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Author NameJiang, Ming
Email Address cs_jiangming at hotmail.com
TitleUpdating Views Over Recursive XML
DepartmentComputer Science
  • Murali Mani, Advisor
  • Dan Dougherty, Reader
  • Keywords
  • Database
  • XML
  • View Update
  • Date of Presentation/Defense2007-12-20
    Availability unrestricted


    We study the problem of updating XML views defined over XML documents. A view update is performed by finding the base updates over the underlying data sources that achieve the desired view update. If such base updates do not exist, the view update is said to be untranslatable and rejected. In SQL, determining whether a view update is translatable is performed using schema level analysis, where the view definition and the base schema are used. XML schemas are more complex than SQL schemas, and can specify recursive types and cardinality constraints.

    There are two kinds of view updates: single view element update, where the user requires for an update over a particular view element, and a set of view elements update, where the user requires for an update over all view elements that satisfy a given XPath over the view. Accordingly, we propose one solution for each kind of view update problems based on schema level analysis for determining whether an update over XML views is translatable and for finding the translation if one exists, while considering the features of XML schemas.

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