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Author NameNguyen, Quyen Do
TitleAnomaly Handling in Visual Analytics
DepartmentComputer Science
  • Matthew O. Ward, Advisor
  • David Brown, Reader
  • Michael Gennert, Department Head
  • Keywords
  • anomaly outlier visualization visual analytics
  • Date of Presentation/Defense2008-01-10
    Availability unrestricted


    Visual analytics is an emerging field which uses visual techniques to interact with users in the analytical reasoning process. Users can choose the most appropriate representation that conveys the important content of their data by acting upon different visual displays. The data itself has many features of interest, including clusters, trends (commonalities) and anomalies. Most visualization techniques currently focus on the discovery of trends and other relations, where uncommon phenomena are treated as outliers and are either removed from the datasets or de-emphasized on the visual displays. Much less work has been done on the visual analysis of outliers, or anomalies. In this thesis, I will introduce a method to identify the different levels of “outlierness” by using interactive selection and other approaches to process outliers after detection. In one approach, the values of these outliers will be estimated from the values of their k-Nearest Neighbors and replaced to increase the consistency of the whole dataset. Other approaches will leave users with the choice of removing the outliers from the graphs or highlighting the unusual patterns on the graphs if points of interest lie in these anomalous regions. I will develop and test these anomaly handling methods within the XMDV Tool.

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