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Author NameTobgay, Sonam
TitleNovel Concepts for RF Surface Coils with Integrated Receivers
DepartmentElectrical & Computer Engineering
  • Professor Reinhold Ludwig, Advisor
  • Professor William R. Michalson, Committee Member
  • Dr. Gene Bogdanov, Committee Member
  • Keywords
  • Surface Coil
  • Receiver Coil
  • RF
  • MRI
  • High Input Reflection Coefficient Preamplifier
  • Date of Presentation/Defense2004-04-12
    Availability unrestricted


    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a powerful non-invasive reconstruction tool used primarily in the medical community to produce high quality images of the human anatomy. Surface coils are Radio Frequency (RF) systems typically deployed for receiving the MR signals. Multiple surface coils, or an array of coils, are employed to obtain a localized improvement in the signal-to-noise ratio without limiting the field of view.

    In this research, a novel modeling and design method for decoupling RF surface coils in a phased array is investigated. This method employs an impedance transformation interface circuit along with a high input reflection coefficient preamplifier to decouple the coil. In this research report both the theory and design methodology are discussed in detail.

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