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Author NameGeiger, Douglas J
TitleInvestigation into the influence of threshold forces and vibrations in diamond roll plunge dressing of grinding wheels
DepartmentManufacturing Engineering
  • Prof. Christopher A. Brown, Advisor
  • Dr. Robert S. Hahn, Committee Member
  • Dr. John Kummailil, Committee Member
  • Keywords
  • Threshold Forces
  • Vibrations
  • Signal Processing
  • Filtering
  • Force Adaptive Grinding
  • Diamond Roll Dressing
  • Date of Presentation/Defense2005-03-21
    Availability unrestricted


    This work investigates threshold forces and vibrations in diamond roll plunge dressing of vitreous bonded aluminum oxide grinding wheels. Threshold forces in dressing are not currently considered in the control of the dress cycles of grinding wheels in manufacturing. These threshold forces, however, can lead to size, taper, and out of round errors on the grinding wheel, which are then imparted onto the workpiece. Particularly in internal grinding, and other setups with lower spindle stiffnesses, any threshold force in dressing will cause deflection of the spindle before removing abrasive, which will lead to the grinding wheel being out of size. Hall-effect sensors on the grinding wheel spindle are used to determine the normal force, and a linear encoder on the dressing roll cross-slide is used to determine the abrasive removal rate. The abrasive removal rate is plotted against the normal force for a number of feedrates, and two distinct slopes were observed, with two different threshold forces. In addition, an acoustic emission system is compared to the hall-effect force sensor to study the correlation of the two sensors.

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