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Document Typedissertation
Author NameTodeschini, Grazia
TitleWind Energy Conversion Systems based on DFIG Technology used as Active Filters: Steady-State and Transient Analysis
DepartmentElectrical & Computer Engineering
  • Prof. Alexander E. Emanuel, Advisor
  • Prof. Aleksandar M. Stankovic, Committee Member
  • Prof. Marc T. Thompson, Committee Member
  • Keywords
  • control
  • power systems
  • wind generation
  • power quality
  • energy conversion
  • power electronics
  • Date of Presentation/Defense2010-02-12
    Availability unrestricted


    This thesis deals with the performance of a Wind Energy Conversion System operating as a power generator and Active Filter simultaneously. As a power generator, the Wind Energy Conversion System converts wind energy into electric energy; as an Active Filter, it sinks the harmonic currents injected by Non-Linear Loads connected at the same feeder. Three control systems are developed to ensure the described operation; a specific study regarding the compensation of the triplen harmonics is carried out; Doubly-Fed Induction Generator derating is defined; and an engineering economic analysis is performed to determine the profitability of the proposed operation.

    The Wind Energy Conversion System performance as generator and Active Filter has been studied for steady-state analysis, fast transients and low transients. It is concluded that the proposed control systems allow operating the Wind Energy Conversion System as power generator and harmonic compensator both during steady state and transient operation; the described operation causes power loss increase and voltage distortion that determine the choice of the component and require system derating.

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