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Author NameXu, Siyuan
TitleA Natural User Interface for Virtual Object Modeling for Immersive Gaming
DepartmentInteractive Media and Game Development
  • Robert W. Lindeman, Advisor
  • Charles Rich, Committee Member
  • Brian J. Moriarty, Committee Member
  • Keywords
  • Human Body Gesture/Posture Recognition Algorithm
  • Virtual Reality
  • Game Technology
  • Kinect Development
  • 3D User Interface
  • Immersive Gaming
  • Virtual Object Modeling
  • User Experience
  • Puzzle Game
  • Date of Presentation/Defense2013-07-23
    Availability unrestricted


    We designed an interactive 3D user interface system to perform object modeling in virtual environments. Expanding on existing 3D user interface techniques, we integrate low-cost human gesture recognition that endows the user with powerful abilities to perform complex virtual object modeling tasks in an immersive game setting.

    Much research has been done to explore the possibilities of developing biosensors for Virtual Reality (VR) use. In the game industry, even though full body interaction techniques are involved in modern game consoles, most of the utilizations, in terms of game control, are still simple. In this project, we extended the use of motion tracking and gesture recognition techniques to create a new 3D UI system to support immersive gaming. We set a goal for the usability, which is virtual object modeling, and finally developed a game application to test its performance.

  • Siyuan_Thesis_Final_-_ETD.pdf

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