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Author Name TitleDepartment
Na, Aaron EdwinGateway Building 2012: Alternative Designs and Use of Building Information ModelingCivil and Environmental Engineering
Nabea, Winnie MuyiaA Comparison of Biodiesel Processes for the Conversion of Jatropha CurcasChemical Engineering
Nadeau, Kyle GImproving Green Belt Project Performance for Staples Inc.Management Engineering
Nadeau, Eric MichaelFPGA-Based Graphics AccelerationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Naeem, Naveed A.Vibration Monitor Analog Instrumentation: Accelerometers vs. Strain GagesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Nagelin, Angela MarieFluidic Muscle OrnithopterMechanical Engineering
Nagle, Michael BenjaminA Simple Model for Analyzing Stem Cell Niches in Human SkinBiology and Biotechnology
Nagpal, Sunil NVIDIAComputer Science
Nagpal, Kshitij SmartTour: A Multi‐Dimensional Approach to Campus NavigationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Nahabedian, Aaron JA Study of Linear Programming Bounds for Spherical CodesMathematical Sciences
Nair, Abhilash Design of a 16-bit 10Mhz Pipeline ADC using the SPLIT-ADC architecture in 0.25u CMOSElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Najem, Suzanne EvaTrack Alternative Design and Construction Management SoftwareCivil and Environmental Engineering
Najem, Mortada SalmanHuman Ependymin Neurotrophic Factor Mimetic Increases Alzheimer’s Mice Cognitive Performance in a Morris Water-Maze TestBC BIO
Nakamura, Elise YMacrophage CD40 Signaling Involving TRAF6 Releases Neurotoxic ProteinsBiology and Biotechnology
Namias, Jeffrey AlexanderRandomized Controlled Experiments Conducted With The ASSISTments InfrastructureComputer Science
Nanda, Arnab Design of Scent Separating Conditioned Place Preference Apparatus and Rat Head RestraintMechanical Engineering
Nanisetty, Neil SatyaProject Pele: Humanoid Robotic Design and Programming-A Study in Artificial IntelligenceMathematical Sciences
Nanisetty, Neil Project Pele: Humanoid Robotic Programming A Study in Artificial IntelligenceMathematical Sciences
Nanisetty, Neil SatyaProject Pele: Humanoid Robotic Programming -A Study in Artificial IntelligenceMathematical Sciences
Nanisetty, Neil SatyaProject Pele: Humanoid Robotic Programming - A Study in Artificial IntelligenceMathematical Sciences
Napier, Patrick FSAE TURBO-SYSTEM DESIGN 2010Mechanical Engineering
Napolitano, Stephen MaximillianDESIGN OF A SNOWBOARD BINDING SUSPENSION SYSTEMMechanical Engineering
Naqvi, Syed KazimImpact of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles on the Local Electric GridMechanical Engineering
Naqvi, Kazim Pneumatic Spring Mass SystemMechanical Engineering
Naryshkin, Konstantin NVIDIA VIRTUALIZATIONComputer Science
Naseef, Samuel OmarIndoor Navigation and Manipulation using a Segway RMPInterdisciplinary
Nason, Tyson MBank of America Trade Capture ProjectManagement Engineering
Nassiff, Nell ElizabethAttitude Determination and Control Subsystem Design for a CubeSatMechanical Engineering
Nava, Nicholas AEvaluation of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bench Scale Specimen Sizes and Prediction of Full Scale Flame Spread Testing for Building ApplicationsMechanical Engineering
Navedo, Jose RamonFrom Brainstorm to Marketplace: Planning The Release Of A Music AlbumManagement
Navedo, Jose RamonA Few Thousand Takes Later: Recording A Multi-Track A Cappella AlbumHumanities
Navien, Timothy ThomasConfiguration and Control of a Real-Time Mission Data ProcessorComputer Science
Nayak, Pramela TThe Expression of Ependymin in C. elegans Roundworms - IIBiology and Biotechnology
Nazzaro, Richard JamesRetainable Rack Design for Large Fabrication PartsMechanical Engineering
Ndegwa, Arnold MDesign of Scale-Model Floating Wind Turbine: Spar BuoyAeronautical Engineering
Ndukwe, Kenechukwu MichaelMicrofluidic-based encapsulation of cells into microgel spheresBiomedical Engineering
Neary, John DWhite Matter Neurons: mRNA Expression and AnalysisBiology and Biotechnology
Nedelka, Joshua FrankGrid Portal DevelopmentComputer Science
Negmetzhanov, Baurzhan Beta-Glucan Particles as a Delivery System in Peptide Vaccine DevelopmentBiology and Biotechnology
Negrini, Kara Designing a Fibrin Scaffold for Lung Resident Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy in Emphysema PatientsBiomedical Engineering
Nehmer, Kathleen EStructural and Fire Analysis of the Wachusett BuildingCivil and Environmental Engineering
Nehring, Andrew IPneumatic Actuator Development for MRI RobotsME RBE
Nelson, Scott A2008 WPI SAE Baja VehicleMechanical Engineering
Nelson, Larry G.High Voltage DC-DC ConverterElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Nelson, David WDesign of an Improved Compression Garment SystemBiomedical Engineering
Nelson, Andrew TDesign and Demonstration of a Heat Exchanger for a Compact Natural Gas CompressorMechanical Engineering
Nemet-Sousa, Jacquelyn MarieCopper Homeostasis in S. melilotiBiochemistry
Nemeth, Andrew FConstruction and Analysis of a Gain-of-Function PCV2 VP3 Isoform ChimeraBiochemistry
Nemeth, Oscar BMechanical Fixturing of a Polynomial Texture Mapping DeviceMechanical Engineering
Nesbitt, Nathan TaylorEnhancing Organic Photovoltaics with Gold Nano-ParticlesPhysics
Nesbitt, Craig AllenVirtual Machine Server Management ToolsComputer Science
Nesterenko, Irina ASensitizing Medulloblastoma Cells to Stem Cell-Delivered TRAIL Using an HDAC InhibitorBiology and Biotechnology
Netsch, Matthew AA Parallel Embedded Neural Network for an Intelligent Turn-Based Game EngineCS ECE
Neu, Samuel CharlesMechanical, Power, and Thermal Subsystem Design for a CubeSat MissionAeronautical Engineering
Neve, William HenriA Comparison of Quantum Mechanical Models Applied to α,β Unsaturated Carbonyl CompoundsChemistry
Newell, Katherine MCanine Stifle Stabilization System for a cTTA ProcedureBiomedical Engineering
Newell, Patrick JSRAM PUF Analysis and Fuzzy ExtractorsComputer Science
Newell, Kristin HollyCorrelations Between Severe Neonatal Intraventricular Hemorrhage and Neurodevelopmental ComplicationsBiology and Biotechnology
Newman, Rebecca CEnsuring the Safe Production of Natural GasEnvironmental Engineering
Newman, Erik JosephProtein Electrophoresis Across Phase Boundaries in a U-TubeChemical Engineering
Newton, Brianna MarieMobile DNA Sequencing AnalysisBiomedical Engineering
Ng, Keet-Fung FAppeal of Web Page Layout and Characteristics Based on Age: Usability Research through Eye Tracking at Fidelity Investments Inc.Management Information Systems
Ng, Michael Mom-O-Meter: A self-help pregnancy Android appManagement Information Systems
Ng, Austin LeeRe-Design of a Thermal Energy Scavenging System for a Gas TurbineAeronautical Engineering
Ng, Jonathan Artificial Reversible SkinMechanical Engineering
Ngo, Alan Economic Impact of the Mass. Biomedical IndustryManagement
Ngo, Bao QChip Recycling: Recycling of Chips from BZZ Conditioning ProcessesMechanical Engineering
Nguyen, Tuan Inactivation of Bacillus subtilis Spores by Ultraviolet and Solux LightingBiology and Biotechnology
Nguyen, Uyen Ngoc Thao Removal of natural organic matter and heavy metal using charged ultrafiltration membranesChemical Engineering
Nguyen, Uyen Ngoc Thao Finding Improving Solutions that Control Disruption to Binary Optimization ProblemsIndustrial Engineering
Nguyen, Thomas VanSans TrumpetElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Nguyen, Long Electric Grid Tolerance to Electric VehiclesElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Nguyen, Vu DangSelf-balancing in Rotating MachineryMechanical Engineering
Nguyen, Khanh TThe Role of p53 Serine 23 in Insulin ResistanceBiochemistry
Nguyen, Khanhvan T.The Role of Roots in Stimulating Artemisinin Biosynthesis in the Shoots of Artemisia annuaBiochemistry
Nguyen, Hang MinhPreparation and Applications of CNT-PVA/Nafion for PEMFCsChemical Engineering
Nguyen, Huong ThanhSustainable Community DesignEnvironmental Engineering
Nguyen, Tran NgocInteraction Assay for LIG Superfamily ProteinsID BIO BC
Nguyen, Calvin XuanVisible Light CommunicationElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Nguyen, David DAmphenol TCS Manual Press-Fit Machine ImprovementMechanical Engineering
Nguyen, Diana DaiDesigning a Resource for Student Entrepreneurs at Worcester Polytechnic InstituteInterdisciplinary
Nguyen, Ngan ThuyEffect of Ice Crystal Size on the Textural Properties of Ice Cream and SorbetChemical Engineering
Nguyen, Khanh-Nhan PResource Location Transparency in CloudsComputer Science
Ni, Meng-Yu Learning how to use Ansoft & CSTElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Nich, Kristen EvelynFRP Thermal Properties and Fire Performance for Building Exterior ApplicationsMechanical Engineering
(WPI)Nichols, Rebecca MarieNew Product DevelopmentChemical Engineering
Nichols, Elaina Toxicity and Anti-Tumor Effects of Cytarabine and Doxorubicin on Acute Myeloid LeukemiaBiochemistry
Nichols, Amanda LeeConstruction and Control of a Virtually Tethered Space VehicleMechanical Engineering
Nichols, Matthew BFile Carts for Iron MountainMechanical Engineering
Nichols, Brittany TaylorDesign of a Powered Hand Orthosis (2)Mechanical Engineering
Nickerson, Mark 2008 WPI SAE Baja VehicleMechanical Engineering
Nicolora, James VincentDesign and Testing of a Flapping Wing Micro Air VehicleAeronautical Engineering
Nicotra, Stefan Material Handling Guidelines to Support Lean Cells in the Bose Production SystemIndustrial Engineering
Nido, Ricardo JoseImproving Drinking Water Quality on Barro Colorado Island, PanamaCivil and Environmental Engineering
Niemczycki, Thomas Automation of a Remote Telescope Imaging SystemElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Nietupski, Patrick WallaceRotational Snowboard BindingMechanical Engineering
Nieves, Jessica A CP GPS ANTENNA FROM 1.1 TO 1.6 GHZElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Niewola, John LGrinding Wheel Surface Texture Characterization Using Scale Sensitive Fractal AnalysisMechanical Engineering
Nigro, Kristina RoseDes of Affordable Manufactured HomesCivil and Environmental Engineering
Nikitas, Dimosthenis DannyImplementation of Slide Lock Design Process at CISMechanical Engineering
Nikkhouy-Toussi, Darius Towards the Realization of an Autonomous BlimpElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Nikodemus, Merlin AIdentifying Favorable Catalyst Design Features in Methane Steam Reforming using Computational Fluid DynamicsChemical Engineering
Nill, David GordonDesign of a Dental Mirror MechanismMechanical Engineering
Nilsen, Christine MDesign of the WPI Recreational FacilityCivil and Environmental Engineering
Nina, Hamlet VOne-Arm Drive Manual WheelchairMechanical Engineering
Niro, Arianna CatherineSurveillance UAVRobotics Engineering
Nitinthorn, Wesley NVIDIA Android Tegra Thermal ManagementComputer Science
Nitinthorn, Wesley NVIDIA Android Tegra Thermal ManagementComputer Science
Nitso, Joshua JamesHighway Bridge RedesignCivil and Environmental Engineering
Nittel, Alexander PAnalyzing Municipal Energy Performance in WorcesterLiberal Arts and Engineering
Niyetkaliyev, Anvar Instantaneous Feedback of HRV for Monitoring Emotional StateManagement Information Systems
Noble, Christopher WHigh Frequency DC/DC Boost ConverterElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Nogarotto, Vicente FDesign, Modeling, and Analysis of an Inline Assembly MachineMechanical Engineering
Nogueira, Nelson JChipped: The Interactive Movie MQPInterdisciplinary
Nolan, Kevin Mote: A Musical Adventure GameIMG
Nolan, Christopher LopezStray Voltage DetectorElectrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Nolan, Kevin Mote: A Musical Adventure GameIMG
Noons, Nicholas JamesNutrient Removal at the Gardner Wastewater Treatment FacilityEnvironmental Engineering
Norcott, David JosephDevelopment of Algorithms on the GridComputer Science
Noreldin, Rony MTesting the Effectiveness of Filastatin using Atomic Force MicroscopyChemical Engineering
Norman, Stephen ChristopherMobile Fire Protection ApplicationManagement Engineering
North, Taylor AldenAutonomous Underwater VehicleMechanical Engineering
North, Taylor Optimization of an Autonomous Underwater VehicleMechanical Engineering
Norton, Erica JMicroparticle-Mediated Assembly of Cell-Derived Vascular Tissue RingsBiomedical Engineering
Norton, John Burr Detection via CapacitanceMechanical Engineering
Norton, James MichaelPressure Transducer Calibrator/CheckerMechanical Engineering
Norton, Christopher ThomasRotational Snowboard BindingsMechanical Engineering
Noser, Jonathan WElderly Assist RobotRobotics Engineering
Nota, Christopher PaulImprovements to MCTS Simulation Policies in GoComputer Science
Notkin, Michael BenjaminModulating the Cellular Mechanics by Regulating the Cytoskeletal ProteinsBiomedical Engineering
Noto-Moniz, Austin Software Agitation of a Dynamically Typed LanguageComputer Science
Novoson, Lisa EDesign of a Mechanical Model for Pulsatile Aortic FlowBiomedical Engineering
Nowak, Teresa ADesign of a Bioreactor for Myocardial Patch GenerationBiomedical Engineering
Nowak, Peter Experimental Feasibility Study of Geopolymers as a Sulfate-Rich Soil StabilizerCivil and Environmental Engineering
Nowtash, Ashkan Design of a Snowboard BindingMechanical Engineering
Noyes, Matthew HamelMicrofluidic-based encapsulation of cells into microgel spheresBiomedical Engineering
(WPI)Nunes, John JosephNew Product DevelopmentChemical Engineering
Nunez, Anthony Design of a Snowboard BindingMechanical Engineering
Nunez-Mir, Gabriela CCrayfish (Procambarus clarkii) Effects on Lentic Lake Water QualityBIO EVS
Nuzzo-Mueller, Daniel ThomasEnhancing Organic Photovoltaics with Gold Nano-ParticlesPhysics
Nwaobasi, Felix The Game Development Process: Hands-OnIMG
Nyren, Daniel JosephDesign of a Kite-Powered Water Pump and Airborne Wind TurbineAeronautical Engineering

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