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Advisor Name TitleDepartment
Van de Ven, James DLiquid Piston Gas CompressionMechanical Engineering
Van de Ven, James DFlywheel-Accumulator for Compact Hydraulic Energy StorageMechanical Engineering
Van de Ven, James DHydraulic Series Hybrid Baja CarMechanical Engineering
Van de Ven, James D20008-2009 SAE Baja Race VehicleMechanical Engineering
Van de Ven, James DSwitch-Mode Continuously Variable TransmissionMechanical Engineering
Van de Ven, James DHydraulic Dynamometer to Simulate the Regenerative Braking CycleMechanical Engineering
Van de Ven, James DFatigue Analysis of a Bicycle ForkMechanical Engineering
Van de Ven, James D.Multi-Actuator Switch-Mode Hydraulic SystemMechanical Engineering
Van de Ven, James D.Switch-Mode CVT: Torsion SpringMechanical Engineering
Van Dessel, StevenStructural Design and Construction of the Solatrium for the Solar Decathlon China CompetitionCivil and Environmental Engineering
Van Dessel, StevenMyra Hiatt Kraft Memorial Bridge Restoration in Historic Elm ParkCivil and Environmental Engineering
Van Dessel, StevenAddition to Kaven Hall - Performance-Based Design Using Energy Simulation ToolsCivil and Environmental Engineering
Vassallo, Helen G.Predicting Policyholder Behavior and Benefit Utilization: An Analysis on Long-Term Care InsuranceManagement
Vassallo, Helen G.Market and Business Analysis of MicrothreadsManagement
Vassallo, Helen G.China's Strategic Nuclear Decision Making During CrisisManagement
Vassallo, Helen G.Market Analysis of TEBVsManagement
Vassallo, Helen G.Project Management Process Improvement for MassDOTManagement
Vassallo, Helen G.Managed Account PlansManagement
Vassallo, Helen G.Management of the Design and Construction of the WPI Bamboo BicycleManagement
Vassallo, Helen G.Lean Improvement at Sheppard Envelope Manufacturing CompanyManagement
Vassallo, Helen G.Copper Pipe Leak DetectionManagement
Vassallo, Helen G.The Feasibility of LED Lighting for Commercial UseManagement
Vassallo, Helen G.Copper Pipe Leak DetectionManagement
Vassallo, Helen G.Induced Pluripotent Stem cells and their treatment for Cardiac DiseaseManagement
Vassallo, Helen G.CBA of Stents vs SurgeryManagement
Vassallo, Helen G.MassDOTManagement
Vassallo, Helen G.Financial Viability of Underwater Heart Rate MonitoringManagement
Vaz, Richard FrancisAnalyzing Municipal Energy Performance in WorcesterInterdisciplinary
Vaz, Richard FrancisCognitive Radio for Medical ApplicationsEE
Vaz, Richard FrancisIndoor Navigation System for Handheld DevicesEE
Vaz, Richard FrancisAnalysis and Implementation of the Integrated 3x3 and 11x11 Pixel Array Infrared Detectors for the ADiR Product LineEE
Vaz, Richard FrancisDesign of a Personal Health Monitor Interface for Wireless, IP-based, Data LoggingEE
Vaz, Richard FrancisDemonstration of the AD7280 Battery Monitoring SystemEE
Vaz, Richard FrancisDesign of an Automated Experimentation and Data Processing Software Suite for the ADiR SensorEE
Vaz, Richard FrancisEfficient Surveillance SystemEE
Vaz, Richard FrancisDesign of a Completely Wireless Security Camera SystemEE
Vaz, Richard FrancisDevelopment of a 'Smart Glove' Monitoring System for Personal Protective Equipment ApplicationsEE
Vaz, Richard FrancisSpot Pyrometer Analysis and System DesignEE
Vaz, Richard FrancisDesign of a Health Monitoring DeviceEE
Venkatasubramanian, Krishna KumarWearable HoneypotComputer Science
Venkatasubramanian, Krishna KumarAn Identification System for Head Mounted DisplaysComputer Science
Venkatasubramanian, Krishna KumarWireless Bandwidth Aggregation for Internet TrafficComputer Science
Venkatasubramanian, Krishna KumarSmart-phone-based Platform for Patient Medical ComplianceComputer Science
Venkatasubramanian, Krishna KumarEnhancing Plug and Play Capabilities in Body Area Network ProtocolsComputer Science
Vermes, DomokosEvaluation Bench for Portfolio OptimizationMathematical Sciences
Vernescu, Bogdan M.Analysis on FractalsMathematical Sciences
Vernescu, Bogdan M.Thin-Film FerrofluidicsMathematical Sciences
Vick, SusanLittle Theatre Technical Resource and Operation GuideHumanities
Vick, SusanA Breath of Fresh Air: Art in a Scientific WorldHumanities
Vick, SusanAn Enemy of the People: A Director's Journey from the Page to the StageHumanities
Vick, SusanOn The Shoulders of Giants: A Portfolio of My JourneyHumanities
Vick, SusanDirecting The CrucibleHumanities
Vick, SusanProducing The CrucibleHumanities
Vick, SusanThe Way I Breathe: An Actor's PortfolioHumanities
Vick, SusanFestival Scenographic DesignHumanities
Vick, SusanGuiding a FestivalHumanities
Vick, SusanA Director's Journey to the Conservatory StageHumanities
Vick, SusanProducing the 27th New VoicesHumanities
Vick, SusanStage Direction in a Conservatory SettingHumanities
Vick, SusanProducing GrossHumanities
Vick, SusanNew Guidelines, New Standards, New Voices: Associate Executive and Producing Dramaturg for New Voices 26Humanities
Vick, SusanProducing Mamet at WPI''s Little TheatreHumanities
Vidali, LuisMeasuring Actin Dynamics Using Correlation AnalysisBB
Vidali, LuisInvestigating the Participation of Kinesin4IIs and Kinesin7Is in Chloroplast Motility Using RNA InterferenceBB
Vidali, LuisInteractions between Myosin XIa and Rab Proteins in the Moss Physcomitrella patensBB
Vidali, LuisFreeze Tolerance in the Moss Physcomitrella patensBB
Vidali, LuisPurification of Myosin XI and Sec15 from Physcomitrella patensBB
Vidali, LuisImplementing LectureBank: a Network to Connect Researchers and Scientific Event OrganizersBB
Vidali, LuisAnalysis of Myosin XI and RabA Relationships during Polarized Tip Growth in Physcomitrella patensBB
Vidali, LuisIsolation of Temperature-sensitive Mutants in the Moss Physcomitrella patens and Mapping of their Causal Mutation by Genome Sequencing of Pooled SegregantsBB
Volkov, DarkoCracks in Half Plane, Cracks in DiscsMathematical Sciences

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