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Author NameForbes-Summers, Elijah
TitleTrying to Reduce Gaming Behavior by Students in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
DepartmentComputer Science
  • Neil T. Heffernan, Advisor
  • Elke A. Rundensteiner, Reader
  • Michael A. Gennert, Department Head
  • Keywords
  • knowledge tracing
  • gaming the system
  • assistment
  • intelligent tutoring system
  • Date of Presentation/Defense2010-04-27
    Availability unrestricted


    Student gaming behavior in intelligent tutoring systems (ITS) has been correlated with lower learning rates. The goal of this work is to identify such behavior, produce interventions to discourage this behavior, and by doing so hopefully improve the learning rate of students who would normally display gaming behavior. Detectors have been built to identify gaming behavior. Interventions have been designed to discourage the behavior and their evaluation is discussed.

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