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Author NameAdler, Jonathan D
TitleGraph Decompositions and Monadic Second Order Logic
DepartmentMathematical Sciences
  • William Martin, Advisor
  • Daniel Dougherty, Advisor
  • Keywords
  • clique width
  • tree decompositions
  • logic
  • graph theory
  • Date of Presentation/Defense2008-04-30
    Availability unrestricted


    A tree decomposition is a tool which allows for analysis of the underlying tree structure of graphs which are not trees. Given a class of graphs with bounded tree width, many NP-complete problems can be computed in linear time for graphs in the class. Clique width of a graph G is a measure of the number of labels required to construct G using several particular graph operations. For any integer k, both the class of graphs with tree width at most k and the class of graphs with clique width at most k have a decidable monadic second order theory. In this paper we explore some recent results in applying these graph measures and their relation to monadic second order logic.

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