic Presentation of Scientific Research as a Means to Promote Public AwarenessEducation in a Technological Society
Chiasson, Margaret Anne
Hogan, James Charles
Wilbur, Mark Joseph
Assessing and Analyzing Resident Satisfaction Levels for Sports Facilities in the London Borough of BrentUrban and Environmental Planning
Brock, Courtney A
Collier, James Austin
Wilfong, Katelin S
Assessing and Reducing the Electricity of Residential StudentsTechnology and Environment
Corso, Nicholas
Holzknecht, Sabrina
Lin, Cindy S.
Assessing Barriers and Facilitators Associated with Hazard Mitigation Planning with Considerations for Climate Changes for Massachusetts Coastal CommunitiesUrban and Environmental Planning
Connors, Sarah Colleen
Demers, Taylor A
Sun, David Dean
Assessing Boroondara's Water Use and Stormwater QualitySocial Studies of Science and Technology
Cohen, Leonard M
Comee, Shaun D
Ronge, Mark D
Assessing Cases For Space StationsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Burns, Tyler James
Collins, Ethan J
Doolin, Clare E
Lesonsky, Matthew I
Assessing Concussion Potential in Youth Sports for the CPSCSafety Analysis and Liability
Chase, Caitlin A
Gonzalez, Gregory Michael
Gorman, Daphne Irene
Higginbottom, Sydney Lynn
Assessing Critical Infrastructure in Puerto Rico's Coastal ZoneUrban and Environmental Planning
Bhalla, Manu
Lazaros, Alan Higgins
Perkins, Douglas D
Sima, Joseph Robert
Assessing Ecosystem Service Values Provided by Urban Trees in Burncoat & Greendale of Worcester, MassachusettsUrban and Environmental Planning
Giovacchini, Ryan J
Heslinga, Paul Michael
Assessing Educational Needs of FIRST RoboticsEducation in a Technological Society
Blodgett, Anika Jeanette
Clark, Stacie Ann
Kelley, Kaitlyn N
Reid, Thomas Daniel
Assessing Environmental Damage at Stream Crossings in El Yunque National ForestUrban and Environmental Planning
Dao, Kien Vinh
Katzoff, Gary Scott
Lipson, Benjamin L
Pham, Binh Thanh
Assessing First-year Information Literacy at WPIEducation in a Technological Society
Dickson, Madison J
LaVerriere, Ben
Oliver, Michael J
Assessing First-Year Information Literacy SkillsEducation in a Technological Society
Bosworth, John Thomas
Joseph Wiegman, Nathan William
Kapsimalis, Marley George
Piscitelli, Stephanie Michel
Assessing Particulate Pollution in ØsterbroUrban and Environmental Planning
Kastner, Paul P
McHugh, James Michael
St. Martin, Anne Louise
Youssef, Jacquelyn
Assessing Prepay Water Metering in the Informal Settlements of WindhoekEnergy and Resources
Bartal, Nicholas Edward
Hilfer, Thomas Clemence
Mathew, Jessica
Assessing Radionuclide Contamination of Drinking Water Systems Near Nuclear ReactorsTechnology and Environment
Bravman, Kenneth S
Dunn, Timothy D
Linderman, Corinne Sophia
Assessing Ride On's Access to Jobs ProgramUrban and Environmental Planning
Adams, Thaddeus
Cakounes, Robert Nicholas
Nittel, Alexander P
Smith, Kristin L
Assessing Sustainability Principles in the Design of the Tate Modern ExpansionUrban and Environmental Planning
Hoey, Francis Stephen
Miralda, Jean Paul
Tomkinson, Kaleigh Nicole
Tymon, Roxanne Elizabeth
Assessing Teacher Expectations of the Learning Experience Programs at Zoos VictoriaEducation in a Technological Society
Johnston, Samuel R
Moes, Shawn Francis
Nersessian, Andrew Christopher
Assessing the Effectiveness of Recently Implemented Technologies within the Worcester Regional Transit AuthorityTechnology and Environment
Alea, Joseph Manuel
Kreek, Emily K
Ng, Austin Lee
Assessing the Feasibility of an Internal Paper Recycling PlantTechnology and Environment
Brown, Lindsay Megan
Marino, Brian
Roche, Zachary K
Rondina, Katherine M.
Assessing the Feasibility of Climate Change Mitigation Project Implementation in the Wandle Valley Regional ParkTechnology and Environment
Gutierrez, Roman Alejandro
Hanna, Christopher Daniel
Martel, Nathan Thomas
Sevigny, Catherine Marie
Assessing the Impact of Environmental Literacy Initiatives Among Namibian Secondary School StudentsTechnology and Environment
MacKendrick, Richard MAssessing the Learning of Students withEducation in a Technological Society
MacKendrick, Richard M
Osgood, Joshua D
Teske, Caleb Joseph
Assessing the Learning of Students with Disabilities in Informal EducationEducation in a Technological Society
Angulo, Joseph Augusto
Jenkins, Ashley Mary
Lebedev, Artur
McNeff, Nathan A
Assessing the Lifespans of Reservoirs in Region 2 of Puerto RicoTechnology and Environment
Bennett, Ian
Craig, Keith P
Tibbetts, Nathan T
Assessing the Pakistan Connection GameSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Duoba, Brent Paul
Gardiner, Nicolas D
Shelsky, Jessica S
Spofford, Edward Stowe
Assessing the Prospects of the Integration of Mobile Device Applications in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Educational FrameworkSocial Studies of Science and Technology
DeMasi, Thomas James
LeBlanc, Amy
O'Dowd, Sean K
Peyser, Suzanne M
Assessing the Vulnerability of Post-Disaster Housing Expansion: A Case Study in Tsunami-Affected ThailandUrban and Environmental Planning
Kurek, Kathrin Halina
Labenski, Joseph Steven
Moquin, David Mark
Assessing Urban Development on the Reclaimed Land in Sheung WanUrban and Environmental Planning
Duff, Taylor Barrett
Sullivan, Daniel Patrick
Assessing Visitor Experience at the Charles Dickens MuseumSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Altshuler, Benjamin Minich
Berry, Grace Elizabeth
McIninch, Gabrielle Cecile
Nayeem, Rashida Tamiza
Assessing Workplace Wellness Needs for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Windhoek, NamibiaSocial and Human Services
Coffey, Greg T
Greer, Eric Philip
LaSante, Ryan S
McNally, Brittany R
Assessment and Catalogue of Puerto Rican Mooring BuoysTechnology and Environment
Amundsen, Glenn O
Ferrari, Christina M
Millar, Samantha L
Bartosik, Kyle S.
Brown, Kevin R.
Hindley, Alexander S.
Assessment of Alternative Energy Technologies and Recommendations for a National Energy PolicyEnergy and Resources
Deitelbaum, Lindsay
Khor, Shi Chian
Richardson, Victoria S.
Assessment of Centro Ambiental Santa AnaUrban and Environmental Planning
Macko, Caitlin E
Tischer, Doug K
Wessling, Kyle J
Zipkin, Eva
Assessment of Chartered Dive and Snorkel Operations in Puerto RicoEnergy and Resources
Keating, Andrew Z
Labak, Andrew K
Polyakova, Valentina S
Assessment of Energy Reduction Campaign: An Analysis of the Behavioral and Attitudinal Impacts of an Environmental Initiative in the Danish Municipality of Lyngby-TaarbaekEnergy and Resources
Pham, Tuan VietAssessment of Failures in Long-Term Management of Contaminated SitesTechnology and Environment
Chornoby, Kyley J
Mason, Tamara C
Sebastian, Ryan O
Wyman, Ethan
Assessment of Financial Solutions for Parque Doña InésUrban and Environmental Planning
Bhalla, Rohit S
Bourque, Jonathan
Soojian, Katherine J
Hoyt, Adam E
Loy, James Wilson
Ly, Michelle
Zamora-Palacios, Silvia Adriana
Assessment of Laem Phak Bia Environmental Research and Development Project’s Outreach ProgramTechnology and Environment
Bond, Hannah Florence
Racine, Michael Raymond
Yang, Yang
Assessment of Municipal Compliance of Central Massachusetts Municipalities with the 2013 MS4 Draft Permit and Development of a Compliance ToolUrban and Environmental Planning
Adkins, Amanda A
Newman, Rita P
Thomas, Johanna T
Assessment of Raks Thai Learning Centers for Migrant Children in MahachaiSocial and Human Services
Cabral, Damien Joseph
Harten, Kate Lebzelter
Osei, Andrew Fiifi
Swalec, John William
Assessment of the Carbon Footprint of the Bomberos of Costa RicaTechnology and Environment
Momani, Brian Assessment of the Impacts of Bioplastics: Energy Usage, Fossil Fuel Usage, Pollution, Health Effects, Effects on the Food Supply, and Economic Effects Compared to Petroleum Based Plastics.Technology and Environment
Ratcliffe, Jarrod PhilipAssessment of the Versatility of Virtual Orchestra Technology as a Rehearsal ToolEducation in a Technological Society
Lynskey, Gregory EAssist the Police with Spanish Speaking CitizensLaw and Technology
Haveles, Andrew Michael
Ordonez, Juan Daniel
Prangishvili, Iveri
Assisting Small and Medium Enterprises Become Energy EfficientEnergy and Resources
Chaudri, Asma
Henao, Natalia
Maqsood, Zahra
Assistive Care RobotsScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Htet, Aung Thu
Ko, Soe Thet
ASSISTments: Motivational Video StudyEducation in a Technological Society
Ostermann, Kristen CAtmospheric Modeling of Carbon DioxideTechnology and Environment
Begins, Anthony Jon
Zeveska, Stephan Robert
ATRC CommunicationsHealth Care and Technology
Wojtak, Artur ATTEMPT TO PREDICT THE STOCK MARKETScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Granata-Cappabianca, Nicholas L
Laflash, Andrew J
Newman, Erik
Atwater Kent Energy StudyEnergy and Resources
Boucher, Kyle M
Guerra, Justin John
Watkins, Bryan Arthur
Auburn Wind StudyTechnology and Environment
Black, Keith Stephen
Buffum, Kelly Meghan
Tauby, James Edward
Auburn's Green Community DesignationEnergy and Resources
Collins, Jameson JohnAudio Environment Design Applied To Long Duration Space MissionsHumanistic Studies of Technology
Levin, Ilan MAudio Technology in Musical TheaterTechnology and Environment
Shastry, Sneha Priya
Souza, Deanna
Augmenting the Modern American Poetry Site's Update With Confessional Poetry, Sylvia Plath, and W.D. SnodgrassHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Mehta, Jaymin Rajen
Menghini, Marcus David
Sarafconn, Daniel Alex
Automated Foreign Exchange Trading SystemEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Barraford, Nicholas Albion
DiMaria, Jeffrey Vincent
Stowell, Megan Joy
Automated Patent Examiner Training Tools for TC2100Social and Human Services
Colella, Paolo Carlo
Guayaquil, Steven Sebastian
Ledesma, Mauricio
Puzzi, Antonio D
Automated Trading System DevelopmentEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Andrei, Mihnea Stefan
Htet, Yarzar Moe
Latt, Myo Han
Automating the Precision Trading SystemEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Cloutier, Scott J.
Linke, David H
Automobile Safety TechnologyTechnology and Environment
Forrest, Alexander D.
Konca, Mustafa
AUTONOMOUS CARS & SOCIETYSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Howell, Jason Ryan
McIntyre, Walter Benjamin
McMahon, Vincent John
Autonomous Trading and InvestingEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Mercer, Edward William
Parol, Sylvia Ashley
Peters, Stephen L
Putzke, Hunter James
Awareness and Education of E-LearningEducation in a Technological Society
Johnson, Eric JBalancing Unintended Disruptions in MotionHealth Care and Technology
Pelissari, Michael Alexander
Pizzini, James Eugene
Thomas, Tanya Ann
Wright, William Henry
Bancroft Tower AccessibilityHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Giaya, Dennis
Macmillan, Connor T
Price, Alexandra S
Roche, Michael S
Banksia Gardens Community Centre B14: After-School Computer ClubEducation in a Technological Society
Maino, Christopher Alfred
Schrader, Max Charles
Bar Harbor Sound DesignHumanistic Studies of Technology
Kuang, Alex HBarbed Wire MuseumHumanistic Studies of Technology
Carlson, Benjamin JohnBarbed Wire MuseumHumanistic Studies of Technology
Lombardi, Dustin Carroll
O'Rourke, Christa M
Wise, Thomas D
Beach Restoration on NantucketUrban and Environmental Planning
Gill, Jennifer M
Grocela, Allison C
Huston, Christopher Wilson
Sarria-Pardo, Carlos Javier
Beaver Instinct: Nature's Contribution to the Restoration of the Santa Fe River EcosystemUrban and Environmental Planning
Gill, Peter
Hobin, Kyle Patrick
Kelley, Suzanna Rachel
Petrosan, Andreia M
Vasquez, Jonathan Afonso
Beef: Correlation between Physical Properties and QualityTechnology and Environment
Gilmore, Faith K
Tarbet, Andrea R
Williams, Ian M
Benefits of Partial Road ClosuresUrban and Environmental Planning
Baara, Farrah Munther
Gile, Sean
Kennedy, Robyn L
Santoro, Daria Emily
Vresilovic, Alexandra Jessie
Best Practices and Policy for Lead Poisoning Prevention in Urban Bangkok CommunitiesTechnology and Environment
Broders, Adam C
Douville, Matthew Thomas
Slonski, Megan Rose
Best Practices for Small to Medium Scale Tilapia AquacultureTechnology and Environment
Morocco, Anthony J
Nelson, David W
St James, Benjamin Robert
Better Waste Management Practices for ESPHUrban and Environmental Planning
Chase, Anna KBetter Water Maker Kenyan Field StudiesTechnology and Environment
Ebner, Timothy David
Ladouceur, Michelle A
Rosso, Nathaniel Risler
Tsoi, TingFung
Beverage Producer Responsibility & RecyclingUrban and Environmental Planning
Banker, Christian J
Keches, Christine Marie
Murphy, Megan K
Bicycle Parking in CopenhagenUrban and Environmental Planning
Gallagher, Kimberly Gail
Isidoro, Michael Patrick
Nguyen, Huong Thanh
Bicycling in the New Territories of Hong KongUrban and Environmental Planning
Ali, Syed Moazzam
Gilday, Andrew Charles
Poglese, Ashley Kay
Bio-Diesel and the Public Transportation System of San JoseEnergy and Resources
Almquist, Scott Trevor
Barnsley, Kelton
Biodegradable Municipal Solid Waste in Santo Domingo de HerediaTechnology and Environment
Albergaria, Nikolas Nunes
Averill, David S
Fraser, Patrick J
Sangenario, Michael G
Biodiesel Process Analysis for EPOCAEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Gray, Meryl
Papia, Vincent J
Vallieres, Peter J
Biodiversity Education Initiative for Middle School StudentsEducation in a Technological Society
Cushman, Timothy Barrett
Jones, Paul E
Oltmann, Jerrod P
Sorrentino, Jason John
BiofuelsEnergy and Resources
Danico, David S
Granoff, Ethan Caleb
Molenda, Evan C
Ryel, Matthew Laurier
BiofuelsEnergy and Resources
Liston, David JohnBioFuelsEnergy and Resources
Fajardo, Erik Emmanuel Santiago
Turba, Ronald David
Biofuels in BrazilEnergy and Resources
Butler, Thomas SungBiofuels – Feasibility of Using Algae Biomass in ABE ProcessEnergy and Resources
Kelsey, Alden HaydenBiogas Capture for Urban FarmsEnergy and Resources
Killoy, Zachary Ryan
Pruden, Jeffrey Michael
Thomas, Christopher JohnPaul
Wyman, Jeffrey Peter
Bioshelters in New EnglandUrban and Environmental Planning
Boynton, Katrina Helen
Della Donna, Michael Perry
Gravel, Kiara Nicole
Sareault, James David
Black River Corridor: Visions for Restoration and Recreational UseUrban and Environmental Planning
Kingman, Ashley LBlackstone Canal ProjectUrban and Environmental Planning
Burke, Sean Michael
Ducey, Michael E
Silaj, Sindi
Como, Steven Gerard
McKeogh, Brendan J
Parmanand, Archit Santosh
Stergiou, Kelsey Elizabeth
Blue Sky Recycling ProgrammeUrban and Environmental Planning
Cook, Chelsea E
Freeman, Gregory Edward
Wack, Tyler Michael
Zhou, Yanxin
Boating Left High & Dry: A Feasibility Study of Publicly Accessible Boat Facilities in Hong KongUrban and Environmental Planning
Brofford, Kelsey Marie
Larkins, Riley David
Pernia-Rovayo, Luis Jose
Shea, Alexandra Elizabeth
Boats and Bottlenecks: Improving Mobility in VeniceUrban and Environmental Planning
Bennett, Alexander Gottlieb
Hastings, Samuel Scott
Petry, Stephen O
Solomon, Alexander Delong
Boats and WakesUrban and Environmental Planning
Boudreau, Matthew Craig
Elbag, Margaret A
Martinez, Kevin Patrick
McAlice, Kyle Steven
Boston Community ChangeEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
DiLullo, Gregory Anthony
Kirilova, Marinela Mincheva
Moutinho, Jennifer Lynn
Shugrue, Madison Mae
Thibault, Adam B
Botanical Gardening at the Wat Pathumwanaram SchoolEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Benda, George C
Casha, Nysa M
Conklin, Angela-Marie
Sun, Shuyang
BPMA_LondonE14_IQPEducation in a Technological Society
Grant, Christina Elizabeth
Pasquali, Meghan Amalia
Spear, Sarah J
Branding Windhoek for TourismEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Herrera, Carolina
Kelley, Caitlin
Ohlson, Carolynn Elisabeth
Wu, Sandy G
Breast Cancer in Thailand: Developing Effective and Accessible Media on Integrative Therapies for Breast Cancer PatientsHealth Care and Technology
Gowdar, Ashik KBringing Green Power to Disadvantaged CommunitiesEnergy and Resources
Cacaccio, Joseph
Sharp, Gregory Nathan
Bringing the Cratersville Vision Down to Earth: The Plan for a Simulated Lunar Base Architectural ContestTechnology and Environment
Cleary, Christopher James
Ernst, Christina L
Moscardini, Michael
Stanford, Robert B
British Museum Gallery Study: An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Select Galleries for FamiliesSocial and Human Services
Kaplan, Samuel H
Yee, Andrew
BUILDING A COMMUNITY: Refining the Robotics Innovation Competition and ConferenceEducation in a Technological Society
Alkhazov, Yury
Criscione, Mark A
O'Dea, Stephen E
Building a Profile of the Fire Safety Community in AustraliaEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Brown, Christopher Earle
Olijnik, Tiago Augusto
Zawatsky, Matthew David
Building a Successful Trading Portfolio That Diversifies Between Stock and Currency Trading SystemsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Costa, Nathan Luis
Tomida, Mai
Wang, Jiedong
Building Energy Benchmarking in Northern VirginiaEnergy and Resources
Dunne, Trevor James
Marokhovsky, Alexandra Helene
Su, Alison
Sylvia, Nica Carla
Building Sustainable Behaviours: Interactive Displays for Community EmpowermentEnergy and Resources
Mozhanova, Marzhan T
Schoenhagen, Yann-Frederic Moukoudi
Yibrah, Jirom Solomon
Burn Wound TreatmentHealth Care and Technology
Foley, Ryan P
MacDonald, Scott Ryan
Tate, Brian
Bus Analysis in Montgomery County, MarylandUrban and Environmental Planning
Akhmetova, Assel Baurzhanovna
Fitts, Ted William
Schaeffer, John N
Bus Emissions and Their Impact on Disadvantaged CommunitiesTechnology and Environment
Johnson, Chase R
King, Stephen J
Petty, Rachael M
Tuttle, Liza Ann
Bus Stop Assessment: Bringing Worcester to CodeSafety Analysis and Liability
Baldiga, Jonathan D
Graham, Kelsey K
Rosenfelder, Lisa Marie
Van Ness, Zachery Ryan
Bush Harvesting Sustainability Through Worker Accommodation and Land Aftercare RecommendationsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Connick, Robert Joseph
McCloskey, Neal J
Phinney, Barton Christopher
Bushfire Warning Systems in AustraliaSafety Analysis and Liability
Klein, Jason E
Liu, Shuhan
Lynch, Kevin A
Manternach, Alex C
Business Biking in CroydonUrban and Environmental Planning
Fleming, James Andrew
Hunter, Thomas
Saucier, Meredith Ann
Business Plan for Ag Conversions UnitsTechnology and Environment
Moffett, Jeffrey Samuel
Mullin, Joseph D
Pagonis, Michael A
Shatz, Aryeh L
BusTag- Stopping Criminal Damage to London BusesLaw and Technology
Foley, Steven I
Fugere, Matthew
Tran, Nicole T
Camera Movement in First Person GamesSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Bourke, Andrea Y
Kalamvokis, Nicholas Andrew
Lee, Foster R
Campus Rooftop Wind Energy FeasibilityEnergy and Resources
Gouveia, Sara C
Wilusz, Eric G
Campus Safety For Persons With DisabilitiesSafety Analysis and Liability
Auclair, Devin P
Huang, Fitzgerald J
Ivory, Christopher
Can The International Space Station Pay For Itself?Science and Technology: Policy and Management
Sossavi, Akuete WCan we predict a Stock’s Price?Economic Growth, Stability, and Development
Bossalini, Dominick Christopher
Gardner, Brian William
Mathews, Tyler Douglas
Wills, Mitchell Edwin
Canals, Bridges and Urban MaintenanceUrban and Environmental Planning
Bukowski, Greg
Dougherty, Briana Elizabeth
Morin, Russell W
Renaud, Patrick
CanalSpace -- managing the use of Venetian canalsUrban and Environmental Planning
DiGioia, Andrea Michelle
Eduah, Edmund Carl
Fekete, Juliana Kristina
Lamb, Andrew Charles
Capacity Building of a Community-Based Organisation in Maitland Garden VillageSocial and Human Services
Payan, Juan CarlosCapitalism Resource DepletionSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Carey, Andrew
Lee, Bryan Douglas
Meissen, Rebecca M
Syrgak-Kyzy, Aikanysh
Capturing the Changing Face of the Venetian Retail SectorEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Lombardo, Joseph J
McCarthy, Kevin M
Mondor, Nicholas Ryan
Solarz, Nicholas Robert
Carbon Reduction In Reigate & BansteadEnergy and Resources
Gauthier, Philip Walter
Gianfrancesco, Anthony G
Morang, Jillian L
Wu, Zhongjie
Carbon Reduction in the Mole ValleyEnergy and Resources
Demello, John E
Guzman, Joseph T
Luk, Chung Y
Robert, Michael Alan
Carbon Reduction Tools for Municipal BuildingsEnergy and Resources
Canuto, Walter Avelino
Guarino, Evan Mark
Kalbach, Joseph Edward
Case Studies of Partial Evacuations in the City of Worcester Under Chemically Hazardous ConditionsSafety Analysis and Liability
Nilsen, Christine M
Root, Jeffrey Robert
Case Studies of Partial Evacuations in the City of Worcester Under Chemically Hazardous ConditionsSafety Analysis and Liability
Barton, Steven M
Chouinard, Candace Rachel
Hogeboom, John Forrest
Latta, Sarah B
Cataloging 19th Century Periodical ImagesHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
LeFlore, Alison J
Lis, Bernard
Randall, Corey Ryan
Cataloging Active Gardens for the ByOase Project in Copenhagen: A qualitative evaluation of active gardens and recreational areas as examples of green space redevelopmentUrban and Environmental Planning
Guertin, Michelle Tamie
Kudzal, Andelle Dorri
Martinez, James Ricardo
Bigman, Matthew Hoyle
Clark, Skyler C
Cullen, Daniel J
Rose, Jason Tyler
CCDT- Business Plan for the Merged OrganizationSocial and Human Services
Alunni, Nicholas
Goloski, Richard A
Jones, Eric Bernard
Mitra, Shuchi S
Central and Western Massachusetts Red Cross Website Re-DesignSocial and Human Services
Caron, Daniel
Lewis, Ryan
Pesce, David P
Central Purchasing for FireSafety Analysis and Liability
Biliouris, Timothy J
Driggs, Daniel B
Eastaugh, Jennifer J
Nagpal, Akshat
CERES Australia 2050 Trail Phase 2: Designing an Interpretive TrailTechnology and Environment
Anderson, Andrew J
Geder, Kyle Damon
Lontz, Timothy
Mayo, Christopher Bennett
CFA: Brigades Online Usage AnalysisSafety Analysis and Liability
Hutchins, Jason M
Murdy, Matthew Brian
Oexner, Morgan E
CFA: Low Level of Compliance with the Essential Safety MeasuresSafety Analysis and Liability
Birmingham, Meggan Rose
Kejriwal, Akhil
Marquis, Julie J
Pena, Pedriant
Challenges and Opportunities of the Venetian YouthSocial and Human Services
Colon, Jessica
Hatzis, John William
Hokinson, Anders Cameron
Innamorati, Curtis James
Kandimalla, Bhavya
Challenges in Educating the Public in Science and Technology: Opinions and ControversyEducation in a Technological Society
Bin Amir, Syed Athar
Lemonds, Charles Robert
Sakhuja, Shubham
Shen, Xiao
Change in Academic Motivation at WPIEducation in a Technological Society
Manley, Alicia L
Shannon, Gregory F
Change Management in the Consumer Electronics IndustryScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Mondal, Sayan Changing Majors: How Grades and MBTI Type InteractSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Barnhill, Dylan Hadley
Farrell, Meghan L
Lin, Xueyang
Rangel, Maria Alexandra
Characterizing Sai Ying Pun's Markets as Forms of Public SpaceUrban and Environmental Planning
Facchini, Amber R
Goldstein, Andrea M
Charlton Town Hall Space OptimizationUrban and Environmental Planning
Hur, Somyi
MacLaughlin, Janelle Kathleen
Waple, Catherine Ann
Chemistry MicroworldsEducation in a Technological Society
Brown, Samantha LChemistry Teaching PracticumEducation in a Technological Society
Baker, Joseph Simeon
Cruz, Cassandra L
Jaffer, Sarah Valerie
Krajenka, Katelyn Nicole
Raval, Ravi Shashikant
Stone, Nicholas Paul
Choral Directors and TechnologyHumanistic Studies of Technology
Baker, Joseph Simeon
Jaffer, Sarah Valerie
Raval, Ravi Shashikant
Worrest, Peter Cummings
Choral Directors and TechnologyHumanistic Studies of Technology
Dresser, Charles HollandChoral Music LibraryHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Lozko, Vadim Church Growth Cost/Benefit AnalysisUrban and Environmental Planning
Abraham, Mina R
Hammond, Matthew William
Citing Renewable Energy Sources for the Montachusett RegionEnergy and Resources
Burgess, Andrew
Keay, David A
Spanos, Robert K
Topi, Jorid
City Knowledge and Municipal Data InfrastructureTechnology and Environment
Kilbourn-Shear, Ellsworth Tyson
Laun, Jeffrey D
Melong, Tresha K
City of Boston's Green Building InitiativeTechnology and Environment
Forward, Kelsey E
Nahill, Daniel Thomas
Stokes, Jeffrey P
City of Boston’s Firehouse Energy EfficiencyEnergy and Resources
Borelli, Danato E
Desmarais, Seth M
Piette, Matthew R
City of Worcester Telecommunications AnalysisScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Nguyen, Davis City Of WordsHumanistic Studies of Technology
Conlin, Stephen JCity of Words: Worcester Area Writers' ProjectSocial and Human Services
Raymond, Jarred JCity of Words: Worcester Writers ProjectHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Breault, Eric Christian
Chen, Dennis Guanyu
Keeley-DeBonis, David Todd
Margiott, Alex Michael
City Science and SoundEducation in a Technological Society
Bisa, Jayanth
Oshetsky, Michael Ryan
Pimentel, Cristian Gregorio
Standring, Heather
CityofBoston.gov Design RecommendationsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Malis, Steven Mark
Narayan, Tushar
Naval, Ian Adam
O'Connor, Thomas John
Perrone, Michael A
Pham, John Duc
Pounds, David C
Civil Good - A Platform For Sustainable and Inclusive Online DiscussionSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Dougherty, Christina M
Medeiros, Adam Charles
Nelson, Scott A
Client Outcomes Assessments and Service Model Implementation for Vision AustraliaHealth Care and Technology
Catarius, Adrian Michael
Flannagan, John Charles
Garcia, Saul Emmanuel
Weisman, Matthew James
Climate Change Adaptation Planning for Massachusetts Drinking Water and Wastewater UtilitiesUrban and Environmental Planning
Kodzis, Samson Robert
Malcolm, Richard R
Nagelin, Angela Marie
Peng, Quan
Climate Change Identities 2014Technology and Environment
Labbee, Charles A
Law, Nathaniel J.
Shevlin, Ryan Curtis
Climate Change Research AnalysisTechnology and Environment
Bassett, James Allan
Gray, Jason S
Closing the Tap on American SouthwestTechnology and Environment
Alleva, James William
Hilerio, Samantha Kathleen
Piccioli, David M
COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENTTechnology and Environment
Landi, Melissa Barbara
Noyes, Matthew Hamel
Reed, Kirsten Noel
Stolo, Anthony David
Collaboratively Creating Spaces for Art and Music at The Rita Zniber Foundation in Morocco: an assessment of art and music room design through participatory design and usability testing in children anSocial and Human Services
Barrett, Gregory MCollecting Skiing & Snowboarding Injury Data with a Web-Based SurveyHumanistic Studies of Technology
Begin, Alisha M
Buck, Benjamin R
Politz, Joseph G
Collection and Communication of Conservation Information Concerning Hawksbill Sea TurtlesTechnology and Environment
Campagnola, Patrick David
Hebner, Michael A
Kern, Gregory Martin
College Housing Fire SafetySafety Analysis and Liability
Abradi, Samuel Tucker
Nota, Christopher Paul
Over, Penelope Sarah
Ton, Tung T
College Program RankingsEducation in a Technological Society
Wang, Xiaoyu
Zhao, Yifan
College RankingsEducation in a Technological Society
Garside, Tony
Xu, Xiaoman
College Student Participation in K-12 Computer Science EducationEducation in a Technological Society
Duncan, Scott G
Walker, Renee Jhenelle
Colleges of Worcester Consortium Community Service DatabaseSocial and Human Services
Hanna, Brittany E
Paris, Meaghan Hughes
Wang, Boya
Blanck, Benjamin Neil
Podber, Trevor Royce
Reiter, Matthew Nicholas
Commercial Fishing Safety and EPIRB UseSafety Analysis and Liability
Caison, Robert J
Curylo, Elisabeth A
Ruksznis, Amanda B
Wivagg, Kurt A
Commercial Fishing Vessel SafetySafety Analysis and Liability
McNab, Ruth Joanna
Mullen, Daniel R
Yatim, Mohamed Tarek
Zeeb, Kristine M
Communicating Coastal Hazards and Oceanic Conditions in San Juan, Puerto RicoUrban and Environmental Planning
Ilyashenko, Andrei
Lopez, Katarina Lynn
Tragellis, Adam S
Communicating Danish Bicycle Culture to Visitors in CopenhagenSocial and Human Services
Becker, Maggie Aileen
Fitzell, Shivahn
Royer, Christine A
Communicating Housing Development Practices in the City of Cape Town Housing Directorate in Order to Build Healthy CommunitiesUrban and Environmental Planning
Duren, Gonul Communicating Solar Energy & Energy Saving Materials in the Home: Public Relations Design and Educational Tools for Solar Decathlon China 2013Education in a Technological Society
Gao, Jean
Jackson, Yaminah Zuwena
Staunch, Ryan E
Bowen, Emily Linda
Diaz, Francisco Andres
Tsai, Yi-Yu
Yee, Kevin E
Communication within the Tourism industry in Hong KongSocial and Human Services
Freed, Margaret Lynn
Hickey, Tyler Marc
Merrill, Laura Christine
Wiegman, Elliott Marten
Community Based Tourism at Pellumbas Village, AlbaniaEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Cassidy, James Michael
March, Kristina Leigh
Valentine, Dana Estelle
Viteri, David Felipe
Community Environmental Education Program in Sámara, Costa RicaEducation in a Technological Society
Bertin, Trevor Barnes
Dailey, Elizabeth Marie
McGuane, Ashley Lauren
Ricci, James C
Community Environmental EmpowermentEducation in a Technological Society
Gonsalves, Matthew A
Hayes, Rens Francis
Kawa, Brittney M
Zajac, Thomas Edward
Community Facilities AppraisalUrban and Environmental Planning
Mathews, Justin NealCommunity Food ProjectEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Hilario, Yadira
Reeves, Alexander Charles
Community Harvest ProjectEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Antolick, Sarah Maree
Brasser, Alison Rita
D'Alesio-Spina, Gaetana A
Enko, Michael John
Lage Demers, Zachary John
Lellman, Molly Ann
Montesi, Chiana Marie
Plummer, Charles Boynton
Rivero Gorrin, Veronica Mercedes
Whitehouse, Jason Allen
Community Mobilisation through Reblocking in Flamingo CrescentUrban and Environmental Planning
Lowrey, Jeremy Lester
Matos-Almonte, Daniel Ernesto
Sweeney, Thomas Edward
Community Science CenterSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Behanzin, Aaron Virgile
Concannon, Caroline T
Doane, Olivia Jordan
Ouellette, Mackenzie Leigh
Community Waste Management in Costa Rican Squatter CommunitiesTechnology and Environment
Thayer, Devin R
Zahid, Nadia Seher
Comparative Aspirations Study on Worcester Secondary SchoolsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Bai, Jie
Zhang, Xinyi
Comparative Study on Engineering Education in China and USAEducation in a Technological Society
Maharjan, Ashish
Shrestha, Prawal Man
Wei, Xing
Comparison Between Scaffolding and Worked Example in ASSISTment Tutoring SystemEducation in a Technological Society
Miller, Satia Adele
Williams, Mikkal Dinsdale
Competence vs Legacy: The Employer's DecisionSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Alexander, Stefan Utamaru
Perlman, Maxwell Harris
Competitive Gaming: Design and Community BuildingSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Ostapenko, Aleksandr VCompilers Lab RevisionEducation in a Technological Society
Dias, Michael D
Pierre-Louis, Gregory D
Zuendoki, Eric M
Complaint System EffectivenessUrban and Environmental Planning
Gonzalez, Ernesto JoseComplexities of Simple Hunter-Gatherer SocietiesSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Bourgault, Ashley J
Guinn, Witt Charles
Herchenroder, Kathryn L
Stechmann, David
Composting for Sustainable Waste ManagementUrban and Environmental Planning
Agrawal, Supriya Apurva
Schultz, Mary
Composting Guidebook for an Organic Farm in Guaimaca, HondurasTechnology and Environment
Correia, Eric J
Giroux, Michael J
Peterson, Cameron D
Comprehensive Cost Analysis of the 2014 Massachusetts MS4 PermitUrban and Environmental Planning
Devaney, Kara Jade
Hango, Christopher R
Lu, Jiawei
Sigalovsky, Daniel
Computational Chemistry in the High School ClassroomEducation in a Technological Society
Bodnari, Andreea
Matsumura, Towa
Computationally Enhanced Medical Decision Support for Pancreatic CancerTechnology and Environment
Chen, Weixin
Qin, Yutong
Wang, Xiaoyun
Computerized Stock Trading SystemEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Li, Hairan
Zhang, Chenchen
Computerized Stock Trading SystemEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Sun, Yunwen YComputerized Stock Trading System for Limited InvestorsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Talledo, Antonio SComputerized Stock Trading System for Limited InvestorsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Cogswell, Matthew J
Wang, Yijun
Concept for Assessing Factors Relevant to Performance-Based Building and Fire Code AdoptionSafety Analysis and Liability
Bugden, William Henry
Fonseca Vieira Lopes, Reinaldo Ross
Gasper, Raymond James
Nicolora, James Vincent
Rosado, Daniel Isai
Concept Inventories in Engineering Science and DesignEducation in a Technological Society
Judelson, Michael David
Kent, David E
Manero, John Thomas
Conducting an Effective Housing Survey to Inform Planning in the Royal Borough of KingstonUrban and Environmental Planning
Golden, Edward J
Zawada, Lukasz
Conflict Resolution and VideogamesHumanistic Studies of Technology
Grandoni, Maria Jeanne
Pakatar, Nicholas Abraham
Renganathan, Shreyas
Vergara, Sebastian Enrique
Connecting SMEs to GHG Inventory ResourcesTechnology and Environment
Blackstone, William E
Zhao, Kevin
Connecting the Game Industry with WPISocial and Human Services
Anderson, Gregory Davis
Jenkins, Michael A
Rivera, Casey Jonathan
Yeh, Yow-Chyuan
Connecting the Worcester EcoTarium to the Public Power GridEnergy and Resources
Hutchinson, Gregory John
Morassi, Nicholas John
Teng, Da
Yan, Yan
Consequences of Chemical Asian Longhorned Beetle EradicationUrban and Environmental Planning
Levesque, Ian A
McLaughlin, Brendan J.
Mezzone, Christina
Paquette, Alissa M.
Conservation Analysis in the Municipality of Toa BajaUrban and Environmental Planning
Chopra, Jatin
Yadav, Arjun
Conservation and Paper Roughness of Art ArtifactsTechnology and Environment
Bell, Aaron M
Jamilkowski, Joshua Robert
Consumer Activism: An Analytical and Philosophical Prototype for Point of Purchase in the 21st CenturyHumanistic Studies of Technology
Casey, Catherine Nicole
Painuly, Garima
Siegel, Marisa Jacqueline
Consumer Be-AwareLaw and Technology
Aspinwall, Peter
Malmsten, Paul Oesterle
Mims, Katharine Joan
Consumer Involvement with Smart Grid and Home Energy GenerationEnergy and Resources
Bernstein, David Paul
Michaud, Remy G
Silvia, Brian K
Consumer Robotics: State of the Industry and Public OpinionSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Byberg, Rebecca Lynn
Voskian, Sahag
Contact Angles of Polymer Solutions on Anodized Aluminum Oxide Templates and their Effect on Nanostructure MorphologyTechnology and Environment
Chadwick, Michael
Coen, Adam Scott
Gorgone, Christopher Robert
Nowak, Peter
Contamination Control in Healthcare SystemsHealth Care and Technology
Buck, Tim F
George, Kerri L
Turner, Jeremy G
Verlinden, Nick Hans
Content Suggestions for Universally Designed Hearing AidsScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Jayachandran, Priya Controversies in Stem Cell ResearchHealth Care and Technology
Levy, Alexander L
Villani, Elizabeth V
Coordination of 2006-2007 Space IQP'sScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Boran, Kyle T.
French, Maxwell E.
Kraft, Daniel C.
Copyright Law in the Digital AgeLaw and Technology
Bruno, Michael C
Dick, Joshua D
Flanders, Keith Edward
Copyright Law in the Digital AgeLaw and Technology
Hettrick, Brian Takumi-Miyaji
McAnneny, Patrick M
Mita, Hiroshi
Copyright Law: The Effects of File Sharing Systems on the Music IndustryLaw and Technology
Blaess, Michael JohnCorrelation of Textural qualities in a pound cake to the mechanical behaviorSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Deng, Xinping
Houghton, Nicholas Richard
Li, Haoran
Weiler, Joseph David
Cost Analysis for the MS4 PermitsUrban and Environmental Planning
Crimmins, Robert C
Messier, John S
Ouellette, Daniel J
Spunar, Nicholaus S
Cost and Benefit Analysis of Blackstone Canal RevitalizationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Clemente, Alexandra
Franzluebbers, Ben Charles
LaRochelle, Bryan Peter
Cost Calculating Model for Electronic Waste ManagementTechnology and Environment
Airey, Landon Joseph
Conley, Kevin
Cost Reduction Electric EnergySocial Studies of Science and Technology
McCarthy, Jeremiah Thomas
Murray, Nicholas Daniel
Cost Reduction of Electrical Energy: An Analysis on the Feasibility of Tidal Power in MassachusettsEnergy and Resources
Beovich, Kerrin Marie
DeCelle, James Scott
Marshall, Shaun A
Ramos, Wilfredo
Creating a High Speed Rail Network For AustraliaTechnology and Environment
Carlyle, Stephanie L
Glover, Timothy James
Klebanov, Anatoly
Creating a Methodology for Evaluating a GalleryHumanistic Studies of Technology
DiGiovanni, Dominic Edward
Pardy, Christopher
Ventimiglia, Paul
Creating a Scenic Design StudioHumanistic Studies of Technology
Konicki, ErinMari
Korpacz, Alexander Nicholas
Russell, Westley David
Yilmaz, Saadet Nur
Creating a Solar Light Distribution Plan for Students in the Informal Settlements of Windhoek, NamibiaTechnology and Environment
Bolkhovsky, Jeffrey B
Gianotti, Dean R
Tardanico, James Philip
Creating a Virtual PerformanceSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Bedard, Cathryn J
Dubois, Jason R
Lehtinen, Scott M
Loveland, Brian S
Creating a Virtual Tour Design Guide for MuseumsEducation in a Technological Society
Axelsson, Bror E
Decristoforo, Jaclyn Taylor
Rodger, Kyla Jean
Waller, Aida N
Creating An Adaptive BicycleSocial and Human Services
Caprio, Andrea Louise
Harless, Thomas Henry
Hesse, Rachel Elizabeth
Kornichuk, Gregory John
Wilson, Lindsey Elizabeth
Creating an Agroforestry Based Economic Sector in a Tropical RainforestUrban and Environmental Planning
Labrecque, Andrew D
Matrow, Robert F
White, Brendan
Creating an iPED Tour of NantucketSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Gonzalez, Dominic
Hajko, Trevor M
Matheny, Brendan James
Modelski, Tyler Jay
Creating an Online Community for Worcester Public SchoolsEducation in a Technological Society
Bales, Justin R
Gibbons, Brenden T
Short, Raymond P
Jenkins, Daniel Robert
Ngo, Bruce
Wong, Tiffany Lok
Creating Better Access Pathways Into A Diverse CommunitySocial and Human Services
Allain, Kurtis R
Nair, Abhilash
Sharma, Akanksha
Creating Bridges for Cleft PatientsHealth Care and Technology
Earley, Alison Marie
Guimond, Curtis Richard
Kirschner, Anton J
Socha, Rebekah K
Creating Connections In The "City Different:" Simplifying Public Transit In Santa Fe, NMUrban and Environmental Planning
Janice, Brian Andrew
Lowe, Matthew S
Mahoney, Sean Montgomery
Nogueira, Nelson J
Steinmetz, Scott A
Creating MatchThisGift.ComSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Costanzo, Ian Matthew
Legaspi, Jennifer G
Mak, Anselm Joey
CREATING PE CLASS: CLIMBINGEducation in a Technological Society
Lagadinos, Zachary Perrone
Lindenfelzer, Paul Vincent
Rasmussen, Ryan M
Scheid, Eric A
Creating the Backbone for the Dickens 2012 CampaignHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Barker, Steve David
Dombroski, Zachary Edward
Li, Jiahui
Longwell, Samuel Patrick
Creating Third Spaces at the Worcester Art MuseumEnergy and Resources
Camiel, Eric
Libby, Gerard Ian
Trumbull, Gregory Joseph
Creation of a Collaborative Information Hub for the Fire Protection Industry of AustraliaEducation in a Technological Society
Peterson, Paul W
Price, John Holland
Vincentelli, Guillermo J
Creation of an Educational Website for Complete Beginners Entering the Field of RoboticsEducation in a Technological Society
(WPI)Coffey, Jennifer A
Murphy, Sean P
Zamaitis, Tammy K
Creation of an Office of Surveillance and Epidemiology Training Knowledge Management SystemHealth Care and Technology
Banco, Daniel Pasqual
Graf, Thomas Michael
Otero, Nicholas William
Wood, Andrew James
Creation of the Cartago Water Safety Plan: Water Supply System Management and Risk Assessment in the Municipality of CartagoTechnology and Environment
Mastromattei, Anthony
Nguyen, Thomas Van
Creativity and Flow in MusicHumanistic Studies of Technology
Gartaganis, Andreas
Martilla, Kimberly Hale
Rauen, Stacey Leigh
Crib Hazard AnalysisSafety Analysis and Liability
Berselli, Stephen John
Burger, Scott Joseph
Close, Jocelyn Elizabeth
Crisis Mapping Community Social Media Information During and After Large-Scale Disasters in VictoriaSocial and Human Services
Corliss, Bethany C
Horwitz, Rachelle L
Mroczkowski, Taryn
Critical Care Tower: Improving the Healthcare of Children for the FutureHealth Care and Technology
Angulo, Marco
Jenkins, Amanda Rose
Perrone, Matthew Scott
Cross Cultural Communication in Redevelopment: A Cape Town Case StudyUrban and Environmental Planning
Mogre, Niyanta Cross-Cultural and Social TuningSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Evangelakos, William
Greene, Sean R
Sun, Yi
Crossrail Community Investment ProgramUrban and Environmental Planning
Liang, Jun
Xue, Zhaokun
Yuan, Fangwen
Crowdsourcing: Today and TomorrowSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Bellingham, Shane Patrick
Davis, Cortney M
O'Brien, Christopher J
Saari, Erin Lee
Cruise Control: Cruise Ships Influencing the City of VeniceTechnology and Environment
Hunnewell, Nicholas Brad
Reese, James H
Skwierczynski, Damian P
Vautrin, Ryan Thomas
Cruise Ships: Influencing the City of VeniceTechnology and Environment
Lepper, Peter R
Roughan, Patricia Anne
Cultural and Religious WorldbuildingHumanistic Studies of Technology
Martinez-Betancourt, Adriana
Rzayev, Tayyar
Solano, Michael E
Cultural Heritage GamingEducation in a Technological Society
Caulkins, Robert John
Driscoll, Kelly
White, Alexander Lee
Curriculum Grant Success AnalysisEducation in a Technological Society
Butler, Kelly P
Kinneman, Gregory S
Morin, Stacey M
Scaccia, Anthony Frederick
Damaraland EcotourismEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Calles, Rodrigo
Matty, Rachael Marie
Ott, Molly Katherine
Roll, Patrick Charles
Danson House Visitor SurveyEducation in a Technological Society
Carello, Ryan W
Carmichael, Rose T
Hedberg, Katherine L
Plenefisch, Patrick
Dark Sky 2014Technology and Environment
Larsen, Andrew James
Morse, Joshua B
Rolon, Mario
Roth, Sarah Alice
Dark Sky ProjectTechnology and Environment
Berthelette, Christopher James
Garcia, Samara Ravan
Pacifico, Antoinette Carmela
Vaughan, Brianna Marie
Data Management for NonProfit OrganizationsSocial and Human Services
Belsky, Michael Joseph
Santangelo, Bethany Jean
Wopat, Andrew R
Data Management in the Seven-Mile River WatershedUrban and Environmental Planning
Erad, Mert Can
Keskin, Aras Nehir
Shanck, Matthew Alexander
Day Lighting Mandi DistrictEnergy and Resources
Aldi, Anthony N
Anundson, Karen A
Bigelow, Andrew Timothy
Capulli, Andrew K
Decentralized Energy Master Planning: The London Borough of BrentUrban and Environmental Planning
Anderson, Erica
Collette, Kristin
Peterson, Todd F
Therrien, Jaclyn Ann
Decoding the International Secretariat: An Assessment of Communications and CultureSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Coffin, Spencer Thomas
Kelley, Jeffrey Steven
Shin, Dong Uk
Wong, Grant Madison
Defensive Surface Roadway Vibration Dampening Inertia WaveHealth Care and Technology
Charland, Zachary Joeseph
Dyer, Haley Marie
Seymour, Rebecca L
Young, Brent Jeffery
Defining Success for the Refugee ClientSocial and Human Services
Abebe, Eyuel
Agunwamba, Chukwunomso
Chryssanthacopoulos, James
Irace, Michael
Islam, Muzhtaba Tawkeer
Demand Response Programs in the Greater Boston AreaEnergy and Resources
Blair, Ryan
Forward, Kyle A
Souviney, Nicholas J
Desertification of the American SouthwestTechnology and Environment
Alex, Lauren Nicole
Cusack, Jessy Lee
Mills, Augustina Irene
Sosa-Boyd, Alejandro Ernesto
Design and Construction of a Communal Laundry Station in Monwabisi Park, Cape TownTechnology and Environment
Borge, Peter G
Spoor, Tristan David
Design and Implementation of a Live Feed System for WPI's Little TheatreHumanistic Studies of Technology
Janiszewski, Elisabeth A
Mohlenhoff, Benjamin A
Pavis, Sarah E
Williamson, Megan
Design of a Gene Technology Teacher Aid: An Interactive Electronic UtilityEducation in a Technological Society
Saltzman, Laura A.DESIGN OF A GLOBAL COMPARATIVE SEMINAR CLASSSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Adhikari, Ritesh
Anaya, Jerome Michael
Coughlin, Matthew Daniel
Design of a Mobile Farmers' MarketTechnology and Environment
McShea, Molly
Sullivan, Jo-Ellen J
Design of an Aquaculture Database for INCOPESCAScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Fortier, Alex
Gagnon, Keith Andrew
Gillis, Sean Daniel
Kelly, Joseph Martin
Design of an Emergency Management Information System for the London Borough of HounslowUrban and Environmental Planning
Doran, Ross
Trowbridge, Heather Marie
Whetstone, Ryan L
Willmott, Carly Jane
Design of an Extension to Punto Verde Environmental Theme ParkUrban and Environmental Planning
Finch, Matthew James
Freitas, Paul M
Hall, Kathryn
Roach, Koren E
Design, Implementation and Assessment of a Soil Education Camp for Children at the Suan Phung Nature Education Park Ratchaburi Province, ThailandTechnology and Environment
Brierly, Shawna L
Newman, Rebecca C
Tongue, Kathryn Grace
Villafuerte, Lee Joan Gamboa
Designing a Central Resource for Environmental Management in Costa RicaTechnology and Environment
Becroft, David
Jimenez, Emanuel
Turner, Quontay Renee
Designing a Clean Energy and Energy Conservation Website for Costa Rican SchoolchildrenEducation in a Technological Society
Berlied, Michael C
Fajardo, Elena S
MacKenzie, Andrew P
Tuttle, Chelsea B
Designing a Fire-Testing Laboratory for the University of Costa RicaTechnology and Environment
Aiello, Christina Jane
Banville, Kurtis S
Cleven, Stone T
Corriveau, Eric Tylor
Designing a Historically-themed Portable Miniature Golf Course as an Interactive Family Exhibit for Worcester Historical MuseumHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Cole, Keegan Ethan
DeLuca, Lindsey Anne
Zielinski, Kimberly Marie
Designing a Mobile Chicken CoopTechnology and Environment
Khan, Hussain Abdullah
Ouellette, Kelsey D
Poss, Kaitlin M
Sisson, Sarah A
Designing a Rafting Mooring Buoy for the Puerto Rican CaysTechnology and Environment
Boyle, Christopher John
Jutras, Ian Matthew
Molica, Christopher Joseph
Ziegler, Earl H
Designing a Small-Scale Grain Harvester: A Tool for Urban and Peri-urban GrowersTechnology and Environment
Donahue, Melanie K
Kelly, Blake Andrew
Matte, Joshua David
Designing a Water and Sanitation Centre Prototype for Monwabisi ParkUrban and Environmental Planning
Bruton, Frank Daniel
Hickey, Kassondra Nicole
Miller, Xavier Nicolas
Valdes, Richard Eliglio
Designing a Water Quality Monitoring Plan for El YunqueTechnology and Environment
Jassmond, Bryce Designing and Evaluating an Interactive eTextbook for RBE1001Education in a Technological Society
Bloniasz, Corey Mark
Gagnon, Kyle Paul
Peoples, Sherman Jafri
Designing Biodigester for Urban FarmEnergy and Resources
Benson, Brian
Katz, Rachel Erica
Nahabedian, Aaron J
Designing Educational Materials for Composting in a Costa Rican CommunityTechnology and Environment
Blow, John A
Clay, Elise P
Susaya, Daisy
Wolfson, Deanna L
Designing Educational Media in Suan Phung Nature Education ParkEducation in a Technological Society
Jelaska, Duje
O'Brien, Cullen Shea
Rekhi, Simranjit Singh
Weinrick, Racheal L
Zhang, Bangyan
Designing Green InfrastructureUrban and Environmental Planning
Casey, Elizabeth L
Ciampa, Michael A
DeRoo, Cailah Shealyn
Designing Safe Playgrounds for the Klong Toey CommunitySocial and Human Services
Berard, Brian M
Fallon, Jarrad Bryan
Lora, Santiago
Rosendahl, Eric D
Scotta, Lucas M
Wong, Alexander Men-tow
Yang, Becky
Designing Victoria Harbour: Integrating, Improving, and Facilitating Marine ActivitiesUrban and Environmental Planning
Le, Minh A
Roungrojkarnranan, Vorayos
Designing WeBWorK Problems for Applied Statistics IIEducation in a Technological Society
Campbell, Andre R
Crane, Patrick Ryan
Schaaf, Curtis Joseph
Tracy, Sarah B.
Vo, Bach Duy
Determining a Waste Tyre Management System for Hong KongUrban and Environmental Planning
Brennan, Susan Marie
Eames, Nathaniel Allan
Esa, Arten Ahmed-Hussein
Miller, Martha O
Determining the Applicability in Costa Rica of Practices & Policies Used in Sustainable Industrial Parks WorldwideTechnology and Environment
Sotak, Onalie LouiseDetermining the Consumer Needs of the Chandler and Pleasant Street NeighborhoodUrban and Environmental Planning
Caceres, Aileen
Coscia, Christa Colleen
Surprenant, Christopher Michael
Determining the Feasibility of a Shared Collections FacilityEducation in a Technological Society
Drogin, Samuel L
Harlow, Christopher Patrick
Kopchak, Obadiah B
Schick, Daniel C
Tremblay, Andrew D
Wiig, David J
Determining the Feasibility of an IQP Project Center in Santa Fe, New MexicoUrban and Environmental Planning
Angwafo, Babadee NDetermining the Potential of a Cogeneration System at WPIEnergy and Resources
Ali, Mudassir Mohammed
Leonard, Andrew Michael
Develop a Space Themed Middle School Science CurriculumEducation in a Technological Society
Carelli, Jonathan J
Erickson, Nicholas J
Stewart, Elizabeth J
Taylor, J. Alex
Developing a Chemical Safety Program for Chulalongkorn UniversityScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Dong, Jiawen
Hiznay, Alexa L
Jia, Minxue
Kinzie, Frank James
Developing a Composting System for Al-Akhawayn University in Ifrane, MoroccoUrban and Environmental Planning
DaBoll-Lavoie, Abigail M
Fanning, Jacquelyn M
Galvez, Fernando
Thyden, Richard E
Developing a Mentorship Program Between Al Akhawayn University and the Rita Zniber Foundation OrphanageSocial and Human Services
Geer, Emily Anne
Indyk, Allison Michelle
Miner, Elias Taylor
Riaz, Saad
Developing a Monitoring System for Mobile Camping to Promote Conservation and Community DevelopmentEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Bornemann, Zachary Glenn Peter
Chung, Jesus Octavio
Knott, Catherine Jeanette
Renna, Theresa Marie
Developing a New Perspective of Wellington's City and Harbour: A Camera Obscura ExhibitionHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Blom, Amanda Lea
Cox, Philip Andrew
Raczka, Karina
Developing a Policy Position on Smart Water MeteringTechnology and Environment
Davis, Andrew Dyson
Durr, Alanah H
Melikidze, Nino
Owens, Michael J
Developing a Preservation Strategy for the Water Filtration System of the Antiguo Acueducto de San JuanHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Donovan, Sean P
Hecht, Alexander H
Woodard, Justin
DEVELOPING A ROBOTICS OUTREACH PROGRAMEducation in a Technological Society
Clark, Matthew T
Panzica, Adam C
Putnam, Christopher J
Developing a Self-Assessment Package for Members to Comply with the FPA Australia Code of PracticeSafety Analysis and Liability
Dickson, McConnell W
Dwyer, Benjamin W
Lingenfelter, Andrew S
Developing a Statistics Workshop for Pre-service TeachersEducation in a Technological Society
Kevrekian, Gregor M
McCullough, Amanda N
Moore, Erica Leigh
Developing a Strategy for Integrating Green Chemistry in ThailandTechnology and Environment
Childs, Benjamin E
Hunter, Carolyn
Urrea, Victoria
Developing a Strategy to Improve Solar Home System Sustainability In Rural ThailandEnergy and Resources
Goodwin, Meghan E
Perez Luna, Elia T
Truong, Julia L
Weishaar, Adrienne Lee
Developing a Sustainable Drinking Water Management Model: Addressing Water Contamination in the Khlong Toei Slum in Bangkok, ThailandUrban and Environmental Planning
Glynn, Collin S
McGlashan, Kelsey B
Weisgerber, Briana Stashik
Developing a Sustainable Waste Management Strategy for the Khlong Toei Slum in BangkokUrban and Environmental Planning
Connor, Kailyn Sara
Cortesa, Steven J
Issagaliyeva, Shakhizada
Meunier, Adam J
Developing a Sustainable Waste Tire Management System for ThailandTechnology and Environment
Chapman, Jeremy
Dietz, Krista Leigh
Perreault, Peter J
Developing a Teambuilding Program at the Danish Open Air MuseumSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Miralda , Jean Pierre
Morse, Lauren Elizabeth
Muçolli, Gent
Williams, Jessica Denise
Developing a Water Education Program in Albanian High SchoolsEducation in a Technological Society
Adrianzen, Diego Martin
Naseef, Samuel Omar
Verrelli, Alexander Francis
Developing a Watershed Council for the Rio Espiritu Santo Watershed in Puerto RicoUrban and Environmental Planning
Fleming, Robert Howard
Huie, Briana Nicole
Merlin, Max T
Swanson, Mark A
Developing a Web-Based Academic Help Resource for StudentsSocial and Human Services
Alden, Nicholas
Gomez, Juan F
Shang, Shigeng
Developing an Annual Sustainability Report for WPITechnology and Environment
Davis, Katlin Bess
Haughn, Melissa Ann
Mutty, Alexandra Brooke
Thibault, Allison Marie
Developing an Artefact LibraryEducation in a Technological Society
Cloutier, Princesa M
Gagliano, Michael A
Raymond, Emma S
Developing an Educational Module on the Impacts of Climate Change on Puerto Rico and its InhabitantsEducation in a Technological Society
Cornman, Scott P
Holliday, Grace E
Tersoff, Gregory M
Developing an Evaluation Rubric for Hands-on Science Education ActivitiesEducation in a Technological Society
Fitzpatrick-Schmidt, Kyle Leigh
Rhodes, Brittany Elizabeth
Shelton, Ned Mincy
Strickland, Michael Lawrence
Developing an Informal Science Education Program for Use in a Formal SettingEducation in a Technological Society
Carrigan, Christopher Thomas
Janssen, Joshua Luke
McGinnis, David Connor
Developing an Information Security Program (ISP) for the Town of NantucketScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Carlson, Victoria Lynn
Mathie, Ryan Scot
Riccardi, Danielle L
Wilson, Taylor Louis
Developing an Integrated Traffic Corridor in Santa Fe through Intelligent Transportation InfrastructureUrban and Environmental Planning
Danko, Catherine Elizabeth
Lawrence, James A
Moussavi-Aghdam, Raha
Wentzell, Samantha Lillian
Developing and Testing a Density MicroworldEducation in a Technological Society
Alvarado, Migdoel
Lorditch, Lucas A
McCauley, Sean
Parks Drake, Jared
Sun, Meng
Tanenbaum, Jacob
Developing and testing microworld-based assessments for physical scienceEducation in a Technological Society
Beski, Richard Alex
Hollinger, Justin David
Hudson, Cassiopia L
Tsitlenko, Sergey D
Developing E-Learning at the British Postal Museum & ArchiveEducation in a Technological Society
Iordanou, Ero Ana
Lathrop, Ari
Shortlidge, Rockwell Johnson
Weinstein, Michael Robin
Developing Educational Materials for Fort Nelson Historical SiteEducation in a Technological Society
Baker, Andrew Nicholas
Brown, Richard Pearce
Morlath, Robert C
Wang, Zhixin
Developing Energy and Economic Initiatives for Rural NamibiaEnergy and Resources
Kehrer, Paul H
Kuhn, Bethany L
Lemay, Jacob S
Wells, Christopher Roy
Russo, Anthony Michael
Sacks, Neal Jonathan
Vandal, Steven Robert
Developing Games for the Sight ImpairedSocial and Human Services
Azizi, Tariq-Aziz
Casola, Christopher Robert
Huynh, Long Q
Talbot, Adam Michael
Developing Outreach Materials for the London Project CenterEnergy and Resources
Juers, Meredith Hope
Keilich, Spencer Ryan
Walde, Caitlin Elizabeth
Developing Public Interest in the Natural Sciences at the ZHAW, Wädenswil, SwitzerlandEducation in a Technological Society
Sloat, Nicholas Ryan
West, James
Developing Springfield: A Mason Square DevelopmentEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Hartzell, Emily Jane
Johansen, Aren A
Liguori, Thomas Joseph
Ober, Jennifer Marie
Developing State of the Environment Indicators in CroydonUrban and Environmental Planning
MacVeigh-Fierro, Daniel
Ricci, Samantha
Walder, Damani G
Developing Strategies to Improve Farm Labor Camp Housing Policy in MassachusettsSocial and Human Services
Baker, Krista Marie
Hashmi, Sana
Prifti, Fioleda
Developing Technology-Based Biology Assessments for Cell Structures and FunctionsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Daly, Camneil J
Kim, Sara
McPherson, Kenneth W
Yang, Yi
Developing Weight Estimation Method for Habitat for Humanity ReStore Metro-West/ Greater WorcesterSocial and Human Services
Gostanian, Justin A
Mulligan, William S
Read, Erick T
Development and Evaluation of a Simulation Tool for Robotics EducationEducation in a Technological Society
Haggerty, Andrew M
Myrta, Jola
Scott, Alexander Foster
Varanelli, Sabrina Marie
Development and Implementation of a WPI RoboEthics SymposiumScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Heitman, Stephen Andrew
Perreira, Jill M
Rich, Scott Agersea
Sears, Tracy Lynn
Development and Implementation of Multimedia Lab Reports: Communicating to Diverse Learning StylesEducation in a Technological Society
Gelin, Marc Roger
Longnecker, Nathan Winfield
Pumphrey, Laura Michelle
Steele, Corre Love
Development and Initiation of Sustainable Wastewater Management in Nakhon Si Thammarat, ThailandUrban and Environmental Planning
Blanker, Alaina Plugge
Briseno, Taylor Isabel
Hambright, Claire
Development of a Cost-Benefit Projection Model for the Namibian WorkplaceEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Defilippo, Jenna L
Galucki, Stephen J
Remillard, Kathryn A
Development of a Grading Scheme for Regulated Namibian Tourism BusinessesEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Ghion, Nathan S
Lou, Kevin W
Oakley, Dalton M
Valley, John T
Development of a Low Tech Assistive Technology KitHealth Care and Technology
Lavore, Devin S
McAdams, Clinton B
McNee, Scott
Development of a Self Sustaining BuildingEnergy and Resources
Hartung, Waldemar CDevelopment of a Wayfinding System for the Blackstone CanalUrban and Environmental Planning
Baumann, Philipp H
Farrar, William E
Gray, Keenan R
Development of a Wiki to Promote Financial Research Collaboration at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian FederationEducation in a Technological Society
Krishnaswamy, Deepa
Perullo, Travis Richard
Phaneuf, Joseph B
Development of a Wind Monitoring System and Grain GrinderEnergy and Resources
Ellison, Samuel J
Kerhulas, Kevin Joseph
Lopes, Ashilly M
Rojas, Sebastian
Development of a Worcester Refugee Resource GuideSocial and Human Services
Cruz, Elizabeth E
Wenzlaff, Everett C
Zheng, Hui
Development of an Energy Reduction Blueprint for the Worcester Green Low-Income Housing CoalitionEnergy and Resources
Gornisiewicz, Agatha Julia
Lukowski, Edward Raymond
Richardson, David Michael
Torrente, Leo E
Development of an Energy Reduction Plan for the Town of AuburnTechnology and Environment
Abderrazzaq, Andrew A
Kennedy, Sean
Muraj, Evald
Selen, Kaileen Elizabeth
Development of an Intersection Assessment Protocol in Boston, MassachusettsUrban and Environmental Planning
Davidson, Kyle P
Giannone, Angelia Rachel
Jimenez, Edison
Morrow, Tyler Orrin
Development of Android ApplicationsEducation in a Technological Society
Colter, Nolan
Forti, Alexander Stephen
Stults, Erica S
Development of Interactive Media: Promoting Museums in CopenhagenHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Cabrera, Jake O
Talbot, Alyson P
Tashman, Jon Daniel
Zoll, Jonathan Daniel
Development of Key Stages 2 and 3 Teacher Resources in the Areas of Space and Flight for the Science Museum in LondonEducation in a Technological Society
Dzwonkoski, Jessica
Feldman, Gary Thomas
Harris, Christopher David
Development of Lean Manufacturing Course MaterialEducation in a Technological Society
Hill, Patrick S
Proulx, Dennis W
Development of Media and a Marketing Plan for the Machining, Sheet Metal and Welding Programs at Worcester Technical High SchoolEducation in a Technological Society
Draper, Rebecca Anne
Verdel-Ogden, Courtney
Westwater, Keegan Garrity
Development of Methods for Financial Outreach for the Rita Zniber Foundation for Orphaned Children in Meknes, MoroccoSocial and Human Services
French, John Davies
Hopeman, Morgan W
Moore, Julian R
Development of Mobile Application Specifications for the Sir Arthur Sullivan SocietyHumanistic Studies of Technology
Dudley, Emily Patricia
LaBella, Antonia Dacey
Ortega, Juan C
Sutter, Karyn L
Development of Regulations for Volunteer Tourism in NamibiaEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Case, Michael Christopher
Destefano, Eric R
Glasson, Elizabeth
McAuliffe, Charlotte Paige
Development of School Recreational FacilitiesUrban and Environmental Planning
Feller, Samuel F
Mahony, Julia
Sazanowicz, Robert Joseph
Wise, Jillian F
Development of the Bushblok Industry in NamibiaEnergy and Resources
Jackson, Matthew Stephen
Kostelak, Thomas Jacob
Pervere, Leah Marie
Quatieri, Sarah Elizabeth
Development of the Inspire Engineering Mentoring ProgramEducation in a Technological Society
Casavant, Chelsea Spaulding
Olivieri, Steven J
Petrone, William D
Development of the Merton Partnership's WebsiteUrban and Environmental Planning
Agar, Erin Marie
Iamartino, Christian Joseph
McMahon, Caitlin Ann
Mortensen, Christian Mark
Development of the Zero Heroes Program in the London Borough of CroydonUrban and Environmental Planning
Abbiati, George P
Croteau, John Paul
Mitchel, Lindsay Marie
Samaroo, Melissa A
Development of Trophy Hunting Among Previously Disadvantaged Farmers in NamibiaEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Cotta, Brooke Leigh
Francois, Samuel D
Martineau, Christopher Joseph
Simpson, Matthew James
Dietary Supplement Company EvaluationSafety Analysis and Liability
Chung, Steven
Sacco, Michael Angelo
Skehan, Daniel Patrick
Wajcs, Karl B
Dig-it: A Team Dynamics StudySocial Studies of Science and Technology
Cunningham, Andrew James
Gray, Wyatt Brewster
Mollnow, Gregory J
Rollinson, Rebecca Marie
Digital Asset Management for the Hong Kong Maritime MuseumHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Reed, Joel BDigital Choral ProjectionHumanistic Studies of Technology
Grady, William Robert
O'Brien, Patrick J
Parker, Benjamin Keyes
Parker, Daniel D
Digital Earth WatchTechnology and Environment
Bailey, Matthew Donald
Bryant, Kyle Cooper
Fleek, Victoria G
Pierce, Ellen Christine
Digital Education Evaluation: The Future of Time Lens at the Melbourne MuseumEducation in a Technological Society
Azzolino, Vincent N
Cebry, Nicholas F
Schramm, Christopher E
Zapatka, Zachary J
Digital Literacy Programs for Coburg Neighborhood HousesEducation in a Technological Society
Jin, Xing
Sun, Wen
Digital Music Database ComparisonHumanistic Studies of Technology
Cullen, Julie Anne
Feeney, Andrew J
Graedel, Ilea Shaneen
Whittier, Katherine M
Digital Palace Explorers: An On-site Storytelling Application for Families at the Tower of LondonEducation in a Technological Society
Lee, Joon-Ho Joseph
McHugh, Devyn Elise
Sandford, Laura Marie
Zou, Bin
Digital Resources for TeachersEducation in a Technological Society
Bonner, Catherine J
Karcs, Adam V
Perry, Emily T
Digital Visitor Evaluations at the NHAEducation in a Technological Society
Wang, Xiaojing Digitally Displayed Music ScoresHumanistic Studies of Technology
Aragon, Lorey Michelle
Brown, Jeremy Scott
Nunez, Gabriela C
Wade, Julie Anne
Digitizing the Archives of the Private Committees for the Safeguarding of VeniceHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Arredondo, Jarrett Randall
Collins, Francis P
Digitizing ThoreauHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Dolan, Erin Kathleen
Segala, Alexander Louis
Veracka, Elizabeth Warner
Directions for Wind Industry in MassachusettsTechnology and Environment
Cartier, Adam V
Laprade, Craig A.
Pierri, Michael V.
Worsham, David W
Disaster Decision Making: Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav in New OrleansUrban and Environmental Planning
Cartier, Adam V.
Laprade, Craig
Pierri, Michael Victor
Worsham, David H.
Disaster Decision Making: Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav in New OrleansUrban and Environmental Planning
Borowicz, Krzysztof A
Dion, Megan A
Mehta, Jason N
Morgan, Glen J
Disposal of Pyrotechnic Visual Distress SignalsSafety Analysis and Liability
Wayns, Kevin Euri
Yedilbayev, Baimurat A.
Casey, Ryan T
Day, Brian P
Donoghue, Denise M
Papia, Andrew L
Distribution Route Assessment for a Combined Heat and Power SystemEnergy and Resources
Cianfrocco, Daniel Paul
Marrero, Cordero Greg
Mullins, Lindsay
Volpe, Danielle M
Divertimi: A Tourist Guide to a Unique and Enriching ExperienceSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Mongelli, Kerri Anne
Reynold, Morgan Krystle
Steele, Brian J
DNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
Brown, Jay
Hoitt, Nate
Putnam, Michael L
DNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
Bober, Aaron
Longmire, Tyler A
DNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
Baggett, Daniel E
Folliard, John
Kluza, Joanna
DNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
Lach, Christopher
Patsis, Thomas
DNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
Deraleau, Christopher C
Dobens, Christopher B
Romanosky, Jeffrey P
DNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
Addorio, Martha R
Campbell, Benjamin J
Grossman, Richard Charles
DNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
Gershaneck, Nate R
Klem, Eric Edward
Sears, Sean D
DNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
Feulner, Christine J
Greenaway, Erik
Pendleton, Marquis
DNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
Ewalt, Jennifer Rose
Jillson, Kevin C
LaGuerre, Soana
DNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
Dufour, Nicholas
Landry, Eric
Rockowitz, Shira
Skowran, Roxanne
DNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
Butcher, Christopher William
Donnelly, Sean Michael
Sullivan, Dennis Gregory
Walsh, Adam James
Kirkland, Jerome M
Patel, Khushbu
Reddy, Archana
Gaw, Bryan
Nabea, Winnie Muyia
Mercurio, Nicholas
Pittera, Alex
White, Peter A
DNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
Moreno, Harry
Vickery, Andrew Reed
DNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
Amatucci, Joseph
DePina, Otilio T
Przystas, Adam
DNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
Hyde, John JudsonDNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
McCormick, Cody
White, Jessica L
DNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
Pasquarelli, Joseph Edward
Tuma, Peter Christopher
Vaughn, Nicholas Harris
DNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
Machlin, Emily S
Rodriguez, Nicolas
White, Kevin
Beando, Alexandra Lee
Demac, Gabrielle Elizabeth
DNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
Alamer, Abdulaziz Mohammed
Sanchez, Sabrina Elsie
DNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
Anderson, Wayne Ernest
Hansen, Alex
Perry, Ashley
DNA Fingerprinting an Interacting Qualifying Project ReportLaw and Technology
Casey, Shannon MDNA Fingerprinting and SocietyLaw and Technology
Bates, Lincoln
Santos, Marisa
Sousa, Kayla
DNA Fingerprinting and SocietyLaw and Technology
Krug, Jason
Lyons, William
Pawson, Randi Nicole
DNA Fingerprinting E08Law and Technology
Lerret, Mark Anker
Stitt, Brendan
Williams, Machell
DNA Fingerprinting IQP by Mark Lerret, Brendan Still and Machell WilliamsLaw and Technology
Buhler, Jared
Dixon, Thomas W
Thompson, Amanda R
DNM Virtual Exhibit DevelopmentHumanistic Studies of Technology
Kampa, Amy Lauren
Teresa Casarotto, Athena Maria
Whyte, James Stewart
Woodard-Wallace, Cody Gerard
Documentation and Analysis of the Rayong Oil Spill: Characterizing the health, economic, and social impacts of the incident and responseTechnology and Environment
Yang, Chuqiao Does having a foreign accent affect men and women differently? Effect of foreign accent and gender on employment decisions and negotiationsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Roberge, Daniel A
Rojas, Anthony Charles
Does the Length of Time Off-Task Matter?Education in a Technological Society
Golinveaux, Tracy L
Mehr, Christopher K
Wells, Justin
Young, Amanda E
Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Boston Without Harnessing Its Energy Using Photovoltaic TechnologyEnergy and Resources
Goksaran, Onder
Goksun, Dervis
Yorulmaz, Kemal
DragNcomposeHumanistic Studies of Technology
Abid, Muhammad Ehtisham
Austin, Travis Lee
Fox, Daniel Charles
Hussain, Syed Shehroz
Drones, UAVs, and RPAsLaw and Technology
Bonaccorso, Kyle David
Eldredge, Mariah Genevieve
Gould, Scott F
Mills, Cameron Scott
Dryer Fires: Improving Clothes Dryer SafetySafety Analysis and Liability
Caliri, John E
Carpenter, Matthew V
Doyle, Vincent J
O'Brien, T.D.
DZT 1404 Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Singh, Pardip DZT IQP 0608Economic Growth, Stability, and Development
Chang, Alexander P
Mungai, George M
Orton, Alix R
Partington, Wayne Robert
DZT IQP 0704 Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Molineaux, Christopher PaulE-buildings -- An information management system for facilities management on the WPI campus.Urban and Environmental Planning
Ahmed, Muneeruddin
Biagiotti, Richard T
Fiore, Matthew D.
E-Grounds 2006Urban and Environmental Planning
Chester, Keith
Martin, Robert
Price, William David
E-Merging RealitiesHumanistic Studies of Technology
Gutierrez, Reuben Abner
Ketschke, Lauren E
Lextrait, Thomas Samuel
Rosen, Matthew Raymond
E-Portfolios for Language Learning at Lingnan UniversityEducation in a Technological Society
Brousseau, Justin C
Ditroia, Jacquelyne M
Ibelle, Malina F
Monterroso, Andres I
Olson, Kristin Carol
Early Childhood and Community Development in Flamingo Crescent: Building Opportunities For Children Through Community InitiativeUrban and Environmental Planning
Deraney, Nicholas F
Nicosia, Katelyn Patricia
Waddell, Julie Ann
Zhang, Hedan Mindy
Early Childhood Development ConnectionSocial and Human Services
Kashef, Babak E
Nowtash, Ashkan
Earthquake in TehranTechnology and Environment
Budiman, Tantra Satria
Durrigan, Sean
Pennellatore, Rachel L
Easing the Bumps in the Road: An Information System for the Management of Grafton's RoadsUrban and Environmental Planning
Calder, Michael Robert
Chang, Tianhai
Chaulk, Adam Christopher
Derryberry, Michael Troy
Gyebi, Seth O
Li, Zhenyan
McDonald, Shamiah Dominique
Mollica, Nicholas
Phelan, Martin
Tibbetts, Christopher
Zhang, Yiran
Eastern American Choral Directors Association, Baltimore 2014Humanistic Studies of Technology
Li, Zhenyan
Mollica, Nicholas B
Phelan, Martin F
Tibbetts, Christopher Tucker
Zhang, Yiran
Eastern American Choral Directors Association, Baltimore 2014Humanistic Studies of Technology
Tong, Yixuan Eastern American Choral Directors Association, Baltimore 2014Humanistic Studies of Technology
Heinricher, Dylan Joseph
Kahn, Lauren Michelle
Maitland, Ian Maxwell
Manor, Nolan P
Ecclesiastical Architecture: Preserving Convents, Churches, Bells and Bell TowersHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Codding, Jason Alan
Dignum, Mark
Fitzpatrick, Michael J
Pastor, Kelly Anne
Eco-Economy Redevelopment of Monwabisi Park in Cape TownUrban and Environmental Planning
Flores, Alexander AlanEconomic and Social Impact of the MBTA’s Proposed Fare Increases and Service Cuts; with Further Research on the Commuter RailUrban and Environmental Planning
Carter, Benjamin David
Comosa, Nicole K.
Puliafico, Karissa L
Sternal, Jack Philip
Economic Development Through Asset TransferUrban and Environmental Planning
Brown, Jamielee
Groth, Alicia K
Mendez, Erik J
Tsegaye, Binyam
Economic Empowerment Through a Food Cart Micro Leasing Program in ThailandEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Nadeau, Kyle GEconomic Growth, Stability, and DevelopmentEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Nolan, Christopher LopezEconomic Growth, Stability, and DevelopmentEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Sardell, Jason MEconomic Origins of the Mafia and Patronage System in SicilyEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Teed, Craig Steven
Torres Betancur, Juan D
Youkana, Daniel J
Economic Viability of Alternative Feed for Tilapia and Rabbits in Puerto RicoEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Bakalova, Lydia Peteva
Buchholz, Steven E
Jung, Stephen Daniel
Wong, Yip
Economics of Stem Cell ResearchHealth Care and Technology
Cleveland, Benjamin
Filipe, Daniel V
Pelligrino, Jeffrey
Robinson, Edward George
Ecosystem-based Management in Puerto RicoTechnology and Environment
Barth, Andrew John
Perreault, Luke Roger
Santos, Ryan Michael
Shattuck, Woodrow Hollis
Educating About Transport History: Developing Object-Learning Programs at the London Transport MuseumEducation in a Technological Society
Balesano, Jessica L
Elder, Allison N
Hevey, Andrea M
Trudeau, Alexander L
Educating Corporate Members of Fire Protection Association Australia to Apply the Code of PracticeScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Caddell, Daniel
Peart, Marcus Howard
Price, Joshua Ross
Educating Middle School Students Through the Implementation of Near Earth Aerial TrackingTechnology and Environment
Doyon, Brian Ronald
Kumar, Vivek
Simpson, Allison Nicole
Education for the Use of Emergency Egress LiftsSafety Analysis and Liability
Hopkins, James PaulEducation in a Technological SocietyEducation in a Technological Society
Miller, Daniel Joseph
Perron, Jeffrey Michael
Ruvich, Caleb Aaron
Education Through Visualization: Designing a Year 12 Chemistry Educational ProgramEducation in a Technological Society
Gray, Sean Patrick
Ivase, Jighjigh Tersoo
Melia, Matthew James
Education with the Lunar ThemeEducation in a Technological Society
Frost, Timothy W
Gray, Lauren Christine
Lake, John N
Roy, Jessica D
Educational and Social Development in Doi Ang Khang: A Comparative Study of the Khob Dong & Nor Lae VillagesSocial and Human Services
Molignano, Michael J
Most, Kathleen B
Sansom, Jennifer Elizabeth
Wang, Bohua
Educational Outreach for the Engineering DiplomaEducation in a Technological Society
DeCampo, Nicole
Hassett, Heather N
Olore, Amanda B
Educational Programs for Children in the Charles Dickens MuseumEducation in a Technological Society
Shizume, Tesia TEducational Software for the XO Computer for use in NepalEducation in a Technological Society
Crocker, Matthew Lewis
Moniz, Samuel L
Truong, Ethan Thai
Educational Study Replication using Assistment The Use of Computer-Based Delivery Instead of Traditional Paper-and-PencilEducation in a Technological Society
Climer, Jason Robert
Hardegen, Philip Neil
Jeznach, Christopher Gary
EduVentures WebExpeditionEducation in a Technological Society
Everett, James Nichols
Kocienski, Stephen Joseph
Lobel, Nataniel Simon
Effective Communication of Bushfire Risk in the Urban-Parkland InterfaceSafety Analysis and Liability
Cardoso, Marlisa
Ettis, Christopher
Fitzpatrick, Matthew
Garcia, Kevin A
Tsougranis, George H
Effective Communication of Science and Engineering Breakthroughs to the Public: A Tool for Science and Engineering ProfessionalsEducation in a Technological Society
Le, Tuan NhatEffectiveness of different tutoring types using ASSISTmentsEducation in a Technological Society
Do, Anh
Ho Thanh, Minh-Tri
Trieu, Nghia Kien
Effectiveness of Directive Feedback using ASSISTmentsEducation in a Technological Society
Gould, Elizabeth Sarah
Li, Ruowang
Southard, Steven James
Effectiveness of Hints vs. Complete Explanation using ASSISTmentsEducation in a Technological Society
Hoang, Tu Anh
Nguyen, Hai Hoang
Pham, Long Thanh
Effectiveness of Tutoring Video on Wheelspinning using ASSISTmentsEducation in a Technological Society
Jaffe, Samuel Joseph
Oswald, Eric Martin
Walker, Christian German
Effects of 3D Audio and Video in Video GamesHumanistic Studies of Technology
Powers, Michael HenryEffects of Global Warming on Snowpack in the Colorado River BasinTechnology and Environment
Corpuz, Loribel Shawn
Hines, Joshua Craig
Hogan, Gallagher J
Paredes, Maria Isabel
Effects of Hong Kong International Airport: An Evaluation of the Perceived Impacts in Tung ChungUrban and Environmental Planning
Blumenau, Adam L
Brooks, Cody Peder
Finn, Eric M
Turner, Alicia L
Effects of Sea Level Rise on Water Treatment & Wastewater Treatment FacilitiesUrban and Environmental Planning
Fu, Jing Effects of the Lower Colorado River Water Issues on Biota and the Future conditions of the Salton SeaTechnology and Environment
Blais, Zachary EEffects of Time on the Sound Quality of Cane Oboe ReedsHumanistic Studies of Technology
Peruffo, Heather Ashlyn
Skende, Johan
eGovernment Accessibility for the Blind and People with Low VisionHumanistic Studies of Technology
Bollinger, Jared H
Naiman, Alexander Allen
Waldron, Phillip W
Electric Power and Social AttitudesEnergy and Resources
Nguyen, Khoa AnhElectric Vehicles and Power PlantsEnergy and Resources
Gilzinger, Matthew T
Lorch, Zachary D
Vinci, Dustin J
Electric Vehicles: Exploring the Options for Electric Vehicles on NantucketUrban and Environmental Planning
Hobson-Dupont, Maximillian Jimbo
Hurgin, Max von Gal
O'Hara, Christopher J
Thierry, Valerie Ann
Electricity Monitoring on the WPI CampusEnergy and Resources
Alvarado, Roberto Antonio
Phillips, Corey Alexander
Taleb, Joseph Bassam
Electricity Use and Conservation on NantucketEnergy and Resources
Comeau, Nicholas Maraveilias
Dubois, Serena R
Rogers, Cordell V
Electronic Budget Information SharingSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Allen, Joseph Patrick
Mahoney, Brittany Lee
Walker, Richard Kyle
Winthrop, Robert John
Electronic Recycling Center in Peñuelas, Puerto Rico: Its Viability, Sustainability, and OperationUrban and Environmental Planning
Newton, Brianna Marie
Patel, Raj D
Savoia, Christopher James
Electronic Waste Legislation in MassachusettsScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Judd, Sarah E
Schwartz, Adam Lee
Tsitsilianos, Andrew
Electronically Aiding Students' LearningEducation in a Technological Society
Palumbo, Nicholas Elementary EngineeringEducation in a Technological Society
Costa, Chelsea L
Miller, Paula E
Pace, Dante A
Scott, Victoria A
Eliminating Combined Sewer Overflow in the Blackstone CanalUrban and Environmental Planning
Sonam, Tashi Elm Park School Space Enriched Science EducationEducation in a Technological Society
Kalden, Tenzin
Ramirez, Anibal
Sonam, Tashi
Ueda, Seiichiro
Flores, Danny Mauricio
Rebh, Alec W
Elm Park School- 6th Grade Curriculum DevelopmentSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Patel, Zubin Hasmukh
Upton, John David
Embryonic Stem Cells in the Political Arena & the Media’s EyeScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Flynn, Timothy R
Kingsley, Samantha
Marrion, Jeffrey Cyril
Roberge, Kelly E
Emergency Communication for Deaf and Hard of HearingSocial and Human Services
Fisher, Corey Brian
Lavallee, Peter Kendall
Pham, Jessica Thuc Doan
Emergency Egress for People with Mobility Impairments in AustraliaSafety Analysis and Liability
Cambra, Emanuel
McAuley, Patrick Michael
McClune, Mitch J
Perron, John Harvey
Rinaldo, Breanna Jean
Zerguine, Abdelbassat M
Castillo, Yaralia
Ferguson, Bryan
Rodden, Joshua
Walsh, Roman D
Emergency Packaged Water Distribution SystemUrban and Environmental Planning
Crawford, Carlie Rose
Freyermuth, Jeffrey Thomas
Ismirlian, Ryan Patrick
Sirocki, Alexander R
Emergency TowingSafety Analysis and Liability
Kleinfeld, Zachary
Roumeliotis, James A
Empirical Legal AnalysisLaw and Technology
Belliard Urena, Bryan Dariel
Langley, Courtney Emily
Long, Mary Alexis
Lysen, Adrienne Taylor
Empowering the Women’s Cooperative of Ban Pang Ung Mhai through the Competitive Marketing of CraftsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Ervin, Samantha A
Lavalley, Julia C
Mercier, Jacob
Mirabito, Jonathan N
Noyes, Christina M
Empowerment through Improving Facilities at the Sizakuyenza Safe HouseUrban and Environmental Planning
Akhtar, Ali Zain
Prasad, Anubhav
Srishankar, Nishan
Tyagi, Charvi
EMS Communication Systems Data AnalysisHealth Care and Technology
Hansen, Stephen D
McCann, Connor Martin
Olivarez, Nathan S
EMS CommunicationsHealth Care and Technology
Haas, Michael Joseph
Hough, Kenneth P
Qiao, Yun
Riaz, Talha
EMS Contaminant Isolation Eng.Health Care and Technology
Bomba, Kathryn Anne
Griggs, Nathan Warren
Hudon, Ross M
Thompson, Jennifer
Encouraging Best Environmental Management Practices in the Hotels & Inns of Puerto RicoUrban and Environmental Planning
Keane, Kevin Patrick
Leung, Dennis Kwokshun
Mathew, Jibin Jose
Yeung, Simon
Encouraging Learning with the Aid of Virtual MoneyEducation in a Technological Society
Cancel, David
Dupuis, Mark R
Habin, Brandon M
Energy Audit of Higgins LaboratoryEnergy and Resources
Jacobsen, Philp Sigurd
Li, Chenming
Newton, Turner David
Noreldin, Rony M
Energy Challenges: Tackling Energy Savings Through Purchase HabitsEnergy and Resources
Giguere, Jeremy
Jiang, Cheng
Martins, Bryan Brandao
Perez, Douglas
Energy Consumption of WPI BuildingsEnergy and Resources
Ames, Kelly Ann
Maljanian, Brianna Rose
O'Neil, Timothy Patrick
Sontag, Christopher David
Energy Demand Management at the Gobabeb Research and Training CentreEnergy and Resources
Epstein, Tarra M
Feroli, Steven
Kennedy, Andrew J
Praschak, Sara M
Energy Demonstration Trailer AssessmentEnergy and Resources
Birmingham, Nathan James
Gottardi, Elizabeth A
Otterman, Amanda Dale
Thayer, Andrew P
Energy Demonstration Trailer: Spreading Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency throughout NamibiaUrban and Environmental Planning
Marinelli, Andy
Patenaude, Rachel Lynn
Toomey, Mary Kate
Energy Efficiency in Water InfrastructureTechnology and Environment
Adams, Johnathan Maxwell
Foley, Matthew Wheelock
Janiga, Matthew Aaron
Zhang, Yan
Energy Efficiency of Historic Meetinghouse on Pleasant StreetEnergy and Resources
Cialdea, Stephen Michael
Doyle, Michael Richard
Sinapi, Samantha R
Energy Evaluation of the New Horizon CentreEnergy and Resources
Broulidakis, Nicholas F
Martinez, Nicolas
Merrill, Bradley William
Serrano, Joaquin F
Energy from Waste in BrentEnergy and Resources
Furst, Justin J
Haroian, Carl A
Patterson, Samuel James
Reich, Eric James
Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 Lighting Mandate AnalysisEnergy and Resources
Shaw, Brandon Charles
Waid-Jones, Austin Charles
Energy LabEnergy and Resources
Cahill, Ian C
Fournier, Kristopher J
Kielbasa, Matthew J
Energy Management Systems for The Printer's BuildingEnergy and Resources
Cheng, Theresa
Orso, Dericc Andrew
Roy, Nathan P
Wu, Jieyu
Energy Monitoring for Compliance with the Merton RuleUrban and Environmental Planning
Frey, Jason P
Kendrick, Ryan
Lowell, Jodi Michelle
Rothermel, John M
Energy Profiling for Off-Grid Energization Solutions in NamibiaEnergy and Resources
Aoude, Tina YacoubEngineering Education--Support DepartmentsScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Lebowitz, Jeremy
Murphy, Daniel Corrigan
Yokay, Erin Patricia
Engineering Outreach to Danish StudentsEducation in a Technological Society
Karam, Elias C
O'Connell, Thomas P
Perry, Joshua
Engineering ResourcesSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Humphrey, Neal Keith
Lam, Norman
Nguyen, Khanhvan T.
Ropi, Craig
English Program Analysis at Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyEducation in a Technological Society
DelVecchio, Jenni M
Nwagbara, Belinda Uchechi
St Jean, Andrew G
Tyufekchiev, Maksim Vasilev
English Reading Culture at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology: Habits, Interests, and Attitudes of First-Year Undergraduate StudentsEducation in a Technological Society
Brockett, Chris
King, Cathering Georgia
Picard, Andrew L
Enhanced Laboratory LearningEducation in a Technological Society
Grinnell, Graham NEnhanced Laboratory LearningEducation in a Technological Society
Miller, Nathaniel William
Morin, Nicholas C
Safford, Evan Adams
Synnott, John Stephen
Enhanced Laboratory Learning: Mobile Laboratory ApplicationEducation in a Technological Society
Forte, Jason Matthew
Tyagi, Ishita
Vercillo, Saraan Lucia
Walsh, Myles Alexander
Enhanced Laboratory Learning: Online SupplementsEducation in a Technological Society
Brooks, Scott S
Ketterer, Taylor B
Price, Ryan Michael
Rayworth, Kayla Mae
Enhancing E-Learning at the Polytechnic of NamibiaScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Brecher, Emily G
Sauer, Nathaniel G
Smith, Sarah R
Wolf, Carson J
Enhancing Emergency ResponseSocial and Human Services
Cai, Chuqi
Hunt, Thomas H
Enhancing NOFA/Mass' Social Media Outreach CapabilitiesTechnology and Environment
Biener, Jennifer Rose
Japutra, Chietara Dionita
Morales, Michael A
Enhancing Plastic Recycling from Danish HouseholdsTechnology and Environment
Apel, Wolfgang
Barschdorf, Brendan
Bradway, Dustin William
Duplin, Matthew
Enhancing Public Waterfront Accessibility in Downtown BostonUrban and Environmental Planning
Conway, Matthew
Levandowsky, Pamela
Rockett, Laura A
Simpson, Maxwell T
Enhancing Rip Current/ Beach Safety Awareness Among TeenagersSafety Analysis and Liability
Claretti, Ennio
Everett, Joseph Anthony
Leone, Benjamin Joseph
Matthiopoulos, Nikolaos
O'Connor, Christopher Thomas
Saccoccio, Max Anthony
Yeroshalmi, Michael David
Enhancing Science Laboratories with TechnologyEducation in a Technological Society
Dufresne, Elizabeth Anne
King, Louisa Sue
Richardson, Kyle A
Enhancing the Capacity in the Transport Sector of NamibiaEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Chelius, Cynthia Louise
Gee, Nathaniel J
Koloski, Tyler James
Wallace, Peter Malcolm
Enhancing the Effectiveness of the Santa Fe Bus SystemUrban and Environmental Planning
Bridge, Joanna Leigh
Brown, Brenden
Robichaud, Kyle Joseph
Thistle, Benjamin A
Enhancing Understanding of Utility Services: Improving Communication between the residents of Katutura and the City of WindhoekEnergy and Resources
Chiang, Lee Tang
Clark, Lillian M
Pizzimenti, Janine
Enhancing Visitor Experience at the Owela Display Centre through Interactive MediaHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Checca, Michael
Norman, Stephen Christopher
Reynolds, Tyler K
Snodgrass, Erik Michael
Ensuring that U.S. Engineers Remain Globally CompetitiveScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Czarnowski, Jacob Bernard
Sampson, Shane Connor
Sandgren, Hayley R
Weyburne, Ian Stevens
Environmental and Fire Protection in Marinas and PortsTechnology and Environment
Bova, Nicholas J
Goodwin, Justin K
Marrs, Zachariah James
Oliva, Andrew A
Environmental and Social Issues Concerned with Hybrid CarsTechnology and Environment
Bhuptani, Parth
Strauss, Joshua A
Vaillancourt, April L
Environmental Assessment of Chemical IncidentsUrban and Environmental Planning
Bender, Paul Ryan
Coughlan, Brooke E
Nawn, Corinne D
White, Charles Wellington
Environmental Certification in Costa Rica: Developing a Tool to Guide SMEs’ DecisionsTechnology and Environment
Brodeur, Patrick
Lanza, Renee A
Morris, Elizabeth L
Osowski, Edward Charles
Environmental Compliance: Acquisition, Storage, and Analysis of Waste Oil DataTechnology and Environment
Harrington, Kevin John
Loughlin, Timothy James
Mancuso, Bryan Thomas
Environmental Control for Persons with DisabilitiesHealth Care and Technology
Chen, Zhen
Lamb, Alexander M
Liu, Chang
Luo, Lan
Environmental Guidelines for NanotechnologyTechnology and Environment
Graff, Edward
Ross, Kathleen M
Worrest, Alan
Environmental Health and Safety at WPITechnology and Environment
Bowen, Michael P
Hodge, Kathleen Florence
Ilacqua, David Christopher
McDonough, Margaret Claire
Environmental Injustice in Five Worcester CommunitiesUrban and Environmental Planning
Louzao, Gabriel
Oliveira, Thales Rodrigues
Rich, Oliver S
Environmental Issues and Solutions in the Boston Metropolitan AreaTechnology and Environment
Silva, Isaac NEnvironmental Justice and EPA’s 2 year Draft PlanEnergy and Resources
Bannish, Catherine Anne
Fidanza, Alyssa Marie
Peterson, Nathaniel James
Sullivan, Daniel M
Environmentally Friendly Roofing Materials in Chiang MaiUrban and Environmental Planning
Ali Soofi, Mohammad Shahbaz
Donovan, Caitlin M
Meinck, Tara Brittany
Thayer, Sarah Elizabeth
Envisioning a Black River Pathway: Creating a Heritage Destination through Social DevelopmentUrban and Environmental Planning
Breton, Jared Patrick
Buxton, Tanner Bettke
Shumaker, Lucia R
Envisioning a Traffic Solution for CopehagenUrban and Environmental Planning
Brandmaier, Chris G
Corado, Jeffrey
Heindl, Caitlin Elizabeth
Monteith, Robert Lothar
Envisioning the Future Development of Oude Molen Eco VillageUrban and Environmental Planning
Coffey, Daniel Patrick
Collins, Hayden J
Rayo, Andres Pedraza
Sitthivantha, Alexander T
Eradicating Poverty Through EducationSocial and Human Services
Labbe, Nicole J
McBride, Nicholas S
Ray, Ethan Malcolm
Erosion and Flood Control in the Informal Settlements of Windhoek, NamibiaUrban and Environmental Planning
Gray, Marissa L
Keating, Jennifer Elizabeth
Moody, Jocelyn Ok
Swan, Daniel
Erosion Control in Otjomuise, NamibiaEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Wang, Yan Establishing a Student Flea Market at WPISocial Studies of Science and Technology
Albrecht, Sarah
Petrin, Benjamin
Establishing a Sustainable Vision for HealthcareEnergy and Resources
Chipman, Joseph Daly
Chung, Christopher R
Fanara, Steven Z
ESTABLISHING A VIDEO GAME STUDY AREAHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Cavanaugh, Emily
Hester, Margaret Riley
Lautman, Jacob A
Lauzon, Caulin E
Establishing an Educational and Entertaining Library at Elm Park ElementarySocial Studies of Science and Technology
Babeu, Amy Monique
Cabral, Katelyn Ashley
Hartmann, Johanna Leigh
Poti, Kristin Elizabeth
Establishing Socioeconomic Baselines of Sustainable Fishing Communities: A Study of the Fishermen of Palito and MonteroEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Dunn, Christopher Granaudo
Peters, Jeffrey D
Phillips, Alberto S
Spencer, Dale L
Establishing TDR Credit Representation in the Karst Regions of Puerto RicoUrban and Environmental Planning
Allen, Caroline Elizabeth
Obaldia, Mariana De
Smolko, Nicole Anne
Wisheart, Danielle Catherine
Establishing the Sustainability of Banksia Gardens Community Centre’s Science Education ProgramEducation in a Technological Society
Heckley, Colleen Elise
Mues, Lisa
Reis, Andrea L
Taylor, Hailey J
Estimating Floodplain Populations and Assessing Flood Risk and Flood Mitigation in Puerto RicoUrban and Environmental Planning
Antonellis, Danielle Grace
VerLee, Nathaniel Louis
Estimation of the Aftercare Period of Danish LandfillsEnergy and Resources
Robertson, Heidi P
Sandbrook, John Andrew
Sheehan, Chelsea C
Evaluating 'Business Opportunities with Solar Energy in Un-electrified Areas' in NamibiaEnergy and Resources
Corner, Samuel JEvaluating 'The Pakistan Connection'Social Studies of Science and Technology
Gorges, Jeffrey Joseph
Rili, Danica
Shaw, Brian
Evaluating Accessible Pedestrian Signals for Visually Impaired Persons in CopenhagenSocial and Human Services
Trost, Jeffrey EvanEvaluating and Improving an Academic Advising WebsiteEducation in a Technological Society
Giacobbe, Lauren
Hullihen, Daniel P
Killeen, Maura
Evaluating ASM Materials Camp New EnglandEducation in a Technological Society
Hunt, Lauren Audrey
Sample, Christopher M
Sullivan, Kathleen M
Evaluating Coastal Erosion StructuresUrban and Environmental Planning
Cromartie, Josephine Burns
Gaffey, Brian Edward
Seaboldt, Mariah Rose
Evaluating Communication Technologies for the Deaf and Hard of HearingSocial and Human Services
Dunn, Sarah E
Meyerhoff, Samantha L
Morgan, Christine Mary
Perry, Evan Joseph
Evaluating Educational Delivery Models at Zoos VictoriaEducation in a Technological Society
Benoit, Cesar Augusto
Blanchard, Zachary Charles
Rutfield, Alex Michael
Williamson, George Hutcheson
Evaluating Effectiveness of the Signage and Other Markings for Guidance and Warning Placed by OCNSafety Analysis and Liability
Kamara, Jennifer Victoria
Mattessich, Sarah Phyllis
Nassiff, Nell Elizabeth
Rosen, Jeffrey Scott
Evaluating Feasibility of APELL in Santo Domingo, Costa RicaTechnology and Environment
Ofokansi, Obiora C
Perera, Brigitte
Swalec, Caitlin M
Zitoli, Alexander J
Evaluating Hill Tribe Forest Management: A Case Study of Amphoe Galyani VadhanaTechnology and Environment
Jannetti, Nathaniel Austin
Scarborough, Aubrey M
Smith, Paul L
Tuite, Elizabeth Mary
Evaluating Hong Kong's WaterfrontEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Guilfoyle, Matthew J
Joback, Kimberly Gina
Morgan, Ashley Taylor
Stedman, Justin
Evaluating Learning Team-led on-gallery Experiences at London Transport MuseumEducation in a Technological Society
Hunt, Kristen
Potter, Emily S
Vu, Huyen B
Waldo, James
Evaluating LED Street LightingEnergy and Resources
Thackeray, Thomas CarlyleEvaluating Occupant Load Factors for Business OperationsSafety Analysis and Liability
Muha, Tudor Evaluating Occupant Load Factors for Business OperationsSafety Analysis and Liability
Cocks, Rebekah Anne
Corrigan, Margaret Anne
Larue, Aleksandra Rose
Evaluating Private Roads on NantucketUrban and Environmental Planning
Diaz, Eddie D
Hinton, Melissa K
Stevenson, Mark H
Evaluating Research From the Technology for a Sustainable Environment Grant ProgramTechnology and Environment
Cowan, Melissa Lynn
Karbassi, David Ali
Mallers, John Curtis
Evaluating Royal ConnectionsSocial and Human Services
Chaoui, Mark Alain
Desilva, Thomas Ryan
Johnston, Lydia Jean
Wall-Epstein, Cody B
Evaluating Simulators in FIRST Robotics CompetitionSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Burns, Michael Joseph
Bussett, Ryan Thomas
Diamond, Stephen Joseph
Fernandez, Eduardo Ignacio
Evaluating Solar PV for Croydon Council's Social HousingEnergy and Resources
Chan, Joshua K
Dubois, Samantha N
Fahey, Rachael Margaret
Josephs, Sadie Saludes
Evaluating Student Housing in LondonUrban and Environmental Planning
LaBruna, Ivan
Marcks, Elizabeth Anne
McGuinness, Richard William
Starowicz, Steven
Evaluating Sub-Degree Programs at Caritas Francis Hsu CollegeEducation in a Technological Society
Barney, Casey David
Caravella, Anthony John
Cullen, Michael William
Jackson, Gary Lee
Evaluating Talent Acquisition in the NFLTechnology and Environment
Deschene, Natasha
Kuhns, Maxwell Alan
Morehouse, Daniel M
Shin, Stephen H
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Hands-On-History at Her Majesty's Tower of LondonEducation in a Technological Society
Carr, Matthew
Daisley, Ashley
Fischer, Sarah Anne
Evaluating the Effectiveness of the ARRS SystemEducation in a Technological Society
Dangelo, Lauren Marie
Dellasanta, Brittany L
Patel, Nisha Naresh
Evaluating the Effects of Camp Reach on the Middle School TeachersEducation in a Technological Society
Holmes, Jessica Kristin
Keene, Codie R
Lee, Stephen Andrew
Wilkinson, Mitchel Gordon
Evaluating the Feasibility of a Historic Ship ExhibitionTechnology and Environment
Ishak, Alec Andrew
Logan, Theresa Jean
Magnano, David Dwyer
Race, Melinda G
Evaluating the Happy Museum Project at the London Transport MuseumSocial and Human Services
Cote, Sarah Ann
Durand, Olivia Nicole
Laroche, Erin May
Warden, Rachel Marie
Evaluating the Interactions between Wellington Residents and the Threatened Kaka ParrotTechnology and Environment
Hegarty, Elizabeth Anne
Hitchcock, Julie L
LaFleche, Samuel Henry
Warner, Matthew T
Evaluating the London Science Museum’s Activity Boxes at UK STEM ClubsEducation in a Technological Society
Cacciatore, Peter Dominic
Franceschelli, Stephen
Hess, Kyle
McCannell, Kurtis
Evaluating the Physical Environments of Early Childhood Education Facilities in WorcesterEducation in a Technological Society
Childs, Andrew J
Gendreau, Zachary Thomas
Graff McCallum, Hannah Leigh
Evaluating the Possible Involvement of the Danish Consumer Council in Smart Grid DevelopmentTechnology and Environment
Craig, Maura K
Ellis, Corinna
Vilders, Arie
Evaluating the Professional Development Materials Provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics for the CensusAtSchool ProgramEducation in a Technological Society
Diaz, Kyle J
Li, Jeffrey
Robinson, Jeffrey Russell
Evaluating the Public Perception of Trees: How Do Residents in the Greendale and Burncoat Neighborhoods of Worcester, Massachusetts Value Trees in Their Neighborhoods.Urban and Environmental Planning
Burkart, Heather A
Carpenter, Laurie
Keenan, Nicole Amanda
Nogarotto, Vicente F
Evaluating the Regulation of Alerting Systems to Facilitate the Evacuation of the Deaf in AustraliaSafety Analysis and Liability
Brown, Elizabeth Sarah
Kalbacher, Kelly Wales
Weaver, Sean Michael
Evaluating the visitor experience at Hall Place in Bexley, LondonEducation in a Technological Society
Caruso, William Robinson
Mossa, Ashley
Sorenson, Danielle N
Evaluating Urban Alternative Energy Technologies for the Borough of MertonEnergy and Resources
Corini, Alyssa Caitlin
Liu, Zeng
Moore, William Christopher
Osborn, Scott David
Evaluating Visitor Experience in the Citi Money Gallery at the British MuseumEducation in a Technological Society
Clinckemaillie, Frederik E
Lybarger, Andrew Ross
Peterson, Dana Alexandra
Evaluating Visitor Experience in the Department of Coins and MedalsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Herrera, Rocio Cristina
Lurier, Emily Beth
O'Regan, Michael
Rieger, Kelsey Morgan
Evaluating Work Readiness Programs in MertonSocial and Human Services
Andrade, Jose Manuel
Bowe, Kathleen S
Thomas, Patrick Edward
Vannasse, Aubrie Rose
Evaluating Zoo Learning ModelsEducation in a Technological Society
Perkins, Katelyn R
Vincent, Alyssa Leigh
White, Felicia Nicole
Evaluation and Solid Waste Management Plan for el Cuerpo de BomberosTechnology and Environment
Chou, Sharon
Rockwell, Justin A
Vanis, Craig
Vargas, Natasha A
Ahn, Jonathan Y
Alfonzo, Helena C
Scoville, Bradley Armand
Evaluation of Environmental Audits and Insulation Case StudiesEnergy and Resources
Andrews, Alexander Singer
Farrell, Adrian A
Preve, Jordan
Evaluation of Fog Security DevicesScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Bebrin, Nicole
Carvalho, Paulo
Hemond, Meghan
Kesari, Anurag
Evaluation of Green Spaces in the London Borough of LewishamUrban and Environmental Planning
Anderson, Arlina Ariel
Cheung, Alan Yu-Loon
Lei, Melinda Wah
Evaluation of Hong Kong’s Indoor Air Quality Management Programme: Certification Scheme, Objectives, and TechnologyTechnology and Environment
Chen, Fuchen
Culp, Zachary L
Root, Benjamin S
Evaluation of IAQ Perception of Shopping Malls in Hong KongUrban and Environmental Planning
Andres, Michael P
Carroll, Courtney Elizabeth
Hopkinson, Ariane Elizabeth
Evaluation of Nantucket's Mass Save Home Energy Assessment ProgramEnergy and Resources
Kukla, Jarad Thomas
Proia, William T
Evaluation of Patent Examination Pilot ProgramsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Aquise-Calizaya, Brishell J
Lerma, Elia
Teixeira, Jean-Luc
VanAtta, Mariel Elizabeth
Evaluation of Solid Waste Management in Cartago Costa RicaUrban and Environmental Planning
Connelly, Eric Michael
Dahlberg, Daniel Patrick
Morrow, Elyssa Rose
Evaluation of the Australian Bureau of Statistics' Education Services WebsiteEducation in a Technological Society
Buonomano, Thomas
LeBlanc, Ronelle R
McAvoy, Kayla M
Scarborough, John Andrew
Evaluation of the Community Clean Energy Resiliency Initiative Application ProcessEnergy and Resources
Cotter, John J
Hu, Victor W
Miranda, Alejandro
Reinertsen, Hannah B
Evaluation of the Feasibility of Establishing a Waste Collection Facility to Serve the Community of CanteraUrban and Environmental Planning
Fu, Ningxin
Janeczek, Craig David
Kimball, John Henry
Spetka, Kaitlyn E
Evaluation of the Impact of Engineering Education Research Grants Using Software Tools: A FoundationEducation in a Technological Society
Loiselle, James Thomas
Lynch, Michael P
Sherrerd, Michael R
Evaluation of the Peer-to-Patent Pilot ProgramLaw and Technology
Horvath, Nathan Rosendo
Mejia, Adrian L
Evaluation of WRTA Service to Worcester CollegesUrban and Environmental Planning
Cahill, Christopher James
Jung, Bryan Richard
Kamat, Omesh K
Schuler, Miles R
Evolution of Materials in Arms and Armors: Medieval Era Battle AxeHumanistic Studies of Technology
Chunis, Peter M
Ortiz, Erika Regina
Rawson, Briana B
Smith-Horn, Lucas A
Examining Parents’ Responses to CSIRO’s Holiday Science ActivitiesEducation in a Technological Society
Kuhn, Melissa
Paulino, Madison R
Exit Strategy Analysis to Add Value to Hessler’s Neural NetworkEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Gilligan, Nicholas JamesExit Strategy Analysis with CAN SLIM StocksEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Burns, Sarah Grace
Cox, Justin
Exotic Species ManagementScience and Technology: Policy and Management
George, Nathan D
Haley, Danielle N
Myers, Mollie R
Ullery, Heather R
Expanding Health, Education, and Wellbeing Services and Analyzing the Effects of Social Complexities on WaSH-UPSocial and Human Services
Antoinette Yee, Nicolette Kereen
Johnson, Zachary Leonard
Lee, Hyungseok
Zheng, Zhaoyu
Expanding Stormwater Solutions: An Inventory of Projects Reducing Polluted Runoff in MassachusettsEnergy and Resources
Ceccarini, Christopher MExpanding the Human Bandwidth Through Subvocalization and Other MethodsHumanistic Studies of Technology
Kocsis, Cheryl J
Tiu, Michael Anonuevo
Expanding WPI's Recycling Program to Include Bottle and Can Collection: Feasibility StudyEnergy and Resources
Carey, Elizabeth Kelly
Jaimes, Rafael
Song, Francis S.
Woods, Meghan Elise
Expansion of the Rio Prieto Water Distribution SystemTechnology and Environment
Egan, Michael Joseph
Kreso, John M
Expediting Factors in Developing a Successful Space ColonyHumanistic Studies of Technology
Madden, Alexander Thoms
Pitts, Jasmine Chelsea
Roffo, Gina Anne
Stevens, Bridget L
Exploring and Implementing Agricultural Opportunities in Monwabisi Park, South AfricaUrban and Environmental Planning
Gonzalez, Daniel
Hedlund, Russell Hagan
Khayami, Meena Lai-Mei
Paulson, Elizabeth Karen
Exploring Efficient Irrigation Methods for the Pueblo of Santa AnaTechnology and Environment
Bryan, Christian James
Faulkner, Adam
Vasallo, Allison K
Wilson, Andrew R
Exploring Ethical Issues in Animal ExperimentationHumanistic Studies of Technology
Dhesikan, Ajay Exploring Internet Marketing: A Whole New World of OpportunityScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Savoy, Giancarlo
Venkatesh, Anjali
Walker, Lillian Grace
Wolfang, Eli
Exploring New Methods in Understanding Visitor Experience: Evaluations of the Citi Money Gallery at the British MuseumEducation in a Technological Society
Culver, Wesley Paul
Ellison, Andrew D
Ochs, Michael T
Schott, Christopher M
Exploring Potential Opportunities for the Fire Equipment Maintenance ProgramSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Bagge, Ryan Patrick
E Amend, Mei Lee
Leiro, Andres Francisco
Ward, Jason Gilbert
Exploring the Factors Influencing Organic Waste Sorting in DenmarkUrban and Environmental Planning
Avila, Corrie Elizabeth
DeZulueta, Elizabeth Marie
Mukhanov, Sofia
Sokk, Maarja-Liisa
Exploring the History of Venice: Relics, Records, and RelationsHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Ali, Alsan
Barrie, Nolan Farrall
Dodd, Jason
Exploring the Impact of School Nurses on K-12 System PerformanceScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Bredes, Megan Helene
Kurtzman, Lily Nicole
Zayas, Michelle Joann
Exploring the Success of Low Power FM Radio Broadcasting within Native American CommunitiesEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Kloc, Jillian Jade
Rogan, Benjamin J
Syriopoulos, John Paul
Exploring the Utility of Web-based Ski and Snowboard Injury StudiesTechnology and Environment
Xu, Yichao Expoalum.com – the Entrepreneurial Initiative for Shanghai World Expo 2010 PresentersSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Fischer, Laura F
Moloney, Lauren M
Simoneau, Catherine Morgan
External Growth Opportunities for Children's Programming at Thai PBSSocial and Human Services
Oyola, Adrian
Unsal, Cem M
Vi, Tam Minh
Eye Tracking of Text and Diagrams during the Interpretation of Economic TrendsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Brigham, Michael Justin
Levin, Eric Neal
Eyetracking and prompts for improved learningEducation in a Technological Society
Bickar, Keilin Joseph
Carey, Shawn P
Lambusta, Christopher M
Facilitating Communication and Interactivity for a Sustainability Initiative at WPIEnergy and Resources
Spangenberger, Anthony G
Win, Tin Myo
Facilitating Mathematics Education Through Automatic Reassessment and RetestingEducation in a Technological Society
Andresen, Eric Rice
Daniel, Joanne Catherine
Thompson, James E
Facilitating Multidimensional Analysis of the Merton Partnership's Local Intelligence DataSocial and Human Services
Hall, Erika S.
Lizewski, Ryan
McCoskrie, Elizabeth Amy
Facilitating Social Interaction between Visually Impaired and Sighted Children through Toys and GamesSocial and Human Services
Ma, Quanquan
Selvo, Nathaniel A
Tang, Christine Kha
Yang, Ziqing
Facilitating WeBWorK Problem AuthoringEducation in a Technological Society
Canniff, Andrew
Kim, Jin Kyung
Thang, Cing Lun
Factors Affecting the Transition from Prescriptive to Performance- Fire Codes in Korea, Poland and BrazilSafety Analysis and Liability
Francisco, Jeremy Paul
Imperiali, Marissa Ann
Factors Influencing Fire Safety in BrazilSafety Analysis and Liability
Abell, Sarah
Correia, Kathleen E
Fayyaz, Rida
Salerno, Paige E
Fawkner Community House: Solutions to Decrease the Amount of Food Insecurity in Fawkner, Victoria, AustraliaSocial and Human Services
Castro, James LFear the Robots! A Study on the Perceived Future of Robotics in Modern SocietySocial Studies of Science and Technology
Conwell, Thomas Patrick
Sharood, Timothy John
Vander Els, Nathanael Hazely
Fear the Robots!: A study of the Percieved future of Robotics in Modern SocietySocial Studies of Science and Technology
Ren, Peng
Zhao, Tianci
Feasibility Analysis on Electric Energy Saving MethodsTechnology and Environment
Sirohiwala, Alihusain Yusuf
Tandon, Ananya
Vysetty, Raj Sidharth
Feasibility and Economic Aspects of VactrainsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Dunkers, Christopher Matthew
Gillespie, Brianna Helen
Humphrey, Alan Peter
Nguyen, Diana Dai
Feasibility of a Map of Wellington’s Innovation EcosystemEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Andre, Anthony Stephen
Bolton, Connor Whittier
Grasis, Zachary Michael
Turner, Christopher William
Feasibility of a Microturbine on Worcester Polytechnic's CampusEnergy and Resources
Beliveau, Andrew M
Hesler, Mary Patricia
Jaskolka, Stephen Michael
Sigety, Katharine Colyer
Feasibility of a Smart Grid on NantucketEnergy and Resources
Duca, Zachary A
Lopriore, Dominic P
Roux, Nathan P
Feasibility of a WPI Project Center in Bar Harbor, MaineHumanistic Studies of Technology
Callaghan, Sean Patrick
Goddard, John M
Mendes, Charles Antonio
Feasibility of Converting New York State’s Energy Production to Wind, Water and SunlightEnergy and Resources
Green, Alford C
Holak, Richard Anthony
Paladino, Matthew David
Wallace, Ryan M
Feasibility of Green Roofs in the Main South Community of Worcester, MassachusettsTechnology and Environment
Benigno, John Paul
Gebrian, Eric M
Reidy, Kevin Michael
Seabrook, Michael J
Feasibility of Implementing a PR-181 Busway in the Trujillo Alto AreaUrban and Environmental Planning
Meyer, Jeffery Feasibility Of Installing Batteries At Consumer End For Peak ShavingSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Christiner, Mario P
Dobbins, Ryan Joseph
Ndegwa, Arnold M
Sivak, John Joseph
Feasibility of Rooftop Wind Turbines in BostonEnergy and Resources
Liu, Yilan
Yang, Yang
Feasibility of Using Online Fundraising Tools for Funding College Students Music TourHumanistic Studies of Technology
Asenso, Catherine Akosua
Czekaj, Ewelina A
Pierre, David
Feasibility of Water Distribution using a Bamboo Piping System in Matenwa, HaitiEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Less, Joshua J
Madamba, Steven Lee
Vanacore, Mark F
Walsh, Lauren Marie
Feasibility Study for Recreational Access at Rattlesnake Gutter in Leverett, MATechnology and Environment
Hall, Joshua D
Li, Yajie
Smith, Allyson B
Wong, Iok T
Feasibility Study of Electric Bicycle Sharing in the Xiasha District of Hangzhou, ChinaUrban and Environmental Planning
Balasubramanian, Pragathi
Jovanovic, Branislav
Kirk, James Faulkner
Feasibility Study of the Arenal Volcano Wind ProjectEnergy and Resources
Walker, Jeffrey Feasibility Study: Ice Rink SWOT AnalysisEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Blackwell-Tompkins, Michael Lewis
Danley, Steven
Egan, Christopher R
Saffron, Jacob H
Silsby, Derek James
Feeding The World: The Impact of Theo Brown and John DeereSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Alshuqaiq, Mohammad Abdullah
McElroy, Breanna E
Field Observation of Student Behavior in ASSISTmentsEducation in a Technological Society
Eufemia, David M
Li, Xia
Parker, William Laurence
Phyu, Hnin Pwint
Finding Optimal YouTube Buffer Size for Mobile Devices on a Campus NetworkSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Ranellone, Raymond Fire Extinguisher in Academic SettingsScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Brady, Scott Edward
Dennis, Chrystian D
FIRE EXTINGUISHER IQPSafety Analysis and Liability
Brown, Jared
Duderewicz, Evan T
Ferland, Benjamin T
Fire Protection of Historic StreetscapesSafety Analysis and Liability
Joyce, Sean Patrick
Miller, Lyle Judson
Wamakima, Diana G
Fire Safety in Green BuildingsSafety Analysis and Liability
Mao, Yurong
Volfson, Alexander
Zhao, Shengshi
First Intelligent Online Tutorial System in WPI: Methods of Tutoring in College Statistics with the ASSISTment SystemEducation in a Technological Society
Dutra, Arthur Philip
Murphy, Ciaran N
Nehring, Andrew I
O'Rourke, Jeffrey Eugene
FIRST VIRTUAL CHALLENGEEducation in a Technological Society
Bora, Burcu
Moreno, Amanda Rose
Weiland, Eric Bernard
FirstBank: The Enhancement of a Corporate Environmental ProgramEnergy and Resources
Boudreau, Patrick Lenti
Gendin, Daniel Igor
Macaluso, Jeremy V
Melville, Ryan James
Nguyen Duc, Long Hoang
Wen, Xiaosong
Witt, Alexander
Flipping The Classroom in CS 1101Education in a Technological Society
Catanese, Christopher D
Chou, Danice Yequay
Lagrant, Bethany J
Pinkham, Rudy E
Floating Around Venice: Developing Mobility Management ToolUrban and Environmental Planning
Paisarnsrisomsuk, Sarun
Thongsawas, Peerapas
Wiratchotisatian, Pitchaya
Flood damage in Bangkok: disaster an opportunity for creative destructionEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Anglin, Nesa-Maria Ashley
Hassan, Anthony Joseph
Ruddy, Shane Matthew
Flood Prevention and Daylighting of LadegårdsåenTechnology and Environment
Mora, Miguel Angel
Tao, Weijia
Travison, Cheryl A
Turnbull, Daniel Martin
Food and Beverage on the Victoria Harbour WaterfrontUrban and Environmental Planning
Dellechiaie, Dean
Ng, Jonathan
Rimchala, Chris
Food Eating, Entertainment and Distribution KitchenSocial and Human Services
Chou, Tony
Dandekar, Neal Rajan
Milligan, Katherine Elizabeth
Turgeon, Scott Joseph
Food Sustainability at Worcester Polytechnic InstituteTechnology and Environment
Buenrostro, Edgar Jeronimo
Mateo, Alberto Andres
Ramirez, Adrian
FOREX Investment and TradingEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Dennen, Richard Michael
DiChiara, Joseph William
Win, Kaung Myat
Forex Trading and InvestmentEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Baiden, Jonathan
Franco, Sebastian
Nesbitt, Craig Allen
Qirici, Mariela
FOREX Trading and InvestmentEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Alibozek, Austin
Guarino, Michael
Poon, Michael Raymond
Forex Trading System DevelopmentEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Pazniokas, John StephenForging Techniques in Ancient CulturesHumanistic Studies of Technology
Cerio, Alessandra Maria
Chau, Victor
Dubois, Lewis W
Harrison, Abby W
Fostering International Collaboration between WPI and HDU through Mixed IQPsEducation in a Technological Society
Islam, Md. Monirul
MacNeill, Kelly Swan
Schlesinger, Joseph M
Founding a HackerspaceSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Hyde, Michael C.
Seymour, Sean William
Tennant, Daniel Wayne
Truong, Minh Hung
Four Tourists and Hong Kong's Harbour Front: A Survey of the Waterfront of Victoria HarbourUrban and Environmental Planning
Lacarra, Elizabeth D
Scott, Alfred William
Zayac, Mark Andrew
Zhong, Xinyue
Four Tourists Discovering Hong Kong’s Harbourfront: A Reevaluation of the Waterfront of Victoria HarbourUrban and Environmental Planning
Anina, Elior
Ferguson, Kady M
Helderman, Alex M
Wang, Raymond
Framework to Develop a North Atlantic Right Whale Video GameEducation in a Technological Society
Henning, Alexander David
McLeod, Brendan Kyle
Silberberg, Fredric Benjamin
FRC Control System Usability AnalysisEducation in a Technological Society
Cantalupo, Ryan Orlando
Crowe, Ian J
Kent, Sonja J
Free Wheels: An Assessment of Bicycle Theft in DenmarkUrban and Environmental Planning
Gibler, Paul AFriendly House Web SiteSocial and Human Services
Streb, Dylan PFriendly House Web Site TrainingScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Ray, Elizabeth Laura
Renault, Kristin E
Roache, Meghan
Fritz Haber: The Protean ManHumanistic Studies of Technology
Donnan, Beau AlexanderFrom Ambivalence to Excitement and Concern: A Longitudinal Study of the Perceived Future of RoboticsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Bao, Ying
Beaulieu, Erin Elizabeth
Cirka, Hillary Allison
Raposo, Joshua Austin
From Poverty to Prosperity - Applying Commercial Techniques to Subsistence Fishing Communities in Costa RicaEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Alves, William Farrell
Conoby, Kathryn Alaina
Duffty, Catherine Nyssa
Snell, Jared Richard
Fuel Policy Impacts on the Community: Pollards Hills and East MitchamEnergy and Resources
Agudelo Ortiz, Victor Alfonso
Beaulac, Devan
Sunde-Brown, Alexander
Uygur, Arman
Functional Redesign of the WPI Project WebsiteEducation in a Technological Society
Bond, John JosephFund Raising MethodsSocial and Human Services
Marquez, Jenny Alejandra
McWilliam, Emily Gillian
Rios, William Manuel
Ward, Kandace Meagan
Zhao, Lu
Fundraising for Homeless Women and ChildrenSocial and Human Services
Haney, Alexzandria CFundraising for the HomelessHumanistic Studies of Technology
Calvao, Dominick Joseph
Macedonio, Jeniece Breanne
Rogers, Cynthia Elizabeth
Vincent, Kiara Nicole
Fundraising Operations for the African Community Education ProgramSocial and Human Services
Kalish, Amanda J
Prunera, Jeff
Future Engineers in Worcester Public SchoolsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Cretella, Michael A
Kaanta, Bryan R
Pope, Jenelle
Future Generations of Solar EnergyEnergy and Resources
Seo, Bo Rim Future of Space TravelEnergy and Resources
Forte, Peter A
Frye, Justin C
Gove, Brendan C
Jenkins, Thomas E
Future of TransportationTechnology and Environment
Frasier, Matthew CliffordFuture Scientists and Engineers Club at South HighEducation in a Technological Society
Doherty, Jessica Lynn
Stanney, William Joseph
Future Scientists and Engineers Club at Tech HighEducation in a Technological Society
DeLuca, Eric A
Fradella, Charlie L
Future Scientists and Engineers Club of Burncoat High SchoolEducation in a Technological Society
Cross, Michael T
Dittami, Julian Paul
Pappas, Lee M
Gaining AccessSafety Analysis and Liability
Gaxho, Donald
Skene, William T
Skorinko, Nadia Marie
White, Kimberly Jean
Gallery Evaluations at the British MuseumSocial and Human Services
Chen, Sonya J
Meng, Huan
Flynn, John Patrick
Pearsall, John K
Pettiglio, Michael Anthony
Wu, Yiming
Game Design Curriculum for TeensEducation in a Technological Society
Barth, Derrick R
Lindstrom, Andrew John
Prouty, Eric E
Walston, Eric C
Game Industry ResearchSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Glajch, Scott J
Shea, Aaron B
Tyrrell, James Wilson
Game Tutorial AnalysisSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Benjamin, Aaron Baruch
Foy, John Cato
Konowitch, Jacob E
Mauprivez, Xavier Jacques
Game-Like ElementsEducation in a Technological Society
Doyle, Robert
Feng, Yu
Poirier, William
Thinzar, Phyo
Game-Like Elements: Exploring the Use of Narrative in Mathematics EducationEducation in a Technological Society
Au, Guenyin Justin
Rambeau, Gayle L
Games and HistoryHumanistic Studies of Technology
Chokchaisiripakdee, Amorn
Khachonkitkosol, Latthapol
Sujumnong, Nuttaworn
Games for Health: Guidelines for Appealing ExergamesHealth Care and Technology
Bernardo, Shea Michael
Corey, Jayson Alexander
Sitar, Nicholas Michael
GamificationHumanistic Studies of Technology
Barrera, Gimo
Bu, Linjun
Frodell, Daniel J
Ogren, Colin Lowell
Saunders, Jonathan W
Stockinger, William August
Thai, Vincent Hieu
Trifonov, Angel Genchev
Gaming for SustainabilityTechnology and Environment
Belmontes, Ricardo Adrian
Fontaine, Samantha J
Genato, Ryan James
Gaming in Middle SchoolsEducation in a Technological Society
Andraka, Andrew Mark
Brown, Jake Aaron
Collins, Ashleigh Colleen
Gas or Electricity: An Evaluation of Electricity and Natural Gas as a Residential Energy SourceEnergy and Resources
Campbell, Ian A
Ciolek, Paul
Miller, Zachary Charles
Gathering Teacher Feedback to Improve Informal EducationEducation in a Technological Society
Jajosky, Audrey NGE-NBC TV's Humor in Healthcare InitiativeHealth Care and Technology
Chase, Michael R
Goodsell, Kyle
Hoyt, Michael Walter
General Review of Water Quality in MassachusettsUrban and Environmental Planning
Farvardin, Amirhossein
Forehand, Elizabeth
Geocaching MotivationsHumanistic Studies of Technology
Cucinotta, Thomas Joseph
Devenger, Aarik James
Thornton, Lane M
Vecchiarelli, David J
Geographic Information Systems as a tool for Floodplain Management and Risk AssessmentUrban and Environmental Planning
Brown, Jake
Maziarz, Anna M
Mercer, Brian Cameron
Geothermal Energy: A Feasibility Study on the Application of Ground Source Heat PumpsEnergy and Resources
Cohen, Jillian R
Mondor, Chad Hinden
Trabucco, Sally E
Getting a Feel for Science: Adapting Existing Non-Formal Education Techniques to Conform to Universal DesignEducation in a Technological Society
Rock, Alexander Edward
Ruffa, Elizabeth Carmela
Gilbert and Sullivan at Worcester Polytechnic Institute: A Victorian Stage and Orchestra Pit for Alden HallHumanistic Studies of Technology
Marvin, Kent TylerGlobal Trends in Outsourcing and their ImpactEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Mellon, Tyrone JGlobal Warming and the American DesertTechnology and Environment
Robertie, Calvin KGlobal Warming's Effect on Animal Species in Colorado River Basin Alpine TundraTechnology and Environment
Brown, William ErnestGlobal Warming's Effects on the Great Basin with a Case Study on Rye Patch Dam and ReservoirTechnology and Environment
Noble, Christopher W
Wallace, Rachel Carissa
Goat’s Head Pub Marketing PlanSocial and Human Services
Bryand, Daniel L
Kadilak, Andrea L
Pani, Sandro Russell
Good Management Practices for Shrimp Farming in Costa RicaTechnology and Environment
Beland, Danielle Kristen
Buckley, Jonathan H
Miggins, Laura M
Warren, Allyson L
Good Practices for the Cultivation of Trout in Costa RicaTechnology and Environment
Coverstone, Troy R
Cronin, Christine I
Kniazeva, Sofia
GPS Technology to Aid the Blind and Partially Sighted in Copenhagen, DenmarkHumanistic Studies of Technology
Desjardin, Amber LynnGrade 5 Space Enhanced Science EducationSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Beal, Taymon AGrade 5 Space Enhanced Science ExplorationEducation in a Technological Society
Bullock, Samantha L
Davis, John Fortier
Kutikov, Artem Boris
LaPierre, Jennifer Lauren
Wack, Alexander Sanford
Grafton State Hospital: Supporting Human and Animal Health CareHealth Care and Technology
Caissie, Brennan J
Franklin, Jared M
Grassoline: A Feasibility StudyTechnology and Environment
Castillo, Mariela Lizet
Permsuk, Tanawit
Pizzini, Eduardo Lago Elyseu
Thomas, Daniel Brian
Valerio, Daniel Christopher
Green Building Designs and Renovations for the Worcester Youth CenterUrban and Environmental Planning
Brooks, Adam J
Le, Manh-Hung Vo
Robie, Brian W
Wambui, Fidelis
Green Building Water Infrastructure Technologies Analysis at EPA NCERUrban and Environmental Planning
Botelho, Joseph Anthony
Lipka, Daniel Michael
Morrissey, John
Radder, Philip Warren
Green Communities ActEnergy and Resources
Henriquez, Jennifer
Silva, Deborah C
Szafarowicz, Joseph James
Green Community Act: Town of CharltonTechnology and Environment
Senenfelder, Natalie MarieGreen Engineering for Steel CleaningTechnology and Environment
Boulanger, Elisabeth Eileen
Ducki, Jeffrey Ronald
Paklin, Karen
Vitorino Prata, Tatiana Maria
Green Job Preparation in Costa RicaEnergy and Resources
Driscoll, Timothy R
Halliday, Amelia Gabrielle
Rastad, Jessica Lynn
Stock, Ryan Patrick
Green Procurement Practices in the London Borough of CroydonTechnology and Environment
Gunderson, Alexandra
Maurer, Jennifer M
Wzorek, Angelica T
Green Public Procurement of Costa Rican Products to the European UnionEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Conte, Michael Haviland
Karcher, Danielle Marie
Mavilia, Sarah Anne
McGonagle, John Robert
Winthrop, Kelly Anne
Green School Design - Puerto RicoTechnology and Environment
Amin, Ryan
Chretien, Justin Michael
Esformes, Taylor S
Gorski, Alexander Christopher
Green Study for Greeks: The Determination of Environmental Sustainability within the Greek Community of WPIEnergy and Resources
Forster, William
Johnston, Stephen
LaJeunesse, Nicholas Peter
Zawada, Angelica Monica
Green Technology Commercialization An Analysis of the EPA’s SBIR ProgramTechnology and Environment
Brown, David John
Perez, Fernando
Shannon, Jaime Scott
GrowthEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Antonopoulos, John Nicholas
Barot, Poonam S
Binny, Monolina Habib
Hamdan, Ehab H
Delacruz, Enrique
Potter, Michael Anthony
Rubino, Joseph R
Habitat for Humanity MetroWest/ Greater Worcester ReStoreSocial and Human Services
Dang, Tri QHands-On Museum ExhibitSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Doody, Christopher Brian
Kim, Daniel J
Lee, Alex L.
Sucre, Andres Eugenio
Harbor Reclamation: Central and Wanchai DistrictsUrban and Environmental Planning
Palooparambil, Ashish Harvesting Gases in Lower Earth Orbit to Propel SpacecraftSocial Studies of Science and Technology
D'Souza, Marsha Rebecca
Otalvaro-Gutierrez, Diana M
Singh, Deep Arjun
Harvesting He-3 On The MoonEnergy and Resources
Crook, Ryan Joseph
Harbold, Jared Clayton
Kilfoil, John Clifford
Mulvey, Matthew Robert
Health Information Management AdministrationHealth Care and Technology
Aydin, Yusuf Ziya
Gul, Ahmed Furkan
Health Services Curricula Study and RecommendationsHealth Care and Technology
Bober, Sarah Jean
Harrison, Devin L
Hickcox, Rachel Page
Miller, Chelsea Ross
Heat Impacts on Occupational Health: A Comparison Between Agricultural and Industrial Settings in the Time of Climate ChangeTechnology and Environment
Ardini, Maximilian A
Mackoul, Patricia
Heating Piglets in ParaguayTechnology and Environment
Rrudho, Gentian
Xhixho, Besian
Meldrim, Arthur John
Morrison, Alec E
Stanley, Pamela Fay
Helping WPI Students Make Better IQP ChoicesEducation in a Technological Society
Holmes, Andrew O
Pitman, Jocelyn E
Pugliese, Brenna Rose
Herd Immunity and YouHealth Care and Technology
Dignan, Patrick
Labelle, Elizabeth
Lyon, Matthew R
Higgins Armory Virtual Swords ExhibitSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Clifford, Michelle L
Dubois, Edmund A
Piala, Kevin
Strnad, Amanda
Higgins' Hunt: An Educational GameHumanistic Studies of Technology
Goodrich, Patrick M
LaFrance, Maxwell Colby
Rosenthal, Neal S
High Adventure Recreational Activity ComparisonSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Zutshi, Samir High Bandwidth AcousticsTechnology and Environment
(WPI)Hall, Robert James
Klos, Grzegorz J
High Efficiency Power InverterEnergy and Resources
Barriga, Megan ElizabethHigh School Chemistry Teaching PracticumEducation in a Technological Society
Clark, Codi Hajjar
McDonald, William John
McNamara, Ryan Carlo
Rutfield, Alex D
Walker, Brian Thomas
High-Intensity Interval Training and the WPI CommunitySocial and Human Services
Hazel, David WilliamHigh-Tech Totem PoleSocial and Human Services
Berdeguer, Carlos Enrique
Edwards, Robert Alonzo
Hamilton, Brian Richard
McCrone, Sean Edmond
Lamsam, Korapat
Lauer, Cory James
Shepanski, Paul Joseph
Talmor, Michal
Historical Evolution of Samurai Arms and ArmorsHumanistic Studies of Technology
Faust, Eric S
Prueitt, Adam Kosaka
Salimi, Parham
Vargas, Luis Alberto
Ali, Noor Mohammad
Diaz, Gabriel Rene
McLaughlin, James John
Murray, Laura Elizabeth
Historical Evolution of Weapons and Armors in India, Persia, and GreeceHumanistic Studies of Technology
Gonzalez, Luis Alexander
Mukhanov, Elizabeth
History and Analysis of Patent-Related Events and Metrics at USPTOSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Farren, Christopher Francis
Mitchell, Craig Ryan
Morette, Kyle Andrew
History and Development of Emergency TransportationHealth Care and Technology
Frumento, Christopher M
Messier, Ethan A
Montero, Victor A
History and Future of Rehabilitation RoboticsTechnology and Environment
Blakely, Rachel Ilana
Isko, Gabriel Solomon
Melchert, Victoria Rose
Mullins, Robert F
HIV/AIDS Mobile Applications: An Assessment for At-Risk Populations in ThailandHealth Care and Technology
DeConti, Derrick K
Dionne, Danielle
Sullivan-Keizer, Jessica
Tichy, Amanda Lynn
HIV/AIDS Prevention Education: A look at the HIV/AIDS Awareness Activities at the Polytechnic of NamibiaSocial and Human Services
Bililies, Alexia D
Lombardo, Allison Marie
Otuyelu, Olusope M
HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategies in the Private Sector of NamibiaHealth Care and Technology
Burek, Jeffrey Brendan
Kenoian, Andrew C
Marrion, Valerie S
Szewczyk, Daniel J
Foley, Brian M
Forbes, Tyler D
Jensen, Hans E
Young, Adam S
Holy Name High School Wind Turbine Feasibility StudyEnergy and Resources
Amoroso, Dante
Barone, Michael Thomas
LeCompte, Nicholas B
Rosato, Laura
Holy Name High School: Mathematics CurriculumEducation in a Technological Society
Depot, John Brennan
Goldberg, Benjamin M
Nadeau, Eric Michael
Rodriguez, Byron E
Hong Kong Maritime Museum Relocation ProjectSocial and Human Services
Krzyzewski, Stacy AnnHorseshoe Crabs for KidsEducation in a Technological Society
Fouraux, Cristina C
Rodriguez, Juan Carlos
Hospital Efficiency in MassachusettsHealth Care and Technology
Alexander Smith, Sean Maurice
Roy, Taryn Dawn
Sahay, Prateek
Hotwheels and Cattails on the Moon: Enhancing Sixth Grade Science EducationEducation in a Technological Society
Gao, Jiali
Wu, Zhouxiao
How to predict price of stocksEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Aquadro, Alessandro Cristobal
Lu, Ricky L
Human Behavioral Impact on Building Energy Usage and SustainabilityEnergy and Resources
Atamer, Bertan
Krill, John David
Mensing, Michele Lee
Pollin, Ryan James
Human FM: Community Building through Student RadioSocial and Human Services
Forbes-Summers, Elijah D
Rose, Steven P
Human Interpretation of Privacy PolicySocial Studies of Science and Technology
Hardaway, Rashad Hassan
Olson, Jeffrey S
Sansoucy, Brian G
Human Perception Of Noise In Open Spaces In San Juan, Puerto RicoScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Sesanker, Colbert
Thet, K Zin
Wong, Jonathan
Human Sleep Disorders: Apnea and its diagnosis using the ECGHealth Care and Technology
McNally, Adam Brian
Scrivanich, Nicholas John
Xie, Jiaxun
Brown, Matthew Bryant
Goon, Matthew Y
Kosherick, Barry
MacDonald, Thomas
Humanity and SpaceHumanistic Studies of Technology
Kindle, Alexander L
Mininberg, Benjamin Gustav
Humanity and SpaceHumanistic Studies of Technology
Daley, Samuel Austin
Hong, Geoffrey Alexander
Singh, Amanpreet
Starkweather, Zachary Michael
Humanity and SpaceHumanistic Studies of Technology
Ball, Ian M
Bauer, Joseph Brian
Dawson, Andrew Wade
Jenkinson, Stephen Michael
Humanity and SpaceHumanistic Studies of Technology
Green, Marc Evan
Hess, Justin Peter
Lacroix, Thomas Curtis
Humanity and SpaceHumanistic Studies of Technology
Costello, James M
DiLibero, Nicola
Merry, George H
Humanity and SpaceHumanistic Studies of Technology
Canas, Justin D
Monte, Samantha Jane
Pytlik, George K
Humanity and SpaceHumanistic Studies of Technology
Hossain, Ahmed Safat
Khea, Darien N
Shoneck, Riley A
Humanity and Space - Colonizing MarsTechnology and Environment
Beck, Matthew Charles
Chalke, Jillian Louise
Chase, Matthew Christopher
Rugo, Julia Bredl
Humanity and Space - MH IQP 1207Technology and Environment
Marchetto, Jordan David
McCaffrey, Erik P
Scougal, Erik
Humanity and Space: Near Earth Asteroids & Space TravelHumanistic Studies of Technology
Abouzahra, Ramsey D
Pianka, Richard Francis
Hunger Relief Software: An Information Management Solution for Food PantriesSocial and Human Services
Gadow, Kenneth EHybrid car part 1Technology and Environment
Adams, Cory Spencer
De Christofaro, Wesley J
Morales, Joshua Abraham
Rooney, Eric Robert
Hydraulic Fracturing: A Report as to the Implications Regarding Natural GasTechnology and Environment
Fay, William Daniel ByronHydrokinetic Energy in MassachusettsEnergy and Resources
Ortiz, Aubrey Dumaoal
Rotatori, Hilary A
Schreiber, Elizabeth Alice
von Roth, George
Hydroponic Farming in Mahasarakham: Integrating Hydroponics into the Agricultural Curriculum While Introducing Entrepreneurial SkillsEducation in a Technological Society
Anderson, Neal D
Indruh, Ivana
Kauffman-Rogoff, Zakkai S
Ledwith, Brianna C
Hydroponics at Wat Pathumwanaram School: Hands-on Learning through Soilless GardeningEducation in a Technological Society
Creeth, Andrew
Shultz, Cody E
Spazzarini, Eric Anthony
Zebrose, Cordell
Identifying and Evaluating the Impacts of the 2012 Olympics: London Borough of HounslowUrban and Environmental Planning
Croteau, Nicole Janina
Dieselman, John C
Rose, Stephen
Identifying Client Unmet Need and Designing a Continuous Feedback System for Vision AustraliaSocial and Human Services
Cashman, Daniel
Foster, Colby Kevin
McCluskey, Kara Elise
Zhang, Youjia
Identifying Opportunities to Reduce Water Pollution and Encourage Voluntary Compliance in Windhoek, NamibiaUrban and Environmental Planning
Kelley, Kurt P
Sarraf, Wade M
Walsh, Jonathan B
Identifying Priority Open Space in WorcesterUrban and Environmental Planning
Duplin, Matthew Identifying Problems in Chapter 91 Database ProjectsUrban and Environmental Planning
Albright, Abigail Margaret
Dharani, Punit Indravadan
Hanson, Paige Allen
Identifying strategies to facilitate a successful relocation: the informal settlement of Klong ToeySocial and Human Services
Fuller, Stephanie
Gibbons, Jonathan D
Nelson, Nicole M
Smyth, Allison
Images in Mid-Nineteenth Century American Scientific PeriodicalsHumanistic Studies of Technology
Afiri, Marouane
Bellamine, Wadii
Impact of Globalization on Small-Scale Artisans in Azrou, MoroccoEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Friedman, Laura BImpact of Hybrid CarsTechnology and Environment
Naqvi, Syed Kazim
Yee, Timothy James
Impact of Plug-In Hybrid CarsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Mbakop, Eric Impact of Quantum Physics on SocietySocial Studies of Science and Technology
Harrington, Ramon
Holroyd, Aaron G
Impact of Scaffolding in an Intelligent Tutoring SystemEducation in a Technological Society
Ah-Heng, Cody Irvin
Dunbar, John Michael
Haufler, Timothy W
Impacts and Limitations of Residential Geothermal Heating SystemsEnergy and Resources
Bhattacharya, Tuhina
Elmore, William M
Qian, Xuyu
Zhang, Luyang
Impacts of Genome Sequencing Technologies: Developing Educational Materials to Create Greater Public AwarenessHealth Care and Technology
Blanco, Ahmed
D'Ambrosio, Vincent J
La Manna, Andrew J
Martin, Kevin P
Impacts of TourismEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Bailey, Andrew D
Legere, Rebecca Maria
Warrington, Tiffany L
Implementation of a Sustainable Website for the Commonside Community Development TrustSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Lyons, Christopher B
Trimby, Paul Joseph
Implementation of Best Practices in the ATRCScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Bartley, Andrew
Shipper, Edward R
Thomson, Christopher P
Implementation of Green Infrastructure in the 495/MetroWest CorridorUrban and Environmental Planning
Barolli, Rebecca M
Fegley, Matthew Raymond
Kamens, Seth J
Orr, Jessica L
Implementation of High School Water Science Fairs in AlbaniaEducation in a Technological Society
Dobrev, Ivo Tsvetanov
Mandadzhiev, Boris A
Petranov, Radoslav Valentinov
Implementation of Renewable Energy Sources in the State of CaliforniaEnergy and Resources
Hitchen, James Iain
Reed, Kevin Edward
Stenson, Shane Joel Holmes
Tedla, Tamene Z
Implementing a Volunteer-Match Service: Fostering Relationships between Al Akhawayn University and Local Non Governmental OrganizationsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Dragun, Caitlin Marie
Lent, Daniel W
Rombola, Jordyn Leigh
Shollo, Leonard
Implementing Bike Paths in the City of WorcesterUrban and Environmental Planning
Arnone, Jonathan Robert
Galvin, Kevin Brendan
Tate, Kimberley Ashley
Implementing Donations and Processing Procedures for the Habitat for Humanity Metro-West/Greater Worcester ReStoreEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Feyler, Rachel Marie
Gallenstein, Brian William
Rosenblum, Yael
Implementing Residential Solar Energy in the Montachusett RegionEnergy and Resources
Chadwick, Kellie Marie
Limone, Brett Louis
Pacheco, Hannah Katherine
Implementing the Nantucket Grown(TM) BrandEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Mikolich, Brianna L
Ogren, Fiona Marguerite
Rice, Justin Daniel
Implications of Introducing the IIT Mandi to the Rural Kamand RegionSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Chen, Steven
Ingalls, Jared N
Implications of Robotic Space MiningSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Mainsah, Boyla OImportant Factors for the Design of Medical Devices for Developing CountriesHealth Care and Technology
Pickett, Sarah J
Rawdon, Michael
Ricciardelli, Mark P
Ross, Jonathan D
Improved Client Service ModelSocial and Human Services
Bezies, Nancy
Calvetti, Bryce Lawrence
Poppa, Matthew James
Improved Methods of Visitor Attendance Collection at Massachusetts State ParksTechnology and Environment
Hennessey, Conor Daniel
Innarelli, Neil Anthony
Sabbs, Aaron B
Improved Mobile Kitchen UnitHealth Care and Technology
Alvidrez, Julia M
Daigneau, Stephen Peter
Lewis, Lauren Emily
Improved Transition of Instruments and Database Management at the Blue Hill ObservatoryTechnology and Environment
Goldstein, Jill M
May, Evan
Choi, Yunsoo
Killen, Thomas J
Wilder, John W
Improvement of automated CPRHealth Care and Technology
Gagnon, Andrew I
Kidane, Nebiat
LaPointe, Stephanie
Improvement of Sanitation in 5Rand, OkahandjaUrban and Environmental Planning
Antalek, Kevin James
Perez, Randy
Resor, Edmund C
Improvements in Lighting, Ventilation and Insulation in an AmbulanceTechnology and Environment
Alberti Arroyo, Hector Emmanuel
Lushllari, Sokol
Owusu-Ansah, Benjamin Kwame
Smalcuga, Patrick K
Improving Ambulance Compartment Insulation, Energy and Lighting DesignTechnology and Environment
Effraimidis, Daniil
Fournier, Nathan Scott
Jennings, Brian C
Perruccio, Michael Joseph
Improving Ambulance Power SystemsTechnology and Environment
Cesarone, Daniel Henry
Frost, Troy
Stein, Eric
Improving Building Data Collection In Grafton MassachusettsUrban and Environmental Planning
Giles, Michael P
Lopez, Jordan Alexander
Schuster, Christopher
Improving Comfort and Efficiency of WPI's Ailing BuildingsEnergy and Resources
Brooks, William H
Grillon, Louis Samuel
Lewis, Marcus C
Improving Commercialization of Environmental Technologies through EPA's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) ProgramTechnology and Environment
Alfieri, Corey J
Broberg, Jared Christopher
Kaiser, Maximilian Theodore
Improving Communication with the Public about Tick-borne DiseasesHealth Care and Technology
Connolly, Matthew Denis
Delph, Michael A
Folta, Cailin Mckenzie
King, Samson Michael
Klegraefe, Stephanie V
Leaver, Julianne Marie
Improving Community Spaces through Collaborative Building and Design Projects in Monwabisi Park, Cape TownUrban and Environmental Planning
Encarnacion, Jenny
Piard, Claire Emma
Wood, Carol Anne
Improving Community Tree Planting Projects in Heredia, Costa RicaUrban and Environmental Planning
Crasso, Anthony W
DeLew, Jacob C
Pugsley, Lisa Marie
Sealey, Andrew
Walsh, Nicholas E
Improving Customer Access to Council Services in the London Borough of GreenwichScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Hufnagle, Kevin Brian
Mao, Jian
Rashid, Yusuf Haroon
Improving Database Communication in Croydon CouncilUrban and Environmental Planning
Christakis, Alexander
Flynn, Katie A
Himottu, Jennifer Ann
Improving Disabled Access to the Tram System in Melbourne, VictoriaUrban and Environmental Planning
Moseley, Jennifer L
Sturgis, Lindsey A
Wheeler, Melissa N
Improving Domestic Tourism In NamibiaEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Frost, Jonathan D
Nieves, Jessica
Rainone, Ryan
Improving Electrical System Management for Boylston, MAUrban and Environmental Planning
Andrews, Jared T
Guevara, Marcela
Kimmel, Ryan Howell
Rodrigues, Malessa Pinneiro
Improving Energy Supply & Demand in Rural Thai VillagesEnergy and Resources
Cantwell, Meghan Barbara
Man Lam, Peter Chap
Rafferty, Richard Matthew
Reyer, Kevin Andrew
Improving Ethics Education in EngineeringHealth Care and Technology
Hurle, Andrew Donald
Koshi, Arben
McNeil, Ian Andrew
Improving Feedback In ASSISTments: Pedagogical Agents and Game-Like ElementsEducation in a Technological Society
Bouchard, Bethany C
Goncalo, Ashley A
Susienka, Michael James
Wilson, Kevin M
Improving Flood Risk Management in Informal Settlements of Cape TownUrban and Environmental Planning
Frascotti, Joseph
Levenseler, Jamie F
Weingarten, Collin James
Wiegand, Karl
Improving Library Use and Information Literacy at Caritas Charles Vath CollegeEducation in a Technological Society
Agudelo Ortiz, Victor Alfonso
Beaulac, Devan
Sunde-Brown, Alexander
Improving Marketing Appeal and Functionality of the WPI Projects WebsiteEducation in a Technological Society
Lourenco, Abraao NImproving Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Middle SchoolEducation in a Technological Society
Coolidge, Todd R
Stevens, Thomas Z
Improving Parks Management and Maintenance for the Town of ShrewsburyUrban and Environmental Planning
Becker, Alexander M
Cullinan, Christopher Robert
Gheorghe, Michael
Xia, Zijian
Y Vo, Nhi Thi
Improving Patient Data Management and Family Reach-out for the R.E.A.C.H. ProgramHealth Care and Technology
Alemian, Cory Scott
Greenwood, Jeffrey A
Oliveri, Michael Leo
Shaddock, Caitlyn Elizabeth
Improving Pedestrian Mobility in Newton, MAUrban and Environmental Planning
Bergeron, Bryan Improving PH1120 Physics LabsEducation in a Technological Society
Giddings, Monica J
Gray, Amanda L
Hannon, Teri Anne
Improving Pharmacy Services at Lerdsin HospitalHealth Care and Technology
Eggleston, Peter James
Hu, Weitai
Noons, Nicholas James
Improving Public Access to the Nashua River in Lancaster, MAUrban and Environmental Planning
Defossez, Nicholas Andrew
Dunn, Meaghan K
Heinle, Danielle M
Improving Public Record AccessScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Foote, Samantha A
Goldsher, Anetta
Ozkan, Selahaddin S
Improving Recruitment and Retention Strategies for Deloitte, MoscowSocial and Human Services
Bradley, Katrina
Manning, William F
Improving Recruitment Strategies at EY, MoscowEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Bhalla, Tanishq
MacGrogan, Alexander Scott
Miller, Elizabeth Ashley
Tosi, Nicholas Allen
Improving Residential Solar Photovoltaic Uptake within the Moreland MunicipalityEnergy and Resources
Casola, Raymond Vincent
Downey, Richard Francis
Nava, Nicholas A
Taylor, Jesse Donald
Improving Road Safety in the Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning AreaSafety Analysis and Liability
Chickering, Giles William
Nich, Kristen Evelyn
Otto, Nicole Anais
Improving Service Quality, Business Practices, and Marketing Strategies to Ensure NABCOA’s Financial Future Through a Fee-for-Service ModelSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Dorenfeld, Elyssa Ariel
Ford, Patrick Benjamin
Motz, Livia Meloney
Petitpas, John Paul
Improving Solid and Human Waste Management in Rural Namibia CommunitiesTechnology and Environment
Angeliu, Kenneth Martin
DiPinto, Matthew
Rayder, Thomas Michael
Zhao, Wenqing
IMPROVING SPONSORED PROJECTS AT WPIEducation in a Technological Society
McHugh, Steven Edward
Peet, Kyle Creighton
Rank, Cody B.
Vasudevan, Ravi A
Improving the Bangkok Refugee Learning Center: An Assessment of the Current Program and the Development of a Computer Literacy CourseEducation in a Technological Society
Coonradt, Melissa Christine
Field, Matthew N
Gibson, David W
Tatem, Jessica L
Improving the Cheetah Conservation Fund's Livestock Guarding Dog Program through the Dissemination of Visual MediaTechnology and Environment
Rogers, Andrew
Teague, Karen A
Desaulniers, Genevieve A
Dismore, Alexander Wesley
Gauthier, Kyle R
Johnson, Kelly Erin
Rudolf, Stacy Michelle
Taglieri, Michael Edmund
Improving the Food Delivery System at the Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast CancerHealth Care and Technology
Allison, Edward Eric
Berman, Jeremy M
L Cayabyab, Kyle Patrick
Lee, Claudia Ann
Improving the High Speed Internet Infrastructure in Santa Fe: Analysis of Potential OptionsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Briggs, Evan Grant
Day, Michael Raymond
Rude, Benjamin Steven
Thornhill, Ryan John
Improving the Online Museum Experience: Dimensions of the Museum-Educator RelationshipEducation in a Technological Society
Benson, Alec
Mancini, Matthew P
Improving the PH-1110/1111/1120/1121 Physics LaboratoriesEducation in a Technological Society
Platanias, Angelos IMPROVING THE PHYSICS LAB MULTIMEDIA CONTENTSEducation in a Technological Society
Mellan, Dane M
Ruffing, Mason
Zeng, Victor Y
Improving the Quality of Accident InvestigationHumanistic Studies of Technology
Allen, Nicolas James
Anderson, James Rossman
Boucher, Andrew Leo
Walker, Christopher Nelson
Improving the Sustainability of the Regional Environmental Council Food Justice ProgramSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Boucher, Andrew LeoImproving the Sustainability of the Regional Environmental Council Food Justice ProgramSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Brodin, Joshua
Faust, Jessica
Smith, Kristen
Improving the Visibility of Winslow Farm Animal SanctuarySocial and Human Services
Brodin, Joshua F
Faust, Jessica
Smith, Kristen Anne
Improving the Visibility of Winslow Farm Animal SanctuaryEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Civitarese, Anna M
Hulburt, Tessa Comstock
Ketchum, Cy M
Tran, Lina
Improving Traceability Systems: A Study of the Fishing Communities of Palito and Costa de PájarosEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Crivello, Matthew Demorais
Gomel, Madeleine Ava
Improving Visitor Experiences and Water Quality in Ugra National Park, KalugaTechnology and Environment
Amato, Joseph Lawrence
Leeber, Blaise William
Improving Voter Privacy for the BlindSocial and Human Services
Boutin, Valerie Anne
Butler, Caitlin Elyse
Kesseli, Samuel James
McCorry, Mary Clare
Improving Water and Sanitation in Rural Namibian CommunitiesEnergy and Resources
Aguilar Seneres, Lou Abigail
Payret, Austin
Pyakuryal, Bipul
Incorporating Traditional Methods of Irrigation with Water Management in Mandi, IndiaTechnology and Environment
Dobosz, Timothy M
Karolicki, Brian Michael
Wheeler, Gregory Scott
Increasing Citizen Science Participation in the Picture Post ProjectTechnology and Environment
McCarthy, Andrew L
Schebel, Kurt Joseph
Sides, Andrew J
Wilkos, Joseph J
Increasing Energy Efficiency on Massachusetts Dairy FarmsEnergy and Resources
Burns, Colin Mckinley
Collins, Joseph H
Johnston, Paul Wei
Nichols, Rebecca Marie
Increasing Engagement in the Mirboo North Community Energy HubEnergy and Resources
Al-Hassan, Mohammed Roufuddin
Brown, Andrew W
Franklin, Brian Evan
Warren, Kyle Emery
Increasing Interaction With EnginesSocial and Human Services
Cembrola, Matthew Robert
Klegraefe, Nicole C
Kokolis, Jameson Philip
Increasing Marine Turtle Conservation Knowledge: The Creation of an Interactive Webpage and Informational BrochureTechnology and Environment
Davis, Nyoca N
Dresser, Anthony D
Liu, Binxin
Robidas, Megan
Increasing private funding for startups in HangzhouEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Colleary, Brenna Jane
Wilhelm, Shawn R
Increasing Recycling Participation at Parque de DiversionesUrban and Environmental Planning
Barry, Laura G
Hall, Derek R
McLaughlin, Elizabeth Jean
Tacvorian, Edward Kalust
Increasing Ride Efficiency and Evacuation Planning in Parque de DiversionesSocial and Human Services
Brevig, Kai K
Chong, Kwok Chung
Strobel, Brian Nolan
Zhang, Yuchen
Increasing Ridership of Santa Fe TrailsUrban and Environmental Planning
Campisi, Adam M
Rutledge, Cory S
Tidwell, Steven Mathew
Increasing Ridership on Montgomery County Public Transit: The Development of an Employer-Based Transit Pass Pilot ProgramUrban and Environmental Planning
Gagnon, Matthew Robert
Hanna, Tyler Stephen
Mello, Brad Clayton
Pinette, William John
Increasing the Quality of Patient Care by Reducing Noise Levels in the Healing EnvironmentTechnology and Environment
Chen, Xiuping
Quan, Steven
Increasing the Success of Technology Transfer: A Guide to Implementing a Capacity Planning Tool in the Veteran’s Affairs Community-Based Outpatient ClinicsHealth Care and Technology
Cheston, Charles Steele
Gribble, Alan Jeffrey
Plante, Eric Walter
Indian Lake Plant SurveyTechnology and Environment
Archambault, Erik L
Naryshkin, Konstantin
InfantCare: A Personal Health Record System Prototype for the Next GenerationHealth Care and Technology
Hardy, Courtney I
Hosker, Jennifer Lee
Sceviour, Joseph J
Inflatable Amusement Ride SafetySafety Analysis and Liability
Gao, Yang Inflation Expectation and Financial MarketsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Overton, Gregory JInflux of Chinese Students Into American Universities: WPI Case StudyEducation in a Technological Society
Borges, Alex G
Hammel, Karen L
Hays, William Braden
Wilbur, Adam Leonard
Infrastructural Strategic Planning for the Impacts of Santurce's RevitalizationUrban and Environmental Planning
Chen, Qiu
Connolly, Matthew S
Quiroga, Luis Javier
Stewart, Andrew G
Initiation Site Development in Khayelitsha, Cape Town: Addressing the Challenges of Urban Initiation While Preserving Tradition and CultureUrban and Environmental Planning
Fossett, Ryan E
Karasic, Geoffrey Ian
Lincoln, Lucas Samuel
Moore, Peter James
Roberts, Thomas Max
INNOVATION & CREDIBILITY: THE LOXLEO STARTUPSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Cote, Benjamin DanielINNOVATIVE EDUCATION IN A GLOBAL ECONOMYEducation in a Technological Society
Cheng, Timothy E
Cullen, Daniel J
Herzberg, Daniel Morgan
Trikoz, Ksenia D
Innovative Exhibit Interpretation Using Mobile ApplicationsEducation in a Technological Society
Crevoiserat, Eric Raymond
Hofmeister, Emily M
Long, Christopher Steven
Preston, Monica Jourdan
Inside a Digital Maori WorldEducation in a Technological Society
Maiorano, Ashley E.
McGillvray, Kaitlin Marie
Nakamura, Elise Y
Intel Cafeteria & Construction Waste ManagementScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Ansari, Naumaan
Patel, Kush Dipak
Womersley, Thomas Charles
Intelligent Audio Systems, Interacting, Data Accumulation and AnalysisTechnology and Environment
Brock, Charles Warren
Nitinthorn, Wesley
Powell, Thomas R
Intelligent ScannerEducation in a Technological Society
Corell, James Intelligent Speaker DesignSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Birch, Alexandra Lynn
Namias, Jeffrey
Palmer, Quinten R
Intelligent Tutoring SystemsTechnology and Environment
Bellofatto, James
DeDonato, Mathew
Munger, David Paul
Traub, Galya A
Interactive Accessibility for the Visually ImpairedSocial and Human Services
Filiotis, Konstantinos Dionysios
Lyons, Gregory D
Vaillancourt, Austin N
Interactive Exhibit on Classification for Down HouseEducation in a Technological Society
Bouchard, Marc A
Guillemette, Marc
Mueller, Eric Michael
O'Keefe, Sean Crist
Interactive Learning Modules for the Royal ArmouriesEducation in a Technological Society
Kuang, Jingtian
Kuntanarumitkul, Pitchaya
Li, Wanbin
Patikorn, Thanaporn
Interactive Map and Timeline Application for the Knights! Exhibition at Worcester Art MuseumHumanistic Studies of Technology
Fernandes, Nina Marie
Guertin, Christina Marie
Ozgoren, Deniz
Willcox, Eric
Interactive MuseumSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Burns, Kyle Joseph
Chupka, Zachary David
LaRose, Danielle Marie
Interactive Music SystemsEducation in a Technological Society
True, Daniel BInteractive Package for GraphsEducation in a Technological Society
Crocker, Seth Ernest
Earley, Christopher W
James, Dylan Russell
Smith, Nicholas A
Interactive Public ArtTechnology and Environment
Blanchette, Craig Interactive Qualifying Project - Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Frankfort, Michael Stewart
Izzo, Rinaldo R
Rostom, Roni George
Sauer, Jillian Ames
Interactive Venice: Using Art and Games to Bring Awareness to Venetian Social ConcernsEducation in a Technological Society
Holban, Emilia Daniela
Svoboda, Ryan David
Interactive Worked Examples Learning Strategy in the Assistment.com SystemEducation in a Technological Society
Manchester, Timothy John
Meklenburg, John William
Moise, Kemal F
Potts, Brian
International Smoke Alarm Legislation & Technology in Residential StructuresScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Card, Zachary
Chu, Norbert
Liu, Tingting
Internet Campaign Strategies in the 2010 Massachusetts Gubernatorial ElectionSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Bassett, Jesse P
Buckley, Kara
Internet Privacy in the United StatesLaw and Technology
Abdulrazak, Dunia Yousef
Luli, Klevis
Michaud, Marc Gregory
Internet Privacy: Public Perceptions of Security and ConvenienceLaw and Technology
Murphy, Charles BenjaminInternet2 Musical PerformanceHumanistic Studies of Technology
Flynn, Kyle P
Geller, Felix
Leblanc, Katelyn A
Sosnovsky, Eugeny
Interpretation of Mechanical ExhibitsEducation in a Technological Society
Caras, Abaigeal C
Melling, Tianna Elizabeth
Travis, Benjamin Anslo
Tsai, Megan
Interpretive Programming at the Caguas Botanical and Cultural Garden in Puerto RicoTechnology and Environment
Hunt, William D
McQuaid, Ryan P
Sussman, Jacob A
Tomko, Elizabeth Marie
Introducing a Robotics Club in AlbaniaEducation in a Technological Society
O'Toole, Sean MichaelIntroducing First and Second Year Biology Majors to Primary LiteratureEducation in a Technological Society
Geahwie, Benjamin
Yeganov, Alexander V
Introducing SourceForge to the WPI CommunityEducation in a Technological Society
Melendez, Gina
Uchendu, Walter C
Cormier, Roland G
Liang, Jie
Viall, Robert
Zuniga, David Eduardo
Inventory and Analysis of the South Boston Parking FreezeUrban and Environmental Planning
Deck, Jared D
Frank, Andrew Bruce
Miley, Brian
Weber, Travis
Investigating and Promoting Extensively Natured, Green Urban Rooftops in Puerto RicoUrban and Environmental Planning
Ammeson, Brett L
Manhardt, David Matthew
Olson, Scott D
Stockman, Gregory S
Investigating Flood and Climate Change Perception in the Hutt ValleyUrban and Environmental Planning
Burgan, Ryan Robert
Cormier, Amanda Maria
Michel, Jonathon Patrick
Investigating Improvements to the Emergency Services Foundation Scholarship Process and ProgramSocial and Human Services
Maurice, Michelle LInvestigating Snow Sports Injury Mechanisms Using a Web Based SurveyHealth Care and Technology
Rush, Caitlin T
Schneider, Kaitlyn Marie
Schwartz, Mary Elizabeth
Sullivan, Patrick Robert
Investigating the Potential of Plantation Pochote as a Lumber Source in Samara, Costa RicaEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Bouffard, Daniel David
Cook, Sarah Marie
Eisenberg, Samuel Casey
Mowris, Ransom Philip
Investigating the Relationships between Urban Design, Microeconomics, and Livability: A Case Study of Hong KongUrban and Environmental Planning
Mahtani, Rahul Investigating The Use Of Hydrogen As An Alternative FuelEnergy and Resources
Fung, Adria
Mantell, Mark Alexander
Tsaknopoulos, Derek George
Welch, Ryan
Investigating Transportation Policies to Reduce Air Pollution in Hong KongTechnology and Environment
DiCesare, Antonio
DiLullo, Nicholas
Krasko, Karen Lynne
Investigation of Carbon Reduction from Overnight Lighting in Non-Domestic Building StockTechnology and Environment
Milechin, Dennis V
Sanguinet, William C
Soderbom, Laurie A
Terry, Michelle Elizabeth
Investigation of Income-Generating Opportunities from River Reeds for Mariental, NamibiaEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Chaturvedi, Gaurav
Doughty, Tyler W
Feula, Joseph A
Smith, Kalen Christopher
Investigation of Interim Storage Methods of Nuclear Waste in the United StatesTechnology and Environment
Baldassari, Laura
Caputo, Michael P
Conforte, Molly
Werner, Christopher M
Investigation of the Effects of the Built Environment on Patient Health Outcomes and Staff SatisfactionHealth Care and Technology
Gammal, Charles A
Manivannan, Sanjayan
Investigation of Undergraduate Multidisciplinary Engineering ProgramsEducation in a Technological Society
Fogel, Louis Adrian
Heon, Matthew R
Murvihill, Dolan
Smestad, Doran
Investigation of Voting Systems for the WPI FacultySocial Studies of Science and Technology
Guttmann, Jared LouisInvestigations into the Current Usage of Microorganisms in MedicineHealth Care and Technology
Uszakiewicz, Brian JamesInvestment & Security TradingEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
C Friend, Jean Carlo
Lugo, Diego
Mannke, Gregory Joseph
Investment and Securities Trading SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Huang, Zhao
Jiang, Renzhi
Yang, Han
Investment and Security TradingEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Delphia, Adrian
Hamm, Brendan
Vasudevan, Srinivas
Veilleux, Samuel Thomas
INVESTMENT AND TRADINGEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Kehler, Devin Merwan
McCormick, Gabriel Genannt
Investment and TradingEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Allen, Matthew Stephen
Maynard, Patrick
Investment and TradingEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Arnal, Alex
Ebi, Chuka
Patrick, Ethan Andrew
Investment Trading and Strategy DevelopmentEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Lambert, Joshua Arthur
Wu, Pak Hei
Investment, Trading, and Portfolio ManagementEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Lambert, Josh A
Seymour, Fred Ernest
Wu, Pak H
Investment, Trading, and Portfolio ManagementEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Franco, Nelio Garcia
Sealund, Brian J
Tashjian, Tommy F
Toto, Michael
Involving Local Non-Profit Organizations in the PicturePost ProjectUrban and Environmental Planning
Erikson, John Andrew
Neary, John D
Orphanos, Alexander Gregory
Polito, David Anthony
iOS Application Development for Laboratory UseEducation in a Technological Society
Algiere, Nicholas James
Guerlain, Andre Pierre
IP-Enabled WAN EMS SystemHealth Care and Technology
Salerni, Anthony DanielIP-Enabled WAN EMS SystemHealth Care and Technology
Freilich, Alexander Richard
Galanis, Andrew John
Kostopoulos, Theodore Paul
Mulkern, Michelle Elizabeth
Paulino, Luisanna Victoria
iPS Cells as a potential replacement for ES CellsHealth Care and Technology
Khaled, Narimane
Lalezari, Samuel J
Salazar, Enrique
Shuraim, Rami Ahmed
IPW K2SL: Reducing Ambulance Dispatch TimeTechnology and Environment
Eley, Ryan William
Grant, Timothy C
Kulinkina, Alexandra Valeria
Sanseverino, Alexandra M
IQP - Mae Moh, Thailand - C08Social Studies of Science and Technology
Choi, Chan Young
Uszakiewicz, Brian James
IQP Investment and Security TradingEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Kajano, Joseph Michael
Kellogg, Jared Matthew
McCarron, Benjamin Michael
Osley, Michael E
IQP on Analysis of the Green Communities ActEnergy and Resources
Missaggia, Ryan
Nayak, Pramela T
IQP on Stem CellsHealth Care and Technology
(WPI)Coia, Cecily AIQP Teaching Practicum: Mathematics - Cecily CoiaEducation in a Technological Society
Bernard, Allyson J
Curry, Charles Marion
Kolek, Timothy J
IQP: Interactive Multimedia Video & LearningEducation in a Technological Society
Grossfeld, Michael Lee
White, Daniel J
Irrevocability in GamesSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Beckwith, Simon Daniel
Cohn, Julia A
Duren, Leigh C
Lewis, Kyle Raymond
Irrigation Development to Improve the Lives of Impoverished Children in Kanchanaburi, ThailandTechnology and Environment
Blecharczyk, Justin U
O'Sullivan, Karen Anne
Stefaniak, Christopher
Thomas, Justin Evan
Issues Confronting Local Installers of Clean Energy TechnologiesEnergy and Resources
Kaineg, Peter E
Van Valkenburgh, Christopher George
Winsnes, Carsten Gabriel
Issues facing Ski SafetySafety Analysis and Liability
El-Rifai, Mohamad
Tokatli-Apollon, Amira
Issues in Integrating Scientific DatabasesScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Bhagat, Sahil S
Fontaine, Danielle C
Gibson, Karl E
Issues with Denmark's Health ITHealth Care and Technology
Blakeman, Matthew Cameron
Fawthrop, Ryan Patrick
Murphy, Edward M
IT Assessment of AIDS Project WorcesterSocial and Human Services
Snoddy, Shun WatanabeJapan: Seijin & IdentityEducation in a Technological Society
McManus, Rachel A
McMath, Timothy
Jenbacher EngineEnergy and Resources
Baklla, Dhimiter
Flavin, Daniel J
Justification of the Skyline Innovation Center at Worcester Technical High SchoolEducation in a Technological Society
(WPI)Aigozhin, Temirlan
Issayev, Adilet
Kazakhstan: Developing an Informative Website for Promoting a Positive Image of the CountryScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Borenstein, Elliot Neil
Kiymaz, Yilmaz
Lynch, Bradford L
Weiler, Cynthia Claire
Kermotiva: Interactive Public Art InstallationSocial Studies of Science and Technology
McNamee, Robert James
Parker, Matthew A
Philbrook, Sean Thayer
Key Performance Indicators for the City of Melbourne's Building TeamSocial and Human Services
Ayers, Gabriel J
Vranos, Nicholas Arthur
Baldwin, Gabriel Photeos
Bertoli, Peter Michael
Lalonde, Taylor A
Sangermano, Michael Joseph
Urko, Nicholas Stephen
Kite Power for Heifer International's Overlook FarmEnergy and Resources
Blythe, Jonathan D
Cieslewski, Thomas Michael
Johnson, Derek Alexander
Weltsek, Erich W
Knights! At the MuseumHumanistic Studies of Technology
Bieniarz, Nicole A
Henry, Shawna Marie
Jones, Heather Ann
Richardson, Libbi Kate
Knowledge of Type 2 Diabetes in the New Zealand Population and Effectiveness of Knowledge-Based InterventionsHealth Care and Technology
Alexander, Todd E
Israel, Hannah
Lax, Sarah E
Saxner, David van Dam
Laboratory Activities for Secondary Science Education in Rural ThailandEducation in a Technological Society
Desjardin, Matthew J
Kanis, John B
Mello, Jason K
Land Use among Rare SpeciesUrban and Environmental Planning
Andrews, Taylor H
Hayden, Mark E
Large Scale Sound Installation Design: Psychoacoustic StimulationHumanistic Studies of Technology
Martin, Emily P
Sangillo, Michael A
Latino Voices of WorcesterSocial and Human Services
Gammal, Roseann SusanLaying the Foundation for a New Great Problems Seminar with an Environmental FocusEducation in a Technological Society
Brooks, Sarah Elizabeth
Dempsey, Megan Elizabeth
Erlandson, Timothy Carl
MacDonald, Caryn Ellen
Nichols, Brittany Taylor
Reif, Michaella M
Rookey, Ralle Adrian
Venegas, Juan Mauricio
Laying the Foundation for a Resilient Partnership: Innovative Upgrading in the Informal Settlement of LangrugUrban and Environmental Planning
Sivayoganathan, Bhalayogasthini Layoffs and alternative to layoffsScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Ginsburg, Joshua Adam
Liu, Yiwei
Layoffs and Alternatives to LayoffsSocial and Human Services
Harmithasari, Nudyan Learning Styles and Lead Indicators of Academic PerformanceSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Do, Nam Hong
Fredricks, Grant D
Ratcheva, Ekaterina Vesselinova
Terry-Welsh, Eleanor Rose
Learning Styles at Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologySocial Studies of Science and Technology
Gabrielson, Christopher Daniel
Hanly, Stephen William
Montville, Laura Elizabeth
Leicester Energy StudyTechnology and Environment
Azersky, Anthony R
Houstle, Matthew
Wilkins, Andrew Thomas
Lens and Lights Operational OverviewSafety Analysis and Liability
Asplund, Dana Richard
Kang, Khemarith
Moniz, Christopher P
Stasik, Jason
Library Game Suite ProposalHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Beaupre, Andrew J
DeMarco, Michael John
Dutra, Tina Marissa
Gogichaishvili, Andro
Haley, Daniel Patrick
Hyman, Alexander Maxwell
Kepka Calvetti, Nicholas Edward
Potter, John Clayton
Life Safety vs. Preservation of Community and Heritage Buildings in the Wellington RegionSafety Analysis and Liability
Berti, Stefano
Davis, Danielle T
Zaleski, Daniel Richard
Lifestyle Choices Determine Australia’s Future: Creating an Activity to Raise Awareness about the Importance of Sustainability (The Australia 2050 Trail)Education in a Technological Society
Curran, Carl L
Freitas, Mari Keiko
Johnston, Mark Richard
Pryor, Christopher
Lighting Analysis: Recommendations to Install LED Streetlights Within Santa FeUrban and Environmental Planning
Ashton, Brennan T
Bisacky, Lauren Hayley
Boyd, Donal James
Lopez, Jessica Clotilde
Lights on the Horizon: A Socioeconomic Impact Evaluation of Rural Electrification in Tsumkwe, NamibiaEnergy and Resources
Capozzo, Daniel
Fleming, Siobhan M
Foley, Brian A
Macri, Michael J
Lithium Ion Battery SafetySafety Analysis and Liability
Costa, Evan J
Mason, Victoria Michelle
Waller, Christian Philip
Little Indian Lake: Diagnostic StudyUrban and Environmental Planning
Lund, Jenny M
Luther, Joshua D
McGee, Tobin Patrick
Miskell, Stephanie M
Living in VeniceSocial and Human Services
Alvord, Nathan
Knoff, Camden M
Lidwin, Joseph F
Ortiz, Andres S
Local Water Network Rectification in Krabi, ThailandTechnology and Environment
Anderson, Kaitlyn Elizabeth
Archer, Laura Michelle
Mokler, Sean Miles
Pantalone, Robert Vincent
London Science Museum Launch Pad Extension ProjectEducation in a Technological Society
Downey, Matthias
Galligan, Paul Frederick
Holmes, Peter Jackson
Snow, Derek
Long-Term Green Renovations for the Printer’s Building of Worcester, MassachusettsUrban and Environmental Planning
Abedi, Freshta
Muchene, David N
Mundra, Rohit
Long-Term Stewardship of Schools Built on Remediated SitesTechnology and Environment
Bivona, Francesco Paul
Bryant, Christopher Jeffery
Fabian, Matthew Joseph
Haas, Kathleen Le
Scaduto, Michael Francis
Silva Sa, Matthew J
Lunar and Near-Earth DevelopmentHumanistic Studies of Technology
McKay, Andrew Robertson
Schlowin, Brian Alexander
Lunar Base Exhibit Contest Management TeamSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Triplett, Sarah HLunar Base Exhibit Contest Management TeamSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Barrett, Justin M
Webber, Celina M
Lunar Development Robotics CompetitionSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Coit, David
Miller, Joseph T
Lunar Property and Mining RightsScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Cafferty, Daniel Patrick
Carmichael, Jason T
Vayda, Kevin Michael
Maintaining Marine EcosystemsTechnology and Environment
Bahtiarian, Lucine V
Collins, Tyler Anthony
Connors, Katherine Louise
Goddard, Zachary Nels
Maitland Garden Village Perseverance Park RedevelopmentUrban and Environmental Planning
Baum, Evan A
Chojnowski, Truman S
Karalis, Zachary Peter
Major Projects in the Massachusetts Renewable Energy MarketEnergy and Resources
Dao, Nhi M
Doherty, Shannon M
Golightly, Tyler Chase
Landry, Benjamin David
Making History Interactive at the Hong Kong Museum of HistoryEducation in a Technological Society
Giannakopoulos, Theophilos John
Knox, Daniel
Osborne, Kenneth L
Making the Link: Entrepreneurship in Costa RicaEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Anderson, Nediva Tara
McCarthy, Courtney Taryn
Pizzimenti, Charlene Ann
Powell, Joshua Mark
Mala Noche River Estuary: Assessing and Raising Community AwarenessTechnology and Environment
Deliginev, Lyubomir HristovMANAGEMENT OF ACADEMIC SPACE AT WORCESTER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTEScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Fekete, Luke
Paulli, Christopher John
Skelly, Jordan
Zayas, Sabrina L
Management of the Rio Guaynabo Conservation EasementUrban and Environmental Planning
Lirette, Adam Raymond
Pampuro, Richard Paul
Tirrell, Shaun Kevin
Management of the Su-As-Co WatershedUrban and Environmental Planning
Bourque, Matthew James
Digeser, Drew T
Partridge, Stephen Kenneth
Yatim, Hussein Tarek
Management Plan for La Esperanza Nature Preserve In Ponce, Puerto RicoUrban and Environmental Planning
Davison, James David
Moore, Brian J
Ruck, Stephen R
Management Through Digital Collaboration: An Exploration of Microsoft SharePoint Usage at the USPTOLaw and Technology
Cremer, Eric Benjamin
DeCicco, Anthony Joseph
McCann, Courtney Jeanne
Rivas, Andrea Raquel
Managing Climate Change: Sjællandsgade as a Green CorridorTechnology and Environment
Ben-Haddej, Dhia Elhak
Buchenan, Alyce H
Owen, Archibald Alexander
Shakan, George Matthew
Managing Costa Rica's WasteUrban and Environmental Planning
Dery, Melissa Elizabeth
George, Lydia
McKenna, Ryan Paul
Rice, Nicholas Gage
Managing Energy Use in the Nantucket Municipal SystemEnergy and Resources
Doucet, James Michael
Giebenhain, David M
Gurbanov, Marina A
Slezycki, Caitlin Rae
Managing Marine CorridorsTechnology and Environment
MacDonald, Charles Kitterer
Wight, Michael James
Managing the Assistive Technology Resource CenterHealth Care and Technology
Herzog, Dale Eugene
Oo, Wut Yee
Managing the Assistive Technology Resource CenterScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Careau, Nicholas D
Gray, Martha Flora
Mezak, Charles A
Wall, Phyllis A
Managing Water and Sanitation in the Fish River BasinEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Asselin, Daniel J
Ledoux, Nikolas K
Willens, David
Manual Wheelchair Handbook Study for the Massachusetts Department of Mental RetardationHealth Care and Technology
Jahnke, Caitlin A
Pawlowski, Edward P
Richardson, Candice
Mapping and Evaluating Carbon Dioxide Reduction in MertonUrban and Environmental Planning
Franck, Debra Ann
Mayo, William Wyke
Tomasko, Matthew Ryan
Xie, Yanxuan
Mapping as a Foundation for Spatial Redevelopment in Monwabisi ParkUrban and Environmental Planning
Gagne, Amanda
Shaw, Jeremy S
Skowyra, Richard W
Wirth, Nicholas
Mapping Building Characteristics In MitchamUrban and Environmental Planning
Ringenbach, Jay Allen
Valcourt, Matthew Thomas
Wang, Wenli
Mapping the Potential for Urban Agriculture in Worcester: A Land Inventory AssessmentUrban and Environmental Planning
D'Entremont, James H
Grzyb, Jacob
Lobdell, Gregory M
Patel, Brijen Y
Mapping Vulnerability to Climate Change in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon ThamesUrban and Environmental Planning
Deane-Shinbrot, Steven J
Ruggles, Kassandra C
Walker, Griffin Patrick
Werth, Sheila Patricia
Marcellus Shale: Cementing and Well Casing ViolationsEnergy and Resources
Carriere, Nichole L
Graves, Ryan A
Havener, Donald M
Rizzo, Mark
Market Analysis of Air Sampling SystemsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Goggins, Kevin J
Medaglio, Robert Mario
Stella, Joel Robert
Market Study: Creating a Cooperative Biodiesel Business in Worcester, MaSocial and Human Services
Cambrola, Emily Autumn
Rhinehart, Maya Elzbieta
Rhodes, Tenell
Torrey, Jacob Stewart
Marketing Engineering Services for the National Fire Department of Costa RicaEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Batbouta, Lisa Anne
Dickerson, Kellie Yvonne
Grimes, Victoria Alecia
Romero, Gabriela Monserrath
Marketing Hand-milled Rice in Thailand: Creating a Self-sustainable Future for the Village of Mae Khong KhaaEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Siddiqui, Salik MobinMarketing Internet StartupsHealth Care and Technology
Nickerson, Mark
Renzullo, Jared Michael
Marketing the 2008 FSAE RacecarSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Davis, Adrianna Maria
Hanley, Amanda Rose
Manning, Kali Lyn
Morabito, Danielle C
Marketing the Assets of Instituto Nacional de BiodiversidadTechnology and Environment
Castle, Melissa KMarketing the WPI Bachelor of Arts Degree: Liberal Arts and EngineeringEducation in a Technological Society
Ito, Markus John
McMasters, Jessica
Tan, Mikhail Chewei
Markus Mikhail Jessica DNA Fingerprinting IQPLaw and Technology
Ellison, Connor Whitman
Fisher, Anthony Michael
Hanley, Jennifer M
Iglesias, David Alejandro
Mars Settlement and Fabrication Exhibit Design ProjectTechnology and Environment
Geary, Conor William
Hunt, Thane Robert
Ren, Jiaqi
Ryan, Alexander Joseph
Mars Settlement Exhibit ProjectEducation in a Technological Society
Aveyard, Andrew George
Cardwell, Jason Conrad
Davison, Bradford Thomas
Haggerty, Daniel Patrick
Martial Arts of the Middle Age and RenaissanceHumanistic Studies of Technology
Bashllari, Armir
Menard, Tyler J
Montanez-Sanchez, Stephan Janvier
Massachusetts Biomass Heating ConversionEnergy and Resources
Cangello, Anthony Joseph
Dupuis, Nicolas Ephrem
Plange, Asher
Massachusetts Coastal Water Treatment Facility Risk Assessment ToolTechnology and Environment
Thurrott, Whitney LeanneMassachusetts Criteria for Teaching Certification.Education in a Technological Society
Erle, Benjamin JMassachusetts Teacher LicensingEducation in a Technological Society
Cooley, Jacob Dean
Modica, Glen David
Morawiec, Wesley Logan
Polcari, Dominick S
Master of ArmsHumanistic Studies of Technology
Gamache, Christopher Michael
Maghfur, Anas
Zhong, Billy
Mastery Learning in Cognitive Computer TutorsEducation in a Technological Society
Madera, Ricardo Jose
Shi, Yuan
Wang, Yi
Zeljkovic, Mihajlo
Mastery Learning Leads to Better Learning: 7th GradeEducation in a Technological Society
Harvell, James K
Kim, JungMi
Todaro, Jake William
Math Support for Elementary School TeachersEducation in a Technological Society
Duhaney, Daniel MMathematical Tunnel Cost ModelingUrban and Environmental Planning
Choopojcharoen, Thanacha
Magzari, Ali
Mathematics behind System DynamicsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Kim, Inhwan
Scott, Erik Winfield
MBJ IQP 1301Social Studies of Science and Technology
Ganser, Holly Christine
Hollinger, Robert Lee
Monahan, Paul Michael
Wood, Angela Marie
Meaningful Engagement at Te Papa Tongarewa: A study exploring meaningful engagement with social media at New Zealand’s National MuseumSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Audi, Michael Dominick
Byorkman, Kathryn Anne
Couture, Alison Kathleen
Najem, Suzanne Eva
Measurement and Analysis of Walkability in Hong KongUrban and Environmental Planning
Brennan, Matthew Kieren
Morley, Liam Macquarrie
Wilson, Brendan L
Measuring and Understanding ConnectivityTechnology and Environment
Conlin, Sarah Alyse
Gerry, Jeannette Marie
Shiferaw, Alula Teshome
Sinkewicz, Andrew Joseph
Measuring Employee Engagement at the United States Patent and Trademark OfficeSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Allard, Joshua N
Roskuski, Andrew J
Measuring the Annoyance in Streaming Media Caused by Buffers and InterruptsHumanistic Studies of Technology
MacDougall, Kevin R
Randel, George P
Donahue, Eric D
Garza, Kristen M
Leto, Graham Sebastian
Schembri, Peter
Measuring the Impact of CSIRO's Non-Formal Education ProgramsEducation in a Technological Society
Bennett, Laura JMeasuring Transactional DistanceEducation in a Technological Society
Ditto, Drew Measuring Transactional Distance in Web-based Learning EnvironmentsTechnology and Environment
Kernan, Russell R
Madden, Jeffrey
Messier, Cara M
Measuring Vegetation Health with PicturePostsTechnology and Environment
El-rifai, Mahmoud
Kardzhaliyski, Georgi Valentinov
Viera, Gregory Ned
Measuring Young Adult Health EngagementHealth Care and Technology
Doyle, Evan Josef
Spring, Jaimes Timothy
Medical Emergency Command Assessment and SecurityHealth Care and Technology
Farrell, Chad M
Riley, Mitchell B
Mentoring Program Future Scientists and Technologists ClubEducation in a Technological Society
Bordage, Kevin R
Britton, Derek
Ketterer, Brian P
Strid, Collin Eric
Merton Rule Gamma Team E Term 2008Technology and Environment
Cassie, Benton Lawrence
DiLeo, Mathew Joseph
Lee, Jennifer A
Methane Creation from Anaerobic DigestionEnergy and Resources
Chawla, Manish Kumar
Sommer, Matthew Jon
Vafeiadis, Anastasios
Methodology for Assessing Impact of the Federation of Earth Science Information PartnershipsTechnology and Environment
Netsch, Matthew AMethods for Educating Novices in Object Oriented DesignEducation in a Technological Society
Abdurazak, Sasha
Lecorps, Claude-Reynald Christian
Varnerin, Samantha Ellen
Methods of Instruction for Partner DancingSocial and Human Services
Curran, David T
Gjata, Loren
Lamoureux, David P
Methods of Tutoring with the Assistment ProgramEducation in a Technological Society
Musteata, Elena Sergiu
Pulkowski, Jennifer L
Vallenilla, Veronica Isabel
Methods to Warn and Inform Before, During, and After an EmergencyUrban and Environmental Planning
Capuano, Anthony M
Cody, Rachel E
Kenyon, Andrew J
Micro-Wind Turbine Feasibility Study for Dismas House of MassachusettsEnergy and Resources
Mehrtens, Keegan N
Montague, Eric Charles
MID-19th CENTURY SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN ILLUSTRATIONSHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Li, Ran Millbury Cemeteries ProjectHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Aung, Moe Hein
Cobane, Eric
Gallagher, Andrew L
Li, Ran
Maung, Wai Phyo
Millbury Cemeteries ProjectHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Aung, Moe Hein
Cobane, Eric James
Gallagher, Andrew
Li, Ran
Maung, Wai Phyo
Millbury Cemeteries ProjectHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Sears, Adam HMind the Gap: Training the Manufacturing Workforce of TomorrowEducation in a Technological Society
Dalton, James Eugene
Jaworski, Nathan
Maqsood, Hanin
Benson, Daniel J
Boxell, Andrea N
Brining, Grant M
Leitschuh, Jonathan L
Missing Venice: Tracking the Global Movement of Venetian Art and the Evolution of Venetian Architecture and InfrastructureSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Amilcar, Marcus Calixte
Liu Bourgeois, Amy Laura
Setalsingh, Savonne James
Tassinari, Matthew John
Mobility in the Floating City: A Study of Pedestrian TransportationUrban and Environmental Planning
Kahn, Justin David
Porambo, Joan Cathryn
Samuels, Johari I
Wormald, Ryan Elizabeth
Mobility Platform: Organizing and Visualizing Traffic Data in the Santa Fe Metropolitan AreaUrban and Environmental Planning
Lutchmun, Hamresh D
Stuczko, Brandon R
Votruba, Michael Julian
Mobility Project for the City of Melbourne Building TeamUrban and Environmental Planning
Aschettino, Michael Joseph
Carnevale, Frank J
Gorgone, Michael A
Ouellette, Christina Elizabeth
Modeling Flooding in the Borough of HounslowUrban and Environmental Planning
Araujo, Jeffrey M
DeMalia, Michael A
Mandal, Shreelekha
Piya, Cecil K
Models for Greening Urban Redevelopment Projects: A Case Study of the Blackstone Canal District in Worcester, MassachusettsUrban and Environmental Planning
Anderson, Ben F
Renzulli, Eric Joseph
Taylor, Sarah E.MODERN DRAGONS: THE MYTHOLOGY OF THE JETHumanistic Studies of Technology
Cunningham, Colin Patrick
Klose, Alexander Travis
Williams, Harrison Chabot
Modern Recording Studio: Acoustic Space AnalysisHumanistic Studies of Technology
Bienia, Matthew Richard
Cote, Andrew C
Murdock, Kyle B
Rensel, Dallas J
Modest Means to Reduce Carbon in Croydon SchoolsHumanistic Studies of Technology
Hu, Xianjing
Maciejczyk, Kimberly A
Money Management and Forex AnalysisTechnology and Environment
Christian Cornachini, Blake Joseph
McMullen, Ian T
Milholland, Adelle Cheney
Nutting, Jake Thomas
Monitoring and Reducing the Carbon Emissions of the Institute of American Indian ArtsEnergy and Resources
Carroll, Tyler C
Drohan, Lesley A
Sweet, Brandon A
Zervas, Michael J
Monitoring Building Regulations and Temporary Structure Fire Safety in Victoria, AustraliaSafety Analysis and Liability
Brown, Hannah Katherine
Dorfman, Daniel Arthur
Kenney, Allison Haley
Mucaro, Daniel Louis
Monitoring Nantucket HarborTechnology and Environment
Babina, Matthew
Dubois, Brendon D
Dunaj, Cameron
Montgomery County Library Survey ProjectSocial and Human Services
McKniff, Jessica Toni
Sellahennedige, Kushlani H
Velez, Dianna M
Moon WaterTechnology and Environment
Brown, Derrick Justin
Faulkner, Megan Ann
Spada, Lauren C
More than a Closet: Creating a Props and Costumes Design LabHumanistic Studies of Technology
Moseley, Ryan Alexander
Swalec, Lauren
Moseley & Swalec DNA FingerprintingLaw and Technology
Fields, Jackson Ganister
Kulzer, Kathryne Mary
Marx, Bradford R
Pearce, Emily Catherine
Motivating Environmental Behaviour ChangeEnergy and Resources
Hunt, Shelby Nichole
Kurisko, Timothy Ryan
MacDowell, William David
Pietri, Tyler A
Motivating Sustainable Behaviour Change in Apartment Residents of Moreland, AustraliaEnergy and Resources
Fowler, Stephan Ernest
Senecal, Benjamin Onil
Taylor, Adam Gregory
Zhang, Dongni
MQP Opportunities with Innovative Startup CompaniesEducation in a Technological Society
Bacon, William Alexander
Bleakney, Charles Whitfield
Eberheim, Richard T
Egan, Christopher William
Stipanovich, Rayce Colemen
Tanriverdi, Selim Enis
Multi Channel Audio EnvironmentTechnology and Environment
Chawla, Kunal Kumar
Connor, Nikole M
DeAnda, Michael A
Krebs, Julia Mary
Multi-use Trails in Santa Fe: Accessibility and Social NetworkingUrban and Environmental Planning
Abdelfattah, Nouran Saied
Gagnon, Samuel William
Koumbaros, Evangelos Konstantinos
Municipal Stormwater Management Outreach: Improving Surface Water QualityTechnology and Environment
Ferry, Keith G
McMahon, Nicholas C
Portnoy, Andrea L
Troiano, Jacob H
Murano Energy Reduction: An Investigation of Technologies to Reduce Fuel Consumption in Artistic Glass FurnacesEnergy and Resources
Bigda, Bryan M
Dubuke, Michelle L
LaTorella, Daniel S
Richards, Jennifer Marie
Museo Arzana: Preserving the Traditional Boats of VeniceHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Alperin, Yan
Lau, Allen
Lovejoy, Erik John
Morey, Briana Kay
Museum Education Materials: The design and implementation of demonstrations and activities for Science Museum and classroom useEducation in a Technological Society
Adams, Valerie
Dutton, Ethan Fuller
Kellermeier, Philip S
Vu, Tuan Quang
Museum Space Usage AssessmentHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Duan, Jiye
Han, Mengxi
Li, Yanchen
Wang, Chenbo
MusicSocial and Human Services
Asaad, Sinan SaadMusic Composition Using a Real-Time MRI Biofeedback SystemHumanistic Studies of Technology
Sanchez, Baltasar
Waldron, Brendan R
Music Library OrganizationHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Bohrer, Michael R
Miller, Liam Wilson
Robinson, Tyree Isaiah
Tsang, Kenrick C
Music Oriented GameHumanistic Studies of Technology
Hankel, Beth Marie
Metzler, Michael Lewis
Seney, Brian Joseph
Sessa, Anthony Raymond
Music Software DesignEducation in a Technological Society
Foster, Mark Joseph
Harvey, Brian William
Strout, Andrew John
Musical Interactions in GamingHumanistic Studies of Technology
Letourneux, James R
Ryder, Maureen Elizabeth
Stone, Cory Douglas
Waring, Christopher James
Mythbusters: CholesterolHealth Care and Technology
Breton, Aaron LindseyNarrative in Professional WrestlingHumanistic Studies of Technology
Fineman, Aaron
Montgomery, Joshua A
NASA CHALLENGES AS ORG. DESIGN CONTESTSSocial Studies of Science and Technology
MacDonald, James B
Parker, Kaitlyn E
Rackliff, Nicholas E
Tondreau, Jason T
National Art Library: Services and ExpansionEducation in a Technological Society
Graham, Patrick L
Hebert, Reed Richard
Luong, Phuoc Thanh
Nguyen, Long Hoang
National Emergency System AnalysisHealth Care and Technology
Brisan, Victor
De Los Santos, Jeremy Zorrilla
Ferrandino, Jeffrey M
Khandaker, Atif M
National Energy Policy: Alternative and Renewable EnergyEnergy and Resources
Dowling, Peter William
Morin, Adam Francis
Quinn, Jeffrey Michael
Roosa, Kathryn L
Native Farmers' AlmanacTechnology and Environment
Grebe, William Conrad
Janesch, Kevin S
Stukas, Susan M
Native Languages Revitalization Resource DirectoryHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Bouchard, Tyler Michael
Levien, David Andrew
Puksta, Victor Charles
Shooter, Mark Haywood
Nautical Community Mooring Buoy Utilization in Puerto RicoUrban and Environmental Planning
Bolt, Jonathan B.
Lewis, Amanda Elizabeth
Saccoccia, Anthony B
NCER Funded Awards in the Electronics SectorScience and Technology: Policy and Management
DiNino, Justin
Garabedian, Laurie A
Ossa, Daniel
Smith, Krista J
Negotiating Secure Land Tenure Through Community Redevelopment: A case study from the Klong Toey Slum in BangkokUrban and Environmental Planning
Anouna, James Galbraith
Estep, Zachary Thomas
French, Michael Wallace
Network Latency and Cloud Games: A Study Using GamingAnywhereScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Bedrosian, Katie R
Charest, Jonathan Marc
DeVault, Victoria
Lumley, Emily Elise
Neurotoxic Chemicals in the EnvironmentTechnology and Environment
Moser, Tyler Patrick
Ostling, Jacob Daniel
Paon, Andrew John
New Concept Design for Mikma Coffee Grinder to Increase User BaseEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Cialdea, James G
Heath, Douglas R
Lawrence, Ryan M
Richardson, Anthony Michael
New Housing Survey of the London Borough of Brent in 2008Urban and Environmental Planning
DiCroce, Richard C
Sirocki, Matthew S
New Product Development Portfolio Web Interface version 2.0Science and Technology: Policy and Management
Tidd, Michael
Werner, Ulrich Aldon
New Product Development Portfolio WebsiteScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Barnish, Amanda V
Cote, Keith M
Herreros-Alvarez, Claudio
Zailah, Mustapha F
Newton Green Building PoliciesUrban and Environmental Planning
Cornelius, Aaron W
Macsata, Adam M
San San Oo, Kaung Myat
Standley, Reed M
Next-Generation Classroom Design at WPIEducation in a Technological Society
Haase, Zachary S.NFPA Standards and Occupational Safety of First RespondersTechnology and Environment
Finzel, Brandon R
O'Toole, Shannon Elizabeth
Perron, Justin M
Russell, Jacob E
Noise Data Farming for the City of BostonUrban and Environmental Planning
Hodapp, Marc T
Moulton, Rory Christopher
Ricker, Kari M
Noise Pollution and Classroom AcousticsUrban and Environmental Planning
Bell, Gabriel Thomas
Calzada-Mariaca, Derek Manuel
Lafontant, Kyle
Stylos, Alexander Christopher
Noise Pollution Exhibit at the EcoTariumEducation in a Technological Society
Pagano, Ryan Mackey
Swahn, Samantha K
North High School: Gender Equity StudyEducation in a Technological Society
Meyer, Keith Frederick
Santimore, Dwight Douglas
North Works Station HistoryHumanistic Studies of Technology
Amos, Sean J
Baltazar, Amanda M
Mazza, Julie M
Te, Alino C
Not a Piece of Cake: Understanding the Food Rituals at Birthday Parties in New ZealandHealth Care and Technology
Brasefield, Jessie Ann
Kavrakis, Stephanie K
Sandefer, Andrew
Vikart, Annie
Novel Carbon Dioxide Reutilization for Thai IndustriesTechnology and Environment
Medeiros, James R
Menard, Lynda M.
Norton, John
Townsend, Sean F
NSF: Cyber Service Program AnalysisScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Kressaty, Stephen Joseph
Skerritt, Mathew
Torres, Justin
Nuclear Proliferation Policy DebateSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Corsetti, Timothy Charles
Duval, Matthew Paul
Johnson, James Walker
Secatore, Brandon
Nuclear Proliferation: An EdugameSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Burford, Evans John
Favreau, John Thomas
Gergel, Lauren Elyse
O'Connell, Olivia J
Nutrition and Food Security in the Resettlement Farms of Skoonheid and Drimiopsis, NamibiaEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Gikas, John George
Spinelli, Christopher T
Nutrition in WrestlingHealth Care and Technology
Browning, Alex M
Giroux, Mitchell P
Nutritional Knowledge and Dietary Habits of College Cross-Country RunnersHealth Care and Technology
Driscoll, Joseph Adam
Li, Han
Liu, Zhaochen
Alezker, Alan DOff-task Behavior and Gaming the System: An Analytic ApproachEducation in a Technological Society
Korpak, Thomas D
Lee, Derek Chi-Chun
Soffen, Tanya Sue
Oil From SoybeansEnergy and Resources
Baker, Christopher R
Caisse, Chad S
Johnson, Benjamin Gervais
Oil Pollution in Ecuador: A Devised Remediation ApproachTechnology and Environment
Grupp, Timothy Kevin
Guerra, Anthony
Hart, Olivia R
Wolkiewicz, Dana E
Okundjeneka, Okutalaleka: A Two-Step Process for Sustainable Thermal Regulation in Kambashus in NamibiaUrban and Environmental Planning
Callahan, Daniel Rohan
Clemens, Alexander H
Mihal, David Ian
Mott, Tyler J
Ologism: Normalising Science One Lyric at a TimeEducation in a Technological Society
Bernard, Robert F
Lessard, Benjamin Wray
O'Keefe, Brian M
Scalabrini, Christopher D
On the Feasibility of an Energy Reporting System in London - City Knowledge, the Merton Rule, and Building Birth CertificatesUrban and Environmental Planning
Jones, Bennie
Lessard, Bennett A
McGinley, John Patrick
Perry, Konrad R
Pydynkowski, Kyle
Ongoing Advancement of the Physics ToolboxEducation in a Technological Society
Leslie, Brian MyerOnline Academic-Support Technology WebsiteEducation in a Technological Society
Emery, Chloe
Hartman, Petra
Kelly, Jonathan Howe
Lucker, John Goodwin
Online Data Visualization for the Money in Africa ProjectEducation in a Technological Society
Mann, Kevin David
Miller, Emily Elspeth
Notkin, Michael
Online Educational Games' Effect on LearningTechnology and Environment
Roberts, Devin Thomas
Thomson, Sarah Elizabeth
Wolff, Andrew P
Online Index of Illustrations From Scientific American, 1859-1860, and the Geography of American InventionHumanistic Studies of Technology
Anyansi, Onyedikachi JeffreyOnline Marketing Strategy Guidelines for Non-profits: Case Study on Developing Web Presence for Guatemalan Ecotourism OrganizationSocial and Human Services
Fredette, Ryan Avelar
Hayes, Nicholas Glen
Huntress, Rachael M
Thaw, Myo
Online Museum CollaborationEducation in a Technological Society
Kiryazov, Todor Online Music Store AccessibilityHumanistic Studies of Technology
Feula, Giancarlo
Kacoyannakis, Kayli J
Lavarn, Christina Marie
Mathur, Arjun D
Opinons and Controversy: Educate the EducatorSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Albee, Tyler Harold
Hagger, Jeremy
Paula, Amy Elizabeth
Perez-Rogers, James
Opportunities for a New Generation of E-LearningEducation in a Technological Society
Desmond, Ross Stephen
Khoory, Joseph Anthony
Larue, Michael James
Opportunities for WPI in Washington D.C.Science and Technology: Policy and Management
Bucsan, George Catalin
Romero, Marco A
Szumita, Alexander Richard
Wilson, Benjamin A
Optimising Educational Materials for Alternative Energy TechnologiesEnergy and Resources
Li Sing How, Melanie Optimization of Process variables in the design of nanodrug carriersHealth Care and Technology
Forbes, Ethan Edward
Hayes, Casey Lee Miniutti
Kafantis, Alexander William
Optimizing Affordable Housing on NantucketEnergy and Resources
George, Lydia
Kalluri, Deepti
Optimizing the WPI Assistive Technology Resource Center: Marketing and DocumentationScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Hristov, Stoyan P
Mawhiney, Kelsey
Wilson, Zachary S
Optimizing the WPI Assistive Technology Resource Center: Operation and ManagementSocial and Human Services
Williams, Christopher Michael
Williams, Francis X
Oral Histories of the Video Game IndustryHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Shaw, Adam
Valovcin, Dennis F
ORAL HISTORY DOCUMENTARY: An Interview with Brian MoriartyHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
DelPrete, Suzanne Marie
Graedler, Eyleen K
Oral History of Video Games 2012-13Social Studies of Science and Technology
Baicker-McKee, Eric
Bruzzese, Frank Anthony
Poole, Brandon ReidOrdinary People and Effective Operation of Fire ExtinguishersSafety Analysis and Liability
Anderson, Alessandra R
Andrews, Steven M
Fitting, Eric J
McKenzie, Christopher
Organizational Memory: An AIAA InvestigationSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Desmond, Jessica M
Dunster, Matthew R
Egger, Andrew C
Nuthmann, Thomas R
Outlook on a Species: Evaluation of Public Outreach and Educational Strategies Regarding Conservation Efforts of the New Zealand Sea LionUrban and Environmental Planning
Rehm, Devon Lynne
Riendeau, Elizabeth Marie
Teceno, Nicholas J
Outreach & Marketing for WPI SDCCSocial and Human Services
Green, Brodie Alin
Lynch, Jacqueline Elizabeth
McGillicuddy, Lawrence Patrick
Samuel, Vincent Adam
Overcoming the Barriers to Electric Vehicle Uptake in DenmarkScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Grimard, James M
Lewis, Antonio Andres
Plati, Michael Louis
Overnight Lighting in London's Non-Domestic Building Stock: An Examination of Human Interactions with TechnologyHumanistic Studies of Technology
Han, Gharam
Kling, Jonathan
P.I.E.E Curriculum IntegrationEducation in a Technological Society
Mayo, Joseph M
O'Brien, Kevin James
Rocheleau, Anne Donovan
Palm Oil Processing RecommendationsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Tolani, Jivesh RohetPaper Reduction at WPIEducation in a Technological Society
DiFelice, Lauren Ashley
McDonough, Nicole Marie
Trujillo, David Michael
Paperless Choral ClassroomHumanistic Studies of Technology
Baptiste, Joshua Cody
Kaptur, Sarah Elizabeth
Mazurkiewicz, Ronald Raymond
Partnering with CERES Community Environment Park to Motivate Behavioural Change towards Whole-of-Water-Cycle ManagementUrban and Environmental Planning
Putnam, Cale C
Rosewitz, Jessica A
Tucker, Michelle J
Weir, Robert J.S.
Partnerships Implementing Engineering Education: 2nd and 3rd Grade LessonsEducation in a Technological Society
Buteau, Rachael A.
Hayes, Thomas G
Meko, Mark Joseph
Partnerships Implementing Engineering Education: Grades 4-6Education in a Technological Society
Malcolmson, Molli Anne
Sacco, Daniel R
Whiting, Thomas Anthony
Passenger Vessel Weight MeasurementSafety Analysis and Liability
Field, Annemarie Louise
McGrath, Connor M
Nichols, Elaine
Patent Examiner RecruitmentScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Ng, Keet-Fung F
Patel, Sweta Suresh
Zand, Amid Dolatshahi
Patient tracking in Emergency Department using RFIDHealth Care and Technology
Ansel, Adam
Benson, Eric R
Bujnevicie, Tim
PAX East 2014 Booth IQPSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Anjum, Tanvir Peak Electricity Demand and the Feasibility of Solar PV in the Greater Boston AreaTechnology and Environment
Beyler, Matthew EarlPeak Shaving using Energy Storage at the Residential LevelTechnology and Environment
Carrier, Adam G
Connors, John Patrick
Lee, Hannah
Soderholm, Jeremy P
Pedestrian Bridge Design in Lancaster, MAUrban and Environmental Planning
Dickerman, Matthew Francis
Dwyer, Benjamin Erin
Perceived Robotic FuturesSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Crovello, Stefanie C
Davidson, Joshua Wayne
Keller, Amanda
Perception and Communication of Water Reclamation for the Sustainable Future of WindhoekTechnology and Environment
Gilbert, Courtney
Kechris, Demetrios
Marchese, Andrew D
Pelletier, Elan
Sutherland, Joel DavidPerceptions of Surgical Robotics - Analysis and Study DesignHealth Care and Technology
Katz, Rachel EricaPerceptions When DrawingSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Colschen, Christopher M
Cunningham, Alexander Glencairn
DiOrio, Anthony
Performance Based DesignSafety Analysis and Liability
Serbanescu, Teodor Personal CommunicationSocial and Human Services
Chow, Joyceline
Sircar, Indraneel
Personality vs. Intelligence: A Literature Review and Future Study ProposalSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Beckel, Cody Anthony
Garceau, Christopher Robert
Miggels, Andrew M
Pharmaceuticals in WaterTechnology and Environment
Botelho, Andrew John
Gorton, Vanessa Lucille
Pai, Vinay Chandrakant
Phase II MS4 Permit: Improving Central Massachusetts Stormwater ManagementUrban and Environmental Planning
Barat, Alexander James
Chin, Randy G
Feraco, William Albert
Phase II MS4 Pilot - Central Massachusetts Stormwater ManagementTechnology and Environment
Chambers, Peter Graham
Lanphear, Harry
Mucci, Domenic
Philanthropy on NantucketEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Ferrini, Shawn M
Fitzgerald, Daniel John
Kordell, Steven Paul
Phobos First: A Mission to Settle MarsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Croke, Joshua D
Davis, Douglas Alexander
Phonic Canvas: The Art of Sound (PCASO) - The Research and Theory Behind the Integration of Music and Art Based on Natural, Psychological, and Neurobiological PerceptionHumanistic Studies of Technology
Matroni, Daniel RaymondPhotovoltaic System Acceptability in the FutureEnergy and Resources
Beliveau, Jason A
Lian, Chao
Pyatnychko, Yura
Tariq, Muhammad Farzan
Photovoltization of WPIEnergy and Resources
Mann, Guy Daniel
Pombrio, Justin Lee
Wellington, Christopher C
Physics and Education Interdisciplinary Qualifying ProjectEducation in a Technological Society
Lemoi, Kyle PPhysics Curriculum DevelopmentEducation in a Technological Society
Mann, Stephen RPhysics Data SharingEducation in a Technological Society
Artim, Gregory P
Harvey, Clifford S
Kavulich, Michael Joseph
Physics in a BoxEducation in a Technological Society
McCarthy, Gregory DPhysics Instructional Toolbox IQPEducation in a Technological Society
Faucher, Joshua P
Spitz, Daniel
Vilk, John W
Wunschel, Jennifer L
Physics Lab Toolbox - Collisions LabEducation in a Technological Society
Johns, Andrew RPhysics Performance Data MiningEducation in a Technological Society
Masone, Danielle Maria
Mioduszewski, Molly Helen
Mulcahy, Devin Kostka
Song, Kelin
Piecing Together the Boston HarborwalkScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Angelo, Rafael L
C Vasconcelos, Joao Mauricio
Chan, Andrea Y
Hill, Daniel C
PIERA ALTAUrban and Environmental Planning
Kildea, Jotham A
Lai, Huan Tu
McManus, Kevin M
Sonntag, Matthew J
Pikes for the PeopleSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Goldberg, Katherine Rose
Graham, Alyssa M
Rutledge, Steven Mize
Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station: A Question of Benefit versus RiskEnergy and Resources
Korzeniowski, Christopher
McKinstry, Michael John
Serrano, Christopher J
Plan for an Aquatic Invasive Species Web PortalTechnology and Environment
Girouard, Christopher Michael
Jenkel, Timothy John
Snapp, Alan Thomas
Planning a Lunar Base Exhibit Design ContestSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Bailey, Gregory Jeffery
Baril, Jacob Alexander
Bellini, Jonas Albert
Planning for the Future: Climate Adaptation in Hazard Mitigation Plans and Comprehensive Water Resource Management PlansTechnology and Environment
Havill, Jeffrey Patrick
Palnick, Jacob Hillel
Trudeau, Connor Lewis
Platinum Fuel SaverEnergy and Resources
Boudreau, Justin Leonard
Choi, Eugene
Rezhdo, Oljora
Platinum Supply and the Growth of Fuel Cell VehiclesEnergy and Resources
Figliolini, Cory T
Leverence, Richard C
McDevitt, Elise L
Schiess, Hallie L
Play Space Improvement in the London Borough of BrentUrban and Environmental Planning
Ford, Gregory Andrew
Moriarty, Adam James
Riches, Daniel Paul
Walker, Sarah Louise
Playground Equipment: Classification and Burn AnalysisSafety Analysis and Liability
O'Brien, Michael J
Rodriguez, Michael A
Shaw, Adrian C
Wyant, Christopher Michael
Playing Pitch Provision in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon ThamesUrban and Environmental Planning
Doherty, Kaitlin Delaney
Holmes, Nicole Ann
Wood, Cody H
Plymouth Long Beach ErosionTechnology and Environment
Heslop, Matthew Clive
Willey, Brendon M
Podcasts for Information Literacy at the Gordon LibraryTechnology and Environment
Chin, Alexander Polymers for Innovative Food PackagingTechnology and Environment
Hawkins, Benjamin Gerard
Kawakami, Haroldo
Lorenzo, Briana C.
Wu, Cei Ping
Pool Safety and TechnologySafety Analysis and Liability
Lebedev, Ivan V
Park, Jayyoung
Yaylaian, Ross Vahan
Popular Sweeteners and Their Health EffectsHealth Care and Technology
Cavalcanti, Paulo
Goldsmith, Jonathan
Tetreault, Nathan
Portable News Media StudioTechnology and Environment
Foltz, Ryan Portrait of Artificial IntelligenceHumanistic Studies of Technology
Stevens, Keeley MarinPortraiture of the Experience of TimeHumanistic Studies of Technology
D'Angelo, Robert John
Vaccaro, Nicholas Charles
Van Welie, Megan L
Vargas, Alejandra M
Post-Tsunami Ecotourism Development: Solutions for Laem Khruat VillageEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Early, William E
Rinaldi, Amanda Angela
Rossi, Lisa Marissa
Savastano, Daniel J
Postmodern PostmortemTechnology and Environment
Turcotte, Brendan JPostmodern Postmortems: Art to Highlight Social Issues in Venice, ItalySocial and Human Services
Elmore, James Edward
Ortiz Rosero, Jose Luis
Velazquez, Jarred Alexander
Wing Yiu, Kevin Kai
Potential Economic Impact of Large Scale Retrofitting in YarraEnergy and Resources
Baranowski, Benjamin Joel
Jones, Daniel Rodgers
Mendonca, Alison C
Rozsahegyi, Emily Joan
Potential Hazards Associated with Environmentally Preferable ProductsSafety Analysis and Liability
Bloksberg, Nicholas Wesley
Lehrman, Christopher J
Potential of Wind Energy in the United StatesEnergy and Resources
Bosch, John
Colella, Sean M
Rousseau, Joel R
Potential Uses of the Proposed Sports and Recreation FacilitySocial and Human Services
Beaulieu, James Albert
McGrath, Brent Daniel
Practice for Connected Mathematics ProjectEducation in a Technological Society
Grotton, Jacob
Veilleux, Sidney L
Predicting the Price of a StockEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Frewin, Michael W
Gutierrez, Beatriz M
Velasquez Casado, Silvia Ines
Preparedness of Costa Rican Companies to Export Green Products to the European Union Private MarketEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Chambers, Tyler John
Duka, Ina
Jones, Thomas Gregory
Kengne, Fabrice Fotso
Preparing Auburn for a Climate Action PlanEnergy and Resources
Guay, Keith P
Hennessy, Jillian R
Richard, Lauren A
Rojas, Santiago
Preparing the City of Chelsea, Massachusetts to Better Adapt to Climate ChangeUrban and Environmental Planning
Flock, Micah L
Gettel, George Tucker
Oliveira, Stephen Philip
Preservation and Progress: The Socio-Economic and Environmental Effects of Modernizing Zillij ProductionTechnology and Environment
Ball, Michael Henry
Becker, Timothy J
Smalanskas, Ryan J
Preservation of Rural Character, Spencer, MassachusettsUrban and Environmental Planning
Fitzgibbon, Jonathan James
Kazanovicz, Christopher John
Lima, Nicholas Alexander
Rosales, Courtney Anne
PreserVenice: Preserving the Material Culture of VeniceHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Ascare, Alyssa A
Fletcher, Holly Dice
Mazzucotelli, Amy Takara
Pierson, Daniel B
PreserVenice: Preserving Venetian Material CultureHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Kent, Amanda Lee
Kieselbach, Rebecca Lynne
Miller, Kyle Hathaway
Sottolano, Ryan David
Vessella, Steven Richard
PreserVenice: Preserving Venetian Public ArtHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Bezek, Jaime Antonio
Nichols, Amanda Lee
Roddy, Colin
Trojanowski, Rebecca A
PreserVenice: Preserving Venetian Public ArtHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Guzman, Michael Angelo
Niro, Arianna Catherine
Tong, Anqi
Preserving Heritage in the Face of Urban Development in Hong KongUrban and Environmental Planning
Catalano, Brian J
Gervais, Kristen J
Sinapius, Ryan D
Preserving the Nautical Traditions and Maritime Heritage of Venice, ItalyTechnology and Environment
Foley, Meagan P
Larsen, Alex Scott
Navien, Timothy Thomas
Riley, Phoebe Elizabeth
Preserving Venetian HeritageHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Bahlatzis, Jonathan
D'Angelo, Sophia Mary
Nina, Hamlet V
Shomorony, Ilan
Pressing Issues: A Venetian Socioeconomic OverviewSocial and Human Services
DeOssie, Danielle L
Floyd, Stuart H
Landau, Daniel H
Preventative Actions to Reduce Agricultural Water Contamination in Costa RicaUrban and Environmental Planning
Aherrera, Marya Celina Manalo
Davis, Linette C
Gardinier, Sarah K
Rondinone, Kevin M
Preventing Thai Teen Pregnancy through Digital MediaHealth Care and Technology
Miller, Satia Adele
Paris, Melissa Hughes
Primed to Adjust: An Investigation of Chronic Collectivist Social TuningSocial and Human Services
Giesecke, Joseph Tyler
Miraglia, Sam Vincent
Tocco, Daniel David
Primus Green EnergyEnergy and Resources
Ferreira, Nathan Costa
Lesage, Stephanie Rose
Vishniac, Jordan Daniel
Wang, Zibo
Principles of Comprehensive Pedestrian Networks in a Multi-Layered CityUrban and Environmental Planning
Gager, Arthur Hough
Gould, Adam
Lampke, Daniel H
Onderdonk, Jeffrey D
Printer's BuildingEnergy and Resources
Boone, Tyler HPrivacy and Security in Information TechnologySocial Studies of Science and Technology
Banahan, Robert
Beck, Sean Patrick
Knight, Patrick L
Pro Patria Mori: An Innovative Game Design DocumentEducation in a Technological Society
Rathore, Swati SProbiotics: A Closer LookHealth Care and Technology
Darling, Connor
He, Zhidong
Mattie, Breahna
Pinnette, Dylan
Zhang, Chenwei
McCarthy, Colin WilliamProducing a Lighting Design: Lighting the MikadoHumanistic Studies of Technology
Arjun, Sneha
Greenwood, Jeffrey Edward
Karki, Nitya
Caulfield, Mark T
Lapierre, Tyler M
MacDougall, Marc Andrew
O'Toole, Dillon T
Scanlon, Michael Edward
Production and Engineering Aspects of Manufacturing Ice CreamHumanistic Studies of Technology
Peake, Natasha VaredPROFAC and PHAROSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Capriotti, Blair J
Montalvan, Derek Anthony
PROFAC and PHAROSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Coleman, Catherine E
Minor, Sean M
Seed, James Patrick
Wakeman, Juliana Marie
Profiling Community AssetsUrban and Environmental Planning
Benton, John
Gagliardi, Robert J
Wester, Christian R
Program for Teaching Electronics to Middle School StudentsEducation in a Technological Society
Degenhardt, Adam John
Ouimet, Benjamin Michael
Owens, Brittany Ann
Tamburri, Anthony John
West, Owen Green
Program to Increase K-12 Interest in Computer ScienceEducation in a Technological Society
Carletto-Leon, Francesca
DeSimone, Dillon J
Farro, Thomas William
Project Overworld: Campus GPS AppSocial and Human Services
Hayes, Brianna Susan
McNally, Taylor Cole
Rancourt, Trevor Mitchell
Sinkewicz, Tracy Marie
Promoting a Lead Free Community: An Educational Program for Schools in ThailandEducation in a Technological Society
Climer, Nathan
King, Matthew John
Miranda, Kelsey Larson
Zamora-Palacios, Sofia Andrea
Promoting Active Teaching Methods in Rural Thailand: A Case Study on Science Laboratory ActiveEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Cyr, Dusty
Hannoush, Anthony Samir
Josephs, Michael George
Mikelonis, Anthony
Promoting Alternative Transportation for the WPI CommunityUrban and Environmental Planning
Nagpal, Sunil
Nesterenko, Irina A
Rankova, Aneliya Z
Tam, Kelly
Promoting Awareness and Early Detection of Breast Cancer in ThailandHealth Care and Technology
Ducharme, Kevin Thomas
Lam, Calvin K
Otuyelu, Adeola Oluwakemi
Tombarelli, Richard G
Promoting Car Clubs in CroydonUrban and Environmental Planning
Davidson, Donna
MacMath, Lauren K
Ramig, Caitlyn M.
Promoting Change in the Costa Rican Business SectorScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Dawn Walker, Krystel Sophia
Moutinho, Thomas James
Van Herwarde, Grania Maeve
Promoting Ecotourism in Himachal PradeshTechnology and Environment
Giannopoulos, Hristos N
Kica, Artian
Pirasmepulkul, Saraj
Promoting Innovation in AlbaniaEducation in a Technological Society
Hargraves, Alyssa
Herrera, Jesse T
Serrati, Gabriella P
Tran, Connie
Watson, Thomas Branton
Promoting Interaction: English Language Education and Cultural Exchange Program for Rural Schools in ThailandSocial and Human Services
Andruskiewicz, Mason Douglas
Murray, Thomas Grant
Sarber, Bailey Maria
Sharpe, Rebecca Ann
Promoting Namibia as a Hub for International Trade and Transport: Case Studies of Business Growth in the Transport and Logistics IndustryEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
DesPlaines, Lena B
Ferro, Michael A
Kurtz, Matthew R
Darcy, Julia Whitney
Marcinkowski, Ashley Elizabeth
Olson, Giovanna Cutietta
Willer, Madeline Rae
Promoting Renewable Energy Use Through Community-Based EducationEnergy and Resources
Covey, Beth R
Kan, Vincent L
Mann, Joseph S
Promoting Rights-Based Approach to Social Work in Hong KongSocial and Human Services
Chevis, Marina Flaksberg
Correia, Joao Paulo
Gay, Joseph F
Ryan, Amanda M
Promoting Sustainable Coffee Farming in Northern ThailandEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Carter, Michael Andrew
Lee, Nathaniel Broadbent
Oliver, Erik S
Post, Molly Kessler
Promoting the Design of Buildings that Are Fire Safe and SustainableEnergy and Resources
Fitch, Karen L
Gomez Enriquez Riart, Nicolas
Jorgensen, Eric D
Vandenberg, Halsey Alexander
Promoting the Hydroponics Project of the Chaipattana Foundation in Prachinburi, ThailandTechnology and Environment
Andreoni Paseka, Victor Eduardo
Payne, Kevin Arthur
Sullivan, Oliver Steers
Promoting the Use of Green Roofs on Street-Level Surfaces to Improve Public Awareness about Stormwater Management in BostonUrban and Environmental Planning
Callahan, Kelsi Poole
Chareth, Matthew D
Lewis, Rachel Amelia
Sprague, Matthew L
Promoting Travel SMART in RedhillUrban and Environmental Planning
Harmony, Zachary David
Hiatt, Meagan E
Waechter, Paige R
Zhou, Chuankai
Promoting Universal Accessibility of the East Kowloon Harbor FrontUrban and Environmental Planning
Kelly, Katherine A
Mutetwa, Batsirai Tafadzwa
Novoson, Lisa E
Promotion of Hospice and Homecare Programs in Thailand: A Framework for the Assessment of Costs and BenefitsSocial and Human Services
Camann, Andrew L
Dragsbaek, Kirk H
Krol, Stanley James
Sandgren, John N
Song, David Da
Properties, Recycling and Alternatives to PE BagsTechnology and Environment
Gary, Scott C
Nemeth, Oscar B
White, Daniel William
Wojcik, Cody M
Proposal for the Development of an Economically Viable Lunar BaseSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Iovanna, Andrew William
Perez, Nicholas Paul
Petock, Rose Mairead
Spicola, Joseph Richard
Proposing Information Communication Technology Solutions for a Business Studio EnvironmentEducation in a Technological Society
Beardsley, Matthew J
Dighello, Lea H
Flanagan, Christopher J
Varney, Nathan T
Prospects for Hydrogen Fuel in the Early FutureEnergy and Resources
Gasper, Paul Joseph
Ge, Shuimiao
Loomis, Amy Eleanor
Miller, Shelby Anne
Prospects of Ecotourism in Hong Kong: A Case Study on Tung Ping ChauUrban and Environmental Planning
Berkowe, Jessica Christiane
Dede, Ana M
Johnson-Hoyte, Dante S
Rucco, Joseph
Prosthetic End-­User Usability SurveyHealth Care and Technology
Donado, Carlos A
Fiske, Dora Maria
Reilly, Seanna M
Protection of Environment and Indigenous People Through Best Practices of Oil DevelopmentEnergy and Resources
Keck, David
Milano, Vincent J
Perry, Michele A
Soares, Alvaro
Stein, Kenneth A
Zheng, Mingzhu
Providing a Platform for the Boston Community Learning InitiativeScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Berner, Cara A
Clark, Deanna E
Flibbert, Samuel Vaughn
Piotrowicz, Kate E
Providing Guidance to Massachusetts Public Water Suppliers on Cyanobacteria Contamination of Public Drinking WaterSafety Analysis and Liability
Ambady, Shridhar
Hancock, Kevin Philip
Kohlman, Katrina Rose
Seigle, Madeline Divan
Providing Support for the Ladegårdsåen Daylighting ProjectUrban and Environmental Planning
Corcoran, Ian Christopher
Over, Robert A
Withrow, Andrew Kenneth
Proving the Social and Economic Value of the Lunch Club for Older Persons for the Commonside Community Development TrustSocial and Human Services
Vine, Nicholas CrewPsychology Under the Third ReichSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Dapshi, Elvis Arben
Maloney, Erin Eileen
Morgan, Daniel Joseph
Public Access Defibrillation: The Implementation of Automated External Defibrillators to the WPI CampusHealth Care and Technology
Maynard, Alexander RPublic Awareness of Bisphenol ATechnology and Environment
Amato, Michael Salvatore
Oo, Sett Paing
Public Involvement in Long-Term Stewardship Sites of the Superfund ProgramUrban and Environmental Planning
Boucher, Michael
Jackson, Tayeisha A
Mendoza Gonzalez, Isabella Maria
Snyder, Kelsey L
Public Perception of Windhoek's Drinking Water and its Sustainable FutureTechnology and Environment
Di Cristina, Giovanni
Miloscia, Elizabeth Anne
Renner, Rebecca R
Thapa, Kshitij
Public Transit in the Capital of Enchantment: Improving Rider Information and ServicesUrban and Environmental Planning
Galligan, Sean Christopher
Grasis, Lindsey Catherine
Hopkins, Jason M
Svirsky, Thomas Amato
Puerto Rican Coral Reef Degradation: Causes and CuresTechnology and Environment
Bumila, Kathryn Ann
Gifford, Michael Merritt
Lovett, Zachariah Daniel
Portera, Andrew Alexander
Puerto Rican Mill RestorationHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Bhakhri, Aakriti
Cyr, Matthew Ryan
Ivanov, Ivan Enchev
Puerto Rico Electric Vehicle Introduction StudyTechnology and Environment
Devries, John Federico
Giambrone, Matthew David
Haring, Alexander Philip
Penrose, Matthew Howard
Puerto Rico Light PollutionTechnology and Environment
Champagne, Aaron Paul
Evansen, Brent E
Heath, Colleen E
North, Taylor Alden
Puerto Rico Residential Energy StudyEnergy and Resources
Dickson, Brett
Divoll, Jamison Peter
Martiniello, Brian
Zalucky, Ashley Lyn
Puerto Rico Water Access AnalysisUrban and Environmental Planning
Maccaferri, Martin E
Salmon, Oliver
Thompson, Mikayla Rae
Wilbur, Nicholas
Punto Verde Children's ParkTechnology and Environment
Davidson, Benjamin
Mahoney, Shawn Joseph
Patrick, David James
Sidoti, Tory Dylan
Quality of Life Improvements for the Oak Hill CommunityTechnology and Environment
Flaisher, Omri
Hayne, Rafi H
Yang, Bing
Quality Urban Living in Hong Kong: Shrinking SpacesUrban and Environmental Planning
Lopes, Alyssa M
Pickett, Daniel Mark
Prince, Gregary B
RADAR Communications Network: Testing, Verification, and TrainingSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Cobb, Jesse EltonRadio Documentary of Worcester 6Social Studies of Science and Technology
Baker, Seth W
Grygorcewicz, Erica
Opperman, Greg L
Rainwater Harvesting in Informal Settlements of Windhoek, NamibiaUrban and Environmental Planning
Dupuy, Morley
Espaillat, Luis Rafael
Fu, RuoQing
Wang, Jun Chao
Rainwater Harvesting in Matenwa, HaitiTechnology and Environment
Abou Nader, Alice Jeanne
Evan-Browning, Eric Morgan
Shappee, Bartlett
Siering, Kathryn
Raising Public Visibility: Communication DesignSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Liziewski, Kathryn E
Trivedi, Crystal B
Raising Tourist Awareness of Lyme Disease on Nantucket IslandHealth Care and Technology
Vartak, Manasi PradeepRapid Generation of Isomorphic TutoringEducation in a Technological Society
Butler, Timon Leslie
Estabrook, Jonathan G
Funk, Joseph Emil
Kingsley, James Leonard
O'Meara, Ryan S
RBE Wiki for Independent LearningEducation in a Technological Society
Conley, Christopher Harold
Da Vitoria, Gilmar Bento
Gwozdz, Jessica Rose
Hugal, Olivia Josephine
RBE2001 Virtual Study AidEducation in a Technological Society
Accosta, Robert F
McDonald, Theodore Beckos
Scanio, Corina C
Thibideau, Jessica L
Re-engineering the Venetian Taxi Transportation System: Efficiency Improvements That Reduce Moto OndosoEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Nguyen, Calvin Xuan
Tang, Kai
Won, Yechan
Cerulli, Janese M
Ficarra, Michael
Flaherty, Deanna R
Reading and Math Explorers WebsiteEducation in a Technological Society
DiSpirito, Hailey J
Dunn, Nikole Amber
Piscopiello, Amanda Sue
Reading and Math Explorers™: Professional DevelopmentEducation in a Technological Society
Moore, David SReal-Time Dosimetry Badges And the feasibility on their ability to reduce radiation exposureHealth Care and Technology
Holovnia, Nicholas L
Lanciani, Kirk D
Moran, Yekaterina V
Rosales, Mardelle Adriana
Recommendations for a Creative Business Incubator for the City of WorcesterEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Black, Andrew P
Ford, Michael K
Keough, Krysta Theresa
Richards, Brad T
Recommendations for a Macroinvertebrate Index of Biotic Integrity (M-IBI) for the San Juan Metropolitan AreaUrban and Environmental Planning
D'Onofrio, Michael David
Hanson, Helen A
Kardian, Kevin R
Sockbeson, Henry J
Recommendations for a Professional Development FrameworkEducation in a Technological Society
Dangelo, Amber R
Hodel, Kristen E
Wood, Michael
Austin, Russell D
Esposito, Stephen J
Lapinel, Elizabeth A
Recommendations for DNER Land Acquisition ProposalLaw and Technology
Davidson, Philip A
DeCicco, Maria Arvena
Wetherbee, Matthew J
Recommendations for Improving the MIK Website and Overall Marketing StrategyScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Castonguay, Amy Jeanne
Donovan, Matthew
Thompson, Holly A
Recommendations for RBG Education ServicesEducation in a Technological Society
Grills, Jacob Timothy
Hinrichs, Richard Cole
Mohammed Jabe Alwash, Mimoon Ghalib
Wasserman, Brittany M
Recommendations for the Classroom Technology and Layout at WPIEducation in a Technological Society
Amante, John Joseph
Duan, Helei
Hamlin, Cassandra Lynne
Morozov, Mikhail
Recommendations Toward Expanding the Scope of the Zellij Craft IndustryEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Aho, Christopher
Deveau, Justin Stephen
McGregor, Cody Allen
Reconnecting New Generations to Charles DickensEducation in a Technological Society
Clark, Christopher Gardner
Marengo, Kaitlyn A
Perron, Jedediah James
Rosica, Patrick Lindsay
Reconstruction of the Plaza at Cochiti Pueblo: Preserving the Past, Recording the Present, and Planning the Future of the Cochiti PlazaHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Carley, Ryan W.
Crocker, Jeremiah P
Pyle, Ashley Renee
Saviski, Michelle M
Ziemba, Rebeccah J
Recreational and Educational Activities of Las Perdices in the Rio Abajo ForestUrban and Environmental Planning
DeMarinis, Nicholas Anthony Frank
Dinwoodie, Sarah Anne
Kelly, Richard G
Parker, Heather Roark
Recruitment and Energy Audits of SMEs in ReigateEnergy and Resources
Adamson, Patricia Alyce
Allietta, Emily Colleen
King, Melissa A
Recycling and Solid Waste Management in Montes de Oca, San Jose, Costa RicaUrban and Environmental Planning
Barrows, Daniel Alan
Griffin, Dennis Paul
Recycling and Waste Management in Massachusetts High Schools and CollegesEnergy and Resources
Busteed, Meaghan E
Palkhiwala, Kushal R
Roma, Melissa Jean
Shah, Bhavika B
Recycling Attitudes and Behaviors of Students at Carlos Pascua Zúñiga High SchoolTechnology and Environment
Jacobsen, Anne Cecilie Gjerstad
Kelly, Malick Daniel
Roche, Logan Alexander
White, Evan Thomas Lewis
Recycling by Bicycle: A Green Alternative to Expand Recycling and Create Jobs in WindhoekUrban and Environmental Planning
Auer, Vivian Jane
Lacagnina, Christopher Mark
Mattern, Rebecca M
Munoz, Angel Luis
Nido, Ricardo Jose
Redesign of Downtown Canton, MaineUrban and Environmental Planning
Connors, Ethan A
Flaherty, Robert William
Gala, Richard Joseph
MacDonald, James Lee
Sosa, Jose Felipe
Yablonski, Garrett Irgens
Redesign of Tactical BackpackTechnology and Environment
Bedell, Ryan
Glidden, Lawson E
Kelley, Matthew Christopher
Ramsay, Alexander Chaves
Redesign of the Online Calculus Placement TestEducation in a Technological Society
Cote, Matthew John
Sorrells, Jonathan Lee
Zhou, Yihao
Redesigning the Nantucket Town WebsiteScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Leigher, Kristen
Mulhern, John K
Zhang, Xiying
Redeveloping Saint Michael’s Drive in Santa Fe, NMUrban and Environmental Planning
Esposito, Robert A
Kuhn, Karl
Rogers, Benjamin D
Sabo, Vincent M
Redeveloping the Airport WebsiteTechnology and Environment
Li, Ningwei
Mahat, Dilasha
Park, Seonhee
Reduce, Reuse, and Replace: A Study on Solutions to Plastic WastesTechnology and Environment
Liu, Weifan
Nikodemus, Merlin A
Shrestha, Shikha
Surabhi, .
Reducing Ambulance Dispatch TimeHealth Care and Technology
Forti, Megan Elizabeth
Leblanc, Michael James
McManus, Kelly Elizabeth
Reducing Environmental Impact from Fire Protection IndustryTechnology and Environment
Brinkmann, Colleen Marie
Crabtree, Bryan R
Stocker, Justin Alan
Reducing Household Carbon Footprints in NewtonEnergy and Resources
Colakhodzic, Naida
King, Callie Barlow
Nguyen, Uyen Ngoc Thao
Sundberg, Kristin Luise
Reducing Noise, Contaminants, and Unintended Stresses in Emergency Medical Triage UnitsHealth Care and Technology
Kellas, Matthew Jesse
Mun, Alyssa H
Stevens, Corey P
Reengineering the United States Patent Process: Improving Examination Procedures and Employee CommunicationsLaw and Technology
Escuer, Pedro Jose
Mateo, Ana Stella
McConnell, Christopher Logan
Schutes, John Thomas
Refining Visitor Tracking for Museum VictoriaHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Ciliotta, Giuseppe B
Dracoulis, Gregory Philip
Feng, Shaoming
Regional Social Network to Promote and Support Underrepresented Minority ScientistsScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Murphy, Patrick Dennis
Wormley, Jared Maxwell
Regional Social Networking IQPEducation in a Technological Society
Dellagrotte, Lusan Lee
Fathima, Ayesha Tazeen
Wetzel, Jordan Michael
Xu, Zhansong
Reinvigorating the “In Their Shirtsleeves” Industrial Exhibit at the Worcester Historical MuseumHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Collins, Michael Saverio
Collins, Patrick Bruce
Cummings, Charles B
Hay, Tyler Crawford
Reliability of Load Bearing SystemsSafety Analysis and Liability
Kesisoglou, Iordanis
Laplante, Dale Joseph
Wang, Yuchen
Renewable Energy Resources: Tidal and Jet Stream EnergiesEnergy and Resources
Bebel, Nick
Hagopian, Garabed P
Larson, Shane P
Renewable Energy with Photovoltaic SystemsEnergy and Resources
Lv, Zhengyuan
Shi, Kexin
Zhu, Bolin
Reorganizing and Redesigning WPI Choral Music LibraryHumanistic Studies of Technology
Han, Qiaochu Reorganizing and Redesigning WPI Choral Music LibraryHumanistic Studies of Technology
Miller, Jay Thomas
Wang, Shuyang
Zhao, Chutian
Reorganizing the Music LibraryHumanistic Studies of Technology
Brassard, Jeremy M
Markham, David James
Truhanovitch, Amber
Replacement Hand Washing SystemTechnology and Environment
Frattesi, Timothy Richard
Griesbach, Douglas J
Leith, Jonathan David
Shaffer, Timothy Dresden
Replayability of Video GamesSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Foley, Daniel Edward
Mann, Joshua Curtis
Mitchell, Jerone Tedroy
Moulton, David James
Research Habits of WPI Project TeamsEducation in a Technological Society
Costello, Peter Calvin
Kevorkian, Christopher Michael
Moyer, Daniel Van Zandt
Research in Artificial Intelligent TutoringEducation in a Technological Society
Babkoor, Mohammed S
Gu, Tianchang
Harris, Anne F
Research on Course-Based Undergraduate Research on Behalf of the NSFSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Tselkov, Bogomil VesselinovResearch on Option Trading StrategiesEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Bellisario, Sebastian Nickolai
Smith, Andrew Michael
Researching an Attendance SystemHumanistic Studies of Technology
Distler, Daniel B
Emberley, Richard L
Reader, Harold Fredrick
Taillefer, Zachary R
Residential Electrical Fires: Effects of Increased Demand on Aging Electrical Distribution Systems in Victoria, AustraliaScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Aubin, Alana Marie
Chichester, Francisca Ann
Kantesaria, Shahil S
Resources for Cycling-Interested Tourists in CopenhagenSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Dang, Steven T
LaBove, Chad J
Mastascusa, Domenick Richard
Milazzo, Edward Joseph
ReStore Volunteers: A 'Hand Up' for the Worcester CommunitySocial and Human Services
Cox, Rachele Barbara
Garcia, Daniela
LeMenager, Lucien F
Norton, Marissa A
Restoring the Santa Fe River: Using mobile technology to engage citizens in monitoring the riverTechnology and Environment
McCann, Christopher
Odom, Justin
Richardson, Timothy
Shah, Bryan
Restructuring the Electrical IndustryEnergy and Resources
Basehore, Sarah Elizabeth
Kiely, William John
Taber, Matthew Russell
Whitcher, Chadwick James
Retrofitting the Future: Preserving Native Crops with Sustainable Greenhouse TechnologyTechnology and Environment
Corriveau, Alison M
DiToro, Jessica A
Martinez Luna, Carlos Humberto
Scully, Brian J
Return to the City of Water: Quantifying Change in the Venetian CanalsUrban and Environmental Planning
Clark, Jessica M
Guerette, Brian
Ruhl, Victoria E
Reviewer Database and Evaluation ProcessSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Dopart, Celena H
Post, Stephanie Elaine
Silva, Erik C
Revitalizing Recycling in DenmarkTechnology and Environment
Garcia, Ryan Robert
Mocadlo, Ryan N
Wigley, Margaret Kathleen
Wisanpitayakorn, Pattipong
Revitalizing Worcester and Burnside FountainTechnology and Environment
Bierkan, Chelsea Lynn
Gosselin, Jennifer M
Pelkowski, Justin M
Woodman, Katharine H
Reviving the History of the Venetian Scuole: Public Education through an Interactive WebsiteHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Carcieri, Stephanie F
Morris, Sean O
Perry, Brendan D
RFID Technology to Aid in Navigation and Organization for the Blind and Partially SightedHealth Care and Technology
Craft, Peter M
Lee, Rebecca J
Spurgeon, Will E
RGS-IBG Expeditions Database and Report CollectionEducation in a Technological Society
Kennedy, Craig Louis
Kowaleski, Mark Christopher
Pollard, Justin Reed
Zabinski, Kevin Blaine
Rio Piedras Conservation Management PlanUrban and Environmental Planning
Herrera, Miguel A
Holmberg, Rebecca R
Shapiro, Hannah Elizabeth
Risk Communication in Thailand: A Case Study in Rayong ProvinceSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Bailey, Christina Mary
Caisse, Mitchell William
Kirichenko, Erika
Smith, Nicholas Ryan
Risk-Based Marine Inspection Performance MeasuresSafety Analysis and Liability
Johnson, Michael Nicholas
Jones-Mulaire, William Addison
Wall, Michael K
Risky BusinessHealth Care and Technology
Aleles, Nicholas John
Mercik, Kyle David
Tripp, Zackary Philip
Robert Goddard ExhibitHumanistic Studies of Technology
Crouse, Andrew Robert H. Goddard: The Proto-Plan WPI StudentEducation in a Technological Society
Buchanan, Carly Jeanne
Ochoa-Canizares, Julieth
Robokids Interactive Qualifying ProjectTechnology and Environment
Kurz, Eric M
Smith, Andrew
RoboKids IQPEducation in a Technological Society
Blasius, Audrey Hope
Heiser, Jerrod Thomas
Puttre, Katelyn M
Stackable, John M
Robotic Arm ExhibitEducation in a Technological Society
Morrison, Benjamin Robert
Topping, Daniel Alden
Robotic Prosthetic Availability AnalysisHealth Care and Technology
Benko, Maxwell E
Farrar, John Clarke
Noser, Jonathan W
Robotics Education in the Current IndustryEducation in a Technological Society
Earley, Daniel Wilson
Guill, Patrick-Joseph Fitzgerald
Robotics in an Economic DownturnEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Breznak, Robert S
Hnath, William R
Muir, Alexander D
Robotics Innovation Competition and ConferenceEducation in a Technological Society
Butler, Jason William
Kozlov, Carmel
Manson, Stephanie M
Saylor, Ashley K
Role of Dieting and Food Habits on ObesityHealth Care and Technology
Holmes, Benjamin
Ryll, Erik D
Truong, David
Roof FailureSafety Analysis and Liability
Archinal, Paige Tracy
Kowalczyk, Laura Ann
Lee, Jefferson Ching Hoi C
Sherrod, Ronald D'Andre
Rooftop Gardens for Sustainable Livelihoods in Cape TownUrban and Environmental Planning
Ducimo, Anthony PaulS.N. Behrman: A Report on the Creation of an Interactive Map Correlated with His Memoir, "The Worcester Account", and a Comparison of that Memoir with His Play, "The Cold Wind and the Warm"Humanistic Studies of Technology
Franzini, Gabrielle
Pickering, Adrian
Sears, Zachary H
SAE CLUB GROWTH & DEVELOPEMENTScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Lehner, James Thomas
Walsh, Brendan Peter
Safe Nuclear EnergyEnergy and Resources
Almeida, Brian Joseph
McKan, Lindsey Evinn
Peter, Andrew D
Safety Regulations for Unregistrable Movable DwellingsUrban and Environmental Planning
Nguyen, Tuong-Vi T
Walkowski, Joshua Travis
Samaritans' Teen LineSocial and Human Services
Pennington, Elliot Samariteen AIM ClientHealth Care and Technology
Hastings, Paul Francis
Meas, Passe Khavy
Warner, Marisa
Saving Energy in Nantucket Public SchoolsEnergy and Resources
Boschetto, Concetta MScaffolding For BiologyEducation in a Technological Society
Mitnik, Alec SScaffolding for BiologyEducation in a Technological Society
Almaymuni, Abdullah
Giannini, Carly Marie
Kinkead, William Matthew
Proulx, Jillian E
Science and Art CollaborationTechnology and Environment
Sebuwufu, Patrick SScience ASSISTments Coding Scheme for Open Response ItemsEducation in a Technological Society
Embree, David CraigScience ASSISTments: Creation of Engaging Visual Objects for MicroworldsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Salvati, James Robert
Wolfe, Ethan
Science ASSISTments: Earth Science: SeasonsEducation in a Technological Society
Richardson, Jacqui OharaScience ASSISTments: Tutoring Inquiry Skills in Middle School StudentsEducation in a Technological Society
DiTullio, Steven MichaelScience ASSISTments: Tutoring Middle School Students' Inquiry Skills in the Domain of State ChangeEducation in a Technological Society
Butler, Valerie Sharon
Czapkowski, Brooke Leslie
Dragonas, Michael Joseph
Tran, Michelle Pham
Science at the Crossroads: Enhancing students' interest in science through a community learning centreEducation in a Technological Society
Chernyak, Vadim
Deciero, Daniel J
Dittrich, Wesley R
Meyer-Lorentson, Alexander L
Science Education for the FutureEducation in a Technological Society
Colangelo, Rose Simone
Okumura, Carol
Patrick, Sean K
Whitten-Kassner, Elias Christopher
Science Lab Activities for Secondary Science Education in Northeast ThailandEducation in a Technological Society
Alexander, Tyler Bryce
Miller, Tori Lynn
Pierce, Amanda L
Scientific American as a Mid-Nineteenth Century Middleman: The Periodical’s Role as a Liaison between the Public and InventorsHumanistic Studies of Technology
Crock, Randall
Fast, Nicholas A
Worsman, Ryan K
SDCC: Visible or Invisible?Education in a Technological Society
Beaulieu, Danielle R
Colon, Jeremy Thomas
Nikkhouy-Toussi, Darius
Sea Level Rise Adaptation in the Boston Harbor AreaUrban and Environmental Planning
Doe, Garret C
Meade, John Richard
Second Phase: Tourism Barometer; Creating a Tourism Tracking SystemEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Kinsky, Paul Gregory
McGlew, Christina M
Pehnke, Lauren M
Secrets: an Arts-Based InquirySocial and Human Services
Blanchard, Roger Henri
Brigham, Joseph Charles
Lewis, Mitchell Robert
Marshall, Aaron Joseph
Security Systems in SchoolsSafety Analysis and Liability
Jajosky, Ryan PSecurity-Camera Proposal for the Dynamy Youth CenterSafety Analysis and Liability
Armstrong, Erin Lynn
Degnall, Elizabeth
Obasare, Ricardo Ejovi
Scott-Solomon, Emily Rivkah
Sedimentation in Mangrove Forests in Sámara, Costa RicaTechnology and Environment
Botaish, Christopher Ryan
Cavanagh, Brendan Scott
Cueva, Jose Adan
Seizing Opportunities: Reaching CMS Credit Union’s PotentialSocial and Human Services
Carey, Derek Allen
Misch, Alexander Jacob
Spencer, Anthony Patrick
Speranza, Richard James
Self-Disclosure on Social Networking SitesEducation in a Technological Society
Liu, Zhongxiu
Pataranutaporn, Visit
Sequences of Frustration and Confusion, and LearningEducation in a Technological Society
Nass, Matthew L
Taubert, Alex Wayne
Zolotykh, Sergey
Serious Games in Information Literacy: The Creation and Analysis of Games to Teach Information LiteracyEducation in a Technological Society
Costa, Kyle H
Napolitano, Stephen Maximillian
Pitkin, Joseph Myron
Proshko, Anna
Setting Priorities for Improving Boston City Street LightTechnology and Environment
Caldwell, Derek
Kreitman, Adam Mathew
McDermott, Sean A
Sewer Information Management for the Town of Grafton, MassachusettsUrban and Environmental Planning
Conover, Karalee Fowler
Miyauchi, Ken Michael
Perrault, Timothy D
SGA SOCIAL EVENTS WEB SITESocial and Human Services
Delfosse, Steven Joseph
McGarry, Justin Ochoa
Morin, Tyler A
Ship Generated Waste Disposal in the Wider Caribbean RegionUrban and Environmental Planning
Musielak, Sebastian ChristopherShort Term Stock Market AnalysisEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Ciemny, Jonas L
Martino, Elizabeth
Smith, Keaton R
Short-term advancements and long-term visions for sustainability at the Radisson-Slavyanskaya HotelEnergy and Resources
Jarobski, Tara Ann
Meehan, Sarah Katherine
Throop, Dominique M
Should Nantucket Pursue The Establishment Of A Fenced-In Dog ParkUrban and Environmental Planning
Dooman, Matthew D
Ennis, Patrick J
McCann, John Paul
Should You Buy A Hybrid Car?Technology and Environment
Brunelli, John
Orsi, Edward P
Sargent, Amanda R
Showcasing Twenty Years of Venice Project Center Results Using Interactive Online InfographicsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Anderson, Lauren RShrinking of the Arctic Sea Ice CoverTechnology and Environment
Lui, Edwin WingYiuSimulation of Stock MarketEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Ciampa, Christopher Rocco
Cicchetti, Anthony Michael
Kawalya, Ditton Graciano
Mohanakumaran, Ashwin
SIRENOHealth Care and Technology
Lamontagne, Julia Theresa
Tran, Khanh T
Tran, Lan Chi Thi
Siting Renewable Energy on BrownfieldsEnergy and Resources
Buchanan, Paul Michael
Giambarresi, Joseph Leo
Hennessey, Steven Thomas
Sundseth, Stuart Scott
Tanner, Andrew James
Ski and Snow Sports InjuriesSafety Analysis and Liability
Alkusayer, Khalid Tawfik
Bukhamsin, Ibraeim Abdulmonem
Smart Intersection System SISTechnology and Environment
Yoon, Sunghoon SMART TECHNOLOGY-BASED PARKINGTechnology and Environment
Fernandez, Emmanuel
Itz, Michael C
Sullivan, Cory M
Smithsonian Biodiversity Database ManagementTechnology and Environment
Brodeur, James H
Eliopoulos, Peter Charles
Smithsonian Biodiversity Outreach Program in GabonEducation in a Technological Society
Basile, Matthew P
Burns, Roger V
Mazuera, Erin Marie
Smithsonian Global Vegetation Dynamic Website InterfaceScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Castriotta, Jennifer
Koethe, Eric Werner
Schorer, Gary C
Smithsonian Institution Biodiversity Research Outreach Initiative.pdfTechnology and Environment
Choe, Jennifer HelenSnow Sports IQPSafety Analysis and Liability
Costello, Aaron W
Harel, Yuval A
LeBeau, Justin R
Warren, Robert W
Social Acceptance of Fail-Safe NanotechnologySocial Studies of Science and Technology
Arenas, Nathalia
Ryan, Katelyn M
Subashi, Ergys David
Social Acceptance of NanomedicineHealth Care and Technology
LeBeau, Ross FSocial Effects of the InternetSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Mathew, Divya
McMillen, Jillian A
Mullen, David P
Social Entrepreneurship at Worcester Polytechnic InstituteSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Azeem, Muhammad Kashif
Jagini, Rohit
Kiran, Mandela
Shrestha, Kaushal
Social Implications of Graphics Processing UnitsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
George Habib, Naim Nakhle
Jones, Brittany A
Nanda, Arnab
Tomkinson, Zachary M
Social Media Marketing Strategies at BioRegionalEnergy and Resources
Lay, Jennifer R
McDonald, Grant Cameron
Social Networking In FIRST RoboticsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Lawrence, Ethan Collins
Smith, Alfreda M
Thorn, Nathanael C
Troutt, Mark P
Socially Responsible GamesHumanistic Studies of Technology
Anderson, Jon J
Comeau, Katelyn Diane
D'Angelo, Nicole M
Parker, Jason C
Soil-less Agriculture at the Wat Pathumwanaram School: Expansion through an Aeroponic Garden and Educational MaterialEducation in a Technological Society
Bates, Brian
Buchanan, Dillon J
Mueller, Stephen James
Parenteau, Thomas Andrew
Solar Feasibility Study at Wesley United Methodist ChurchEnergy and Resources
Baldwin, Gabriel PhoteosSolar Home System Sustainability in Rural ThailandEnergy and Resources
Chambers, Nicholas R
McCarthy, Matthew Corey
Melillo, Craig Lonergan
Somerville Stormwater Management IQPUrban and Environmental Planning
Fulmer, Matthew ISonification and PsychoacousticsHumanistic Studies of Technology
Mahalingam, Krishna J
Ollerhead, Andrew Thomas
Vardner, Jonathan Thomas
Sonification of Chemical Engineering DataEducation in a Technological Society
Lounder, Jeremy N.
Weber, Brian G
Sony Copy ProtectionLaw and Technology
Alrayas, Mohammed S
Kennedy, Andrew N
Williams, Luke S
Sound ArchiveTechnology and Environment
Beswick, ChanLing Sound Design Game - ChanLing BeswickTechnology and Environment
Cox, Amanda M
McGill, Samantha G.
Spremulli, Michael A
South High Science and Engineering Club 2007-08Education in a Technological Society
Couture, Zackary AaronSpace Enhanced EducationEducation in a Technological Society
Kalden, Tenzin
Ueda, Seiichiro
Barcelo, Bryce Thomas
Sobel, Evan
Space Tethers: Applications and ImplementationsScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Firenze, Andrew Joseph
McSweeney, Jacob Isaac
Rosano, Ashley Lynn
Sperry, Joseph Prothero
Space-Technology Essay Contest in Worcester Public SchoolsHumanistic Studies of Technology
Over, Robert ASpectrum Policy and ManagementScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Manning, Taylor M
Meneses, Jose Ignacio
Stephen, Brendan M
Stamp Collection AppEducation in a Technological Society
DiGenio, Anthony J.
Doherty, Ryan M
Munion, Stephanie Lee
Standards for Enclosed Canopies on Small Passenger VesselsSafety Analysis and Liability
Pytko, Laurel EStandards for Massachusetts Educators; How I Met Them While Student TeachingEducation in a Technological Society
Gvozdenovic, Stefan
Meyer, Theodore J
Patel, Nilesh C
State Cost Competitiveness DashboardScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Brodzki, Elliot
Fleischer, Gage W
Sarnik, Kyle
Statistical Analysis of Gamer BehaviorSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Pfeil, William AStatistical Teaching AidsEducation in a Technological Society
Alabri, Abdulla Zakaria
Algarni, Ali Saad
Stem Cell IQPHealth Care and Technology
Vardakas, Peter MichaelStem Cell OverviewHealth Care and Technology
He, Xuan
Kapinova, Armand
Li, Chang
Nguyen, Khanh T
Stem Cell Plasticity: Fact or FictionHealth Care and Technology
Hussey, Patrick Alan
Panciocco, Robyn Gail
Stem Cell ResearchHealth Care and Technology
Drost, Christopher D.
Rissman, Derek J.
Way, Justin Arthur
Stem CellsHealth Care and Technology
Grant, David A
Perkins, Hillary
Stem CellsHealth Care and Technology
Foley, Joslyn A
Lee, Joon P.
Watson, James M.
Stem CellsHealth Care and Technology
Groch, Timothy M.
Hermetet, Andrew J
STEM CELLSHealth Care and Technology
Mora, Jeffrey
Ponzetti, Kathleen M.
Stem CellsHealth Care and Technology
Egge, Bryan J
Gilbert, Jennifer E
Stem CellsHealth Care and Technology
Hernandez, Joseph Ruben
Locke, Kevin Michael
Stem CellsHealth Care and Technology
Boquist, Cheryl J
Manjikian, Jayr
Stem CellsHealth Care and Technology
Raj, Deepu
Sarin, Dhruv
Stem CellsHealth Care and Technology
Al-Sowaimel , Lujain Fawzi
Parry, David Michael
STEM CELLSHealth Care and Technology
Gazioglu, Sezai Emre
Smith, Christopher Eduard Drake
Stem CellsHealth Care and Technology
D'Souza, Timothy Lawrence
Demers, Alexander
STEM CELLSHealth Care and Technology
Negmetzhanov, Baurzhan
Shuttari, Shaaz
Stem CellsHealth Care and Technology
He, Zhen Stem CellsHealth Care and Technology
Goetz, Lindsay AStem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Schulze, Matthew
Whitton, Holly
Stem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Jafferji, Mohammad ShamsuddinStem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Chemmalil, Vinith Das
Hong, June-Chi
STEM CELLS AND SOCIETYHealth Care and Technology
Ibrasheva, Dilbar
Zacharia, An T
STEM CELLS AND SOCIETYHealth Care and Technology
Nguyen, Hang
Sciore, Aaron B
Stem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Gizer, Batuhan
Niyetkaliyev, Anvar
Stem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Belliveau, Jordan
Krumsiek, Cody F
Kulis, David
St. Juste, Stanley
Stem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Campbell, Catherine N
Newell, Kristin Holly
Stem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Schiemer, James ScottStem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Lauinger, Philip CharlesStem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Bogdanovich, Luke Paul
Brea, Bielinsky Alberto
Cayer, Andrew Michael
Toto, Joseph Jeremy
Stem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Larson, Katherine MarieStem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Biltucci, Clinton Michael
Cooney, Brandon Paul
Fontecchio, Thomas Michael
Izzo, Thomas L
STEM CELLS AND SOCIETYHealth Care and Technology
Sterling, Alexander J
Voyta, Gregory
STEM CELLS AND SOCIETYHealth Care and Technology
Foust, Kathleen Suzanne
Kelley, Nicholas O
Stem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Hovagimian, Harold D
Nuccitelli, Sarah
Stem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Choate, Bryan P
Paz, Rebecca
STEM CELLS AND SOCIETYHealth Care and Technology
Marokhovsky, Jonathan S
Meuse, Mark J
Stem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Fathibitaraf, Ainaz
Gauvin, Michael William
Ismail, Hashim H
Stem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Clancey, Sarah TheresaSTEM CELLS AND SOCIETYHealth Care and Technology
Domain, Emily Hilda
Prentice-Webb, Diego
Stem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Alspach, Brandon Ray
Van Sciver, Nicholas Donald
STEM CELLS AND SOCIETYHealth Care and Technology
Aschettino, Jacob Daniel
Dalton-Petillo, Stephen
Keaffer, Lee William
Szerszunowicz, Joseph Victor
Stem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Boyd, Michael J
Kelly, Sean M
Stem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Beane, Timothy Jason
Wood, Tyler William
Stem Cells and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Panickar, Divya Ramachandra
Parekh, Nirali Sanjay
Dumas, Brett Oliver
Yamajala, Prashant Krishna
Stem Cells and Society: Sources, Ethics, Applications, and LegalityHealth Care and Technology
Morse, Mary LStem Cells: Types and EthicsHealth Care and Technology
Thuo, Steve ChegeSteward of the Biosphere IQPTechnology and Environment
Blakeslee, Benjamin F
Guo, Vanessa
Ham, James
Stock Market AnalysisEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Harrison, Matthew ThomasStock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Liu, Xinjia
Rapaj, Ida
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Zhao, Muxun Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Kilaru, Bhanu P
Le, Tracyna
Onoja, Augustine Abah
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Conner, Brian
Devereaux, Brendan Patrick
Parks, Gregory J
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Konde, Spence MartinStock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Butay, Daniel
Miller, Michael T
Tourgee, Von William
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Binette, Corey JamesStock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Tang, YungWei Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Alejandro, Jorge A
Chhay, Vannak
Facchiano, Nicholas John
Shen, Karl
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Anderson, Evan Vincent
Kennedy, Sean
Wainwright, Matthew
Weiner, David Aaron
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
LaFalam, Ryan S
Piccolomini, JohnPaul
Thomann, Ryan
Thomas, Jan C
Wade, Levi Clifford
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Zafft, Andrew DavidStock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Thulin, Sean JulianStock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Bleech, Seth Karsten
Sheridan, Eric W
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Liu, Haiying
Wang, Xiangyu
Xie, Chaoran
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Desrosiers, Nathan L
Dube, Michael P
Gagnon, Nick
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Brown, Ethan D
Iguchi, Shinya
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Cirillo, Mark D
Graves, Corey F
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Dagher, Lena L
Dean, Brendan P
Kozlowski, Nicholas Peter
Russo, John M
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Arora, Karan Singh
Brodaski, Mark Anthony
Campanelli, Ralph Louis
Chau, Edward
Parzych, Michal L
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Evers, Robert
Nicotra, Stefan
Pichette, Erik D
Ponsler, Brett E
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Munchbach, Chad DavidStock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Howe, William T
Simpson, Wesley T
Tressel, Stephen D
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Allard, Margaret M
Austin, John S
Barges, William Nicholas
Kuo, Chunwei
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Anderson, Carl Joseph
Callaway, William Peter
Loitherstein, Jacob Adam
Metcalf, Daniel O
Rubadou, Brandon George
Wingert, Richard Alwyn
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Liu, Pan
Zhang, Chao
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Andujar, Gregory Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Druminski, Dax LindenStock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Le, Duyanh Tran
Nguyen, Bao Quoc
Thiha, Kyaw
STOCK MARKET SIMULATIONEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Clark, Christopher Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Dumas, Patrick Richard
Maewall, Mayank
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Roberto, Peter JustinStock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Begbie, Emma Elizabeth
Cady, Zephyr Dana
DeWeese, Jackson Paul
Sorensen, Lucas David
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Cardenas, David PStock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Chen, Zihan
Wu, Wenbo
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Xu, Wenwen
Zhang, Dabai
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Wong, Mung Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Irizarry, Daniel R
Mee, Kevin W
Wall, Patrick John
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Chen, Yixi
Kuzina, Mercedes Lauren
Stewart, Zachary M
Xia, Chris Tian
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
(WPI)Abu Muti, Ibrahim M
Alblaihess, Mohamad A
Alfayez, Fayez Abdullah
Awaji, Muteb I
Stock Market SimulationEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Abbascia, Gene R
Asenso, Kojo O
White, Adam D
Stock Market Simulation (Summer '08)Economic Growth, Stability, and Development
Ferro, John C
Miller, Ryan Francis
Stock Market Simulation 2010Economic Growth, Stability, and Development
Marshall, Steven C
Rosi, Matthew D
Wahlgren, Jacob O
Stock Market Simulation and AnalysisEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Callahan, Toby Michael
Iyer, Nandakumar R
Stock Market Simulation and AnalysisEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Nitso, Joshua James
Woods, Kevin Robert
Stock Market Simulation and Analysis of Investment MethodsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Adams, Ryan James
Desrosier, John D
Schwartz, Ian Samuel
Stock Market Simulation E08Economic Growth, Stability, and Development
Arnold, Zachary Philip
Lynch, Will Robert
Mongeon, Norbert Hector
Sweeney, Michael Patrick
Stock Market Simulation IQPEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Velez, Alex WStock Market Simulation, Day TradingEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Labonte, Brian DavidStock Market Simulation: Fundamental and Technical AnalysisEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Sullivan, Connor FrancisStock Market Super-System: Buy and Hold, Trend Following, and Day TradingEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Ni, Meng-Yu Stock Market TradingEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Tchatchoua, Arsene NStock Price PredictionsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
LeveneBuxo, Joshua SStock Trading Systems: Analysis and Development of a System of SystemsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Marcotte, Justin JosephStock Trading Systems: Analysis and Development of a System of SystemsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Nottage, Joshua JamesStock Trading Systems: Analysis and Development of a System of SystemsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Kell, Kevin Vincent
Manning, Jacob H
Minchev, Kliment Sashev
Strategies for Improving Energy Efficiency of the Moscow Metro SystemTechnology and Environment
Knopp, Kelly Lynn
Lindow, Stephanie Jo
Murphy, Kirk Jay-Alfred
Rosch, Jonah Cosmo
Strategies for Promoting Resilience to Increased Coastal Flooding Along the Downtown Boston WaterfrontUrban and Environmental Planning
Fischvogt, Gregory W
Kolosowski-Gager, Katherine Elizabe
VanderPoel, Bryce J.
Vayas, Carlos A
Strategies in Increasing Smoke Alarm ComplianceScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Defilippo, Nicholas Robert
Hayden, Haley Danielle
Kopchik, Alexander Robert
Strategies to Reduce Energy Consumption and Waste Production Through Moderate Lifestyle ModificationsEnergy and Resources
Demaio, Emanuel
Jones, Emily Kathryn
Mistretta, Louie-John Vincenzo
Rappoli, Olive Ruth
Streamlining Canal Hydrodynamic Measurements in VeniceTechnology and Environment
Chebelyon-Dalizu, Likuvi
Garbowitz, Zack Charles
Hause, Alexandra R
Thomas, Devin T
Strengthening Spaza Shops in Monwabisi ParkSocial and Human Services
Hardin, Alexandra Nicole
Schattschneider, Eric Scott
Stone, Tyler James
Walker, Kristina Erica
Structure Fire Gas EmissionsTechnology and Environment
Byler, David J
Hartwell, Ryan
Structure Fire PreplansSafety Analysis and Liability
Bowden, Amanda Judith
Rivard, Nathan Alexander
Rose, Juliana M
Student Accommodation in WembleyUrban and Environmental Planning
McCarthy, Daniel EvanStudent Teaching at Forest Grove Middle SchoolEducation in a Technological Society
Ford, Erica DanielleStudent Teaching Practicum at Doherty Memorial High SchoolEducation in a Technological Society
Gikas, Penny EStudent Teaching Practicum: Sophomore Biology at Wachusett H.S.Education in a Technological Society
Maki, Catherine MStudent-Teacher PracticumEducation in a Technological Society
Moody, Jeremy TStudy of WPI Introductory E & M Laboratory StructureEducation in a Technological Society
Forrest, Timothy Metter
Heckley, Erin Michelle
Kim, Alexander Jungnom
Wiater, Melanie Louise
Study To Evaluate Pedestrian SystemsUrban and Environmental Planning
Knapp, Matthew
Ksiazek, Paul
Mitchell, Daniel Francis
Studying the Effect of Web Site Tutoring on LearningEducation in a Technological Society
Dwan, Daniel Joseph
Sawicki, Meghan Elizabeth
Wong, Jeffery Wilson
Subdivided Housing Issues of Hong Kong: Causes and SolutionsSocial and Human Services
Ainley, Elena Estelle
Anderson, Ryan R
Morehouse, Benjamin Robert
Poppa, Stephen Michael
Supplemental Teaching Materials for CERES Community Environment ParkEducation in a Technological Society
Belleman, Wesley KentSupport for Physics Education at Worcester Polytechnic InstituteEducation in a Technological Society
Baker, Sydney Elizabeth
Karsky, Bryan Alexander
Kaufman, Emilee Meredith
Laboissonniere, Lauren A
Sarapas, Nathan Garrett
Supporting Asset-Based Community Development in Maitland Garden VillageSocial and Human Services
Barbour, Isaac T
Bell, Heather Anne
Gottshall, Alyssa M
Sparrell, Courtney Lynne
Supporting Early Childhood Development in Monwabisi ParkUrban and Environmental Planning
Hennings, Zachary Kurt
Mollard, Rachel Jacqueline
Moreschi, Adam Christopher
Sawatzki, Sarah Rose
Young, Stephen Foster
Supporting Reblocking and Community Development in Mtshini WamUrban and Environmental Planning
Cadwallader, Adam Leitner
Hewey, Victoria Anne
Isaza, Santiago
Simsek, Evren
Supporting Urban Beekeeping Livelihood Strategies in Cape TownUrban and Environmental Planning
Langford, Angela Louise
Tran, Kathleen Elizabeth
Surface Metrology Museum ExhibitTechnology and Environment
Walter-Echols, Michael KarlSurveillance and PrivacyEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Turland, Alexander DempseySurveying Student Opinion about the HUA & SS RequirementsEducation in a Technological Society
Jaciow Gonyea, Cody Clarence
Signore, Jeffrey Scott
Surveying Student Opinion about the Humanities & Arts and Social Science Requirements.Education in a Technological Society
Akese, Emmanuel
Ellis, Steven Thomas
Sandhu, Shubhneet Kaur
Zahid, Neda Seher
Sustainability and Transportation at WPITechnology and Environment
Jordan, Nikole Jolene
Rodriguez, Lazaro Antonio
Storie, Bethany J
Zichelli, Kristina Patricia
Sustainability Education and Awareness for Santa Fe and Native American CommunitiesEnergy and Resources
Allen, Kyle
McCannell, Dickson
Melvin, James
Ritchie, Daniel G
Sustainability of a Worcester Indoor TrackUrban and Environmental Planning
Janzen, Isaiah Paul
Moran, Paul A
Pollack, Amanda
Sustainable Biodiversity ConservationTechnology and Environment
Brown, Chelsea M
Jones, Shanice Kamille
Luscinski, Robert T
Olsen, Trevor M
Sustainable Building Solutions for Monwabisi Park, Cape TownUrban and Environmental Planning
Hammond, Oliver Byron
Jones, Lindsay Stirling
Zhang, Linan
Sustainable Classroom ContractEnergy and Resources
Carey, Matthew
Johnson, Sarah B
Merafhe, Kealeboga
Tata, Terry A
Sustainable Community Involvement in the Indlovu ProjectUrban and Environmental Planning
Cote, Samantha
Cox, Kevin J
Rivera, Marcos Gabriel
Sustainable Development at the San Cristobal CanyonUrban and Environmental Planning
Arruda, Kevin John
Baldwin, Steven C
Quinn, Alexander T.
Brown, Michael
Kalach, Stephen P
LaFrance, Daniel C
Sustainable Energy Sources for Rural GhanaTechnology and Environment
Delia, Michael Kurt
Goodale, Nathaniel Keahi
Lindsay, Robyn Olivia
Moran, Ryan Matthew
Sustainable Energy Systems CurriculumEducation in a Technological Society
D Knibb, Jenine P
Mello, Daniel Thomas
Michaelidis, Emmanuel
Stone, Nikole Cathrue
Sustainable Landscape Design: A Rain Garden on the WPI CampusUrban and Environmental Planning
Cantos, Maria Cristina
Dinyeah, Kingsley Flomo
Nguyen, Minh Hong
Pelli, Cesar Eduardo
Sustainable Mitigation Techniques for Coffee Leaf Rust in Loma Linda, GuatemalaUrban and Environmental Planning
Cline, Jonathan
Domingue, Emily
Fournier, Emily Katherine
Villar, Marco
McAlister, Angela Marie
Roy, Benjamin R
Swanton, Michael David
Sustainable Redevelopment for 93 GrandUrban and Environmental Planning
Garcia, Daniel Raymond
Kunyz, Timothy R
Schultz, Stephanie E
Tracy, Laura Ann
Sustainable Redevelopment Strategies for Structures in Informal SettlementsUrban and Environmental Planning
Butler, Owen B
Elwell, Meghan K
LeFevre, Ryan Kenneth
McMenamy, Kelsey Rae
Sustainable Redevelopment through Urban Planning and MappingUrban and Environmental Planning
Moscariello, Andrew Thomas
Rosales, Janneth Velazquez
Simpson, Angela Dawn
Sustainable Retrofit of YarraTechnology and Environment
Dorich, Jonathan Joseph
Li, Yao
Reklaoui, Lamyae
Steeves, Matthew James
Sustainable Solutions in the Construction Industry of Hong KongTechnology and Environment
Ashman, Michael David
Diaz, Albedith
Lima, Stephen
Saragas, Dimitris
Sustainable SouthbridgeEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Gioules, Maria
Hannmann, Lauren Noelle
Smith, Jodi-Lee Katrina
Sullivan, Evan N
Sustainable Transportation Mapping for The Kingston CouncilUrban and Environmental Planning
Kordosky, Kevin P
Welch, Jonathan Alfred
Sustainable Urban Sound DesignTechnology and Environment
Goerke, Marissa Anne
Henrich, Brendan Miles
McMillan, Natalie Elizabeth
Wall, Kelsey Ann
Sustainable Water and Waste Management in Remote Desert EnvironmentsTechnology and Environment
Bisson, Andrea L
Bourne, Paige Rogers
Hassett, Daniel Clifford
Sustainable Water Management Strategies for the Farming Village of Adghagh, MoroccoEnergy and Resources
Groezinger, Robert Leo
Moody, Benjamin E
Songer, Christopher J
Sustaining Agriculture on the MoonSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Dustin, Alexandrea Danielle
Frank, Lauren Nicole
Guleksen, Eric P
Patel, Krupa Jagdish
Swiss-Us Cleantech: Efficient Commercial Building Renovations - Evaluating Collaboration Opportunities between Boston and ZurichTechnology and Environment
Bansal, Rohit
Isenhart, Randi Leigh
Meagher, Thomas Francis
Switzerland Feasibility AnalysisEducation in a Technological Society
Bentley, Jordan H
Harty, Daniel David
Mulhern, Timothy J
Sansevero, Drew
Swordplay Through The AgesHumanistic Studies of Technology
Arnold, Mark R
Guerin, Daniel R
Timms, Benjamin Scott
Vaudreuil, Michael P.
System dynamics computer simulation modeling to forecast the energy demands for the Montachusett region under a Variety of Simulations and ScenariosTechnology and Environment
Yee, Timothy System Dynamics Model of a MASCALSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Cantwell, Melanie Marianne
Chau, Loan Ngoc
Kohistani, Farhat
Sadraei, Atieh
Talking about Food: Improving Communication Between Ghanaian Women and Medical PractitionersHealth Care and Technology
Strefling, Felipe Duarte
Strefling, Jenny Dang
Tapping the Colorado River: A look on how the over-apportioning of the river's water affects the people of the North American SouthwestTechnology and Environment
MacMillen, Simeon J
Vanslette, Kevin Michael
Taxi Customer Service RegulationSocial and Human Services
Carney, Krysten Marie
Hyman, Ariel Rachel
Mello, Ernest Arthur
Snieckus, Kurt R
Teachers' Insights into Informal Science Education ProgramsEducation in a Technological Society
Gunnell, Samuel W
Lazkani, Houssam
Lund, Malena P
Tilley, Joseph Alexander
Teaching Educators about Sustainable DevelopmentSocial and Human Services
Payne, Danielle Teaching Experience at Doherty Memorial High School in Worcester, MassachusettsEducation in a Technological Society
Christianson, Daniel PTeaching PracticumEducation in a Technological Society
Chinkidjakarn, Kimberly MarieTeaching PracticumEducation in a Technological Society
Varney, Russell Teaching PracticumEducation in a Technological Society
Dexter, Melanie FrancesTeaching PracticumEducation in a Technological Society
Labbay, Kaitlyn MarieTeaching PracticumEducation in a Technological Society
Leach, Sara BethTeaching PracticumEducation in a Technological Society
Guan, Xinyang Teaching PracticumEducation in a Technological Society
Stuer, Alyson JTeaching Practicum - WRHS Spring 2008Education in a Technological Society
DeVito, Stasia LeighMcClancyTeaching Practicum at Doherty Memorial High School 2011-2012Education in a Technological Society
Kuhlwein, Mark ETeaching Practicum at Doherty Memorial High School: Student Teaching Practicum PortfolioEducation in a Technological Society
Moon, Ethan MichaelTeaching Practicum at the Bancroft SchoolEducation in a Technological Society
Zubiel, Matthew CTeaching Practicum in MathematicsEducation in a Technological Society
Davis, Angela MariaTeaching Practicum IQP at Forest Grove Middle SchoolEducation in a Technological Society
Ellis, Elizabeth C.Teaching Practicum: A Student Teaching Practicum PortfolioEducation in a Technological Society
MacNeal, Samantha JeanneTeaching Practicum: Achieving Competency in the Massachusetts Professional StandardsEducation in a Technological Society
Edwards, Isaac Clark
Mendelbaum, Andrew James
Trufan, Christopher J
Teaching Programming TechniqueEducation in a Technological Society
Kinnal, Elizabeth ATeaching Science at Doherty Memorial High SchoolEducation in a Technological Society
Fagan, Michael EliTeaching the History of PhysicsEducation in a Technological Society
Parker, Krystal LTeaching to the Student: Student Teaching Practicum PortfolioEducation in a Technological Society
Crampton, Seth MartinTech Bible Mobile AppSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Etten, Benjamin
Piskorski, Piotr
Schaalman, Gregory Paul
Technical and Financial Evaluation of Vehicle Types in the United StatesTechnology and Environment
Kucher, Katrina M
Minakyan, Anita H
Smith, Charles E
Technically Green: An Environmental Resource WebsiteEnergy and Resources
Konstantino, Nick Paul
Vincentelli, Antonio Raul
Yoon, Calvin Hyungee
Techniques in Motion Capture IQPHumanistic Studies of Technology
Amendola, Larissa R
Damyanova, Diana Damyanova
Gutowski, Stacie
Herrera, Victor Mauricio
Technological Delivery Methods of Community Safety MessagesEducation in a Technological Society
Pierce, Randy ATechnology in Laboratory Teaching: Expansion of Classroom Education through YouTubeEducation in a Technological Society
Aung, Tint Yadana
Soe, Aung Heain
Ta, Chi Nguyen
Yang, Ruxue
Technology in Public BathroomsTechnology and Environment
Kalaitzidis, Nikos Alexander
Krishnan, Manisha
Pereira, Matheus
Thompson, Lailah Y
Technology in Service of the Poor: An Assessment of a unique Poverty Diagnostic Tool and Its Implementation in Paraguay.Social and Human Services
Josephs, Trisha A
Sartoris, Larry S
Sheehan, Adam T
Zimmermann, Matthew S
Teenagers, Technology, and Education at the CCVCEducation in a Technological Society
Goldman, Michael Ezra
Hucey, Chad AnthonyScott
Krupp, Kelsey Elizabeth
Martinez, Jorge Alberto
Neilan, Timothy Philip
Temporal Variability and Public Perception: A Noise Pollution and Urban Soundscape Study of San JuanTechnology and Environment
Daley, Shane MaximillianTesting the Effectiveness of Educational Tools and Games With and Against the ASSISTments SystemEducation in a Technological Society
Daley, Shane M
Lonergan, Ian Patrick
Testing the Effectiveness of Educational Tools and Games With and Against the ASSISTments SystemEducation in a Technological Society
Bell, Virginia Rose
Fusco, Matthew Pieter
Greene, Karin E
O'Neill, Andrew Michael
TewaTalk: Preserving the Tewa Language through Mobile TechnologyHumanistic Studies of Technology
Akmanalp, Mehmet AliTextbook Economics in an Era of Changing MediaEducation in a Technological Society
Bingham, Andrew Joseph
Boucher, Christopher R
Boyce, James Michael
Textural Variations of Pizza in Commercial EstablishmentsTechnology and Environment
Allen, Robert Steven
Billings, Dylan Raymond
Leitz, Keegan James
Texture comparison in chips in various environmentsTechnology and Environment
Buckley, Dana Bousquet
Maguire, Sean Robert
Woodward, Kimberly H
Thai Elephants: An Evaluative Study of Contemporary Living Conditions for the Betterment of Asian Elephants in Thai CultureTechnology and Environment
Burrows, Angela L
Fury-Hopkins, Millisent
The 1421 ProjectEducation in a Technological Society
Boroyan, David
O'Neil, Keleigh Marie
The 15 - 40 Connection meets ASSISTmentsEducation in a Technological Society
Sullender, Meagan EThe 15 - 40 Connection meets ASSISTments: Can technology be used to build awareness and change behavior patterns in teens and young adults?Education in a Technological Society
Gritsko, Amaia L
Pineda, Rachel Helen
Sacks, Jessica Meredith
The 15-40 Connection Tutorial through ASSISTments: Use of Proactive Knowledge in Control vs ExperimentHealth Care and Technology
Holtorf, Gregory K
Kelly, Devin W
The Affects of Open Source Software Licenses on Business SoftwareLaw and Technology
Boman, Genevieve
Miller, Tamlyn P
Sheaffer, Gregory M
The Age of ArmorHumanistic Studies of Technology
Almeida, Bethany M
Bang, Keon Seok
Gray, Alexander James
Masakayan, Paolo Lu
The Age of ArmorHumanistic Studies of Technology
Criddell, Ramona L.
Hilario, Jason C
Jensen, Kristoffer
The Analysis of the Screening Process of Angel InvestorsScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Griffin, Alexandra Danielle
McDonough, Jaclyn M
The Applications, Technologies, Ethics and Legalities of Stem Cell ResearchHealth Care and Technology
Mrkic, Stefan
Roth, Michael
Spokis, Joseph William
Vanni, Joseph A
The Assessment of Tourist Satisfaction at the Laguna GrandeTechnology and Environment
Freeman, Christopher P
Taylor, Roderick
Tudor, Cosmin
Zhang, Michael Longqiang
The Assistment ProjectEducation in a Technological Society
Svirchuk, Boris A
Wu, Jeslin J
The ASSISTment ProjectEducation in a Technological Society
Taylor, Roderick WilliamThe Assistment ProjectEducation in a Technological Society
Bruner, Christopher RThe ASSISTment Project: Comparing Learning through Hints and Worked ExamplesEducation in a Technological Society
McCarthy, Thomas PatrickThe ASSISTment Project: Comparing Learning Through Hints and Worked ExamplesEducation in a Technological Society
Dailey, Matthew DanielThe ASSISTment Project: Comparing Learning through Hints and Worked ExamplesEducation in a Technological Society
Koakiettaveechai, Punsak The Assistment Project: Comparing Learning through Hints and Worked ExamplesEducation in a Technological Society
Tremblay, Richard JThe Barbed Wire MuseumSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Conde, Haley Marie
Mohr, Stacey A
Wright, Nathaniel Gregg
The Barriers Impeding Recycling Participation in the Borough of CroydonTechnology and Environment
Edwards, Nadjia H
Nitzel, Arianna J
Terravecchia, Gianna M
The Big Issue Goes Online: Creating a Vendor-Run Profiling ProgramSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Bosowski, Nicholas Michael
Goodman, Brian M
Sanford, Thane W
The Bloom BoxEnergy and Resources
Finn, Paul Peter
Hutchinson, Katie Lucille
Muller, Ryan A
Ouellette, Jesse Paul
The Building Blocks of Venice: preserving knowledge of a city's infrastructure and maintenanceUrban and Environmental Planning
Flaherty, Erin K
Hardy, Allison Jean
Nemet-Sousa, Jacquelyn Marie
The Campus Kitchens ProjectSocial and Human Services
Carmichael, Adam
Gleason, Denise
Lehrmitt, Ryan Christopher
Luppino, Christopher Roy
The City of Westminster Livability IndexUrban and Environmental Planning
Chanin, Isaac The Conductor's WebsiteHumanistic Studies of Technology
Halloran, Andrew RThe Conductor's Website, Part IIHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Mallory, Caroline TThe Correlation Between Music and MathSocial and Human Services
Dragnich, Paul Alexander
Dungca, Arly
Pendleton, Noah Lee
Tracy, Adam R
The Cuvelai-Etosha Basin Management ApproachEnergy and Resources
Akhtar, Mohammed Suhail
Hasan, Khondkar F
The Dark Side of Facebook GamesSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Goscila, Jennifer MThe Decision to Die: An Investigation into Assisted SuicideHealth Care and Technology
Bright, Lesley A
Duran, Sara I
Parsons, Stephen L
Rodriguez, Luis M
The Decline of Venetian Food Stores as a Gauge for Social Change in the CityEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Azhari, Abdullah H
Briand, Victoria
O'Connor, Candace A
Titone, Courtney Sienicki
The Design and Implementation of Visitor "Traces"Social Studies of Science and Technology
Grueter, Eric Paul
Lynch, Christopher
Madsen, Tiffany P
Woschanko, Katrina
The Development of an Action Plan for the Science Museum of LondonSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Bartlett, Caroline E
Carson, Eleanore Mary
Flynn, Julianne P
Lally, Jennifer M
The Development of the Kaitiaki Kids Conservation ProgramEducation in a Technological Society
Chapman, Seth T
Clardy, Elizabeth N
Webb, Nathan Michael
The Ecological Footprint of Composting and Incineration of Garden Waste in DenmarkTechnology and Environment
Linnehan, Justin J
Nietupski, Patrick Wallace
Wheeler, Nicholas
The Educational Case for a Simulated Lunar BaseSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Beavers, David A
Goodrich, Calvin C
Kaufman, Brad M
The Effect of an Educational Video on the Acceptance of NanotechnologySocial Studies of Science and Technology
Nemeth, Andrew F
Ward, Devon A
Woodington, Walter Gordon
The Effect of Asphalt Pavement on Stormwater ContaminationScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Watkins, Mark The Effect of CO2 Emissions on the North Western American Alpine TundraTechnology and Environment
James, David
Myles, Matthew Thomas
The Effect of Music Listening Technology on Music DiscoveryHumanistic Studies of Technology
Anastasia, Michael Anthony
Chaplin, Jeremiah J
Eccles, Brian James
Ford, Nathan Daniel
Holliday, Austin James
Wu, Jonathan T
The Effect of Urban Design on the Community and Society in Hong Kong’s New Towns: A Study of Sha Tin and Tin Shui WaiUrban and Environmental Planning
Liao, Zhichao
Petrin, Eric D
Post, James M
The Effect of Urban Tree Canopy on Residential Energy UseEnergy and Resources
Chadwick, Ryan K
Crepeau, Sean Patrick
Rogers, Samuel Hartwell
Tang, Phillip Han-li
The Effectiveness of Games as Persuasive MediaSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Bailey, Samuel Morrison
Goldish, Simon
Hayes, Alysia M
The Effectiveness of Mastery LearningEducation in a Technological Society
Root, Aaron PThe Effects of Affiliative Motivation and Perspective Taking on Social TakingSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Demircioglu, Gizem The Effects of Body Language and Affiliative Motivation on Social Tuning and LikeabilitySocial Studies of Science and Technology
Chatterton, Marc
Cook, James Carson
The Effects of Icing on Commercial Fishing VesselsSafety Analysis and Liability
Dabrowski, Robert Patrick
Manuel, Christian T
Smieja, Robert Jerzy
The Effects of Latency on Player Performance and Experience in a Cloud Gaming SystemHumanistic Studies of Technology
Karol, Daniel Scott
Ng, Michael
Varlamova, Marina I
Walls, Gregory F
The Effects of Light Pollution in Hong KongTechnology and Environment
Kamdar, Bansari MayurThe Effects Of Perspective Taking, Victim Impact Statements And Race Of The Victim On Jury Decision-Making And Jury SentencingSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Blauvelt, Ashley L
Breindel, Jay T
Molinski, Christina A
Tetreault, Zachary
The Effects on Non-natural Sounds on Visitor Park Experiences in Puerto RicoUrban and Environmental Planning
Bzura, Conrad
Im, Hosung
Liu, Wan
Malehorn, Kevin
The Emerging Role of Robotics in Personal Health Care: Bringing Smart Health Care HomeHealth Care and Technology
Gerlach, Kyle Thomas
Howard, Tyler Trettel
List, Benjamin J
Parra, Juan Hernan
The Energy and Sustainability Performance Analysis of Bernard Weatherill HouseEnergy and Resources
Earley, Brian William
Jones, Craig Michael
Laine, Anthony Jay
Rickard, Bryan
The Establishment of Truck Stops Along the Walvis Bay CorridorsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Ippolito, Amanda Nicole
Stewart, Evan Reed
Turner, Ryan Friedrich
Wyman, Heidi Rosaline
The Evaluation of Community Engagement In a Science Musical PerformanceEducation in a Technological Society
Joseph, Brian J
Mann, Jennifer Marie
Tower, Victoria E
The Evaluation of Cyclistic, a Bike Route Planning Tool for Tourists in CopenhagenUrban and Environmental Planning
Andrews, Christopher N
Carpenter, Morgan M
DellaVilla, Paul
Olver, Lauren
The Evaluation of the King Rama VII Mining Museum in Mae Moh, ThailandEducation in a Technological Society
Howard, Adam Joseph
Kibby, Jeremy Harris
Robertson, Daniel James
Scanlon, Alex Daniel
Muyuka, Glorius M
Nguyen, Vu Dang
Richardson, Zachary Brian
The Evolution of Materials in Arms and Armors: Antiquity EraHumanistic Studies of Technology
Chung-Chuen-Yeung, Melissa Kelly
Harrop, Cody Joseph
Mui, Stanley C
Pare, Brandon Marcus
The Evolution of Materials in Arms and Armors: Medieval EraHumanistic Studies of Technology
Morette, Connor J
Proctor, Luke
Ryder, Matthew Anthony
Wight, Frederick M
The Evolution of Materials in Arms and Armors: The Viking Seax KnifeHumanistic Studies of Technology
Chhim, Sopheaktra
Hoctor, Thomas A
Pryor, John W
Sadowski, Bryan J
The Evolution of Venice Through Mapping Technology: A Venice Project Center Collaboration with the Atlante della LagunaTechnology and Environment
Cormier, Cory A
Do, Samantha Jinju-Lee
DoBa, Khoa
Zhen, Xiaowen
The Feasibility for Providing a More Sustainable Menu in Hong Kong's Seafood BusinessesEnergy and Resources
Altman, Joel B
Harner, Andrew E
Leung, Ho Fong
Tecce, Stephen A
The Feasibility of a Municipally Operated Electric Grid in Santa Fe, New MexicoEnergy and Resources
Brooks, Shannon T
Guizado, Olga Lorena
Levinson, Katherine C
McMasters, Brendan Matthew
The Feasibility of Alternative Livelihoods for the Fishermen of Hong KongEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Simon, Phillip
Waterman, Shane William
The Feasibility of Domestic Medical Isotope Production for Clincal ImagingHealth Care and Technology
Goodman, Luke C
Karp, Alexander Sebastian
Shorrock, Peter N
Walker, Thomas A
The Feasibility of Wireless EnergyEnergy and Resources
Brouwer, Michael S
O'Hara, Ryan Timothy
Rynkar, John Thomas
The First Response EMS VesselHealth Care and Technology
Huynh, Han Ngoc Linh
Nguyen, Ngan Thuy
Tran, Nguyen
The Future of Electric VehiclesEnergy and Resources
Brigham, Eric Joseph
Jorjorian, Luke Aaron
Karstaedt, Seth Wolk
Zhu, Meng
The Future of Energy IQPEnergy and Resources
Foody, John Joseph
Friedman, Sam Louis
Garbarino, Jennifer Mary
Klyng, James Edward
The Future of Financial MessagingSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Dickinson, Eric Joseph
Klinkhamer, Erik
Thomas, Gawain M
Winsten, Rachel Adena
The Future of Fuel Cells in AustraliaEnergy and Resources
Marques, Ryan Murray
Murphy, Nolan Scott
Sherrerd, Timothy S
THE FUTURE OF THE PATENT HOTELING PROGRAM AT THE USPTOScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Abojaradeh, Ahmad M
McCallum, Samuel C
Orlovskaya, Alina
The Future of the Swiss Transmission GridEnergy and Resources
Diaz, Misael
Hoang, Ha
The Future of The Worcester Memorial AuditoriumHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Cummings, Orry
Norton, Christopher Thomas
THE FUTURE SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS CLUBEducation in a Technological Society
Chyoghly, George A
Richey, Keegan C
THE FUTURE SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS CLUBEducation in a Technological Society
Gay, Jonathan Cushman
Shepherd, Olivia Carol
Thyden, Michael John
Whitman, Matthew Aaron
The Health Effects of Oil Contamination: A Compilation of ResearchTechnology and Environment
Sirbu, Alin
Vasilescu, Andrei T
The Health Of Database Research ConferencesScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Li, Bohao
Selent, Douglas
The Hidden Value of Common Wrong AnswersEducation in a Technological Society
Correa, Robert Michael
Daudelin, Andrew James
Fitzgibbon, Mark William
Ostrom, Eric Maxwell
THE HISTORY OF THE RAPIERHumanistic Studies of Technology
Giusti, Stefan P
Wei, Qian
The History, Application and Future Potential of WikisEducation in a Technological Society
Brown, Peter Anthony
Sullivan, Paul F
The Hydrogen Economy: A Study on the Viability of Replacing Conventional Motor Vehicle Fuels with Hydrogen TechnologyEnergy and Resources
McLoughlin, Brendan T
Moan, Paul J
Tran, Giao
The Impact of 334 Reform on Caritas Institute of Higher EducationEducation in a Technological Society
Ciesynski, Jacqueline T
McDonnell, Charlotte Marie
Mordarski, Mark Christopher
Rotier, Matthew Adrien
The Impact of Character Actors at the London Transport MuseumEducation in a Technological Society
Ayisi, Samuel The Impact of Genomics on the Administration of MedicineHealth Care and Technology
Bitner, Todd Christopher
McLean, Erin Rebecca
Tetik, Hilal
The Impact of Hong Kong's New Education System for Caritas Francis Hsu CollegeEducation in a Technological Society
Bitner, Todd Christopher
McLean, Erin R
The Impact of Hong Kong's New Education System for Caritas Francis Hsu CollegeEducation in a Technological Society
Duffty, Daniel L
Sosny, Audra
The Impact of Robots on Select Military OperationsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Capua, Marissa Rose
Guyette, Jessica Lorraine
Hetherman, Brian James
Hock, Lindsay Ann
The Impact of Tourism on the Venice Public Transportation SystemSocial and Human Services
Liao, Yizheng
Pellegriti-Millen, Kate J
Peng, Kun
Sun, Mingnan
The Impacts of the MA Health Care Reform on Hospital Costs and QualityHealth Care and Technology
Eaton, Natalie Anne
Francis, Kareem W
Moore, Henry Oliver
O'Donnell, Sean Patrick
The Implementation of Responsible Care in Costa RicaSocial and Human Services
Cardone, Patrick Robert
Cote, Monique M
Gustafson, Haley
Kearney, Patrick J
Worthy, Joseph
The Implications of Globalization on the Sustainability of SocietyUrban and Environmental Planning
Feng, Xiaohui The Implications of Speculative Behavior in the Housing MarketEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
House, William H
Murphy, Keith Robert
The Importance and Preservation of the Thoreau Society's Audio and Video MediaTechnology and Environment
Decelle, Jonathan M
Hall, Gabriel Glass
O'Donnell, Lindsay R
The Importance of Matchmaking in League of Legends and its Effects on UsersSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Gildemeister, Reinhold GaraltThe Incorporation of Technology-Based Learning in Spanish Courses at WPIEducation in a Technological Society
Petersen, Patrick LawrenceThe Infinite Little Box: How Limitations Encourage CreativityHumanistic Studies of Technology
Stinnett, Hilary MichelleThe Integration of Vaccine Technology to Pre-industrialized SocietiesSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Bonina, Natasha Alexis
Burris, Madeline R
Chan, Kimberly
The Investigation of the One Planet Living Framework for WPITechnology and Environment
Black, Stephen W
Dedmon, Kyle E
Gerova, Klementina
Graziano, Evan John
The Launch Pad Gallery : The Design and Implementation of Classroom Experiments for Grade School TeachersEducation in a Technological Society
Ursprung, W.W. Sanouri AThe Loss of Autonomy over Smoking Checklist: a New Tool to Monitor Adolescent Nicotine AddictionHealth Care and Technology
Hilario, Yadira
Lu, Ye
Rodgers, Jonathan Nicholas
The Lunar Base Theme Science Curriculum Project, 5th Grade UnitSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Boulanger, Kate A
DeMott, Ruth D
Nikitas, Dimosthenis Danny
Patchel, Brandon C
The Market Viability of Eco-Fish in Hong KongTechnology and Environment
Bruso, Benjamin Nathanael
Chen, Hongling
Olm, Amanda
Schulman, Iliana Jeanne-Marie
The Merchants of VeniceEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Powers, Alexander D
Roy, Lucas Michael
Swei, Anisa
Zhang, Tete
The Mercury ProjectSocial and Human Services
Asvestas, Cassandra MTHE MIKADO & VOX WEBSITE DESIGNHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Calabro, Michael Kenneth
Pettengill, Jordan J
Sayre, Robert Emmett
The Modern Face of BattleSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Holtgrefe, Dennis GThe Moon or Mars: Expanding Humanity's DomainScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Hoar, Nicholas LThe Names and Symbols of PhysicsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Carney, Daniel
Chen, Linxiao
Murray, Kelley A
The NanoProject - An assessment of nanotechnology in DenmarkSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Hall, Barbara AnneThe Need to Incorporate Education on Human Factors into Training and Standards for Effective Radio Communications on the Fire GroundSafety Analysis and Liability
Conerly, Peter UThe New Moon Race: Lunar AgricultureSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Calamari, Elliott Stewart
Pomerleau, Neil Cruz
Puishys, Robert Edward
Ripley, Wesley James
The Noises of Venice: An Exploration of Noise in a Historic CityTechnology and Environment
Carpenter, Kathryn P
Starbuck, Ryan Bradlee
Zec, Helena C
The Opposition to Genetically Engineered Agriculture: A Social Movement in VermontSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Brockert, Andrew John
Davenport, Kristina L
Horn, Kyle
Ivory, Matthew G
The Oral History of Video GamesHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Hunt, Mitchell Alden
Strauss, Michael P
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Khair, Ishrak
Madan, Tanvir Singh
Teixeira, Andrew Robert
The Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle: Proliferation and Impact on Society and the EnvironmentSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Grossman-Ponemon, Benjamin EframThe Privacy Aptitude Test: A Novel Tool for Studying Factors that Affect User Internet Privacy BehaviorLaw and Technology
Crossman, Nicholaus Allen
Gray, Kevin M
Kwan, Samantha M
Segal, Aaron M
The Process of Innovation at Oakton High SchoolEducation in a Technological Society
Dicapua, Brittany Starr
Houyou, Amanda Paige
Schleier, Kristen Elizabeth
Wright, Katie Annmarie
The Regional Environmental Council: An Investigation of Socioeconomic and Environmental InjusticesEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Edwards, Andrew JThe Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative: CO2 Cap and Trade in New HampshireScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Monighetti, Katie Ann
Moore, Madalyn Amber
Turgeon, Andrew Steele
Franzini, Cecelia R
Harrington, Logan M
Tordoff, John A
Zhang, Haoyang
The Science of ArmsHumanistic Studies of Technology
Ma, Xiaoli
Reeves, Blake Z
Walton, Warranyu
Zalutsky, Anton Konstantinovich
The Shadow MirrorHumanistic Studies of Technology
Beall, Jackson Dain
Garnet, Ariel Shaunna
Jhunjhunwala, Rohan
The SLICCVac Medical Vacuum CleanerHealth Care and Technology
Mitrokostas, Vasilios WilliamThe Social Implications of Household RoboticsHumanistic Studies of Technology
Patkowski, Alexander EricThe Southwest EnvironmentTechnology and Environment
Blair, Jacquelin Amber
Martell, Fernando J
Roumas, Nicholas G
The Story of Armor featuring the Power to Pierce ArmorHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Blair, James Allen
Davis, Richard William
Russell, Corey Wayne
Sudol, Adrian Charles
The Truth About PhotovoltaicsEnergy and Resources
Kennedy, Corinne Rae
Lukas, Andrew B
Miller, Benjamin Alexander
Rice, Cian F
The Ultimate IMGD Booth at PAX East 2013Social Studies of Science and Technology
Alegbeleye, Laura-Ashley A
Silva, Emily M
Tremblay, Ty N
Wyatt, John F
The Urban Elephant: Sustainable Roles in a Changing SocietyUrban and Environmental Planning
Carter, Brant C
Zhang, Subaiou
THE USE AND DEVELOPMENT OF ANIMATION IN LABORATORY EDUCATION: part of The Connected Laboratory ProjectEducation in a Technological Society
Andrews, John F
Gavarny, Melissa
Lounsbury, Nicole A
Silvia, Andrew Edward
The Use of Digital Technologies for Learning at the Victoria and Albert MuseumSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Cabrera, Benjamin
Fraize, Justin
Runkle, Matthew K
The Use of Technology for Teaching and Learning in Hong KongEducation in a Technological Society
Baker, Ryan Daniel
Do, Duc Minh
Mailand, Samuel Forrest
The Use of Technology to Enhance English Language (ESL) TeachingEducation in a Technological Society
Baker, Kyle Danley
Halloran, Sean J
Knapp, Christopher R
Lynch, Patrick E
The Use of Video Games for Training Users of Myoelectric OrthoticsHealth Care and Technology
Danielewicz, Monika E
Flanigan, Connor J
Tighe, Gregory G
The Value of Practical ExperienceSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Dumas, Callie LynnThe Vermont Bridge at Old Sturbridge Village: A Simplification of Earlier WorkHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Bardon, Jeffrey MThe Virtual ArmoryHumanistic Studies of Technology
Baulier, Jennifer Renee
Feeney, Patrick Joseph
Fite, Ian David
The Virtual ArmoryHumanistic Studies of Technology
Bass, Robert Nathan
Cotnoir, Daniel
Elloian, Jeffrey
The Virtual Armory Survey and PortalHumanistic Studies of Technology
Kim, Hyungjoon
Liu, Justin
Newell, Patrick J
Shidlovsky, Steven Douglas
The Virtual Armory: Virtual Jousting SimulatorHumanistic Studies of Technology
Jaffer, Sarah Valerie
Petrie, Christopher J
The Virtual ChoirSocial Studies of Science and Technology
He, Kai
Lipkind, Seth Michael
Mayor, Elizabeth Laura
McLaughlin, Justin Henry
The Virtual TourHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Gao, Runzi The Virtual TourHumanistic Studies of Technology
Besse, Jack Gallimore
Brendlinger, Michael Eric
Cook, Matthew Russell
Kelley, Elizabeth Barbara
The Water-Energy Nexus in the Southeastern United StatesEnergy and Resources
Catano, Nicholas Francis
Marchand, Mark George
Staley, Simone Loretta
Wang, Yao
The Watershed Sustainability Index for the Reventazón River WatershedTechnology and Environment
Lucia, Peter N
Rubio, Graciela
The WPI Scheduler ProjectSocial and Human Services
Hawkins, Cyle Anthony
Lucia, Peter N
Rubio, Graciela
The WPI Scheduler ProjectSocial and Human Services
Ali, Haseeb Ahmed
Guardino, Morgan L
The Zimri Project: Running Water and Bathroom Facilities for a Rural Moroccan SchoolSocial and Human Services
Audet, Elizabeth Anne
Auger, Ximena Maria
Cross, Michael N
Pepo, Maris N
Think Outside the Bottle at WPITechnology and Environment
Ascioti, Francis Lee
Atwater, Britney Lee
McCabe, Mark F
Rallis, Nicholas Roy
Think Outside the Bottle at WPIEnergy and Resources
Diblasi, Michael A
Morgan, Jonathan F
Morrison, Evan S
Praetorius, Daniel M
ThinkTank: Introducing a Centralized Resource System to the FIRST CommunitySocial Studies of Science and Technology
Bellack, Michael Through whose looking glass?Technology and Environment
Barua, Sowmit
Chattopadhyay, Sayok
Patil, Ankush Yuvraj
Sarkar, Dillon
Time Response Ambulatory Calls EvaluationTechnology and Environment
Mainetti, John MichaelTo Create a Reusable Road Database System for Boxborough, MAUrban and Environmental Planning
Berk, Brian J
Jackson, Amy Louise
Prego, Nicole Elizabeth
Zalesky, Anthony B
Tools for Developing the Worcester Arts DistrictUrban and Environmental Planning
LeBlanc, Noah JTour Guide Robot InteractionsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Gorowara, Alexander Lochan
Matthews, Aquame Justin
Russo, Daryn James
Sezer, Armagan
Tourism in the city of canals: Managing Venice's Love-Hate Relationship with its visitorsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Basilio, Adam D
Byrne, Melissa A
Kelly, Linsley A
Lavado, Robert D
Tourist Information Kiosks in the City of WindhoekEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Houle, Leia Marie
Nichols, Matthew B
Peterson, Thomas C
Stewart, Joshua T
Toward a Dynamic Atlas: A Case Study on the Birds of the Venetian LagoonUrban and Environmental Planning
Martucci, Nicole JosephineTowards a Paperless Choral ClassHumanistic Studies of Technology
Akhtar, Zaki Siraj
Bonhomme, Ricardo
Brandon, Daniel Paul
Cann, Megan Elizabeth
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Eagle, Julie Marie
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Galloway, Jameel Tariq
Ketcham, Shannon
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Stern-Robbins, Gabriel Barak
Tran, Alexander
Zhang, Yidi
Towards A Paperless Choral ClassroomHumanistic Studies of Technology
Akhtar, Zaki Siraj
Bonhomme, Ricardo
Brandon, Daniel Paul
Cann, Megan Elizabeth
Cubano, Brittany A
Dolphin, Anthony Francis
Du, Xiao
Eagle, Julie Marie
Galloway, Jameel Tariq
Ketcham, Shannon Patrick
Naeem, Naveed A.
Otte, Brandon J
Reed, Mario Duane Edward
Rolle, David Seth
Shi, Hanxiong
Tran, Alexander Minh
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Towards a Paperless Choral ClassroomHumanistic Studies of Technology
Arnold, John Richardson
Biczak, Janell Marie
Burns, Kevin Lucas
O'Brien, Sean Alexander
Ondreicka, Merrielle Diane
Stadtlander, Samantha C
Tyson, Jack Daniel
Zheng, Biao
Towards A Paperless Choral ClassroomHumanistic Studies of Technology
Baker, Joshua Stephen
Chmykh, Ilya A
Eigenbrodt, Caroline Blake
Town of Auburn Climate Action PlanTechnology and Environment
Carlone, David
Tong, Long W
Trace Gases & Their EffectsTechnology and Environment
Blaisdell, Thomas P
Leverone, Joseph
Piva, Abigail Louise
Yuen, Yuk-Kwan
Trace Gases & Their EffectsTechnology and Environment
Villani, Thomas StephenTrace Gases and Their Effects on the EnvironmentTechnology and Environment
Humerick, Zachary L
Serafin, Christopher
Westfall, Duncan Addison
Trace Gases and Their Impact on Global WarmingTechnology and Environment
Bermejo, Milton J
Lackner, Jordan Lang
Pashaj, Besnik
Velazquez, Natalie N
Trace Gases and Their Impact on HumanityTechnology and Environment
Brown, Kerron D.Trace Gases and Their Impact on HumanityTechnology and Environment
Haines, Adam
Lawton, Timothy John
Steacy, Brandon Charles
Tracking and Reducing Greenhouse Gases at WPIEnergy and Resources
Coffey, Patrick J
Thomas, Kelsey
Tracking the Progress of the Green Communities Act of 2008Science and Technology: Policy and Management
Cheu, Christopher TingHin
Dassatti, Allison Fitzgerald
DeBaie, Amanda Leigh
DiGiovanni, Craig D
Muhammad, Tahiyyah Lateefah
Tracking Tourism Performance: Creating a Tourism BarometerEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Hyacinthe, Jason JosephTrading and Investing within the Foreign Exchange MarketEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Hyacinthe, Jason
McLaughlin, Brendan John
Trading in the Foreign Exchange MarketEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Antoniou, Salvador A
Khzouz, Erik Ryan
Trading System DevelopmentEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Downey, John
Popieski, Shawn Stephen
Yandian, Mark
Trading System DevelopmentEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Haddad, Spenser Adam
Peskoe, Jacob Kent
Vardaro, Michael John
Trading System Development: Trading a System of SystemsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Gehrken, Eric John
Hu, Youwei
Mallette, Camden Ryan
Paprota, Justin Shane
Trading System Development: Trading the 10 O'Clock BullsEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Iliev, Veselin DoychinovTrading the 30 Minute Opening Range BreakoutEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Comeau, Nicholas Charles
Godani, Nikhil Shyam
Presnal, Alex Joseph
Trading, Investment and Portfolio ManagementEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Balboa, Marc Joseph
Carbonneau, Michelle Lynn
Feeley, Kyle
Li, Lester
Traffic and Its ImpactsTechnology and Environment
Bornstein, Alyssa Lyon
Keleher, Jan Kacper
Pafumi, Lena Rose
Traffic Congestion Alleviation in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, IndiaUrban and Environmental Planning
Beatty, Jenna
Coletta, Thomas E
Rogan, Ryan P
Traffic Study NørrebrogadeUrban and Environmental Planning
Calvert, Timothy Nicholas
Canale, Cameron Michael
Hart, Laura Frances
Wigell, Rachel Ellen
Trail ViewTechnology and Environment
Fariello, Stephanie R
Gonzalez, Fernando J
Marcoux, Caitlyn N
Pantuosco, Luke C
Trail ViewTechnology and Environment
Anness, Emily Graham
Korb, William Armstrong
Mickelson, Lauren Ann
Perry, Quinn
Trail View: Acadia National ParkTechnology and Environment
Alan, Rebecca R
Belen, Laura J
Training for Stress ReductionHealth Care and Technology
Rogan, Casey M
Welker, Maxwell Edison
Training of the CFA Volunteer WorkforceEducation in a Technological Society
Corcoran, Marcella Marie
Maloney, Nicholas
Moore, Whitney
Munro, Sara J
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Caron, Lauren Kimberly
Oku, Yuko
Transgenic Animals Health Care and Technology
Anderson, Josh J
Dowdy, Christopher R
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Bazinet, Martin
Braxton, Maceo
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Blanchard, Aine Denise
Kelly, Meghan
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Renaud, Joseph M
Srbinoska, Hristina
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Bradley, Matthew
Brosius, Joanna L
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Doherty, Matthew John
Izuchi, Ntohmchukwu
Nason, Tyson M
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Brooks, Robert Willard
Levesque, Nathan
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Fahey, Conor Michael
Goudas, Alexander Robert
McGeoghan, Joseph Matthew
Szpyrka, Brian
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Abele, Travis J
Miller, Michelle
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Corttis, Justin HTransgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Curtin, Jared Gabriel
McCormack, Katherine
Parkhurst, Ben
Seicol, Ben
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Connor, Matthew J
Tsitsilianos, Nicholas
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Clinton, Ryan
Richmond, Gregory John
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Blanco, Jeffrey
Ratanpara, Savan S
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Fineman, Laura C
Martin, John Raymond
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Bailey, Elyse GTransgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Breault, Richard
Torchon, Tania Emmanuelle
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Cunningham, Rebecca N
Reed, Andrew
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Decker, William Swift
Schopka, Brian Arthur
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Cupido, Paul N
Osullivan, Phil
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Churchman, Devin A
Heard, Michael Winlow
Leverone, Andrew Christian
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Caproni, William Bryson
Dahlinghaus, Erik Richard
Transgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Negrini, Kara Ann MarieTransgenic AnimalsHealth Care and Technology
Crawford, Neil
Vandebroek, Arno Alexander
Transgenic Animals and SocietyHealth Care and Technology
Bemis, Randal
Jo, Woo Chan
Transgenic Animals IQP 2011Health Care and Technology
Acosta, Christian Anthony
Gallagher, Scott Corbett
Laberge, Melanie Elizabeth
Townsend, Matthew K
Transit in Montgomery CountyUrban and Environmental Planning
ByeNagel, Kyla L
Nowak, Teresa A
Traumatic Brain Injury: Focus on Soldiers/MilitaryHealth Care and Technology
Fogarty, Chelsea Anne
Folinas, Geordie Charles
Greco, Steven Charles
Stacy, Cassandra Lynn
Traversing the Labyrinth: A Comprehensive Analysis of Pedestrian Traffic in VeniceUrban and Environmental Planning
Dechaine, Danielle Catherine
Hennessey, Meghan D
Orszulak, Jeffrey
Rullmann, Kevin Alexander
Treasure's Underfoot: Persevering Venice's Church Floor ArtifactsHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Chapman, William HTrends in the Earth’s global temperature and natural cycles.Technology and Environment
Eisenbach, Bryant Joseph
Hanlon, Charles H
Ingalls, Erin T
Tsumkwe Energy Skills AssessmentEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Currie, Courtnae-Symone
Enjamio, Julian Enrique
Girardo, David Orion
Hensel, Casey Allen
Beasley, Michael
DiTroia, Lisa Marie
Rheault, Courtney L
Rigden, Damien K
Tsunami Mitigation in Ban Nam Khem, Thailand: Assessment of Evacuation Towers, the Warning System, and Education and TrainingHumanistic Studies of Technology
Lovett, Glen CharlesTutors with Game Like ElementsEducation in a Technological Society
Carmichael, Justin
Gesley, Jared James
Li, Jia Yong
Windsor, Bradleigh L
Tyre Waste Reduction in Hong KongTechnology and Environment
Minn, Kyaw Thu
Najem, Mortada Salman
Umbilical cord blood hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, an alternative to bone marrowHealth Care and Technology
Anderson, Chelsey E
Chiacchiaro, Rhiannon
Infantino, Shanna L
Shiotsu, Yoshitaka C
Un'Economia Sommersa: Documenting the Evolution of the Venetian Formal EconomyEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Daley, Christopher J
Moynihan, Patrick Fitzgerald
Nagpal, Kshitij
Westermayer, Krista-Marie
Understanding and Analyzing the Restaurant Permitting ProcessLaw and Technology
Hanson, Philip Understanding Participation in Web 2.0 SitesSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Durkee, Aaron D
Padula, Sydney Rose
Paquette, Jeffrey Pascal
Understanding the Role of HEMS in Emergency Care and Working to Reduce Accidents, Costs, and Transport TimeHealth Care and Technology
Afezolli, Debora
Allen, Benjamin M
Hepworth, Jaclyn E
Kazanovicz, Andrew James
Unearthing the Roots of Venice: From Relics to DNAHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Anderson, Benjamin Haven
Brockway, Sarah Evelyn
Kashmanian, Paul Louis
Martin, Nicholas Robert
Unwanted False Alarms (BCA Classifications 2 & 3)Science and Technology: Policy and Management
Congdon, Molly D
Tutone, Alexander Paul
Valencia, Victoria C
Updating the Natural Science Exhibits at the Maria Mitchell AssociationEducation in a Technological Society
Black, Kevin Matthew
Migdal, Sara A
Morin, Michael T
Rene, Dukens Quinton
Vitello, Nicholas D
Urban Maintenance & Venetian AccessibilityUrban and Environmental Planning
Leung, Wai-Mun
Miller, Michael P
Pierce, Michael A
Tsai, Irene
Urban Planning & Development of Kai Tak AreaUrban and Environmental Planning
Tanguay, Brian MichaelUrban Tree HealthUrban and Environmental Planning
Costello, Anna S
Grace, Brandon J
Seibold, William David
Wzorek, Matthew P
Urban Tree MappingUrban and Environmental Planning
Byron, Michael Robert
Keenan, Daniel Paul
Wesoloski, Joseph Edward
Urban Water ConservationTechnology and Environment
Chan, Philip
Christous, Corey X
Grollman, Joseph L
US ENERGY GOALS AND POLICY: A Critical Look at Existing Energy and Sustainable Energy for the FutureEnergy and Resources
Habib, Cameron WassimUse of Google Docs as Learning Aid in Biological Laboratory ApplicationEducation in a Technological Society
Diamant, Michael Using a Web-enabled Database to Facilitate Social Interaction: The Case of the WPI Investment ClubEducation in a Technological Society
Nolan, Kevin
Ramsley, Christopher Scott
Washington, Steven V
Yovina, Mary Aubrey
Using Interactive Media to Attracting Prospective FreshmenSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Alasfour, Meshal
Grabowski, Brian J
Harris, Brendan Chanler
Using Media to Enhance Students' Ability to Learn PhysicsEducation in a Technological Society
Baron, Rebecca Claire
Fotino, Hillary Elizabeth
Willisson, Eric P
Using Technology to Facilitate Surplus Inventory Distribution at WPISocial and Human Services
Amendolare, Vincent T
Leblanc, Ryan E
Race-Moore, Julian W
Using the Access Grid at Global Project SitesEducation in a Technological Society
Bennett, Olivia S
Borkowski, Elora V
Fulgoni, Arthur J
Weiler, Andrew J
USPTO Quality Metrics AnalysisScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Flaherty, Michael John
Lucas, Doug C
McNally, Baillie Rae
Morell-Pacheco, Gabriel G
Utilizing Rain Barrels to Reduce Stormwater RunoffUrban and Environmental Planning
Cockerill, Meghan E
Comeau, Therese
Lee, Tuen Hung
Vinayak, Jyotsna
Utilizing Video Multimedia Tools in Biology LabsEducation in a Technological Society
Dwyer, Forrest Potter
Mourkas, Michael
Sebastian, Heather Simone
Validating Safety on Commercial Fishing VesselsSafety Analysis and Liability
Cane, Daniel
Dawe, Meghan A
Ostrowski, Joseph Edward
Rivard, Allison G
Value Added Products for Beekeepers in AlbaniaEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Alderman, Daniel A
Barot, Vineet
Pepicelli, Derek R
Wong, Gordon Hoi Yuen
Valuing Ecological Services of Peri-Urban Open Spaces: A Case Study of the West Tatnuck Neighborhood of Worcester, MassachusettsUrban and Environmental Planning
Aloisio, Christopher T
Gabriel, Jason B
Greenfield, Kara Bernadette
Kelly, Alexander G
Venetian Mobility on Land and SeaUrban and Environmental Planning
Ding, Ruofan
Gualdarrama, Jon P
Horton, Ryan S
Perrone, Michael J
Venetian Open Data: Providing Greater Access to the Venice Project Center's Data ResourcesScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Chakuroff, Mark S
Powderly, Kelsey B
Silva, Dennis Steven
Venetian Time: An Examination of Time and Space in VeniceSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Baruffi, Frederick Anthony
Boucher, Janelle Marina
Coryea, Madalyn E
Spector, Danielle
Venice Bells and Bell Towers: A Striking Source of KnowledgeHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Chines, Justin Francis
Eoff, Eric
Reynolds, Alexander Christian
Weis, Amanda Michelle
Venice through the canals of time: Mapping the physical evolution of the cityUrban and Environmental Planning
DeMartino, Angelica M
Kent, Julie A
Mallette, Daniel Richard
Venice: An Aging CitySocial and Human Services
Carlson, Erik Daniel
Nwaobasi, Felix
Saxena, Shikhar
Truchanovicius, Viktoras
Venice: Genesis of the City and its PeopleHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Bobell, Patrick Anthoney
McCarthy, Lauren
Poganski, David Michael
Tsiros, Alyssa
Venipedia-an English language data-driven wiki dedicated to VeniceHumanistic Studies of Technology
Finelli, Thomas M
O'Brien, Catherine Hannah
Scannell, Kevin R
Venipedia: A Modern Knowledge and Data Wiki Dedicated to the City of VeniceEducation in a Technological Society
Brunelle, Joshua RVideo Game Archives: MassachusettsHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Hays, Jared PhillipVideo Games vs. Diabetes: Using video games as an aid to self-careHealth Care and Technology
Gottardi, Karyn Susan
Schafer, Cara C
Waterman, John Tyler
Video Relay Interpreting Services in VictoriaSocial and Human Services
McLaughlin, Lucas G
Spinney, Kerrin Elizabeth
Video Tutorials for Introductory StatisticsEducation in a Technological Society
Do, Ngoc Dao
Nguyen, Khanh-Nhan P
Nguyen, Tran Ngoc
Santawisook, Patchara
Virtual Learning ProjectEducation in a Technological Society
Carveth, Carol
Densmore, Matthew Shawn
Donovan, Shawn Michael
Dwyer, Brenton
Virtual Tour for the Charles Dickens MuseumEducation in a Technological Society
Staver, Benjamin EliVisual Reasoning in EconomicsSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Bourque, Donald Leo
Kelly, Stephen J
Visualization for Finite Element Method EducationEducation in a Technological Society
Jivanjee, Mustansir Visualizing Construction - The Bartlett Center from Start to FinishEducation in a Technological Society
Bourque, Ryan J
Marois, James
Visualizing the Bartlett Center ConstructionEducation in a Technological Society
Fakharzadeh, Michael
Janc, Artur
Koscielska, Katarzyna
Voces del Caribe -- A Digital RepositoryHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Valcour, Victoria JadeVoice Controlled Music SequencerHumanistic Studies of Technology
Servi, Joseph FranklinVolatilityEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Ames, Jessica Ashly
Bean, Nicholas William
Bliss, Julie Anita
Stewart, Jerome Valentino
Volatility of Tetrachloroethylene on Cape CodHealth Care and Technology
Yamshchikov, Andrey AndreyevichWalden WoodsTechnology and Environment
Fortner, Elizabeth Carr
Pagliaccio, Isabel H
Worcester, James William
Wrabel, Eileen Susan
Walk-on-Wednesday in CroydonUrban and Environmental Planning
Baker, Nicole A
Esmond, Stephanie R
Georgiadis, Konstantinos T
Gontarek, Reed C
WaSH-UP Sustainable Livelihoods and Business OperationsUrban and Environmental Planning
Weitz, Ryan BartlettWashburn's Legacy: How WPI-Company Connections Shaped Worcester's Industrial ExpansionHumanistic Studies of Technology
Martinez, Angel
Moreau, Matthew T
Page, Thomas Michael
Washed Away: The Study of Natural Disasters and Weather Stations in the Central Pacific Basin of Costa RicaTechnology and Environment
Kenney, Macauley Reardon
Sheppard, Patrick Joseph
Shooshan, Ryan M
Siemian, Justin Nicholas
WaSHUp: Innovating Water Sanitation and Hygiene Upgrading in LangrugUrban and Environmental Planning
Abbate, Emily E
Clinckemaillie, Tom J
Humbaraci, Alp
Jaser, Jenna Leigh
Waste Data Management at the Baxter Manufacturing Facility in Costa RicaTechnology and Environment
Kohlstrom, Nicholas B
Lufkin, Tiffany A
Rock, Whitney L
Waste Disposal Practices in the Automotive Industry: Costa Rica's Canton of MoraviaScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Legare, Stephanie
Sierad, Leslie Neil
Waugh, Kevin E
Waste Management on Dairy Farms in Costa RicaTechnology and Environment
Parker, Erica Leigh
St. Germain, Aimee C
St. Laurent, Elise Michelle
Waste Water Energy Recovery and its Implementation in the Commonwealth of MassachusettsUrban and Environmental Planning
Aldrich, Jeffrey A.
Forsaith, Jacob K.
Letizio, Adam J.
Miller, Steven J.
Water Access Points in Boston Harbor: Encouraging Boating and a Clean HarborUrban and Environmental Planning
Cheng, Hui
Greer, Leah A
Griffin, Kevin Raymond
Grogan, Shaine Mitchell
Water and Energy Conservation for FideicomisoUrban and Environmental Planning
Granfone, Marcella C
Lizewski, Christopher Richard
Olecki, Daniel
Water and Sanitation in Monwabisi Park, Cape TownUrban and Environmental Planning
Gilley, Richard L
Sullivan, Rebekah
Tang, Scott
Tarbet, Amanda Jordan
Water Conservation in Windhoek SchoolsEnergy and Resources
Arnold, William S
Bartlett, Samuel A
Nelson, Andrew T
Richards, Olivia Anne
Water KnowledgeTechnology and Environment
Badran, Khalil Fadi
Baker, Jennifer L
Collins, Benjamin Marts
Water Management and Conservation in Rural Morocco: A Follow-up Study to AUI Pilot Implementation of Drip IrrigationEnergy and Resources
Marsh, David Daniel
Ryan, Thomas
Wesolowski, Daniel
Water Meter Replacement EvaluationUrban and Environmental Planning
Bjorge, Daniel James
Booth, Jessica A
Crocker, Katrina Marie
Warfel, David R.
Water Resources Development in Isaan, Thailand: The Social Case for Ban ThadEnergy and Resources
Couitt, Stephen Charles
Preucil, Christopher Bowen
Wong, Alexander Kai-Chung
Water Sustainability at Worcester Polytechnic InstituteEnergy and Resources
Alameda, Mackenzie Leigh
Boyd, Morgan Emily
Brown, Joseph Michael
Carino, Ivette
Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Upgrading Programme in Informal SettlementsUrban and Environmental Planning
Chen, Xu
Cooper, Jennifer Lee
Fung, Chuck Wah
Roberts, Kashane R
Watershed Management of the Blackstone RiverUrban and Environmental Planning
Motzer, Amy Lee
Rondina, Katherine M.
We Don’t Agree, But We’re Working Together: Examining How Affiliative Motivation and Perspective Taking Effect Social TuningSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Braun, Nathan E
Butler, Matthew Gregory
Horgan, Michael Shamus
Lagassey, Justin Bronson
O'Brien, Paul Francis
Web Based Snow Sport Injury ReductionTechnology and Environment
Braun, Nathan
Butler, Matthew Gregory
Horgan, Michael Shamus
lagassey, justin
O'Brien, Paul
Web Based Snow Sport Injury ReductionSafety Analysis and Liability
Arsenault, James Kirk
DeStefano, Christopher Mark
Miller, James Daniel
Papotto, Joseph M
Zuschlag, Caitlin Marie
Web Based Snow-Sport Injury ReductionSafety Analysis and Liability
Holman, Nichole AllisonWeb Based Snow-Sport Injury ReductionTechnology and Environment
Adebayo, Olufunmilayo Olatokunbo
Zhang, Jing
Web Design and Implementation for Family Health Center of WorcesterHealth Care and Technology
Erickson, James David
Haley, J. Victor
Mannheim, Gregory David
Web Interface for TenantsUrban and Environmental Planning
David, Radu Alin
Hart, Jonathan R
McHugh, Daniel Patrick
Murphy, Eric M
Web Support for the Carbon Reduction Partnership in KingstonTechnology and Environment
Brown, Ryan M
Wood, Ashleigh Elizabeth
Web-Based Communication for the REACH Program: Design and ImplementationHealth Care and Technology
Kahn, James R
Lentz, Zoe A
Turczyk, Michal
Website and Marketing Enhancement for MBIScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Bruninghaus, Michael William
Jenket, Thomas W
McCann, Richard A
Papanicholas, Alex Lammi
Website Development for the Royal Botanic GardensEducation in a Technological Society
Li, Zehao
Xia, Yizhou
WEBWORK PROBLEMS FOR STATEducation in a Technological Society
DiLorenzo, Erika S.
Donnelly, Christopher J.
Richard, Noelle M.
WeBWorK Tutorials For Statistics IIEducation in a Technological Society
Fancher, Charles T
Heller, Rachel K
Nesbitt, Nathan Taylor
Whorton, Skyler Barrett
Woodnorth, Scott R
Wellington Project Initiative: An Assessment of the Feasibility of Establishing an IQP Center in Wellington, New ZealandEducation in a Technological Society
Cubin, Nicholas T
Doyon, Jeffrey M
Malatesta, Nathan T
Warms, Christopher M
Wembley Regeneration IndexUrban and Environmental Planning
Crowley, Ian Francis
Trudeau, Joshua
Wernher von Braun: An Ethical AnalysisHumanistic Studies of Technology
Arnold, Max Ian
Edovas, Toby-Lian
Garcia-Fine, Sandra Patricia
Zhu, Junyu
Wheels, Heels, and Pedals Website EnhancementUrban and Environmental Planning
Eisenberg Keogh, Joseph HarryWhere Will The Jobs Come From?Economic Growth, Stability, and Development
Dai, Xingchi
Schuba, Ian
Where Will the Jobs Come From?Economic Growth, Stability, and Development
Golovnya, Denis V
Luca, Mihai Tiberiu
Statelova, Antoniya Toneva
Which Works Better: Worked Examples or Hint Messages?Education in a Technological Society
Cassidy, Ryan P
Cote Dumphy, Brannon M
Lee, Jae Seok
Mitchell-Evans, Wade Omare
Why Do Humans Imagine Robots?Humanistic Studies of Technology
Allwood, Thomas T
Psiakis, Kosta John
Regan, Thomas G
Will Prey Consume Nanotechnology?Social Studies of Science and Technology
Huard, William Robert
Massa, Christopher B
Szkutak, Michael D
Workman, Nicholas Dale
Wind and Solar Energy Projects at the EcoTariumTechnology and Environment
Bailey, Bradford David
Galvin, Edward Arthur
Moreau, Timothy Donald
Wind EnergyEnergy and Resources
Baskan, Ozan
Edremitlioglu, Hayrettin Hazal
Toydemir, Kuthan C
Berlo, Diana M
Hunt, Jennifer L
Martori, Amanda L
Skelly, Justin
Wind Generation on NantucketEnergy and Resources
Brewster, Seth Thomas
Dechiara, Dominic M
Demers-Peel, Evan Arthur
Wind Power Feasibility For Worcester AcademyTechnology and Environment
Benoit, Tyler Paul
Brunetti, Michael
Zipkin, Justin
Wind Power in Worcester, Massachusetts: Siting and PermittingEnergy and Resources
Kalisz, Christopher R
Monast, Calixte S
Santoro, Michael J
Trow, Benjamin T
Wind Power Suitability in Worcester, MassachusettsEnergy and Resources
Cahill, Nicole M
Ghizzoni, Michael Carl
Low, Jonathan K
Winds of WorcesterEnergy and Resources
Ajayi-Obe, Yetunde
Messier, Richard Thomas
Women Weavers of Ain Leuh, Morocco: Use of Internet Technology & Global MarketingEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Comisky, Casey
Eaton, Amanda Leigh
Partridge, Kathryn Elisabeth
York, Brandt A
Women's Environmental Network: Improving an Internet PresenceTechnology and Environment
Aye-Addo, Nyansafo P.A.
da Vitoria, Andre
Malaver, Josue A
O'Connor, James Michael
Wood-To-OilEnergy and Resources
Doane, Richard John
Fay, Celeste N
Guzman, Scott Michael
Marcy, Cara E
Woody Biomass as an Energy Source for MassachusettsEnergy and Resources
Jafferji, Hajar Worcester Area WritersHumanistic Studies of Technology
Song, Samuel InHoWorcester Area WritersHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Amevor, Denzel Fui
Chen, Alexander Hao
Corriveau, Allison Marie
Rahman, Saraf Tasneem
Worcester Art Museum: Café SustainabilityTechnology and Environment
Coutu, Katherine Jane
MacLeod, Tynan Robert
Richardson, Tristan O'Brien
Teatum, Samuel Jacobowitz
Worcester Art Museum: Creation of a Green CaféUrban and Environmental Planning
Collins, Travis F
Gowell, Christopher Michael
Hall-Stinson, Aaron Scott
Worcester Art Museum: Green Technology EvaluationEnergy and Resources
Bernklow, Marshall B
Neve, William H
Worthen, Joseph Richard
Worcester Art Museum: Interactive Exhibit IdeasHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Davis, Grace M
MacLaren, Alexandra T
Marvasti-Sitterly, Mitra
Murphy, Erin E
Worcester Art Museum: Museum Viewing ExperienceHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Farrell, Jessica T
Johnson, Allison B
Murphy, Daniel M
Worcester Community Schools Needs AssessmentSocial and Human Services
Mackey, Michael C
McDevitt, Aaron
O'Malley, Patrick D
Worcester Counts Indicator ProjectUrban and Environmental Planning
Chen, Yunxin
Kaczmarek, Adam Donovan
Ventola, James Thomas
Worcester Food Assessment -- Production and DistributionUrban and Environmental Planning
Banegas Nunez, Elena Victoria
Burke, Bethany Suzanne
Gleason, Frank James
Zehnder, Jennifer Juliane
Worcester Foodscape: Analysis of Adolescent Food ChoicesSocial and Human Services
Becan, Ali Fuat
Harrington, Matthew Edward
Lundgren, Keith Jeremy
Orfan, Kyle Joseph
Worcester Historical Museum: An Interactive Redesign of the Fuller GalleryHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
McIsaac, Andrew John
Twomey, Brian M
Worcester Latino Roundtable Committee Video Life Stories ProjectUrban and Environmental Planning
Bakstran, Clark Walter
Sletterink, Gregory Walter
Worcester Music ProjectHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Camire, Andrew Cole
Francis, John Collins
Keyes, Joan Elizabeth
Worcester Public Library Outreach: Game Design CurriculumEducation in a Technological Society
Fontaine, Alexandra V
Lasin, Praphapan
Oglesby, Frank Edward
Porras, Alfredo Raul
Worcester Rain Gardens: Developing Promotional Materials for Rain Gardens in the City of WorcesterTechnology and Environment
Nguyen, David DWorcester Technical High School Vernal Pools StudyEducation in a Technological Society
Shaw, David JeffreyWorcester WritersHumanistic Studies of Technology
Curley, Kevin PWorcester WritersSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Karakoyunlu, Cengiz Worcester WritersHumanistic Studies of Technology
Flaherty, Tyler Howell
Hoyt, Hubbard
Phillips, Matt L
Worcester’s Missing Political Voice and the Fate of the AuditoriumSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Hartman, Daniel J
Linskey, Meghan M
Stoyle, Allyson M
Words Unwritten: A History of MaltahöheEconomic Growth, Stability, and Development
Davila, Ignacio Jose
Davis, Nicole Sade
Gomez Rodriguez, Wilmann Daniel
Ziavras, Evan Nickolas
Workflow at NSFScience and Technology: Policy and Management
Lukens, Ian Phelan
McAndrews, Christopher G
Miner, Emily Rebecca
Stratton, Victoria Alice
Workflow Management at the National Science FoundationSocial Studies of Science and Technology
Corfman, Daniel Philip
Cotnoir, Joseph D
Gilkey, Sarah F
Hickcox, Andrew S
Volpe, Timothy J
WPEye.net: An Alternate Reality Game for WPI AdmissionsHumanistic Studies of Technology
Bean, Alex RobertWPI 150: A recommendation for marking the sesquicentennial using the best insights from the digital humanitiesHistoric and Artistic Preservation Technology
Jaskoviak, Tory Richard
Nyren, Daniel Joseph
Rehkugler, Kari Gaea
WPI Energy Efficiency Lighting StudyEnergy and Resources
Andrews, Haley EWPI IQP Teaching Practicum at Forest Grove Middle SchoolEducation in a Technological Society
Addonisio, Corrado M
Girouard, Kory J
Rodriguez, Cesar E
WPI LIQUID LIFEEnergy and Resources
Danas, Ryan A
Lally, Douglas T
Polido, Henrique A
Gaddis, Rebecca LWPI Teaching PracticumEducation in a Technological Society
Anderson, Warren CharlesWPI Teaching PracticumEducation in a Technological Society
Yocom, Megan WPI Teaching Practicum and ProjectEducation in a Technological Society
Weaver, Ryan JWPI Teaching Practicum in 8th Grade Physical ScienceEducation in a Technological Society
Grudzinski, William G
Hawthorne, Mark T
Tetreault, Stephen Michael
WPI Utilities UsageEnergy and Resources
Fairman, Evart
LaMura, Richard J
Liu, Thomas Kangchao
Nuzzo-Mueller, Daniel Thomas
Polido, Felipe
Quirk, Morgan
WPI's Bouldering WallSocial and Human Services
Beinke, Elisabeth A
Schwartz, Alexander
WPImap Campus Tour IQPHumanistic Studies of Technology
Eng, Andrew
Swieson, Caleb J
WRTA Incentive Program EffectivenessUrban and Environmental Planning
Burns, Erin E
Dahlmann, Jennifer Christine
Dickson, James Benton
Zeb, John T
Camilo, Alexander XO educational softwareEducation in a Technological Society
Handel, Rachel E
Kim, Kwan Yeong
Li, Zhi Hao
Trumbley, Adam William
Young Crossrail Educational ResourcesEducation in a Technological Society
Benson, Patrick Stephen
Costa, Brian C
Susmann, Austin William
Tessier, Michael N
YourEnergyOptions, Inc.: A Web Business PlanEnergy and Resources
Deisadze, Luka OtariZebra Mussels in the Quabbin ReservoirTechnology and Environment
Bitzas, Gabrielle J
Brais, Austin Douglas
Longhurst, Katherine Marie
Theriot, Timothy Peter
Zero Heroes Unite: Fighting the Fight against Air Pollution in CroydonUrban and Environmental Planning
Burnham, Jennifer Lynn
Faszewski, Tyler Edward
Gammel, Thomas Albert
Kolb, Ryan Michael
Zoning Reform for the State of MassachusettsUrban and Environmental Planning
Ellsworth, Carrie Lynn
Nagle, Michael Benjamin
Zoonotic Diseases in Society Today: Lyme DiseaseHealth Care and Technology
Bridgewater, Alicia J
Buffam, Julie
Sawosik, Peter C
Zoos Victoria Visitation Data AnalysisEducation in a Technological Society

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